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Ml Taha Karaan discusses three aspects:

  1. Conceptual creed aspects: Belief
  2. How do we conduct ourselves: to which extent are we impacted by the information which becomes available to us
  3. Rites of Death
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shuffling information. And the very nice books by Dr. Salim at the end about Allah. Dr. Salim is few things have been said about him but I will just add one thing. Dr. Salim is an institution in our society not just a person, and he is always willing to give some unsolicited services, medical advice as well. I met him that came in and as a doctor, you're looking very young. And he says, I think you need specs.

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planes are not a new phenomenon to mankind, no to Muslims in particular, we've had it in the past, we've had two or three plays in the game itself. For short history, we've dealt with it in the past, sometimes making a mistake, sometimes getting it right. And it's presenting itself in a form that I hesitate to call it the playground. Now, we've heard from Dr. Samir that you don't really have to panic. And the level of infection as sounds like now, I think it gives us a certain sense of

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satisfaction, and the fact that our government does get some things right.

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Between Corona and loadshedding I think economy could well be suffering a lot. But I think on the Garona side, they've got things well under control for now. And we will listen with the rest of year.

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What are the developments as they go along, but we have a sense of contentment from the from the Sharia side of things. However, there are three aspects that I wish to address. The one just some conceptual, conceptual and creedal aspects where we stand as far as Muslims in terms of our belief, how do we conceive things in this context here? Secondly, in the way that we go about conducting our normal lives, to which extent are we impacted by the information that becomes available with regard to this disease? And lastly, of course, rites of death, when death comes about, then we have to have some information as to what to do what not to do certain duties was a disease for essential duties

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that we are obliged to do for them and what is the benefit of what the medical fraternity is able to tell us? We will adjust and adapt accordingly. From the first aspect that on to this was the conceptual side. So, within the Sunnah, within the hobbies we have certain hobbies which indicate that there is no such a thing as contagiousness, ladwa.

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So from there some people sometimes imagine that no, we are encountering you utterly without deny that there is contagiousness no shadia very much recognize the phenomenon of contagiousness, but there is a sign of it, which does not acknowledge and that is that

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it doesn't come about without a first cause. There has to be a first cause involved. So when Masuda La la la, La da da da da, there's no such thing as bad luck. There's no such thing as contagiousness. Some of the harder said, but you do see it in camels, camels are suffers from mange. And he picked it up from another one. And the same thing happens with regard to humans. And his answer to them was and this points out to us exactly how do we conceive of it from a gentleman

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who goes that means you sickness in the first camel is transferred from the first to the second, but it all goes back to first course. So he started somewhere. So with a primitive society, it is very, very possible that a primitive society could start personifying disease. personifying disease, a disease starts being given a personality being regarded as a person, and eventually that person is the fact and becomes the body of disease, within worship in a particular manner. So, to stop this from happening within that primitive society, as a Muslim, it's very clear, there is no personification of

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communicable diseases of contagious as such, the phenomenon is there, but it starts with the first cause. So we should never lose sight of the fact that there is a first cause and thereafter it goes from person to person. Other texts in the Hadith indicate very well that we acknowledge the phenomenon of contagiousness. Now he says that if you hear about epidemic as

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having broken out in the sentence, if you also don't go in, if you are in don't do not leave this acknowledgment of the fact that it does get communicated from one person to the other, it does get transferred. He also says Farah means to me.

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Someone is suffering from leprosy run away from him as you run away from a lion. That's acknowledgment of it. So first cause Sharia Islam in general is always very, very, very eager to make us focus upon first cause a big digression.

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The way sciences develop these days, it goes to the point of denying the first cause of existence itself. You know, Stephen Hawking died about three years ago, and about six, seven years before his death. He published a book called

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The grand design, in which he says that

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the universe and the state of physics right now leaves no space for God, the universe can create itself, all the required gravity, all the gravity with a force of gravity, the universe can create itself. So if anything, what is he saying? What is gravity, something that's observable, it causes the interaction between things. And it has to be observed within time. And then you can make a law called gravity. But gravity cannot exist on its own. So what is basically done is he's acknowledging first cause which uncreated,

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we acknowledge the first cause we created, we call it a law. We call it God, and He calls in gravity. So even within the field of atheism, you don't get away from the idea that there is a first cause and uncreated. First cause this the first and most important lesson that we learned from here is that there's a first cause this disease was started, someone who started the prime mover

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of everything is a lotta. So we come away from this with nothing, but the realization and

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acknowledgement of the fact that there is a first cause, and schools is in direct control of whatever is happening on the face of this earth, then I think we've come away with a great wealth. Having said that,

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it was mentioned, one of the doctors had mentioned before me that we should not go and interpret everything here has

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judgment and punishment. And that's really great.

