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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of affirmations and affirmations in affirming one's ultimate existence. They stress the physical world and the ability to see and describe the physical world as the "has been there" concept. The speakers also discuss the use of words like "by the way" to describe actions and events, and the various miracles and their significance in life, including the holy grail of existence. They propose seeing Allah as a miracle and emphasize the importance of affirmations and affirmations in affirming one's existence.
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Brother Mohammed from New Jersey writes with a very interesting question and I chose this because I found this question very intriguing. He says that Ibrahim alayhis salam asked Allah to show him a miracle. And he said that the ultimate in Nickleby. And Allah obliged and showed him the miracle. Then he says, But how about us? What if we waver? And what if we want the atma in Nickleby? Can we ask Allah for a miracle? And can we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to show us a miracle as well? 107 mi COVID EEG in Regina Alan no he him first IRLO recovery

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so this is a very interesting question. And to answer this question, of course, we begin by reminding ourselves of the stories with abakada Verse 260, that Allah subhana wa Tada says, that way Holly Ebrahim

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Bellini Kato Hey moto Paula our them two min Allah Bella, well, actually also my in lb that Ibrahim said that Oh Allah, Oh my Lord, show me show me how you bring the life, give life to the dead, gave her to feel moto? How do you resurrect the dead? And Allah says, I want them to me. Don't you have faith? And Ibrahim says, but of course I have faith what I can but the ultimate in Colby, I want my heart to be comforted and reassured, I want to find its me inand Sakina I want to find peace of the heart. So Allah then says, Bring four birds and train them to come to you. And then you know, cut them and then scattered them on different hilltops and then call them and Tina Casaya they will come

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to you flying in haste and know that Allah is indeed all mighty. And all wise. This is the famous story of the birds. And Ibrahim is sort of the baccarat verse 260. And this is an interesting story, which has caused a lot of commentary in the books of the seer. And it shows us really that you can have faith and still want reassurance, you can have faith and still want to be shown a sign. And in fact to add to the profundity of this verse, There is a beautiful Hadith and SIBO Holly saying Muslim, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited this verse. And then he said, Now I know how to be Sheki min. Ibrahim, not know how to be Sheki min, Ibrahim, we have more right? to

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shuck to doubt, then Ibrahim, we have more right to this then Ibrahim. Now this hadith has generated a flutter of responses from our classical odema. May Allah xojo bless and reward them and grant them for those and we are all standing on their shoulders. This hadith was deemed to be problematic at face value. And our scholars try to understand how can we interpret this hadith because it seems to suggest that Ibrahim alayhis salam had Schuck doubt, and the Prophet system is saying, we have more right to be to have doubts, then Ibrahim alayhis salam. And this has caused, as I said, a whole flutter of interpretations. And so somebody actually went and said that this hadith actually means

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the exact opposite of what it says, which is that there was no shank, and there was no, there was no doubt at all, and that in fact, neither Ibrahim nor the Prophet system had any doubt. And therefore, the prophet system is basically saying Ibrahim did not doubt because if he doubted out of modesty, he's saying we have more right to doubt. And, you know, other interpretations are there as well. And the nd I mean, you know me I'm a very frank person, I think all of these Yanni bending over backwards and trying to reinterpret Yanni, I don't see a problem in accepting a very simple understanding of this hadith that doesn't problematize any issue. Of course, the prophets of Allah

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are not doubting Allah's powers, of course. So the word shock here is not the doubt of Eman versus Cofer, because that would Yes, clearly be problematic. But the word here Lima in Nickleby. It means you want a sign to reaffirm what you know, you believe, but you want something that reaffirms that and this is what Ibrahim is saying the ultimate inequality and the process of saying that we have more right for that check then Ibrahim, so the shock here is not a doubt in the order and the power

