Yasir Qadhi – Did You Say That Some Texts Are Problematic? – Shaykh Bakeer Asks

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss issues related to the internet and media during the crisis of ISIS, including the ban of the Sharia and the struggles of non-Bversalers during the event. They express frustration with the title of the book "Ok, Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe." They also discuss the need to understand the hikma in the title and the importance of the media's involvement in the crisis.
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Okay, this isn't number eight, which so dangerous also, that you describe the psalm from the Quran and the Sunnah text as a problematic text. And you literally said bizarre.

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Again, this is something that we need to be, again, multiple angles to look at first and foremost, first and foremost, if and this is I'm teaching this as a simple principle. If there is a preacher, a teacher, a person who has many, many lectures, if you find a clip that seems to go against everything he's preaching, Yanni, you should have some personal one, what is going on? What did he mean? Okay? Unfortunately, what we find is that sometimes some of our brethren May Allah guide them and forgive them. They take an ambiguous clip, such as this one, and they use it to negate hundreds and 1000s of other clips and explicit statements. And this is why it's as if Allah azza wa jal is

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saying that your Tiburon, Mr. Tisha Berman, if the Hartley fitness with a lighter weight, Allah says of the Quran of the Quran, forget the so called the speech of the Quran, Allah says, there are people that will find ambiguous ayaats and they're going to read in to cause fitna ignoring the Clear Ayat, so there are always going to be people that do this, I seek others refuge. I speak to this critic, I say Yasha actually, please listen to hundreds of hotel venues and lectures. In sha Allah, you will find some love of the Quran and Sunnah. What did you show this? So so first thing I want to begin with this is the one you find something like this. Yeah. And he understand first,

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secondly, the story of this issue, because also again, and I seek refuge if I made a mistake. Let me explain what is intended and what is going on. So during the crisis of ISIS, ISIS, the fitna going on, and America was on high alert. And there was legislation in 22 states attempting to ban the Sharia. I don't know if you know, this is before you came to America. Yep. 22 states attempted to ban the sheer Islamophobia was all time high during this timeframe. And one city I forgot were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No, that was one city, for the first time got the city council to come to its Iftar to its

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annual event and the mayor to come. And they invited me to be the keynote speaker. So the first time the non Muslim delegates are coming, and the mayor is come. And you know, they said this is we have never managed to get them now. And there's some talk of, you know, some issues against the Muslim community. We're coming. We're asking you to come and clarify what is going on. So the bulk of my audience were non Muslim, you have to understand this point. Now. Sometimes when you're in front of a live audience, again, you have to think of words and sometimes not the best words come out. So again, I seek Allah's refuge if the phrasing was wrong, but what was the intent? The intent is not

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problematic at all. Maybe the phrasing could be better, no doubt. But again, when you put on the spot, sometimes you say things that you wish you could prepare the speech. You're not. So somebody asked me about ISIS taking slaves? Something like this, you know, and doesn't the Quran allow slaves and slavery? Okay, what I wanted to say, and maybe the wording wasn't best, but the concept is 100% Clear. And I'm going to explain it and I've explained it in the past, I actually explained this multiple times is the following, that every faith community has issues that it has to struggle with. Actually, Allah says in the Quran, quotevalet como que todo, who are called Hola, como, Allah says

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in the Quran, some things you find difficult, okay, this is factually correct, that there are issues that you find problematic. In fact, our Allama wrote books about the problematic issues of the Quran and Sunnah even Phonak right, the Bushkill Bushkill Masekela Hadith of the how we shot mushkil Athar, right, explaining the problematic a hadith This is 1111 volumes are almost 1111 volumes, the explaining problematic ahaadeeth is imamo. How are we saying oh, the biller or the biller? The Quran is problematic the process he is saying we have problems understanding it is problematic for us to deal with this. We don't have a solution we're struggling to get to the solution. Right. So this was

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my point and trying to explain that look, we all have issues that we find difficult to explain that are problematic for us. This is something yeah it in with a champion,

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Ibn hedgehog, every item and even hedger. I remember reading a comment recently. He goes, what ha that hadith Bushkill. He says this, this hadith is problematic. And I don't know how to resolve it actually about the height height of Adam, right to do so. He goes this hadith is problematic. And I don't know how to reconcile between archaeology. What he says oh, by the way, 101 from the bestow Allah who explained to the Hadith where the weavers might go, no. So what I'm trying to say is that the phrasing was again

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and maybe not the best, but the concept is every faith community, right? There are a cam that they have to struggle with.

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And then we have to understand how so it's relevant in our understandings. Yes. So what do we do with the issues of slavery? Wallahi every one of us, anyone, we go through a phase? No, no, the Quran doesn't actually allow milkmen, we have to go. There was Oh, it does actually know. What do we do with that? And it's something we have to go through and you have to understand I invited Dr. Jonathan brown slavery in Islam as a whole lecture listen to that right and even here's a good book on this as well that he as a Muslim had to uh, you know, undergo what how do we understand these verses? It was problematic for him as a Muslim. It was problematic for me as a teenager when I first

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came across the verses right. So the problem is not in the Quran and Sunnah. The problem is in our hikma and lack of hikma our struggling with it, and the context clearly shows us in any case, I seek Allah's refuge if the wording wasn't the best, but I also gently say to my my, my critics said yeah, he Please listen to my hundreds and 1000s of lectures about the Quran about the Sunnah about the zero about him defending the Sharia, then you come across 10 seconds right at the time and a place and a location that you don't know. Please have some personal life. I have defended the Shetty and the Quran and the Sunnah and the Sierra for my entire life. Now you come across something vague, may

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Allah forgive me, maybe it wasn't the best wording, but the concept was I'm trying to explain because the question was, doesn't the Quran allow slavery? Yes, you're a non Muslim in two minutes. How do you give that word to them? When he asked you about slavery? I had a hikma I had a methodology. And I don't see a problem with that. We say look, this is an issue. Yes, we as Muslims, we have to understand maybe we're going to have some issues with it now and move on to the hate to something else. So how do you explain to a non Muslim audience immediately he is asking milk Amin does your Quran didn't allow milk You mean right? How are you going to explain to a non Muslim

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disregard and in a way that you move on to something more important I employed a tactic with utmost respect to those that are finding this problematic themselves. Go and give that hour and find me a better way and I'll follow it but I employ the tactics that even you as Christians, you have things in your book that you don't know what to do with you then you as Jews, you have things in your book, you believe in it, but it's problematic for you. This is the point we as well as Muslims, right? We have a camp Allah says in the Quran, you're going to find this difficult but you must do it. Okay, we are doing the same thing. So the problem is in our own trying to understand the hikma.

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