Naming of Quranic Chapters #06 The Chapter of the Cattle

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the theme of the Surah Al-Andah and how it is used to create legislation and laws. The discussion also touches on the use of animals and humans in the process of creating legislation and laws. The transcript emphasizes the importance of being aware of what is on the surface and not following one's desires or gods.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah bilall Hello Carlos habla here on a sanitation at USA Today we had the dean. Today we're gonna be talking about why did the last pantalla choose Surah Al Anam the name Al Anam and cattle cattle for this chapter chapter, which is the sixth chapter in the Quran, and it is a chapter which is very long as well. And there is a narration as well that this chapter was revealed in one go. So imagine that big chapter was revealed in one go to the profits will align SLM, more. So there is a chapter saying of the process I'm once read the wholesaler silo to the market with this chapter. So the whole side of the model

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was with this chapter. Obviously, the island might say that as an exception, and it's not something that a man should do today, because the general advice for imams is to shorten the prayer for the people as they don't know who's praying behind them. So this surah on the first glance, if you're saying, Well, okay, why is he called an anomaly or you can look in and you will see that there are references to an arm to the cattle and the the last pantalla categorizes the cattle into eight, eight, meaning that there's four pairs of camels and goats and sheep and cows. So some will say, Okay, well, there's a mention for that. And I think that's the reason why this show is called an AMA

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actually, there's a deeper reason and the deeper reason for naming the sorrel and if you look a little bit closer, you'll find that a lot of high dollar mentions in this surah

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incidences were people who committed shirk, people who associated with Allah subhanaw taala used the cattle in a way to make their own laws and to make their own legislation and to change what Allah subhanaw taala had decreed. And they played about with the laws. So on some occasions, they would say that these and these specific cattles were haraam they were prohibited for our wives but they were allowed for us and if they are dead, dead meat it meat mean dead carcasses, then everybody can share them. In some occasions, I said that these, these kettles are haram these kettles, they don't mention the name of Allah on it, and so on and so forth. So they use the whole reference of the

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cattles and even in sort of tell me that we will also see that as well, that the whole reference to the cattle was used in a way to change the laws of a law almost like challenging Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you read a little bit more in Switzerland, and you will find that there are many incidences which are lost pantalla talks about this. And in fact, he also references the whole issue about eating, and not mentioning the name of Allah on the cattle that you use slaughter to make halaal some and even Allah Subhana Allah mentions that some people even their shouting that devils will whisper to them that you know, yes, this is fine, and etc, and don't, don't worry about it, and

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so on and so forth. So the whole theme of the surah is about how people go away from the teachings of a law and the legislations of a lot and they make their own legislations, in this instance, they use the cattle

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and the food if you like what was to be ingested as a means for changing the laws making up their own legislation innovating in the practices that was once established by the the following of the religion of Ibrahim the monotheism of Ibrahim alayhis, Salam and so on. And so that is the kind of theme that the surah is talking about is that beware of following your desires beware of following your false gods to then change the laws the whole Allah subhanho wa Taala has set down changing what is halal making what is halal haram and what is haram halaal because that is a way to shirk, there is a way to association that is a way which actually can can

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mess up your reality very much because you are challenging a loss pantalla in his domain alized domain is that he is the one who makes halal, halal and haram haram and that's why Allah says in another surah while at Hulu, Lima Joseph was in 81, kV pada. Helen will have a harem do not say when with your tongues, a scribe falsely that this is halal and this is haram later on a lion can if you are activating lies to Allah subhanho wa Taala because when you saying this is Helen, you are a fact what you are saying is that Allah has declared this as halal. We say this is haram using Allah has declared as haram and if you don't have evidence for this, it is not based

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On that what is true then you are in danger. And I want to add here a principle, which is our lemma at the majority and almost it's a unanimous agreement amongst the LMR with regards to meats, there is a filter principle which says flowfield to whom l to hareem that with regards to meet, the principle is that the foundation if you like the the default position, it is haraam. So, meets that you find you know, a meet meeting but the slaughtered meet, you find, if you do not know what this means is then the default position is haram. Unless you are established or you know that this is halon, meaning that it follows the certain I don't wanna go into the details of how meat becomes

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highlighted, because that's a different topic in itself. But you have to be aware because unfortunately today in today's time, there have been people who have made things very easy that Yeah, Holla Holla, Holla Holla just eat it, people of the book, it the This means from this short supermarket eat even sometimes you find that from the mockery of some people mock the Muslims even you'll find things like halal fish, and this is not a joke. There are people who actually export exporting fish to the Gulf countries and honestly saying halal fish or slaughter in a halal way. And there were animals like chickens, they were also being exported to Muslim countries with their whole

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the whole neck is still there and it's all intact. There's no there's no slaughtering at all, it must have been either strangled or so be careful of this as well. And that's an important

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realization that comes with Surah Surah. Tell and be aware of what is halal and what is haram and do not follow your false desires or gods which may make you associate things with the loss of Hannah without