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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the use of proper language in Arabic, including words like "arows" and "monster" in Arabic. It also touches on the "right hand" and its importance in cultural and political settings. The "right hand" is considered a source of happiness, but it is not coupled with arrogance or deception. It is also discussed how pride and anxiety lead to "brder's" marriages and "arrogance" that leads to "brder's" marriages. The "right hand" and its potential consequences are also discussed. The theory that Allah's plan of preservation is to save the world, but it is unclear what exactly is being protected.
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In Java, or Ruby, or shape on your wall Jamie Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim what the halogen nighter? Whoa whoa avani Molina, FSI Paula,

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Tabby that has he a bad solder the lava lava him. So that is verse 35. And we had commenced the discussion and just to recap, we are in the process of discussing these, the incident pertaining to two companions, friends, slash brothers, as suggested by some scholars of the sea. And we had unpacked of certain verses, verse 3334, and the beginning of 35 how life unfolded differently for the one and for the latter. But now they meet up years later, one is proud, arrogant, wealthy, affluent, anchored financially. The other one is humble, simple, living hand to mouth living a very basic life. And the Quran says the arrogant the owner of the orchard enters his orchard, what the

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hell and he entered janetta who is orchard, Romani allama and Lucy Baghdadi says the context of the idea is suggestive of the fact that he kind of held his brothers and and he said, Come in, come see come have a look. And then Allah interjects by saying well hola Bali Molina say that is arrogance, disobedience. shenanigans was harming himself and he could not harm Allah in any way. Just like your virtue is benefiting yourself. It doesn't benefit Allah in any way.

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Now he from from arrogance in his body language, the arrogance goes on to his speech, and to go to verbatim what Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse 35. He says he looks at his orchard he looks at his empire he looks at his wealth and his assets Tyler he says ma alone No, ma alone No and Debbie, the Harvey Aveda I cannot imagine and I cannot foresee a ruin or destruction striking my assets ever. I simply cannot logically See how it's possible. Wow. Can you see the arrogance here? I cannot see how this empire of mines can crumble. Again I wish you could appreciate and year the Arabic directly and not via the translation. Ma is now via in Arabic amongst you have manaphy or you have masuleh you

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have a stiff arm in Arabic grammar but here of course it is enough here to negate one day you're going to think to assume sa means a watch a moment and our and it also refers to tiama Yes aluna Anissa it a Yana morozova they ask you regarding the tiama when it will occur

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but I don't know sir. Ma I don't know an tabetha size coming in the next verse. my oven no antebi the body a be due by the A be due to be destroyed. to perish to be ruined. I cannot see I cannot imagine for all like a I don't assume I doubt No not at all. My Empire my assets will never be destroyed to be the Harvey these assets other than ever. I'm so covered. I'm so protected and so insulated. I'm so fortified. I am so insured that nothing can come to me. Wow. How many empires have we not seen my brother? And how many effluent people and how many anchored individuals set in their office set in their thrones? thinking this easier for ever?

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I'm reminded of that profound quotation. Oh my word again. I wish you knew Arabic. So I read it enough title Arab Amara Abdel Aziz Rahim Allah Who is the second Homer right. Someone prays in Omar Abdullah has he said

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Shema Luca, how you Romania mean is a worker Shima Luca how you Romania mean you see worker, wow. Generally in Arabic, the right end is used in the context of virtue of greatness, of blessings of accomplishment of feet. And you contrast that with the left hand which is not used in a like manner. So a person's right hand is more productive in his youth is more productive in the in the day he's his achievements are more in his in his health, he can achieve more

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At night in old age, in the weak part of his life, you cannot be so productive. You often sit in your latter part of life and you think like how did I do this in my youth? My mom often says And may Allah reward and I'm sure all our mothers will say that you know what as they age they they cannot imagine how they seem to so many kids with the challenges, the difficulties, etc. But Allah made it possible Allah made it possible.

