Cancelling Prayers At Masjids Due To COVID-19

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is your brother in Escambia. So Holly, this is a special message to the people of our congregation in particular and all those massages, whose boards and whose communities have decided to suspend Joomla and all of the congregational prayers. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam realize that during this time of great crises, tensions are at an all time high. And our Shetty, our requests and our *ty I demands all of us to think rationally and not emotionally. And the texts of the *ty are very, very clear. It is true that the massage, generally speaking, it is faulty fire for the community to be praying five times a day, and it is

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farther in on the Muslim to pray. Tomorrow, the Muslim adult male who does not have a valid excuse to pray tomorrow, this is the default. At the same time. Every single ruling in the Shetty are pretty much without exception. There are situations and circumstances where the ruling does not apply. In other words, as is the case in every system. For every rule, there are exceptional circumstances. And our scholars have mentioned that plagues are one of those situations in which definitely reasonable measures can be taken. In fact, it is authentically reported that our prophets are seldom heard that one of the delegations that had come to give the oath of allegiance to him

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that one of those people was afflicted with leprosy. And the Prophet system announced that go tell that person Don't you know, give a debate I don't give the oath of allegiance to me rather go back and I will accept his oath from afar. He doesn't have to come to the city. And of course, we can assume from this that the person who was afflicted with leprosy on the way to the city of Medina, and before he got there, so his colleagues then came and told the Prophet system and he said, Look, tell him that we have accepted his oath, he can go back and this is the man who essentially was coming to become a Sahabi, he's coming to visit the city of Medina and put his hand in the hand of

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the Prophet sallallahu idea he was selling. The leprosy of course, is a disease that transfers from person to person. And that's why in another Hadith, our Prophet system told us that right away from the person who is, you know, giving out or the person who was a leper afflicted with leprosy, the way you run away from a person who, the way from Atlanta excuse me, once again, the Hadeeth has run away from the person with leprosy, the way that you run away from a lion. And we also have in the Hadith, that our prophets Allah said him said, that sick animals should not be brought to drink water at the same time as healthy animals. And from this, our scholars have derived that if a person

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is going to inflict sicknesses on other people, then that person should avoid coming to congregational Salah. Now, the problem with Coronavirus is that we do not know who is afflicted. And the fact of the matter is that perhaps in some cities, there are 1000s, maybe even 10s of 1000s of people carrying the virus. These are panelo no matter how advanced we are, even in the current times that we live in our scientists, our doctors still do not understand the full mechanism of how this virus works. They don't understand the the the mechanism in which it is fully transferred, even though of course there are generally speaking, some parameters that we understand, but we're not

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100% certain given all of this uncertainty, given the fact that we don't have the medication to deal with this given the fact that it is potentially fatal. A number of scholarly bodies have given fatawa including the headquarters of Saudi Arabia, which is the senior council Saudi Arabia, including that of Kuwait, including am Joe which is the American Muslim jurists Association, including the fifth council North America which is I am a member of all of these councils have given generic guidelines and they have said that if the community feels if the local authorities have said that it is dangerous for people to congregate, then in such situations, definitely we should suspend

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Joomla and we should suspend congregational sila, and it is better to err on the side of caution. Today, a national emergency was declared in all of America. And dear brothers and sisters, I encourage you to just study a little bit of history study what happened when the black plague afflicted Europe. In the 1300s study what happened when the Spanish influenza affected the globe barely 102 years ago 1917 1918 the Spanish influenza came study what happened this Coronavirus is a similar viruses from the same class of viruses and ally xojo protect us It looks

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That the worst is still to come, we ask all those rockview escolas protection, but we should not be acting foolish in this timeframe. Well let him My dear brothers and sisters allow me to be blunt here, there are enough tensions that all of us are facing. And there are some community members that might be getting irritated or angry that they cannot come and pray tomorrow. I asked those community members frankly, and please, I ask you a blunt question, do not get irritated this will you take the responsibility if somebody gets affected? Will you come on the day of judgment and say that, you know, because I wanted to have Juma and Gemma, we're all going to come to the masjid or you're not

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aware of the incident and the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam were a certain person was wounded, and with a head wound, and the wound was bleeding, and they were not able to wash the wound properly because they were in the battle. And on the way back, when they were coming back to Medina, this person, he had an nocturnal emission, and he woke up and he didn't know what he going to do. If he's going to take a whole hustle that won't which was passed, plastered and bandage would have to be put in water that might fester. The wound, somebody who didn't know the shady or somebody who didn't study Islam properly assumed that there must always be a strictness that there's never

