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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Nevada salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and this is our 10th episode in a series of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam we were left off last time as the reward of a loss upon Allah tala is given us for those who are patient to persevere among that is accusation, false accusation that is of those criminals allows them I know Tyler told us about him, as he called them that fact in the Latino Angela mukhang when a Latina I'm analytical, so my dear brothers sisters, again a gentle reminder if you go through difficulties, if you go through a hard time, you just hear it and say

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yeah, I live in a completely other there's only a mere words. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah give us the reward in the hereafter enough for an over 1400 years ago, is telling you that this is what you're going to go through. This is what is going to happen to you, you will be called this they will make fun of you they will make mock review, but in the end, inshallah use your reward giving you some kind of condolences to make sure that you're holding on these steadfast and holding on to that Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah. And the harm did not stop there. As a matter of fact, there's a story about Hamza Delano, but even It's the story of how he became a Muslim. So Pamela,

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when the people started to harm the Prophet Mohammed Salim, and the Muslims at large. One of them was Abu Jamal who is known as you will see what's coming up today inshallah, on that episode of how the Muslim they had to go through persecution, like lesions before them, but Prophet Mohammed Salim his uncle was Hamza and Abu Jen, Elena lamest Heck, who is called, of course, I have no shame about hakam, which obviously is a nickname for the wise man. But when Prophet monsterland called them about gel is because of the story that is known that Mrs. Holly had to Sasha he talked about this 19 is, you know, you take care of these will take care of them, you know, the 19 angels,

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that when he attended them, they think that they can take care of them. But when a loss of

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a loved one should at least lay out some alarm, these angels are not like the one you think they love. You dad, they're harsh hearted, they're tough, they're stringent. It's not like what you think so and he says, you know, this also another nation, you saw that

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this hardship difficult fruit that they will come down your throat with the with pain has thorns and so on the comb is this is what he's talking about. And he put a date with a butter around it, and he says this is how it is going to go down. So when probably mom seldom heard that this is how ignorant he was. It was called the father of wisdom or the owner of wisdom or the wise one. Prophet Muhammad wa sallam called him as

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the father of ignorance without the or the ignorant one. So among them was the one that even he told Prophet Mohammed Salim a few bad words. And a woman saw him do that to Prophet Mohammed Salim. She couldn't take it. She waited for a room Hamza as a doula. The line of allows upon Olivia hula, she went to wait outside of the boundaries of Makkah, because he used to be go on hunting trips, and outside of the Medina of the city. She waited for him as soon as he came in the boundaries. What did you say? I heard about Gen. Curse uniview.

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So Hamza got very angry even though he was not a Muslim then, but it's still, you know, from his tribe. He goes into Abidjan and network, and he goes in and he slapped a backpack. And he said, at the Sudoku analogy, the equation and I follow his way of life, meaning what? He just declared that he's a Muslim, and he was not a Muslim. But now he declared he is a Muslim. And he goes home, he goes, Woe to me. What have I done? Now I'm in trouble. I have to make a declaration here. What have I done? What have I done? So he asked Allah subhanaw taala. I said, What I said, Oh Allah, you know what, I didn't mean it. But he I said this because of this, if Allah subhanaw taala if this word is

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a true guide me to it, and hamdulillah I mean, Allah guided him to Islam, because of that mere utterance of war that he became defending a prophet Mohammed Sutherland and Prophet Mohammed Salam was ecstatic extremely happy to hear that Hamza de la hora became a Muslim and inshallah we'll take a story a bit later on, but he as you see that even Prophet Mohammed Salim wanted to use the same methodology with a drop of Nabil might Allah even alignments that let's see the difference the panel was the Hamza de Allah and Allah might Allah help us May Allah keep us away from him and keep him away from us? unfairly inshallah and people like him when he was trying to invite Prophet Mohammed

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Salim to dinner one day, and Prophet Muslim says I will only come to you for dinner. If you declare that La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah says, No, I want this Okay, I won't come to you for dinner. So but it was apparently it was a very much into like a shameful thing.

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Somebody invited me there and don't accept It's a shame for the person that is inviting you. So he said, Come come for dinner. You know my condition. I will come to you I will come for dinner in your place if you say that

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so second time he also declined. So the third time is okay if that's what it takes for you to come to for for dinner my place. All right, that's what it takes a sugar level. Okay, are you happy now? I'm paraphrasing, of course. Now Prophet Mohammed Salah was hoping to happen to open it because he was among the honorable society. So he was trying to get him through what happened to him what could happen to Hamza but I had I had major differences and of the, but when you look at the beautiful company, when you have among the people we'll talk about inshallah, later on. He saw him, he said, I heard that you said this, and you invited him for dinner, and so on, you become his friend now, this

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is what geologica haram it's forbidden for me to see you You no longer my friend till you go back and do the exact opposite. And he asked them to either curse him or do something. It's not befitting to be done to Prophet Mohammed Salim.