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So someone paying tribute to Mr. Abdul Aziz said Shimano, aka Hiram mini amin is a worker that your left hand is more productive than the right hand of others your left hand. In other words, your down moments your weak moments you achieve more than others would achieve in their bright moments. Omar bin Abdulaziz was Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah He was a unique person

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during his reign and just having a flash year for routine Rasul, Allah speaks about this interference in the Caribbean and I read this myself that a person came to the well, a person came to the well and he's seen that the wolf and the sheep would drink in water from a common well, so he said Mata is Stella has a bow was shot and since when did the wolf and the sheep make peace? Since when did the wolf and the sheep Wolf and sheep were drinking unimaginable today you cannot get brothers sitting together. You cannot get spouses sitting together. You cannot get you know what, cousin sitting together and having a healthy discussion and a meal, but the installer has a bow

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shot. So a reply was given to him in his Salah hora ama ama, when the shepherd made peace with his creator, then it had positive ripple effects on Earth, that the creation had unity amongst themselves.

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So a person had built a beautiful house and an empire and hombre bin Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah came by and then they asked Omar bin Abdulaziz What do you feel what's your take? How's my empire? How's my kingdom? How's my world? How's my effluence how's my palatial palace What do you see about this year and you know what you cannot imagine I mean, I you know what mentioned this year is just comes to my mind I was in a particular country and I was invited on a lecture tour went to a person's house and needed to use the washroom and after relieving myself You looking around you for the regular basic average attempt and probably a utensil so that you could you know what clean yourself but only to

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discover your that there is like a whole keypad there is a keypad with options on it. Light runs 30 runs cleaning process urine stool dry up, like like like it like a whole key barrier. And now you sit in in the new in the washroom obviously you are the you know what chief guest so it's it's a bit embarrassing to like really scream out to ask the host if he can come here and you realize in that, you know what, what a sophisticated process, what a sophisticated process in place, basically to relieve yourself basically to relieve yourself or to just purify yourself.

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And anyway,

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so coming back to this incident of Omar bin Abdulaziz this man had this wealth and this effluence and he asked me what do you feel about my wealth and my kingdom and my empire? So Hamad bin Abdulaziz I'm like almost don't want to translate this year and forgive me You know, I'm gonna have to translate it but you You just have to absorb this in Arabic. Is that our De Soto Ron Lola and know who rune will con Lola and who you can wonder him on Lola and who are demon? Well, for me it Butera Han wonder that on low limb Dr. Taryn efforting, waka Ramadan, la Sahiba, Taha, Salama, Suren, Lola and hurun. When that meme on Lola and who are demon what Monica Lola

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Lola Miata Butera found that on lower limb to fit and what Karama twin low Sahiba Salama.

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Illallah La ilaha illAllah Arabic is another language my brother, show me one language that intrigues you fascinates you mesmerizes you even when you don't understand it in like any other language like listen, get to the point I don't know what you're saying. You just rattling away I don't know what you saying translate but Subhan Allah the beauty and then as you go on to Hadith and then on

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To the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala then this is just now of another level altogether. So Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah said to the man, you know your kingdom, your house, your palace hada suru This is a definite cause of happiness, Lola and no who rule prov provided it is not coupled with arrogance and deception. Don't be deceived by your empire. Every president who was sworn in who was inaugurated thought he said his his period will never end he still more than ever and my four years will last forever. I'll have an extension. Everyone who was sworn in thought this is it. I am here this is the world I will rule forever. Others rule a source of happiness. Lola Anna who guru

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provided you not deceived?

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Others who run Lola Anna who run when I am on Lola Anna who are a demon and yes, it is a form of luxury, provided it will not perish one day. These are different motor artifacts and synonyms which obviously just enhances the the the presentation of it sudo happiness Lola no guru mustn't dizzy dizzy view. When I re moon comfort in Malabar Allah Fie Noreen. We're in alpha Jara Luffy Jaffe, the pious will be in comfort and pleasure May Allah make us amongst them the real eternal pleasure. Merriman. It's a source of comfort you got ease, you got comfort, you got luxury, you can wash your hands, you can relax you can recline your bed is like this. Your pillow is like this year. Your

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amenities are like this year. Oh, wow. You have it all going. You know what, by the press of a it's just beyond your water is filtered so many times and the rest of it. So nerimon It's a comfort Lola under who ID provided it will never be destroyed or it will never perish. One more little corn, Lola and nahoon corn, and you can surely call it a kingdom and an empire again, provided it remains eternally. The truth be told me that the Empire will remain eternally no Will you remain in it forever. So either it will perish while you are alive or you will perish and it will live on after you and somebody else will inherit it.