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Have Allah subhanho wa taala. But rather, it is a sign of affirmation. And a simple example of this is that, you know, the child knows that the mother loves the child, the child knows that the mother father loves me. But isn't it nice for the child to see that love? Isn't the child reassured when the mother demonstrates that love, right? And so this is that Lita in the calorie, that knowledge is one thing, and then the actualization of that knowledge is something else. And so this is the, the, the type of you know, show me the love, right? It's not just do you love me or not, but it is showing me that manifestation, it is an affirmation if you like, have the desire to see what you

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know to be true, and the human being is weak, all of us are weak. And to know is one thing and to see is another. And of course, there are many examples of this. Perhaps the most obvious example is in the Quran, is the story of Musa alayhis salam, and the worshipping of the false gods, you know, the golden calf that was worshipped, right? Musa alayhis salaam was in direct communication with Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada spoke to him directly on Mount Sinai and Allah azza wa jal then said to Musa that,

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oh Musa, your people have taken a golden calf after you have left. Allah said this to him directly. What is this? This is knowledge, did Musa Javier clean, of course he had the clean Fallujah in a coma, he has been a Sefa, he returned to his people angry and extremely in a state of agitation. So he's angry when he hears from a law that his people have worshipped the golden calf. Then, when he sees the actual golden calf, his level of anger completely goes to a different level, I will call Allaha. Welker, the bureau says he drew he like, he threw the tablets that Allah had given him what Allah had given him divine from Allah, in his anger, to wants to attack, he wants to rush, he throws

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the tablet's away. And he jumps on the leader, his own brother, and he says, How could you have done this? How could you have allowed this to happen? Now? Do you understand what I'm saying here? Allah speaking to him, did not give him the level of

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anger that when he saw the calf himself, notice the difference here, right? How weak is man? How weak is man, knowledge of the mind is not the same for us, as seen with the eyes. And this is how we need to understand Ibrahim alayhis. Salam saying, of course, I believe Bella, I know you can do this. But I just want that extra right. So just like most Allison gets so more angry, much angrier when he sees Ibrahim wants to increase in that you have been he has your thing? Of course he has you have the internet. Have you ever been in school for obviously, of course he has your thing. So when a prophet system is saying check, he doesn't mean shuck the opposite of your thing. He means here, I

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want that extra affirmation. I want to go beyond just knowing that it is true. And our promises and then says, You know what? It's okay. If Ibrahim had it, you know, we can also have it and this is something that opens the door that you know, we believe, but wouldn't it be nice to see something like this right? That's some that is basically what this is about. So that is the story of Abraham it said, um, now get to get to your question, to be technical, you were asking that basically, can I ask Allah for a miracle, okay? To be technical, it is not inherently sinful. To ask for something extraordinary. However, let us divide this question of yours into two.

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To ask Allah for a miracle that deals with you and your life and your family. To ask Allah for a miracle that you are being harmed. And you need a change in you need a change in your, you know, like, let's say, a sick family member. Let's say you lost your job, you have no source of income. And you ask Allah for something that seems impossible. This is the essence of Eman. This is the essence of a man because you are demonstrating that the world might think it is impossible but Oh Allah, I know you for you everything is possible. So to ask for what we would call a miracle. When the world seems that all of the doors are shut, and mankind might have abandoned you. And at that

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point in time like Yunus in the belly of the whale, he calls out one other for lumati Allah in Atlanta, Subhanak in the country, minute volume, that level of demand and Taqwa it is the level of the prophets and those who are following the prophets. So when all the doors of mankind are shut, and you raise your hands to Allah begging for a miracle, this is the essence of Eman. You have demonstrated. You believe in Allah and you have

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Imagine Allah and you have full faith in the names and attributes of Allah and you know, that Allah can hear and see and grant you what you need to be granted. So that is definitely permissible.