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So he had to think and he had to make a decision.

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And again, unfortunately, it was the wrong decision.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah revealed

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this Qur'an will be revealed till Judgment Day recited to judgment day from the Seventh Heaven is the only Abu valdemar la escuela de la penita Tamara salsa de la, la Hochberg. His word to me, you will bow down on his own when on that day judgment day when it's too late.

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Because here there is MLB that is up and there there's his sad Billa Harmon here you do actions and deeds not held accountable for yet some of them of course you can hear or the grieving the hereafter but in the hereafter there is no me there is no actions and deeds there's reckoning. That's when you will hear Yeah, oh my

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god, this person that oppressed himself how do you perceive yourself? You keep away from heaven and you want to help that's the greatest oppression you can do for yourself. This is why laws of analysis lemons are in our

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pocket says what's the true winning according to a few of the winning the lottery winning a whatever it is, is that the true winning no according to the laws of handle talent if you still have an offer, and you'll be admitted to Jenna to heaven inshallah, that is a true winning that is a true success with evatik affiliates and FSM waterlife is one in such an act in such an event in such a great beautiful feeling. This is the great competition between everyone so should compete and shall love with it.

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Now when he says yell at them as a leader I wish I didn't take this person for that and it wasn't worthy to be mentioned in the Book of Allah, the sumaiya colourful Himalayan circle so he says so what happened to the company so you ask yourself a few of the how the company you keep

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you keep the company that will bring you back the massage

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or the company to remind you this paint the town red, physical barhopping he says the company you keep up here nothing. My brother Prophet Mohammed wa sallam says al morality nearly fell younger. Harlan Be careful and the way that human beings in the way of their comrades so be careful we have as a friend, you have no choice of choosing your father or your mother. We know that but you certainly have choice of who your friends are telling me who your friends are. I'll tell you who you are.

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You understand? so choose wisely my brothers and sisters inshallah now let's see exactly what happened and the continue of the prosecution goes on and allows a panel that is trying to make Take it easy on Prophet Mohammed Salah is not a legal Saku. We know that it is very difficult for you to hear this. It is tough on your heart to take it if you expand your chest but it's it doesn't feel it feels very tight. Because of what you hear from this other the harmful words and the half of utterance as you see it gets worse as they go along. Because now it's a declaration of war. And if you think again, that you have a difficulty, listen to what's coming up in Sharla.

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Again, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the back of a napkin, who says even those who make a mockery of you, we will protect you from them in sha Allah. And again, this is what occurred this was the topic of haka, Latina Ramadan cannons. Allah subhanaw taala says, the prophets and messengers before they had to go through difficulties to tell them this path is the way it is, again reminding him over and over again, that Prophet Mohammed Salim, especially Mousavi Salaam was the one that comes in and the second one from not just making mockeries and so on. It started to do that she will had the making

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false accusations, conjunction hearsay or all that to make people are doubtful about the Koran or the messenger Islam and so on as the media

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tries to tell you all this thing it will lie this force limit at one time was on the American energy show. And I hear the caller say,

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You people worship the moon ago.

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We worship them. Pamela, thank you for teaching me something about my religion. I didn't know I should have been worshipping the moon all the time. I could add a VA so Pamela I've been worshipping God all the time and I could have been alomost and thank you for letting set me straight. So I asked him how did you get to this lovely conclusion

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is because I saw it on the website somewhere Oh, wow. how authentic Of course anybody could open a website search. Oh, yes, Muslims worship the moon. Fantastic. I'll take it. And I said, what was the reasoning behind this person saying that we worship the moon? is is that easy? He says his proof is when you see the moon you fast. And when you see the moon you start celebrate, go Masha Allah, you're a smart man. It's a waste of your intelligence fit to be among the people we are just like peasants comparing to you your intellect you should have been professor, Doctor somewhere PhD, teaching us what to do in this life. Give us all the answers to the questions that plagues us how to

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do you know to take away the Middle East crisis to lower the gas prices? Everybody will be happy What happened? Rila please tell us master How did you do this? Isn't he? We are in a lunar calendar. But we follow a lunar calendar. When we see the moon is the beginning of the month. That's when we start fasting because we stuff

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but you can understand the ignorance out there and the people will have the media and they give you things and they say it enough, they will believe it. So I told him if he we go with the Quran, Allah.

