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please be with you. Welcome to the D show. Thank you for tuning in every week, we got exciting guests exciting topics, and this is no exception. We have former Def Jam artists. Here in the studio Def Jam started by Russell Simmons, he performed or was working with the likes of Keyshia Cole, Bruno Mars. And he's here to tell us because he was getting paid back then to make it dance. He was the one that you were hearing in the nightclubs. And he was doing things opposite to what he's doing today. He didn't have peace back then he's charging the heart with what he's going to be talking about today. And this week's show.

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It's so important that you tune in, because this is how you're going to benefit from the experiences of our guests today. If you're really a music lover, make sure that you don't go anywhere here in the deen show with my next guest, former Def Jam artists will surprise you with him when we come back. Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome to the show. He's been with us.

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How you been?

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been good man. How's it I introduced you former Def Jam artists for people that don't know tell us about what is this Def Jam. Def Jam is a as a were very well known record label. Especially It was very well known for its hip hop artists back in the day such as Run Run DMC LL Cool J. These are some of the artists that will one day back in the day. So a lot of people know for that. Now, we've had you on the show before and we talked about people go back to the D To watch this program that we did. And you were getting paid I mean to be there entertainment in a nightclub you were singing in nightclubs, correct? Yes, yeah. But now you're I mean, before we cut out on our last

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show we did with you, you were actually you weren't singing. And we're not talking about the singing, you know, these are the natural sounds, the birds and the bees and nature and whatnot in the human voice. We're talking about, you know, these things that are calling the human being to corruption, right? And but you left off reciting the Quran.

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So now, you're also doing a Quran project. You went from now getting paid to make people dance. Exactly. And how was the heart back then?

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At the heart, you know, you eat the heart itself is searching for the truth, sometimes without the individual realizing it. But what happens is that we become so busy, and I was just having this conversation with another brother,

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about how shaytaan makes us so busy in our lives, you know, whether it be music, once again, movies, you're watching, you know, people that are glued to the TV literally becoming a zombie, we become so busy in our lifestyle that we don't realize the heart is literally screaming out and screaming for guidance. So the difference between my heart then enough is no comparison. I'm telling you like anyone that knew me before, and knows me now. They see a big difference, you know, and it's and this is not to brag about myself or anything but this is this this is the calmness and the peace that I have with the last panel with the holla today, it's it's a big difference. And I can I can't say

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enough to be grateful. You know, I can't say enough to think a lot honestly, man. I mean, I think about it every day how a lot literally took me away from that environment. I was around literally if I wanted to right now, you know, I'm someone that can go right back to what I was doing again. And and literally with all this technology, they make millions of dollars without a record label, you know, it's just talking about how it's so much easier to do those things but I know in my heart so those things are temporary enjoyments and they want to do nothing but destroy me. It's as simple as that. To simplify is going to absolutely destroy me and that's what I was on a path of destruction

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without a doubt without a doubt and that's the difference when we say guidance now you don't because many people they construe you see a lot of weird things associated with man made religions. Absolutely we know that Islam submissions that are created not the creation is divinely sent. And it makes sense it's a logical way of life. It just fits with what you have inside that triggers now that knows that this is the truth and you wouldn't sell I mean, this way of life Now that brings peace, contentment and happiness. you're experiencing it now which you weren't obviously before. It's temporary delights and enjoyment. So now when we talk about this guidance, and I ask you this

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question now because people think okay, now I got the ghost me the spirit and people dance and jumping, doing all sorts of weird things and people get turned

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All intellectual people get turned off. But guidance is not. You can see straight, you see things for what they are. They are the counterfeit gold, the kind of $1 you see as counterfeit, this counterfeit lifestyle is fake? Absolutely. Now you're on the real way. Absolutely talk about this, this man how how people are many people, they don't see that Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Many people don't see that. And this is people don't understand this is one of the importance of seeking knowledge. The importance of seeking knowledge is so that you worship your Creator, upon clarity. Like you said, it gives you that clarity, you're able to see the the false

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from that which is real, you understand. And that brings us to a point when I was about 17, someone told me how to cross how to cross on my neck when I was about 17. And one of my friends told me you have that you have a catheter crossing your leg? And I say I said, What do you mean? I said, What's the difference? I didn't have knowledge. So that light bulb, I had that light bulb effect that people talk about. And so I started to read the Bible started to ponder on the Bible myself, which we mentioned that most people don't do. Why Because of that, that hidden hypnosis effect that they have the hypnotic effect that they're under, by because you're jumping, dancing, hopping around. And

