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[REVIEWED] There's a question: I am Roshni from Mauritius. I am a Hindu woman, I know that Allah is One God and I secretly pray and keep my fast, that is rosa in Ramadhan. My family doesn't know about this, and it will be a problem for me if they come to know. I don't know what to do. I also have to participate in the Hindu prayer and I know it's a sin on this situation, what is your advice and suggestion for me?

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Sister Roshni from Mauritius. She said that she the Hindu woman, and she believes that God is one and she agrees in the teaching of Islam. She also fast during the month of Ramadhan, but now her family members don't know about it

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and many attempts to get involved in the hindu worship, which she knows is the sin, what should she do. Sister, would understand from your question that you are an adult woman.

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But I'm not aware whether you're married or not married,

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and if you're not married, my advice to you would be that, you should tell your family members your parents what you believe in.

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you should meet them and with hikmah (wisdom) convey the message to them, maybe you can see my videotapes on similarity between Islam and Hinduism and maybe point out from the Hindu scriptures initially that doing idol worship is wrong, what they're doing is wrong, and try and break the news slowly that idol worship is wrong, doing booty puja is wrong. You can convey to them also the message about Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam which is mentioned in the scriptures, and you can also mention to them about the other teaching. So, whatever similarities that are there in my talk. I will call is private, a focus private admission, hindu scripture and islam if you convey to them slowly, slowly they will start getting a hint,

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InsyaAllah, and then maybe tell them that you believe there's One God and you believe the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God, and convey to them, there are two options that will take place maybe initially surely they may get angry, but later on they may get pacified, and they may not agree but at least they will compromise with what you have done.

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Or, maybe they will get convinced with what do you said and they mix up islam also, you have to convey with hikmah, as Allah says in the Quran in surah Al-Nahl, chapter 16 verse 125: <> [Q,16:125]: Invite all to the view of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that the best most gracious. So, slowly and steadily you can convey to them the message of Islam there may be a very harsh reaction, they may get very angry, they may ask you to leave the house, you should be prepared. In this case you can very well contact in advance before conveying the message to your family. You can

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contact maybe your muslim friends who you have and inform them that are going to inform their parents and if in the worst case scenario they ask you to leave. you can surely take the help of your muslim friend, and maybe stay with her for some time, and my advice to you would be that, if you have to leave the house, then see to it that you get married to a good practicing muslim man so that you can lead a life where you can practice islam. To answer the question that can you do the Hindu worship? You know very well it's a sin. Therefore, doing in the worship is wrong that's the reason you should convey to your family members as soon as possible that you like Islam, and are willing to

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accept Islam, and I believe we have already accepted Islam and convey to them irrespective whether they allow you to stay in the house or not, it's your duty as a daughter that it should convey the message to your parents. If they allow you to stay you continue staying convey the message and then get married to a good muslim boy. If they ask you to leave, see to it that you keep in touch with your parents. Don't at all get angry with them once you accept Islam. See to it that you behave like a better daughter than or do before, only those things what they tell you which is against Quran and sunnah that you avoid. Those things what they tell you which is against the teaching of the Quran and

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the teaching of Prophet Muhammad Salallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, you avoid it. All the rest, you do. If they tell you, for example, to wear a blue collar death and you don't like blue collar. Very blue collar in Islam, see to it that you start very blue collar ... that you love your mother and father more. You take care of them more. If you go out and if you start earning ... that you give some part of your earnings to your parents; you love them more; you're the one who can make the heart soft.

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and you're the one who can convey the message of Islam, and see to it that you deliver the message of Islam, so that, they to, your family members; your parents; your brothers; your sisters, they do accept Islam. And I pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to make your task easy to convey the message, and may He soften the hearts of your parents and family members so that they too, come to the fold of Islam.