How should a muslim make long & short term plans according to sunnah

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Remember, my ultimate question is that there's a pseudo masala Mala Salam has, like short and long term planning the same as people do today like for their life or is it

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directly driven by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad Allah wa Salam to the he doesn't have to make planning journal and you know and etc. So that how

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so how actually like, as a Muslim we have to lead our life and aim for and how is actually a step by step we should follow according to the Quran and the Sunnah. Okay, first of all, the issue of long term and short term planning is a modern concept of strategy and planning. The Prophet Allah so Sam the Companions, they lived naturally. So their intellect, plan things long term short term, but without them sitting down and writing mission and vision statement and putting a strategy putting deliverables and this and that they did not have this, but they had the concept in their mind. What is the concept? In na sadati one Oh, Sookie, Omaha Amati De La Habra bill, this is a short and long

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Investments if you wish. So if you ask anyone, actually what is your purpose in life? To get married? You have children to buy a house. Some of the brothers what's your purpose in life to buy a ninja Honda?

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I think it's called ninja Honda. I'm not going to this Ducati only. And

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but every single one of us objective should be to fill my grave with good deeds.

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I'm going to die. I'm 6162 63 depending how you look at it. Hijiri are Gregorian. So I'm 63 in history, the Prophet alayhi wa sallam died when he was 63.

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Abubaker died when he was 63. Omar died when he was 63. So what am I waiting for? To go to meet them?

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So I'm waiting to die. So should I sit home and cry? No, live my life when that comes. I had a counseling session a few months ago with a brother.

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And he said, Jeff, I have this fear of death. My wife divorced me, I lost half of my weight. And I got fired from my job.

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I said how long? You had this fear of death? Is it three years?

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I said did you die?

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He said

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What kind of question is this? Of course not.

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So I said to him, I used up

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three years wasted of your life because of your fear of death. And look what happened to you? What happens if you did not? If you don't die for another 15 years?

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With the stupid?

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Is your death predestined?

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Is it decreed that you will die on this date this hour? Who said yes? Can you change it? One minute? Early? One minute late? No. So why are you five? Live your life? When death comes it will come? If it doesn't come? I'm enjoying life. So the issue of long term, short term strategy or planning? We have to do this but it's not something we write like the Americans say we have the I think the new year's resolution and maybe this is why you're asking because this is the Hijiri New Year. So they have this in America. Every new year they say what's your resolution for the new year? What do you mean? Should you have to have a bucket list? I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do that. This is crazy.

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I'm gonna live my life like a Muslim. Whatever. I'm able to benefit the Muslims. I do it. Whenever I can do something for the hour. I do it. But I'm not a die. I'm not a scholar. I'm a free Lancer. I have time. Jeff, can you come?

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I don't have time. Jeff, can you come? No. Why? I don't want to.

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I'm free. I'm not a real scholar who gives his time his health, his energy for that? No, no, I go to the gym. I go sit my with my grandchildren. I go do things that I love. But at the same time I do.

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So live your life according to Oran, 100% and implement the sooner in every single thing you do 100% And you will have the best strategy and planning in your life and Allah knows best