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so when a person goes to read the Bible,

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you fall asleep, because now you're in search of knowledge. So finding that knowledge, searching for that knowledge myself. First, I see that what Jesus worships is the creator, Moses worship the Creator, Moses, Aaron fallen on their face and worshiping the Creator, Jesus peace be upon him saying the one that sent me is greater than I, the one that sent me is great in all, I say, hold on, I want to worship who they're worshiping. So this gives once again, knowledge equals clarity, as you mentioned, is simple as that. Now, this is my next question not to disparage on any religion, or anybody. But we know that the message was clear what all these messages came with us mentioned the

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cross. And we know that Jesus peace be upon him. He had nothing to do with calling people to worship Him, He called people to worship the Creator, because he was sent by the credit. But now you see a lot of these celebrities and a lot of these musicians, they're doing everything opposite to what he called, he called people to chastity to morality, and away from this morality, but you've got this big cross on your, on your chest, many of these musicians, and they're just inviting people to all sorts of scandalous evil things. What are your comments on it? my comments on that is that, once again, this guy is Eddie. Just like myself, I was somebody that had a cross on my neck used to walk

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around with these things. But it was more like you felt like it's some type of good luck, symbol kind of thing, or superstition is more superstition, like, as as you can see, and myself, as well as many others. They don't know what that stands for. They don't have the knowledge that comes along with it. Okay. What is the belief system that comes along with it? We didn't know, majority, I would say the majority of our Christian brothers and sisters they don't, they just don't know. They don't have knowledge of what their parents are following. And that was me. I was in those shoes. I didn't have knowledge of of the Bible. I didn't have knowledge of Jesus peace be upon himself go our belief

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system. And so once you have these, this is just misguidance once again, they're wearing it. I believe that when many of them are wearing it for the same reasons I was. Yeah, we're gonna be right as a family. right back with more former Def Jam artists here in the deen show. Don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show. So from working with Keyshia Cole, I've worked with Bruno Mars, and you get a chance to talk about now that you change your life. There's usually amongst musicians who just fill their heart with music constantly. drugs, alcohol, and you see a lot of them committing it when they rise to the top to see there is no peace there. Really. The heart is yearning for someone else and they commit suicide, antidepressants, drugs, alcoholism. And this is actually there's a statistic that it's it's much higher. suicide rate is much higher amongst famous writers and artists. This is a known statistic. Tell us now did you get a chance to relay some of this

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information to them? Yes, I've have spoken with a few friends of mine within the music industry and some of them know Islam as the truth. You know, I haven't personally got the chance to see I haven't seen Boulogne a long time. It's been a few years since I've seen him Keisha, I haven't seen her in years also, because I kind of like drifted off of the scene. But now since I've been back here in the US, there's people that I want to reach out to again

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really talk to them? Because I know there, many people are starving for the knowledge. So a lot of them Yes, I've had the opportunity to give them down

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and invite them to Islam and I believe many of them know Islam is the truth. fact one of my friends who was he was the a&r at Warner Brothers at the time, or motel.

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You know, he knows lamb is a true but that lifestyle becomes a fitna for them becomes a trial where they they see they Okay, if I embrace Islam, what's what's next kind of thing you understand? So, and there's a lot of singer musicians out there who are Muslim, but it's very difficult for them to get away from that lifestyle also. And it's very difficult for them to come out publicly and publicly and say who they are, you know, so they deal with that as well. What advice you know, when you see a lot of the youth out there, and you know, some are practicing, not so practicing, some have a problem committing so much. But then when you diagnose their life, you'll see that they are

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addicted to music. Is this a hindrance from you being more of a complete worshiper to the Creator, being addicted to music? Yeah. Is it a hindrance? Absolutely. Without a doubt, because as I mentioned before, the statement of claim Josie Rahim Allah, he mentioned that to Quran and music, and it can't be in the same heart. At the same time, you can't love music, and love the Quran at the same time, they're, they're gonna be at war with one another. So, you know, it's definitely a hindrance, you know, you may not a person may not feel the same when they're reciting in the Salah. It's a big difference. You know, it may, it may make you hate listening to lectures, and things like

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that a person that's addicted to music, you know, when a person is dying, they may be singing a song, instead of reciting the killing is very dangerous, very dangerous. So why take a chance, by take a chance on something and there's something when, you know, when I know, that is definitely a trial without without a doubt, is more addictive than probably drinking alcohol, or is more addictive than then than then trying to get away from smoking cigarettes and things like it's more addictive than that? I believe. So.