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Allah says, On the contrary, in the Quran, do not worship the sun or the moon, but worship the one that created them. You see, so is a path of Dawa. So you'll know that this what happens as you see the history repeats itself, you will see a blah, blah, blah, what did they do? They just see things at night. And they see it in the morning. It's just

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it's like, you know, if you had too much support center at night, and you know, you have nightmares, but it's not the case. Of course it's not. And again, Allah subhana wa Jalla says, in her life could have Tara

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meaning that they actually say that this person taught him this on the way over the top of that, but that person spoken Hebrew and our Prophet Mohammed Hassan did not know how to read or write. We don't say illiterate, we don't say illiterate thrombin you know, we say respected, illiterate, you understand the difference? So yes, he did not know how to read right before the wisdom and of course you'll see a loss of paranoia to Allah is declaring he's not the one that wrote it. Of course, how could the person that did not know how to read write, write such immaculate a beautiful book that people actually claim that he said that? And he says his initial been? Allahu Akbar shayateen allows

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monetizes Helena bukhoma Mr. Sheltie. It comes down to a transgressor a fast buck, you know, a bad a bad person, evil person, a disobedient person, a person that says my lord is one and he tries to get you off the bad road to the righteous road, a straight path to make you the best morals and conduct is that do you think this is active? southie a lot. But we also get called in the shale thing. The Chevron is the one that wrote the dynamic versus we get asked these questions all the time. But he say Alhamdulillah. So panela, if you think that she can't wrote the book,

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could you imagine she can sing Excuse me? I wrote this book. But before you read this book of mine, say, we let him in a shakedown regime.

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Imagine the authorship of the formula, we know that he said the author is certain, but check on the one that read the book as they claim. This is, before you read this book, what do you say are the villa in the Shakeology?

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So you can imagine, before you read my book, seek refuge in Allah for me, because I'm sitting there rejected. And by the way, I forgot to tell you something. If you follow me, you go straight to hell. I am your worst enemy, by the way. And it's not like a line from a movie or whatever. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you. I'll make your life miserable. I won't fulfill the promises. I will do it. And I will say I'm innocent of you on judgment day. Okay, go ahead, buy my book. Enjoy. Do you think this is hopelessly naive statement? If anybody even thinks of that, when he says that everything that's a plan is this a plan is that this the worst? allows you hung on and joins with a verb is evil and he

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finally does the opposite? How could that be? It's impossible job. And again, we've talked about this before so I will not repeat it respecting your time. Sharla again, Allah Subhana Allah is telling them what they say about who is this man says they say many of

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us work how could this man the claims that he's the messages or profits, he's

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used to eat food and EMC for less work and used to walk in the marketplace? I don't know what what do you think that the if allows losses if you are angels, walking on the face of the earth, I wouldn't have sent an angel it's still a form of a man to communicate and rule and and relate to them. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is making fun of them a mockery of them.

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Saying that is that the way that you handle it Subhan Allah and again, olanzapine altaira says the lower anniversary me she says they said not only didn't give this book to the bishop and all the prophets and messengers before him however the bishop or not but of course, Russia from Russia By the way, the human being of course as the efficient that from the skin that's what it means because everybody else has like a, you know, scales or lots of hair but I'm the lead worship Allah Coronavirus, Adam, we have elevated the bunny Advani Adam, the children of Adam and the one that reasons called they had a softer nicer look, inshallah we're hoping it gets better and gentlemen,

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shall we will talk about it hopefully some other time. Please. After this loss of panels addresses in Entomb in their bedroom, Miss Luna, you are watching Miss Luna, we are human beings like us and allows us

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in that

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Allah subhanaw taala this men this blessing this gift that he gives among his slaves or his slavery or his worshippers to whomever you wish, but they wanted something better. They wanted to have some of the people of the rich and the honorable, and those high in roses level.

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They wanted to take among the two of them.

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Unbelievable Madeira was among them. And of course, those are the rich ones and the ones that are known. He says they wanted to take one of those people.

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And olanzapine out Alice's you will divide the mercy of Allah. He says a homeopath Simona

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they're the one they're gonna say, you know, is the mercy of a love wisdoms person. And because this person is rich and good looking, or this person is Stalin or Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanaw taala. As of again, well level lm will result allows what Allah knows best, where he puts his message. It's an Amana of Islam. And he chose the best of creation, according to Allah Subhana, WA, Jalla, viola, again, there's so many that it comes into that category. And again, we're going to go to the third category of the ones that do it is the most difficult of all the people who go into doing, they come into that between them and hear and cry. And it has so many tricks between the people to listen to

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the client or not. And among them is what color Latina

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Latina might only have around one ofI Allah, tala Boone, don't listen to the Quran. here say, yeah, you know, maybe we'll be victorious. And a man called the number of Hadith is to say, what is it as a wedding. These are like legends. It's a long stories before he used to go to a healer. And he used to travel a lot. So what he did is he used to listen to stories to Kings and so on around the world. So he gathered enough stories. So what he used to what the Confederacy do used to bring another hat is sit next to them, when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to see either admission, look a word of wisdom or recite verses, and they will get nothing harder to see what I've been here and

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I've been there and now I am telling the story. So people are interested in stories. But after a while, he ran out of stories. And they hear the same stories over and over again. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah infinite words, and their wisdom was, of course not to be beaten. And that's one of the notable highlights among them in sha Allah.

