Common Errors in Salaah – Going into a Posture before the Imam

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The speaker discusses the mistakes made by thelers in Salah and how they should not proceed. They also mention the importance of following rules and not letting anything happen without proper preparation. The speaker uses a analogy of a "medful person" as a reference to the "medful person" in the Bible.

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common errors in Salah yesterday we discussed that the after you come up from ruku is an independent posture, they're called coma, your whole body must come to arrest then you go into such that and between the two sets does your whole body must come to arrest jelsa then you go into the second such that you don't come up with the same motion go down because then you're leaving out an entire posture, your whole body must come to a rest for the minimum duration that it would take to say once you've had a long meaning one or two seconds at least, are always you have left out an entire posture which is what so don't come up from ruku like this and go straight down, don't come up for

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one second and move into the next section. And our muscle for today in terms of common errors in Salah is do not proceed the Imam into any posture. There's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Namur Jor el Mr. Moody you may be the Imam has been put there so you can follow him not that he must follow you. So sometimes it may be an elderly scholar comes, takes him over for a while to go down into Roku. Now you sitting in the first from the corner of your eye. You can see he starting the posture and you went down because Mashallah you go to virgin active and you're very fit but it's wrong. Wait for the Imam to complete First, the Imam was going to the posture first, then

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we should go into the posture. The Imam must come up from the posture then we come up from the posture Salah is such a teaches as discipline teaches as discipline that wherever the Imam is, you follow him not that he should follow you may like the Baraka with Allah grant us the understanding, so can Allah He will become the use of Hannukah loving Moby Dick