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But to ask for a miracle that is special, that is just for you, to prove the power of Allah, like Ibrahim asked, or even more, you know, to prove the existence of Allah, some of our, you know, youngsters might be denying, does God exist? Oh, God, show me a miracle, you know, that type of stuff. So from that paradigm, I have to be honest here, that I do find that paradigm to be problematic. I differentiated between the miracle that you need to live this life, the miracle that you need to cure your son or daughter, the miracle that you need to heal yourself or to find money or something that you are in pain, you are suffering, and you need that miracle for your life. Of

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course, that is exactly what a believer does. He earns to God, he turns to Allah and he begs the miracle, but for you to just sit back, casually cross your feet and say, like some you know, sometimes don't listen to this. Hey, God, do you exist? Show me a sign. I don't know if you truly exist or not show me a sign. You don't have to be honest here. That paradigm really seems to be problematic. The least that can be said is that there seems to be a level of arrogance. Now you can say hold on a sec. Didn't Ibrahim ask Allah didn't Musa ask Allah to see him called dini? Andre Musa says, Oh Allah, I want to see you. And we say yes, he calm down. Ibrahim and Musa are in direct

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communication with Allah. Okay, any flutter back to Earth? You know, I'm saying any, Ibrahim and Musa alayhis salam, they are prophets of Allah, they are communicating directly with Allah subhanho wa taala. They have gone through trials and tribulations, the likes of which we can never imagine they have reached a level of communication and knowledge of the world of the unseen that is beyond anything we can understand. So for them out of love to ask Allah as Musa said, let me see you Oh Allah, or for them, you know, out of, you know, verifying even more or increasing the level of you again, you are up, show me you know how you resurrect the dead. That is something very different

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than us, demanding a sign from Allah showing us that Allah has power or that you know, our stuff for other stuff for Allah. Allah is real or something I use some of the you know, or God is real or something. And, you know, there's a whiff here of that, of what the courage did. The Quraysh demanded miracle after miracle, right. That was called Adina la Horton, you know, the ministry said we want to see Allah azza wa jal face to face. And the courage also said that Coca Cola novella we're not going to believe in you had to have Jura let them get out of the M bar until you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth. Our Chukwuemeka Jana to Mina Halen, wiener or you have a garden

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of palms and vineyards, or you cause rivers to flow abundantly. Oh to scatter semi arlena key seven, oh call or you cause the sky to break up and fall into pieces

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of DNA Billa Billa he will Malacca villa, or you bring us or you bring us Allah and the angels face to face. Oh, you're Cornella Kobe Tillman, Zoho roofing, or you show us that your house is converted to gold out of office set up or you come in front of us ascend to the heavens. And then the Quran says all of this by the way so to Israel look this beautiful verse. Allah mentions their arrogance and all of these miracles. What a no mean little Cayuga had the tuna Zilla, Idina Kitab and Nakara. Who and even then we will not believe in your recitation until you're essentially excuse me, until you bring down to us a book that we can read from. Then Allah says, Allah Subhana Allah be say to

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them, subhanAllah be held to Illa Bashar, I am a human being that is sent as a messenger. So Allah says, We are not going to entertain this type of arrogance. You see, the Quraysh asked a miracle and Allah rejected No. And Ibrahim asked a miracle and Allah gave why because Ibrahim is Ibrahim His love is MACOM his status is totally different. His paradigm of asking is totally different, whereas the Qureshi paradigm or the catheter paradigm is a paradigm of arrogance. And Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, what uninor nuzzel, 90 millimeter academica Leverhulme remota were Hoshana Allium cooledge, Jacobina marker lumineux know if we were to cause all the angels to come down and

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the dead spoke to them, and we resurrected all of the animals in front of them and the dead people in front of them, they would still not believe. When you get to that level of arrogance, then no, we do not ask for such types of miracles. We are told that it is not befitting to challenge Allah in this type of game. Allah does not play games while Kundera even Allah says we don't play right. We're not going to hurt our customers.