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You know, judgment and punishment is for the

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judgment and punishment in the world, follow the lines of the guilty, and the non EU, and the guilty will be punished and God will not be punished. As for this will do. Things are such that a lot of us is what the COVID-19 law was even under the Nevada mimiko hos, fear such an affliction that will not just like the the unjust, not just like the yogi, we had in the 18th year after the hinge on when the armies of

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And in the town of Hamas, known to the Romans as an ego bonus, but his previous name, its ultimate nickname was a mouse and mouse was the place where

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Jesus was reported to have been seen after the crucifixion and broke rate and he was a public as it comes in the Gospel of Luke. So that that place has a history in Islamic time when Bob's armies invaded Palestine, at the town of Emmaus or Hamas as we know it, a play broke out playground, and that play caused the death of 25,000 people in the 25,000 people back then was a huge amount and who passed away in that some of the best of the Sahaba

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I mean, know how they almost

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passed away that alone

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in German passed away

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abou gentlemen,

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even so, he passed away, and

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he passed away 25,000 people passed away, if we pass judgment and say this is a

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a punishment at the level of visits upon the head of mankind, then we should be careful where we assign the punishment or punishment. What happens in those a lot of that brings about certain things for reasons which a lot are in his Hitman knows best. And if anyone parishes have it

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together with it becomes a shame. So it's not something that we should be pointing fingers. It is very, very regrettable that in times such as today, you find and with the benefit of social media, one of the first reports that came out not reports either seen from Conan such as the report, but one of the first thing is like appointed was to say that you know, who goes Coronavirus, Abubakar

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and from certain expected quarters, this could be said it was caused by them they caused originally how deep to the divisions in Milan, when we start pointing fingers of this nature, which has nothing to support it in terms of science, nothing to support it in terms of observation, nothing to support it in terms of history for that matter as well.

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So let us not respond by pointing fingers back and say,

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No, we don't do

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punishment will come in to that punishment will be clearly divided into the guilty and the non guilty. Those who are intended to be punished by law.

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They will know in their own hearts what I did wrong and why must be punished. It's not for you and me to then come about and

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declare people guilty of whatever our imagination wishes outdoors.

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So yes, it is something that we have known before. It is not unknown to us in the 1700s 1715

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Somewhere on there, I must say, I'm going to be very careful. Because my history teacher sitting here today, and if I get something wrong,

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so I'm going to say no.

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We had an outbreak of

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smallpox. And that outbreak of smallpox, from what I have read, killed about 90% of the population, they did not have the immunity. It started here from the harbor, it came out on infected linen from a ship that came in, that venom was sent to the castle. And you know, if you come from countries that have faced these things before, and your body builds up a certain immunity, so the Europeans had a certain amount of human immunity, the East Indians have a certain amount of immunity. But the untouched nations as first nations have this auto did not have it. And the ones that contracted the disease tried to flee, flee inland, their own competitors kill them off, they and they also

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contracted the disease in about 10% of the Khoisan population, and survived. We know that

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what was the smallpox as well, I think was weaponized with the Americans and the killing of the so called Indians.

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Whether that was intentional or unintentional, is that India are we made to say that the Khoisan, will guilty before they were punished, no. guilty, they were the ones who place their land was stolen. So let us not pass such judgments. Okay, so we had about two incidents in the past. And we Muslims look at things differently. And sometimes the government of the day doesn't look at it quite the same. So we have the person passes away, certain duties need to be performed, we have the hosel, we have the coffin, we have the burial, we have the Salah, all of those things have to be done. And the answer is, of course, a very, very personal way.

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Close Quarters, we have to wash that dead body. And the authorities of the day wasn't very, very happy with things happening in that way. And we know that I think in the moment in the case of Ebola, but 20% of the people that contracted Ebola contracted by treating others, the dead bodies. So it's something very, very real. Therefore, we need to be careful in this regard. Yes, we are. We believe that.