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What Malecon Lola and Rahul gone well Farah Han Lola Mia RT, boohoo Tara Han, and it is a source of excitement, jubilation, bliss and happiness, provided it is free from any tragedy calamity or difficulty. How often a happy moment, a blissful moment, a joyous moment. A recreational moment gets transformed into a moment of somber and sadness. May Allah protect one and all you are on a boat ride as a family, you are moving nice, it's wonderful. And suddenly one wave comes jolts the boat capsizes and then you have fatalities, casualties and lives are lost a family when they happily for a function, and then chords were flown over or brought back May Allah protect one and all. The aim

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is not to say don't enjoy, enjoy and rejoice cautiously and carefully. Because at any time, anything can happen. So he says Moodle gone. Lola and the whole con Farah Han Lola Miyake Butera Han Weller that lower limb doctor in beatified whether that let that it's it's pleasure. It's indulgence. It's it's excitement. Oh what a meal or it is sumptious it's scrumptious. It's finger licking. This desert is decadent, this is just amazing. And then suddenly, it just got stuck in your throat

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and then you gasping for breath. And then wait, you know what I'm having pain I'm having difficulty and then call the the surgeon called the physician corner you know what the cardiologist or do this or do that eating the best of me to the best of seafood and a bone got stuck or something happened a freak accident a freak accident that happened? Well, that it's a source of comfort low level doctor in the alpha offered provided there is no alpha and calamities. lower limb doctor in VR fighting, what can Ramadan what can Ramadan low soccabet has allama and a source of honor and respect if we can remain safe and you can remain young. So in other words that he told him constantly excitement

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but joy but happiness but in other words, don't be proud and arrogant. Okay, we move on verse number 30 is

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Next, the arrogant moves the arrogance goes worse from one to the other. First one was, I cannot see how this will be destroyed. No, no, no. I'm the big boy year. I'm running I'm a I'm in control. Again I've heard from my dad with the passage of time you see how things people who were once in their glory days, them or their own children become recipients of Zakat become recipients of zakat. The alternation the rotation, the turning of time, the message for me my brother, I'm not even talking to you. I'm saying for myself, may Allah save me from pride? And this is what I try to do and I'm advocating it to one in all, you know what? enamel Bella herbal mantech enamel Bella

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willimantic, as they say in Arabic, that you know what the thing that gets us into problems is our tongue. We say things that we don't realize how we heard we said something and we don't realize how proud we are. immediately give charity Allah forgive me Allah. I've overstepped the mark and not Allah. If I have overstepped the mark, forgive me. I have definitely overstepped the mark. When I was talking in my corporate meeting, and I was having a motivational talk with my employees. I came across too loud and too arrogant. I spoke about my humble days. And then quickly I started moving on to how things change and I climb the economic ladder and I didn't realize I was trumpeting myself

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and I was you know what speaking how great my skill and my know how and my understanding is Oh ALLAH forgive me Allah forgive me. Oh Allah don't strike me don't strike me.

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I've heard a person mocking someone you know what, who in his family life was challenged. And later after that, I seen some serious ripple effects in the life of that person how his marriages broke up and how he was challenged in many other ways in normal Bella Oh Bill mantic

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Today you look at our is a worker he's a laborer man. This man Where will he ever need? Where will I ever need him? Listen, my brother you're not in control. And I'm not in control. The beam who's in control? What did the Arabic poet say learned through k taqwa ethical and Allah Naseby? Letter through k Taka, ethical and Allah Naseby for PUD Rafa and Islam musalman for reason. What are the other ushiku sharifah abala hubbie. Don't abandon piety. Because you know what I'm financially secured. I come from a very prominent family. It was taqwa that elevated the Persian salmaan to the extent that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said ahlulbayt salmaan is a household member, and it was

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arrogance and reliance on the nobility of lineage, coupled with polytheism disbelief and arrogance that dishonor degraded and humbled. The so called honorable Abu lahab. Abu lahab was an Arab Abu lahab was a Qureshi. Abu lahab was Sayed Abu lahab was known as Abu lahab because of our handsome he was, so Lucha means flame. And he his complexion was fair, his cheeks were red, he had a flamey cheek, a reddish complexion, he had beauty, he had learned he had the ancestry, he had nobility, but he had arrogance with him. And it was that arrogance that dropped him right down and say it's not below rhodiola when I'm Marley, asthma or de la guerra even Jana Bilal What's the matter I just hear

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you tagging behind me in Jana Villa What's the matter? I just hear you tagging behind me in general.

