Haitham al-Haddad – Practical Reminder – Attain the sweetness of Glorifying Allah

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of working hard on oneself to make the name of Islam is discussed, including the need to be aware of what is happening and the importance of protecting one's health. There is a serious issue of forgotten about what is happening and the need to be aware of it. The shaping of one's body is also discussed, including the importance of fasting and praying. There is a conversation between multiple speakers about improving their luck, working on themselves, and paying attention to others.
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Islam 21 to see.com

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articulating Islam in the 21st century, develop the name of Allah Allah Allah and ourselves. Yeah, this is

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this is the whole life.

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Yeah, and please, my dear brothers, I find this ancestor Sorry, I find this as becoming the honey.

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A theme people think that they can reach to the level of Viva La Jolla, just by pressing the button. Press the bottom

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I feel the problem of Allah Allah Allah by No no, no, this is real. By It doesn't work like this, my dear brothers will talk about it more. But you need to work hard on yourself.

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Yeah, you need to work hard on yourself in order to make the name of Allah Allah Allah. Yeah, by it it starts all the way brothers all the way.

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See, the prophet SAW Selim said the man who built burn was a Bruna sugar and Eman is 70 plus what

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So, you need to all do all these 70 plus branches in order to what to make who follow the law including removing What harm from the street unfortunately brothers by some people they make the album of a word Allah Allah and this really the only hurts by

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they just want to

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I don't want to mention any specific group by they think that just by just listening to any lectures about the morphology Allah Allah or by spirituality or by a man lectures about a man sorry about the any data or the morphology of Allah just listening listening listening listening listening, what

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they will become so spiritual and their Eman will become so high and they become so hard this is wrong.

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A man is alone. You have to do something, you have to do something. And this is what I find that many people okay don't to do. The Emily's Colleen, the Emily's Colleen five. Okay. Check yourself how much in throughout the day, by 24 hours? How much you forget a lot on how much you think of Allah.

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Brothers, this is a serious issue, a serious issue. How much Allah Allah Allah is the one who created you, the one you walk down when you walk, and he is looking after you? How many melodica he created in order for them? They have no nothing to do except what?

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to look after you. So

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how many melodica protect your eyes? How many Malaika protect your body? How many Malaika Yes, protect you from the shavon and so on. By brothers voila, he water to drink if Allah Allah Allah does not help you to drink this water, this water which is a source for life, it will be a source for death. agree or not. It will go into the wrong passage and then this water will kill you. Again you're not yes or no will not be coming near Martin. Femina la will be coming near la Femina. la semana la any bounty that you have is it from who is from Allah, Allah Allah Subhana Allah what in dooney mattawa hiratsuka two times first in Allah in now in an insane Allah Holloman kuffaar that

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the human being by you is just balloon he commits in justice among to himself first Subhan Allah My dear brothers, so think how much I was thinking or aware? Yeah, a word of Allah. And how much how long? Yeah, I was heedless of Allah I forgot about Allah.

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Yes, yeah, brothers. This is the Tao Viva La Jolla and when I think of Allah Allah Allah even Yanni istockphoto la stop Ramadan Jana misunderstanding some of the RFP in said even when the person what commits a say yeah, kombucha ma sia, he is in English are from La Jolla. Because if he committed the sin and he is he is from La Jolla. Allah He will forget to me

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can follow Allah

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Yeah. But the person who glorifies Allah Allah Allah even if he makes a mistake or he commits a sin immediately he will just remember in Allah Dena Taka Dharma Sangha. Pani Kuru Subhana. Allah ton yeah made me this swear I couldn't I could not control my tongue. I said something bad as well as the person or I looked at her arm or I may be done something haram or something. Yeah. Oh Subhanallah How? How did I do that? Today Kuru VEDA home soon. They remember Allah, Allah, Allah immediately. That's why Allah Allah, Allah is so gentle. Allah, Allah, Allah, He says, I know that the shaytan will take over you for seconds. But don't let him talk over you for a period of time.

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Yeah, go back to me. I am there for you to forgive you. So this is the level that we should have. Have the vehm of Allah, Allah Allah. That's why this level is what gives us the sweetness in our hearts, my dear brothers and sisters and this is the level of action you worship Allah. Allah Allah. What if you see a lot?

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Yeah. Now to reach to this level? Yeah. Isn't up just by listening to a lecture, another lecture? another lecture? No. Do something. Do something brothers do something. Brothers. Yeah. Allah Allah. Allah told us. Yeah, I like fasting. So I like liquor. I like Salah. Yeah, I like soda. Not one thing. So many things. Yeah. As we say Subhanallah these days. The night is too.

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too long. By too long. You came here you come. You came home. You don't know what to do? Make hoodoo pray. touriga. What is the point of these touriga? Just for Allah Subhana Allah Allah Do you need Jani?

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classification for the son of for Allah for Allah. Maybe those two Raka will be the Raka that are accepted from you. You wake up in the morning. What is today? Maybe today's Tuesday maybe today is not that day too fast. Yeah, and then you felt close to Allah Allah Allah faster today. Fast that day. You passed by a factor is he truly a poor person? Maybe he is a liar. Maybe he is not a lawyer. coming later, I will give him a sadhaka you have two pounds five pounds when you take it five pounds? Yeah, you have 10 pounds. And oh five. Let me give him 10 force yourself. force yourself. Give it 10 Yeah, you have 20 give 20 force yourself. Yeah. Once we need to work hard on ourselves in

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order to increase our Eman But no, just five pounds even too much five pounds just one part you have to work out why do I need to pray to Raka Okay, no, I already prayed my winter yeah has finished by fasting and fasting ganja hamdulillah we fasted Ramadan and then after Ramadan we fasted six days. Yeah, and the more than enough faster for Allah and then people say how do we increase our email?

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You're not going to increase like this email is what I will learn why

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we have bad luck. I cannot control myself. Yes, my tank is very bad. It's very bad. I swear just like this. Okay, control it all of us have our mistakes and shortcomings. How do you want to increase your Eman and Europe is so bad? Yeah, not

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asking me anything but to ask me I need to have any good gentle o'clock No, I am a pipe street boy. I came from that background just ready to fight. So Rihanna lady and then

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my Eman is low? I don't know I want to increase my email. No, this is I'm not no ally. I'm not talking about this as a joke brothers. We need to work hard on ourselves. Yeah, we need to do to do actions. Yeah, all of us. Yeah. And all of us like to be lazy. All of us like to sleep all of us like to keep our money. All of us are struggling to lower our gaze all of us all of us all if not just yeah, you know, no, every one of us.

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We need to what what can we do? We need to

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know how to glorify. Okay, does that come along? He comes with

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a shadow line and a stockbroker today

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