Yasir Qadhi – Is Writing Fictional Poetry Allowed in Islam – Ask Shaykh YQ #233

Yasir Qadhi
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Our next question brother was Ceman from Goa India, mashallah Baraka I believe this is the first question I have answered from go I've heard a lot about your district and I have not had the opportunity to visit your, your beautiful lands. So Brother Usman writes that he loves poetry, and he writes poetry. And yet sometimes what he writes in his poetry is not real it is myth, it is fiction, it is fantasy. So he is asking that is this something that is permissible is or does it come under lying? 107 me ami COVID iica Ilari Jalan, no he lay him first earn Oh, Kitty.

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And the response to this is quite simple, that lying is to deceive somebody, you say something and the other person believes it to be true. As for you saying something, and the context clearly indicates that it is fiction, or it is a joke, or it is poetry. And the person is not thinking that you are speaking the truth, the person knows that you're narrating the story, we're giving poetry, this does not come under fiction in the slightest. And therefore, for you to do this is in and of itself permissible. And of course, poetry as we are aware is the default is that it is you know, a little bit of it is completely permissible, as long as the content is clean and good, as long as it

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is decent and encouraging. As long as it does not take one away from that which is obligatory. The Sahaba would listen to poetry and would recite poetry, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would ask the Sahaba to recite poetry and he would attend poetry gatherings of the famous Sahaba and he told Hassan them in fabric to write poetry and poetry is known to be a little bit exaggeration, even in the the even in the poetry, you know of that timeframe. Poetry is about grandiose language and exaggeration, and everybody understands that is the case. So this is not considered lying in the slightest, and you are completely free to do this. But once again, just make sure that the content

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is decent, that it does not encourage a vise or an evil and that it does not take you away from that which is obligatory like the sada and Allah xojo inventions in the Quran, that many of the poets they are followed by people who don't have any golden life. Then Allah says but there's a group of poets who constantly remember Allah and they do vicar, you know, and you know, they are righteous that you know, they are upon good so be in that group of poet poets and may Allah subhana wa Taala bless you in this matter. Yeah man.

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