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It's a step by step process. No one's gonna probably get rid of it all, you know, you know, all at once. But take the steps necessary. show a law that you know, that you are least taking the steps you know, you know, a Mas, most forgiving, Most Merciful. So and most importantly, I would say with that is to ask Allah to assist us. When we have those addictions, ask, just ask a lot actually created to assist you. ask Allah for guidance. Even if we're not Muslim, for example, the best thing we can do is ask the Creator of the heavens and earth you know, if you even if you don't believe that a creator exists, say, oh God, guide me to that way which you are pleased with, guide me to

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your way, without a doubt, Allah is going to guide you to Islam, the creator is going to guide you to Islam, if that person sincerely ask the Creator of the heavens and earth to guide them, He will guide them. So likewise of a person sincerely ask Allah to guide them away from music, they will without a doubt Allah system alone will show them a better way. Usually these kind of songs you're singing this,

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the RMB usually men, and just for our sisters, I mean, Islam came to protect the woman elevate the woman, but you know, through this music, this is another tool that men will use to undress a woman. Absolutely. And to have his way with the woman isn't it absolutely softens her up, tell us about this. I mean, this is something that is used to soften like you said, so often the woman up women are very vulnerable in this society, as we see that they're they're used for, for,

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you know, they're degraded, and the society already as we see. So this is another way, you know, from my point of view, to degrade women, because once you're able to, to,

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to have them swaying, and, and, and have them think in a certain way, you know, it's the open for the attack and open for the tech. And this opens you up to on a deeper level to gym possession and all kinds of things when we when we are becoming so arouse with music, it opens people up and that's a whole nother topic in itself. How people become under possession without realizing it because they are in a state of such a state of arousal or anger, you know, whatever it may be, this state of arousing

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upon it just opens you up for so many different things. You know, we're gonna take a break and we got more a lot more to ask you here in the D show with former Def Jam artists. Someone who lived for music was getting paid to make your dance. Now on a totally different tune. Here on today's show. We right back please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official faces.

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Back here on the D show, I heard you mentioned this before about the gym position. And I missed a known fact that many of the superstar celebrities, you know, they play around with the board. They tried desperately to make some connection with the unseen world because they desperately want to win that Grammy. they desperately want to achieve greater heights. So they'll connect, they'll talk to they'll, you know, spirits, spooks and whatnot, the devils the gins, and Islam clip this is one path that you took now exploring the unseen world of the spirits that Islam clearly defines their role. And this is very interesting, very interesting and kind of scary.

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Subject Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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It, people don't understand, like I mentioned, when you arouse yourself with these things, you're opening yourself up to a whole nother world that people don't understand. And as you mentioned, the people the musicians playing with the Ouija board, people don't know what these people are doing behind the scenes. There's a reason these these were these women and these people are screaming in the crowd for them. They're utilizing many people are utilizing the assistance of the jinn to assist them in their performances and everything. People don't realize these things. This is a whole nother reality, especially many of the Muslims are very ignorant towards this fact, they don't understand

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that this is a whole nother element. It's just not something that's, you know, friendly and things like this. No, people are inviting these things into your home on a deeper level. You know, you're inviting these things to your home and everything. So when you're talking about the Djinn, and these things like this, I'll give you an example from a personal experience. Eddie, I can tell you that when I was a non Muslim, as I mentioned to you, I used to play various instruments, I can tell you that it literally felt like I was under possession. I would do things that I was not able to do, I would play things that I was not able to play normally, that I wasn't able to play twice. And people

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musicians may say, Oh, this is the musician effect. Okay. The word genius comes from the word gin.

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So, me and a brother in ease about remember, we were having this conversation. He's a brother that knew Jimi Hendrix, he knew a lot of people. He's an old school musician.

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And he said, me and him were playing around talking about the word genius and stuff like this. He said, You know, he said, when we say when we think about the word genius, we used to say we used to think about that person has that Jin, he got that did reflect on this. People like Jimi Hendrix, and these, he was not able to play without being under a substance being high without being high. So we know even from a scholarly point of view, what did the scholars mentioned about people that get high and things like this, you make yourself open to what the chin every musician that is on the highest level, think about it. Many of them are doing drugs and alcohol to get them to that level. You can't

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escape it. You can you might as well if you don't want to be involved with drugs and alcohol or listening to someone that is involved in those things. You might as well take all all of your CDs and everything and just throw it out. Because this is what the people that you're listening to. This is what they're involved in many of them getting high alcohol. And as you mentioned, it's clearly clarifies and make clear, it makes clear the position on those things. So when we talk about soul music, what does people have people listen to these terms. So music this is something coming from someone so so what state is that person in? When Neverland that relaying those lyrics to you? Or