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However, we do take precaution and the extent of precaution that we will take no take from our medical fraternity officers who tell us what should we do, what protective gear shouldn't be adopted, in the event, the washing has to be done, we will not go to the extent of crossing the lines and say burn all those bodies out. No, there are other ways and means within the limits within the parameters of Oceania, which we can and will implement at the time when the information becomes available in our daily going about

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in life, you know, Much has been said and must also be said, Doctor underlying the bone doctors underline it as well. That in the son of an obese and

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there's so much shaking, and so much wisdom. And one thing is everyone mentions, you know, washing the hands of the toilet before eating often that's all in place. But the washing of the hands is regarded in the suit of the visa muscle not just as that is regarded as one of the sunan on Fedora. The Fedora is the basic innate disposition with which you are graded. Arsenal barragem washing of the fingers of the hands is mentioned amongst a number of other things like clapping and etc, etc. All of those kinds of things which you by your very nature are supposed to do. And

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and I would wonder when reading this hadith here. Why is it listed as one of the cinnamon fetullah as one of the innate disposition of men. In other words, you are programmed to do it by your genes so to say. And then things like this happened, we understand why we need to be negligent about it at times. But there's a lot of failure, not only in this one in all the others who none of us would have lost them. So there comes a time like this when we just reconnect with it to re establish our connection with Asana. If this one is a wonderful this should not hold such a lot of benefit for us what about all the others as well, so the sticky Desi platform then to the loans asuna back into

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into our lives not just from this aspect, in every other aspect as well. social interaction, social interaction, when a person has

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contracted the disease as Allah sallallahu wasallam I said, then if you're outside, don't go there and if you're inside that, so there's acknowledgement of the fact that it is transferable. It's not going to go to the level of ostracization and complete boycott of the person but measures have to be adopted. These days, we hear quite a lot of the concept of democracy,

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democracy Council of the Sharia been bandied about lessons learned of all different manners, but in this way, in terms of the preservation of human life, notice of Muslim life of human life.

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We can see how the maqasid surface to guide us in this regard here, there are certain important

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so is oma so is this an hour Gemma some is Joomla. But as important as those things are, they come times when they have to be set aside. temporarily. They have to be

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assigned or

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not even proscribed as such as a temporary restriction replace the body until such time that things are ready to go normal again, I suppose many of our imams would very much like this idea of a 15 minute football day

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that the President hasn't given any such directive as here.

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So for the present moment, status quo prevails.

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So there comes a time when you have to set aside those in other in Saudi Arabia, it was done

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the following year,

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then certain things have to be done.

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In a similar way, if the need calls for it, we will have to implement measures here. But as we hear, we have no reason not at that level yet.

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Lastly, the rights of this when it comes to this, I suppose in the minds of people, the thing that's probably foremost is

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also often the governor don't vote and all of those things, just one general rule about it all without getting into detail.

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measures of the coercion to be adopted. We had some time ago, probably 20 years ago, you know, when there was aids around and people in the Muslim community contracted the disease and they started dying. And then we had experts come in, explain what what needs to be done, we're not going to leave such bodies untended, the main that a person has full rights over us in that case, the first one is that we should we should watch him, we should shout him. Secondly, the cover, we should bury him. And lastly, we should make a solid before that, and then barrio. Now this has been a very sensitive point on Muslims in the 1700s, as well as an 1800s, of course, problems between the authorities and

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the Muslim community. In the 1800s, specifically, around the 1880s.

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There were some fake signs going around with the fake signs going along. They didn't think it was fake, but it was eventually proven to be not good science. And that was that there were a number of cemeteries within the perimeter of the urban area, where the bodies had been buried, and the bodies weren't buried deep enough, but those bodies, those are non Muslim cemeteries.

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And then it was believed that the bodies coming out of the grave sticking out, you know, bones that become actually visible in some of those images, it was believed that it causes a certain miasma to enter the end, and it was infection with people. So it was decided to close all public cemeteries.

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you and I know that we don't bury your body, very, very shallow, because six feet down, and the chances that the passage of time will open up a grave of six feet down very, very little. So the Muslim community were understandably very upset. And they protested. And it was the 1880s. And they got together 3000 people to protest, you know, today to bring out 3000 people together is difficult with social media and everything. But back then they were 3000 people to Maslow's needs of Cape Town. The police was standing there to bar them the police was at public service. I think they were the park policemen.

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And it went on and they insisted they will bury this child, the child

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from Woodstock or somewhere and anybody the challenge today. But the fact that that abajo stands and has closed off to that by force. And he still stands today, you know, most of it is empty land stands on the basis of incorrect scientific information. And on the basis of

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I will probably call it an incorrect judgment against the Muslim community that they also have the bones coming up above.