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Allah and Houma talked about another he says, woman a nurse, may your study lower head if we don't answer the leader. He's the one that the history known Hadith is the Bible divide people's attention with the hearsay the vein talks, the stories, legal ancillary law, so they would lead people to stray away from Allah subhanaw taala. We're going to finish with a part that is a bit difficult now that the persecution, and I'm going to remind you if and only if you see this horrid yellow animal, well, what do you have to go through, and you think that you've had it hard? Again, think again, please listen, among the people that interleave and of course, every one of the the animal society

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now, they have had a meeting and they said, everyone that you have as a slave under you have, if they become a Muslim, make sure you give him harsh treatment, you punish them, you hit them, you persecute them, you make them go hungry, you make them go thirsty, and so on. So everyone that had a slave under their hand, when he was a Muslim, they had to punish them dearly. And now there's too many.

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Of course, we'll talk about some of them in Sharla.

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Among them was,

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of course Mossad Ahmed and we know that Musab dama de la Subhana Allah beautiful story. He was among the animal society. And we know that he was very rich, and people actually used to know when the most abnormal is to walk in the streets. He used to have a beautiful aroma. And as a matter of fact, some of the people used to pay more money to wash their clothes with the clothes of a Muslim lady because it was no better even when they wash it. Look how

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You know extravagance of living that he used to live in. But when he became a Muslim, he was deprived of everything, but he choose what's best, his parents disowned them. And for you, at the end of the new Muslims Hang in there, a lot of Subhanallah we will do something better. And stories like this will give you the strength in sha Allah. Now when he died must have not made so long story. But charlo even though must have made it was the first ambassador of Islam to go to Medina and teach the people about Islam. And he's he will now at the time of his death, when we'll get to it a lot later on. You know, they said he didn't have enough clothes to cover his whole body. When

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they wanted to cover his feet, they couldn't cover his face. When they wanted to cover his face. It couldn't cover his feet from Southern cried and look at what happened to him from where to where, but it is indeed it is a pillar, it's a test, a thickness of healing of the butt olanzapine out it will give you eternal one dental reward inshallah. And other than that, and so I've always said though, so I mean, you know, when we hear about this alumi for woman,

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and some manufacturers, and they have gone long and traveled far to find the truth. And you will see this over and over and over again. And again, among them is the Hall of headroom, Villa, habla de la voz, we're talking about, and he used to actually put a neck around his

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rope around his neck, and literally kids, a dragon, and even the neck used to hurt him inside, he would leave him sit in the sun. And we put the biggest, biggest among the biggest stones on his stomach. And he would still it would make him thirsty and hungry as well. Like, you will go through this every time unless you die like that, or touch of the Mohammed, you leave that in Mohammed. And he would only say two words. To repeat it is only one word I hadn't had is to say when when one God, one Lord, and he's one lucky. If I know if there's any other words that would make him go through difficulties and hate that word. I wouldn't have said it. But that's the only word that I can recall

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at that time to make them feel bad about it. And by the way, you know that later on that the blend habits llamada when you saw his master at a time when he was taken as a hostage What do you know what happened?

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Even though

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he took him as a hostage, it's another story that we'll come back to. And now

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he when he saw him as a hostage Jesus, what was it either one well, Islamic Allah

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Subhana Allah that would happen is come after him, then as you do will be done unto you. He's you know, people love villain, but the law says, you know, who used to punish me and persecute me early on when I was asleep. This is the man so everybody got on to wanted to kill my butt.

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And he covered him because he wanted to get the ransom. But it wasn't to be. So people wants to do what he used to do. They used to poke him from under my mouth, they wanted to get

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till he died. So now says Allah, He Bilal I lost the ransom and I lost the dinner that I used to collect and in that mentor me to come but it wasn't to be a fee, no fee and there was so much more kebabs and the acid, the acid and you will see this but hopefully we can have some more for you. In the next episode. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those this speech and follow the rest of it. Well after that, Hamza layerable alameen wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa vein, Zakho la Haytham San Juan de como rahmatullah wa barakato.