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So we move on to verse number 36. What does he say now the arrogant brother warmer? I don't know sir at Alta, Emma, and for all I care as kiama doesn't make sense. I'm paraphrasing. Wow. Are you listening to yourself? Are you listening to yourself? Do you realize how arrogant and again I'm talking to myself? I keep on saying this to myself and to my family. Don't say Oh Allah keep us humble because we claim in humility Allah make us humble Allah make us humble. Allah make us a May Allah make me humble. I cry to Allah every day that I'm unable to answer my emails that I receive my WhatsApp messages, my lecture requests and so many other requests of intervention, that Allah let it

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not be that these overwhelming requests and my ability to oblige is termed as arrogance on my part, and you give me the strength to reply to be humble to be amenable, because in the end, everything belongs in Allah's control, and Allah can drop anyone off at any time. Allah can drop anyone at any time. He's going to preserve his Deen fortunate are those who he uses as part of his plan of preservation. We're not preserving the deen of Allah Himself.

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is a minute he's preserving his Quran. That poor person Allah will feed him the opening verses of the 12 Jews woman but infill are the Illa Allah Allah here is Buddha. Allah is responsible for the sustenance of every creature. While you're under Mustafa raha Musto da ha, and he knows that temporary and the permanent location of that individual, so he knows where the sustenance must be conveyed to. And that's the correlation in kashia. Allah McSherry has made mention of it. Now, Allah is going to feed him, am I going to be the fortunate person via whom that sustenance will reach him so that I can be also forgiven in the process, but he won't go hungry, Allah will feed him, Allah

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will feed him.

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So coming back to verse 36. Continuing with the discussion of this man, and as we mentioned that one of the themes of this chapter is the harm of arrogance, and May Allah save us from arrogance? wama I don't know, sir. Emma, I don't think for all I care, by the way, the way it looks, who are you? Who are you to say when will tiama come or it won't come? According to me, this doesn't make sense what arrogance. And it is the same arrogance today that is translated into intellectual apostasy. Now, it doesn't make sense. But who are you? Who am I? What rights do I have? Can your employee interrogate you? Can your employee interrogate you? Why is the shop like this? Why are the hours like this? Why

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do you get there's the door go?

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So you're an employer. He's an employee that sees limitations. He cannot trespass. This, you the creation? I'm the creation. I'm a fallible mortal. You're a fallible human. And then we want to cross the boundaries and question Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah protect us? Oh my goodness. Ah, tah tah Emma, I don't think Yama will come this is the continuing with the narrative of the disobedient and that does believe in brother Well, I eroded to ala Robbie Oh my word. This is just getting worse. This is just getting ugly. This is getting poisonous. This is getting venomous. And you know what my brother my companion Well, in and if burgeons rude they do I am returned to Allah

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as you allege there's life after death. So according to me, no but well, supposedly there is.

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It's been wild.

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How Barbara the Allahu anhu had done some work for him. Her Barbara de Allah and who had done some work for him. So her Barbara vilano asked him You You You need to pay me my money. So he said no, I won't be you. So hi, Barbara. The olana said, I've done your work. You need to pay me my Jew. He said are you talking about life after death net? I'll pay you there in that next world. I'll pay you there. I'll sort you out there. Yeah, yeah. Okay. There's something called like, Al Saud you out there. Allah levy fri levy Guevara br Yachty na wirkkala Oh, Diana Milan. weleda Alpha writer, lady. Have you seen this arrogant man who does obeys me denies my verses worthwhile? And then he has the

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audacity to say like, oh, Diana, I will be given wealth and children. Marlin wa Taala. It Allah has he beat into the unseen that he can make these claims. Does he know what he's talking Calla Senate to mama yaku Luna McDonough who minella Darby muda tell him he is getting nothing there. If anything is getting double punishments, and he won't get extra wealth and children. He knows what he has one Mary Sue

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in Florida, he will come to a single

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once I seen with my own eyes and I just dropped my head in embarrassment. I felt so

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so hurt a beggar came to someone's door and I'm overseeing this year and the man was physically challenged. He had a disability he was on crutches. So, you can give give if you cannot give say a kind word, Coloma heirophant this is Islam. Golem Maru, a verse of the third juice of the Quran. second chapter Surah Baqarah. Bono Maru fondue another Fira Hiraman sada Catania tubbataha todo mcgroove a kind word

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or a pardon here is better than charity which is followed by insult and injury.

