The story of how Yahya the son of Zakariyah came about

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the generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala Maria Maria Sam. She was in her house in May to knock this a young girl.

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Zachary alehissalaam enters upon her. And he sees that she has summer fruit during winter time, even though there's no refrigeration and no preservatives at the time. What is summer fruit doing in your house in wintertime? And then he would find winter fruit in her house during summer. What's that doing? So he said, ammonium and lucky Heather, where do you get all this room?

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The answer is simple. Call it Who am in dilemma. Al Karim subhanho wa Taala. He gave her what he wants from this worldly life. Because she devoted herself in worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala. She said this is all from Allah in the La Jolla zoo. miasha believe

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Allah gives you He wills without taking into account into anything in the dunya via de la. It's all in the hands of Allah. right then and there. zecharia alaihe salam. When he seen this, he got affected by this time Zachary is about 90 years old. He's already a prophet. This is a young woman who taught a prophet something something about Allah he got inspired. And he has been wanting a child for a very long time. Many ease he's been making God for a child molesters who nelleke right then and there.

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He put his hands up

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and he made a Dr. Hubli militant.

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Give me a righteous offspring.

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And I'm old, the bones have become weak. My the hair of my head has become white. I'm on the doorstep of death. My wife is barren, impossible situation. But

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you make what is impossible possible. When you provided summer fruit during winter. That is something impossible in our calculation. To unlock. It's not impossible. So he made it to humbly mila dumka Juliet and eva inaka semirara.

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He knew who he was. And he made it after it. Immediately. A lot of social answered him. And he gave him Yeah. He said

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yeah, he was on his way. And then carry on. He said I'm asked Allah

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How can I have a child? How

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that's it. That is a low corner. corner of Booker.

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Easy to easy upon a law. You think a lot of social cannot solve your issue?

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Who are they?

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It is easier upon me

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to come in. And I'm takushi I created you much before this. And you are nothing. Come on La he subhanahu wa taala have we taken advantage of carambola? Have we taken advantage of the generosity of Allah winning an issue happens in life. Did you talk to me?

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Did you invest in the times in which is accepted to turn and raise your hand and say I will love