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And sometimes it was closed. And we've seen since they will then go to Emory and Macon now making just a little drive home in the distance. So what happens in cases like that, there are a number of questions that we need, everyone needs to know that these things are these days, much better informed than what they were back in the day of john x. Merriman was the governor of the cape at the time and all of these things happen. So

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the authorities do display the necessity sensitivity, the necessary level of being informed not to have any piece of such incidents of the past. Someone sent a question the other day, and they said that, you know, we better get good information out because in the past, we fought about this in almost sounding threatening that there's

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no, there's no need for any

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this type of discourse, these ADB communication is going to be from both sides and we have the sensitivity as I said, what the authorities that they do understand these things. So as far as the host is concerned,

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a general remark is that we will adopt the necessary precaution what are the needs precautions, do not ask us right now in the medical field and will inform us what needs to be done.

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It reminds me of something else.

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In you know, the opposite. We mentioned some of the

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going on right now. It's a mix of facts and myths and so on. And someone lies to me they say that human Chava see, that does the epidemic as if there's an epidemic around them something that they are very much against it is the violent flower.

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So is this good? And is it true? So I said, You know what, shall

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a man

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and we take it from him. But no two diseases are the same. If this disease was the same as of yesterday, as one of the 1800s as a bubonic plague as a black death, then you know, one size fits all but one size does not fit all. In this case, it has to be a convergence between medical knowledge and the Sharia, it's not going to be that we're going to take an

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authentic or apocryphal information from somewhere and say that, well, we have ultimate panacea. No, it's not going to be like that, it has to be a cooperation between two sides. So exactly what will be done in terms of also, we will wait for the doctors to tell us whether you need to be a special gloves or they need to be a special Master, they need to be plastic etc. When the person is going to be done. The same will go on, when the when the governor has to be put on do we do we then put the body simply in the normal three pieces of shroud for male or female, and body just like that, all they have to be extra layers of precaution. In cases where it's needed to when we have to use boxes,

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coffins, often such as well, the use of the coffin we know is not part of Asana. But they say that when the sand is very, very loose, or very, very moist, in that case, you can use a coffin as well. Because the purpose either the body must not eventually be displayed to the open world. It must be hidden. So if you have very little sand, the winds will blow it away, and then the body will get exposed. So when the need arises, we will even do things we will even take measures which we normally don't. And then it's not a case of the shampoo fall. No, it's a case of the need of the album. You know,

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in the course of life, we have birth, marriage, or death. These are rites of passage law, and in birth, and in marriage, we being a minority community living here, amongst a broader, let's say, broadly Western European culture, we've adopted many of the things from the cultures around us. But when it comes to this, we didn't. When it came to death, we went 3000 men out in the street, and we even Carnival, the policeman for that. We don't want any interference in that side. I just wish that we did that. But everything else in life as well, we have our own way of doing things. We don't have to wait for death. It just seems a death is when we start becoming serious, because there's no stage

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after that except yourself. Except gentlemen, gentlemen beyond that. But a Muslim should be aware of the fact that this is only just around the corner, not just when disease comes along, is always just around the corner. And therefore we should be in preparation at any given moment. So yes, we remain sensitive about how we bury our head. And I do believe that the authorities will display the necessary sensitivity and awareness to assist us on that path. This is going to be a matter of convergence is going to be a matter of cooperation between the medical fraternity and the AMA to give the community thereafter, the best possible advice that will stand not only to our personal

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benefit, but the benefit of the broader South African community, mankind such as the time such as this, that we realize that we have a collective responsibility. It's not one person alone. It's not one person is not just he in his family. It is the entire world that has been affected by this. We are

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I almost am bold enough to say cocoon to a certain degree against what is happening elsewhere. But not all, not 100%. The cases are starting to appear. And as they do appear, I will reiterate what our medical colleagues said no need for panic right now. We've seen much worse days and they will be better they say in due time, they'll probably be another one that comes up such as the Sonoma or tilaka yamo. No w Havana's these things come and go. And everything at the end of the day is it is from above everything above and beyond the movement in Amara who cola wonderful is to say doesn't believe that everything is good for him in asaba to Sarah, if he has good times for scrutiny, Viva

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then we thank Allah and that is good for us. Why not? sobre todo la and on the other hand, when you find tribulations affecting us, then Samarra

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then we make some money in that case, and in this case, we add to the summer, the necessary conditions, the details of which will become available and will be made available thereafter. I restrict myself to these words often Davina