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With a little bit happy we created the heavens and earth, right? And Allah says that Maha Rocklahoma There are eight but we didn't create them as a just as a joke. So Allah is negating that he does things with a wisdom, he doesn't do things out to foolishness. And therefore, when a person demands this type of miracle from Allah, there's an element of foolishness. And it is not befitting for somebody to do this. So frankly, if you're asking for, as I said, a miracle related to your life, that's totally fine. That is the essence of Islam. And it is a sign of your worship and servitude and a Buddha and acknowledgement that Allah is a local, we analyze these. But if you're asking for a

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miracle, to see if Allah is Powerful or not, or even worse, to see, if Allah exists, then I would say that is a problem. And it is also a sign that you are ignoring the blatant miracles all around you. What more miracle do you want, then you yourself, you are a walking talking miracle from head to toe, your entire existence is a miracle. You are an embodiment, and a manifestation of the power of Allah subhana wa, tada. Your existence is a miracle the world around you, from the shining sun, to the green trees, to the blue waters to the life all around you to the harmony that exists between all aspects of the creation. That is enough of a miracle to indicate that Allah is alchemy, and

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Hakeem and Aziz, and the fact that you have the faculty to appreciate this. So it's one thing that it exists. And it's another miracle that you can appreciate the miracle because there are two separate miracles right? It's one thing that it is up and existing, then Allah gave you which Allah comas summer while Bazzara what, excuse me that a little dialog was sent out or what I saw a few kilometers Quran he gave you hearing and seeing an intelligence, how little are you thankful to him. So the point is that Allah subhana wa Taala has shown us the miracle of his existence simply by the world around us. And he has shown us the miracle of the truth of Islam via the Quran. So dear

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brother in Islam, if you want a miracle for the existence of Allah, then you and the world around you is enough of an existence, certainly him it will fit within force Him, we will show them our miracles all around them and inside of themselves. If that is not enough of a miracle for you, then no other miracle will work for you. And that is why when an atheist when an agnostic when Acorah she demands to show Allah azza wa jal, I want to see Allah in reality, in reality, even if he were to see, he would still not believe because it's not a matter of seeing he has reached a low a level of arrogance that is beyond the scope of being benefited by miracles. On the other hand, if your faith

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is going down, as all of us goes ups and down, and we just want a reaffirmation of our Eman in Allah, it's not that we doubt Allah, it's like, we want to know that you know, our religion is true, we want to know that we know it again, this is not the doubt of comfort is the doubt of like Ibrahim that I want some extra knowledge in this case, then we can increase our Eman by the miracle of the Quran. by reciting the Quran, listening to the Quran. And by extra vicar and Eva of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we will find in our hearts, the sweetness of peace and understand the reality of our faith. So we have miracles that are far more massive, and far more, you know, grandiose than anything you

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could possibly ask for. And that is your own existence. And that is the existence of the world around us. That is the miracle that proves Allah subhanho wa taala. And we have the miracle of the Quran. And that is the miracle that proves the truth of Islam and the truth of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the truth of our faith. So the two miracles put together, the miracle of existence, and the miracle of the Quran. These are the only miracles that you need, there is no other miracle that should give you any extra sense of Iran or any extra sense of, you know, recognition from these two. Therefore, to conclude your question, I say once again, if you're asking

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Allah for something that others would deem to be extraordinary miracle, but you're asking because you need it for your life, then yes, go ahead and ask and it is sunnah to ask of this manner. And it is the Quranic commandment to ask because you are asking the God who created you and the Lord who loves you for the miracle that you need to live. That is the essence of servitude and of Islam. But if you're asking out of a sense of our Biller, Yanni, there is a whiff of, you know, a little with even if it's not discernible, but still, you're blind to the actual miracles around you, and you're demanding something extra and above and beyond that is not befitting and becoming our MACOM and

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level is not that of the prophets of Allah.

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Law we cannot say to Allah, Allah, Allah show us how you resurrect the dead. That's not befitting who we are in our status. It's different for Ibrahim and Musa and others when they ask Allah, they are a different category of mankind. And as for us, the general miracles that are around us and the miracle of the Quran, that is sufficient for us and with that, inshallah Tada we come to the conclusion of today's lecture in sha Allah will continue next week just maloca Saramonic MURAMATSU lahi wabarakatuh