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going to be an exception. So that person said to him, Hey, don't know you have no exception, you're gonna have to take the bandage off, and you're gonna have to do a hustle. Even if you have blood gushing out of your head doesn't matter. And so the man didn't know any better, and the man did also and the wound festered, and the man died because of a result of that fight to work quote, unquote, that was given by a person without knowledge when they came back to Medina and they informed the Prophet system of the death of the man. He became angry and he said in the Hadith is a Buddha would pata Lu Hawkeye, Tella, Houma LA, they killed him, they murdered him. May Allah azza wa jal curse,

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the one who did that photo and of course, even though he said, may Allah curse him, Well, there's a shadow that came out as an anchor in the mat is not to show that occurs because the Prophet systems cursing to a Muslim, as he himself told us converts into a mercy for the person but he said in his in his anger potato patera Humala, why did they give that fatwa based upon ignorance? If they didn't know they should have asked because indeed, the cure for ignorance is asking knowledge. And Eliza says in the Quran, first degree in quantum data animal ask the people of knowledge. If you do not know somehow no law here we have major Islamic field councils across the globe. All of them are

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saying that if the local health officials say that congregating together is a danger, then we as the Muslim community should follow those local officials and our Dallas County the Collin County has declared that they do not want large crowds, a number of cities across America have very strongly discouraging people to come together. And so why then should we act in a foolish manner and insist that all of us, especially the elderly, and my sincere advice to all of those who are above the age of 60, that is, especially that category, that they should take extra precautions and try to keep away from as many people as possible, keep a physical distance even if you have to go outside. And

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of course, the issue is in our messages, we're all packed together, we're all compressed together. Our messages are really Alhamdulillah we thank Allah that we have large massager that we have packed communities, we thank Allah, but those pack communities in very rare circumstances are really bastions of trouble if the virus is is going to spread. And this is what we have here. We have an international you know, a group of people, people of diverse backgrounds, people of diverse ages, people of diverse professions, if you really think about it, the masjid is a breeding ground for these types of viruses. Why should we act in a manner that is going to potentially cause some people

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to argue the Bella Bella fall circle may even lose their lives dear Muslim brothers and sisters especially I asked my community of East Plano Islamic Center, Please act in a manner that is in conformity with the goals and the laws of Russia. Dr. Howard profitsystem said La da da da da da da there should be no causing of harm. There should be no infliction of harm are others on others. And Allah subhana wa tada has allowed extreme measures in extreme circumstances. We all know this. So what we're about to face now what we are facing now, it is potentially a catastrophe of a global level that we have not seen in our lifetimes. Dear Muslims do not act in a foolish manner, what

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we're witnessing Now that might be the beginning of perhaps the worst calamity of a global nature, maybe even since the world wars How can we act in this foolish manner all races, all ethnicities, every nation is equally susceptible to this let us not add fuel to the fire by creating tension when there is no need to create tension the community my community has decided that it is best to avoid your NGO Murat and I support this 100% this is of the goals of the shehryar to err on the side of caution pray at home and pray to Allah subhana wa tada to protect us and to protect our loved ones. Pray

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Until the situation is resolved, and do as many good deeds as you can from within that we can worship below wherever we are, we don't have to go to the masjid towards your beloved, we thank Allah that Allah subhana wa tada has made this religion so easy what my job is to determine how long he has not put any difficulty on this on us. And our Prophet says and I've said Georgia, although you must you don't have water hoorah. This whole earth has been made to me, a place to pray and a place to do it will do unto hotter from wherever we are, we can pray, we do not have to come to the masjid to pray. Given all that is happening, we don't want to add more fuel to the fire. We don't

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want to make the situation worse. And that is why it is a very, very wise decision that Muslims especially in areas where the the health officials have said that it is a danger and Dallas is one of them that we shut down our meeting places for a while because of the nature of our community and our hugging and mixing and our shaking of hands and are standing side by side. This is not the same as going to a grocery market and you're five feet away and you take extra precautions we really cannot do that in our communities and our massages so it is best to err on the side of caution and Allah subhana wa tada is the grantor of success and in him we put our trust and we seek refuge and

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we ask Allah azza wa jal for sober and forth about and for Eman as was said raffia was somebody come

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