Yasir Qadhi – Christian Muslim Dialogue Pt.2

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi points some questions and dialogues to Reverend Dr. James White, the director of Alpha Omega Community, to get some answers in the context of the religion of Christianity.

The Shaykh starts off with generic questions such as: 

  1. The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity and how it validates monotheism
  2. Can God be a human being?
  3. The necessity of a sacrificial death  and many more such pertinent questions.

“No soul shall bear the sins of the other.” – this is a Verse from the Qur’an.  So theologically, what exactly is original sin? This question is also deeply delved upon and makes for an interesting listen.

The primary difference between Catholics and reformed Baptists is the next point of discussion and we are acquainted with interesting parallels.

The floor next opens for an amicable Q & A wherein numerous doubts are answered and also, new concepts, previously alien, come to the fore.