Hesham Al-Awadi – How do you treat your mother

Hesham Al-Awadi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Bonnie is missing and she refuses to go back to her home. She refuses to use her son's name and she refuses to leave her home. The woman refuses to use her son's name and she refuses to go back to her home.
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You know, brothers and sisters, that the students of Abu hanifa

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are sorry to say this,

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the mother or the mother hated to see the mother of the Rama hanifa appear suddenly in the midst of the circle. You know why? Because the moment she appears in Abu hanifa has to stand up and say to her mother, what do you want? She says, I can't go to sleep. Come on, and put me to sleep. And Mr. Baba honey hanifa will leave the circle. And Abu Yusuf is waiting. And it has an issue Bonnie is waiting. And all the scholars are waiting.

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Brothers and sisters, those are the potential scholars of the oma. They are reducing their shirt, venerate his mother, do you imagine then we'll use of coming and abusing his mother. His shake is generating his brothers and sisters do you know that abusive, venerated amount of money for so much so that when his son died,

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he did not make lasagna for his son. And you might say, what's this worry? To that extent? Yes, to that extent. He gave it to the neighbors and said you make it also for my son.

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I have to attend the circle.

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They said Come on, your son is dead. He said My son is dead. But if I missed the circle of life, I will miss my life as well. You see, he was the recorder. There were no mini discs at that time. He was the recorder of everything that Abu hanifa and to him This was more important than his son. Now imagine imagine. Imagine hanifa says with all due respect our use of country your son, I'm leaving, I think going to leave you because my mother is more important than me. And with all due respect than your son and yourself and he will take put her to sleep properly tell her bedtime stories. I don't know put her to sleep and when she's asleep you will come back

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Houma, Salah temple

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Toppo Luma

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Luma Luma colon Karima

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confetti then

For some of us, we tend to neglect the person who we are closest to, namely our mothers. This is a wonderful reminder from the life of the great Imam Abu Hanifa (rh) regarding due respect and love towards our mothers, which is ultimately an injunction set by God.

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