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when they were singing that song? What state was the soul in? Because you may start to feel the way that person was feeling? You understand? This is a serious thing. This is a spiritual thing you're talking about. That's why they know it. They call it soul music. Yeah, they say they flow turns out this is magic in the making. Okay, what magic are you talking about? Yeah. Tell us now you know, the the

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young boys young girls or young adults even now they'll put on you know, some music and obviously the parents now they'll hear the cursing and everything and they'll obviously be turned off they turn that off. And now it's got a new flavor so they'll throw on something that just seems innocent cares won't parents won't catch on. But tell us the effects here because you got like groups like one direction just Justin Bieber. They don't curse much right right way, but it's kind of the same message here. They're straight. Hardcore. Get that duty you get that duty bbbb beep so now it's clear but over here it's kind of those sweet words and no cursing but at the end of the day is

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talking about committed

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fornication, you know, losing the woman's chastity, tell us about this. Cover up here with the right is interesting because these songs may be cleaner. But still, once again, it goes right back to the root. It's still calling to the disobedience of a law. Like you, as you mentioned, not being chased like in this society.

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Being a virgin is frowned upon why? It's because of what the people are listening to what they're being conditioned with. They are being dumbed down. So I mean, they're turning into zombies.

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So when you have these type of songs, they're still calling the youth to the disobedience of a law whether whether with the children, the youth are starting to be very disrespectful to the parents, and the parents don't understand why have you have you examined with what they're allowed to listen to? What do you allow them to listen to? So and I'll just Just a quick question.

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And everyone has a question this, if you listen to music, if a person listens to music, ask them how many verses of the Quran have they memorize? Is the Quran difficult for them to memorize? If so, then you know why, then you know why I met people in Egypt, rather heady? And there was a brother listening to music he was addicted to it. I saw he was addicted to it an accident how many verses of the Quran had he memorized? How many sodas he had memorized it. Keep in mind that you have many people that have memorized the Quran in Egypt, this brother had memorized for soldiers his whole life. And he told me, I said, I said, Have you been listening to music since you were a child? He

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said, Yes. I've been listening, doing this listening to it. And he said, I'm addicted to it. You know, I said, this is the reason. This is the reason. So anyone that has that same problem, look at just look at the opposite the Quran, and see how much time you spend with it. You'll see that shade pond is trying to take you away from the law clearly. Clearly. Are you open now? We've had guests on the show before.

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And people they like their message. They want to invite them to come to their Masjid to the university to visit them. Are you open for giving such

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absolute traveling? And if someone wants to get a hold of you? How would they do so? Absolutely what I'll leave my contact details with you and thank you. They will give a website or anything people go to Omar projects calm, which is under it's under.

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It's under construction right now. But they can still leave their email inside of there. That's you ma our projects, PR o j. e. T. 's Omar projects calm. Beautiful. And thank you. We're out of time. But just appollo Hi, thank you so much for being with us and sharing your experiences and show all the years got the benefit. I surely did. Thank you very much. Thank you, Bob.

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And thank you, thank you for sitting tight through another episode of the D show no time lost. Former Def Jam artists here on the D show went from working with the likes of Keyshia Cole, and Bruno Mars, and many others. And he loved that lifestyle because he figured out the purpose of life. And now he's filling the heart with what it needs. And we talked about that medicine, that now when you implement it in your life, you live by it, you truly get that peace and satisfaction, what hinders people, you can have those songs playing all day and night. But at the end of the day, temporary fixes temporary highs. And then at the end you got big time crashes. And then where did

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you go, you've been entertained with all of these sweet nothings. And many of the young ladies also and abusing, they're losing their chastity and they end up running towards this insanity and brothers end up also doing some things that they shouldn't be doing all on account of

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listening to admiring the wrong people listening to the wrong things. But when you go right, with the advice that our guest was given, you won't go wrong, you won't go wrong. So implement this advice connect with a radio Word of God the Quran as your Creator, the one who created you for the support if you're struggling having problems connect with the salaat leave all of this other nonsense alone. And come back to the de show. Subscribe if you haven't already. Follow us like us on Twitter, Facebook, and now you can also join us on Instagram. We'll see you next time until then, peace be with you. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter

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Find out what really goes on behind the scenes of big-time celebrity Musicians and the kind of life they lead, learn about how many of them also make connections with the spirits of the unseen world, the Jinn.

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