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rather just you know, I cannot do our I don't have in chapter 17 just 15 so the bunny is ill we're in to Urbana and

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met him

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or her for por la Mancha hola main surah and if you don't have all Muhammad Salah Isn't it just say a kind word. So the man tells the beggar then next time you can bet

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Again, I'll break your other leg and you won't be crippled. You will have no legs.

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My brother Are you listening to yourself?

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My brother? Are you listening to yourself?

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What did this man say? I cannot see how my wealth will perish. And by the way this kiama doesn't make too much sense to me. Ma I don't know sir at EMA

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whether you wrote it to Ella Robbie. And if per chance I'm returned to my Lord, as supposedly you claim I gave you the incident of hubbub and arataura, viola Andrew, with us been well, what kinda had dad and he was a blacksmith how Barbara Viola Anvil hubbub. We know who her Barbara the Allahu anhu was, and how he persevered and endured in the course of Islam Rahim Allah who have bourbon

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and then he says if perchance I'm returned to Allah as you say it then nothing Iran minha mon tala ba or look at the emphasis Allah. Donna, I'm pretty certain. It's pretty obvious. It's almost like a given, I will have a better abode there than what I have here.

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Wow. Wow. How's that for logic? So Wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. Look at my wealth. You gave charity and lost everything. I got it all covered here, number one. Number two. I don't think this can ever be destroyed. I'm just too well, I'm covered here. I'm just too well covered you You know what, nothing good happened to my business. Nothing can happen to my empire. Nothing can happen to my travels. Nothing can happen to my Nothing. Nothing. This is what I think I'm so well. In my mind. You know what, I've I've covered few generations here.

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Okay, and then going forward, this kiama thing actually, I don't buy into this theory and this concept of tiama and everything. But if perchance This is what he's saying info John's The is the Yama la ergy. Then higher Amina Harmon. kalaba, I am certain I'll get more there than your why. Because nobody favors his enemy. And nobody deprives he's his his his beloved. Right? You don't favor your enemy. So if I am a foe, and an enemy to Allah, then why would he give me so much. And if he's given me so much in a transitory world, then I'm sure in the actual abode, he'll give me much more. Right? One scholar gave a beautiful analogy of this year, you you have a parrot. And you

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there's a rat, you want to track the parrot or the fish, right? I have a fish tank, and I love my fish tank, and you know, you're on the lights. And while I'm researching, it's quite soothing and comforting. And just to see the fish swimming, and the bubbles and the ripples, and the color combination, and exotic and etc. It's beautiful. It's very therapeutic and comforting. And even the colors is it's quite, you know, soothing. So you got to feed it very little, just just a pinch of that food, just a pinch. And if you feel it anymore, you kill it. And then the next day, you want to trap a rat, and you buy a nice expensive rat. And before nowadays, they put so many other things,

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but before you put a nice block of cheese, right, and you trap this rat up. So for your parents, you give it some bread or you give it some Herbes, or you give it some grains, whatever it is some basic to keep it alive. And you buy this expensive rat trap with a nice block of cheese or you put these you know what look like sweets or candy but actually they poisonous. And an onlooker would say it looks like the pet the rat is the pet. The rat is the pet because look at how expensive and exclusive the arrangements are made for the red but that's to kill it and to trap it while they it's all basic and simple. So I think he's Amy's like he doesn't like the pet or he doesn't like the

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parrot No, no, it's to keep it alive, feed your fish any more than that pinch and you kill it.

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So it is it is a myth and it is a fallacy and it is incorrect to assume that because you have more year Allah is pleased with you and you will have more there at times Allah gives to this world to those whom he is pleased with as well the buyers of Dr. Monica

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earthman been our fund certain profits etc. But to claim that because I have Allah is pleased with me this is not in order. We'll leave it on this note. Yeah, I don't know sir. I Tata Emma, when are you ready to enter rugby leggera Romina Harmon kalaba that if I return to Allah, then I am optimistic that I will have more. That now concludes the discussion of the arrogant

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Brother verse 36, verse 37. Now the pious brother responds and retorts, I gave you the perspective of the arrogant brother. Let's wait and see what the pious Allah fearing humble soul has to say. May Allah bless us with humility and save us from arrogance. I mean you're behind me alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was happy he urged marine al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen