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AI: Summary © The importance of providing spiritual protection is discussed, including the presence of a god in culture, the desire for a strong heart, and the need for a strong soul. The speakers stress the importance of seeking refuge from the heart and finding pleasure in obeying Halal's rules. They also mention a phrase from the Shediac that emphasizes the importance of not overdoing too much in a desire to obey.
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Very short Katara today reminder of a beautiful Hadith one of the regular two hours of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reported inside Buhari is my Muslim and many other books. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would regularly make this dua especially after Salah and it is the following Allahumma India rutabaga mineral male lion fat woman colbyn la Yasha woman i In Touch Back, woman dua Illa you smack allah how many I will look at how we are back. This is the Hadith, he would seek refuge and for things of Allah I seek refuge in You are also means to turn to Allah subhana wa Taala in order to protect you against something we say in English refuge, but it's the

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other other means to turn for spiritual protection. And because of this, you don't do this the other except with Allah is the other is not physical protection, spiritual protection. And so a part of our Athena and Sharia we only do is the either with Allah azza wa jal so Allah says in the Quran, if shaytaan touches you with any thoughts first aid bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Turn to Allah which is the either it is not allowed obviously to turn to his to other with other than Allah is the other is an act of worship. So are we do ya Allah I speak your I seek your spiritual protection. This also of course shows us the basic fundamental of theology which is no one can protect you

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except ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala any problem and issue we have we turn to Allah. So what are the four things that he asked for protection from number one from urine, that is not beneficial. Number two, from a soul that is not going to be satisfied, sorry, from a heart that is not so that's number three. Number two is from a heart that is not going to feel soft. Number three from a soul that is not satisfied. And number four from the doors that we make that are not heard by you, oh Allah. Then he reiterated, oh Allah I seek refuge in You from these four things Allahumma India will become an ally on our bath. So very beautiful, simple and spiritually profound is the other number one random

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lie in fact,

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knowledge is something that the Quran tells the process of to increase what Quran visit near Ilma O Allah give me more in and Allah azza wa jal praises the Prophet system because of his M. Y Lemak. Madam to contain Americana Folk Bula Anika Lima, Allah taught you what you did not know because of that teaching, because of that in Allah azza wa jal has raised you above others. And Allah says in the Quran, will folk who live here Illman Aleem the Irene has the Rajat and above every person of in there is an ally voice ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah says in the Quran, Yaga Allahu Lilina abdomen Kumala Medora Jad Allah raises the ranks of the people of knowledge so in is itself blessed by him

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here we mean the sacred sciences in them here we mean the Quran and Sunnah in here every related to Allah take this as a rule whenever the Quran and Sunnah praises in the primary understanding is the knowledge really related to Allah. It's not realm of physics and the realm of biology this is secondary, and in and of itself, knowledge of these other sciences is not sacred and blessing. You're not going to enter Jannah by studying those room, so yes, it is called there in the technical sense, but in the Quranic sense in the Sunnah sense. When Allah says in when the Prophet system says in, he means knowledge related to Allah related to the Sharia related to the Quran, so our Prophet

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system is saying, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from return that doesn't benefit at the same time he's making dua to Allah increase me in I want more in what Quran visit near Alma. What this is indicate, it indicates that while we desire in and we should always increase your aim is not meant just to be stored in our minds. Our aim is meant to bring a benefit in our lives. And if it doesn't bring about a benefit, then we are in trouble. So we seek refuge in Allah from him that doesn't bring about a benefit what is in that doesn't bring about a benefit Stafford Allah we seek Allah's refuge spirit very difficult for all of us to you know, scary to be honest, in that doesn't bring

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about benefit, you know, the halal haram and halal, you know, that which you shouldn't be doing and you don't do it. So, of what use was there in that you studied, they will turn as an evidence against you whether you are the biller, so it should lead to a softening of the heart. Therefore the second is the other right after him because we began everything with him before we move on to Amazon. Before we move on to actions before we move on to this gear, everything begins within. So once we have in what's the second is the other and from 100

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But that doesn't have, who should we have in it had better lead to assure of the cult? If it doesn't Allahumma India do recommend columella Yasha. So the culture has to have who should who should means humility and fear? harsher means to humble yourself with a sense of awe with a sense of dread. So and that's, that's where Allah subhana wa Tada describes in the Quran that the righteous are those who who do boom Harsha that to their hearts have who sure and Allah azza wa jal describes the righteous in the Quran. He had the rune and Robin whare Hubba, they would call to us make dua to us in hope and in fear. So having Crusher of the heart having a humbleness and humility. It is a sign

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of Eman yesterday gave the whole book about what was the topic yesterday who attended

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the hardening of the heart, the opposite is the Hashem of the heart. Right? So the whole book is about this topic yesterday, and that is Allahumma India. And Ben Lai Yasha I seek refuge from a heart that doesn't have who sure that is a hard heart. So I seek refuge from a hard heart. So once you have it in, it should lead to what a softening of the heart and I explained yesterday, what is a soft heart or soft heart is the one that is conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala all the time and it is connected with the hook of Allah and it feels the pain of the Ummah that is a soft heart. If the heart is not soft, we seek Allah's refuge in that so number two woman Calvin law Yaksha number

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three, warm enough sin lotta Shabbat and from a soul that is never satisfied. This is seeking refuge from greed, greed that is followed. Because when you're greedy for something, you get it then you're greedy for something else. You strive for that then you grieve for something else, you strive for that, then this whole life is gone. Our Profit System said Hadith isn't able imagine others thanathorn Malika three things, destroy a person, three things destroy a person. Number one, one, whatever your desire is that you always follow. Number two should hand Matan greed that is obeyed. This is Neff Siddhartha Shiva, greed that is obeyed. If you're greedy for something and you fight

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it, okay, you're on good ground, your heart desires. But you say no, no, I'm not going to do that. Hello, okay. It's not good to be greedy, but at least you fought it. But when you open up the door, and you're always desiring I want this and we all know every one of us once we get that within a weekend to holla since now, standard, we want something else, I want this I want this. So our Prophet system said I seek refuge from a knifes a soul that is never satisfied, because the soul that is never satisfied opens up the door for destruction. The soul that is never satisfied is only interested in this dunya by the way, this shows us that not every Halal is good for you. Our

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scholars say that too much MOBA leads to macro and too much macro leads to haram too much MOBA MOBA means it's permissible, it's okay it's legit too much. You immerse yourself constantly in MOBA, you're eventually going to become a fall into that which is disliked. And when you immerse yourself constantly in that which is disliked it will lead to that which is haram. And that's why one of the etiquettes of Islam is we don't follow every single desire. This is something true for every desire, the desire of eating and drinking the desire of clothes, the desire of wealth. Yes, you go a little bit. That's good. Robin attina for dunya Hasina, and Allah says to karoun that will attend Santa

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Ceiba committed dunya you're a multimillionaire, Ocado no problem. Don't forget your share no see of this dunya but remember the main goal, right? What tell if you attack a lot of data accurate? The main thing you should desire is that an accurate and in this dunya you have a share. So when we open the door for every desire to be obeyed, then even if it is MOBA, if we obey every desire, we're spending too much time in that and neglecting the hero. So our Prophet system said I seek refuge from a enough's that is never satisfied. And this means we should control and curb our appetites for every single Halal pleasure, for food for drink for sensuality, for the pleasures of this dunya for

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the living standards that we have, we shouldn't just max out. It's not healthy, even if it might not be haram in every instance. But the believer curves and by the way, there's a whole many chapters and genres written about this Imam Al Ghazali has a nice even for example, the chapter of eating and drinking he has

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I thought from the Sahaba and Tabby rune, they would never eat to their filth, even though it's halal, and every one of us does along with Stan, in our culture, it is becoming even politically incorrect to mention this, but it is true I also sometimes many times eat to my fill. That's the default. The Sahaba never ate too. They're filled by lib Nebuta them he actually said that, to his to his venom, his young people who are taking care of his entourage and his people he said, Never Eat to your Phil always stand up from the plate, and your soul still wants more SubhanAllah. Why? Because you're controlling your inner soul. If you can conquer your soul for the MOBA, you don't

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have to worry about the haram. Right? Again, these are higher levels. I'm being honest here who amongst us can reach that level? These are higher levels and the Sahaba reach them Neff, Siddhartha Shiva, a soul that is never satisfied. And then number four is do in law you smile, and from the hours that are not answered, yeah, Rob, I seek refuge in You from asking you something and you do not respond to me. So I want my daughters to be responded to. So we make dua to Allah that our dua is accepted, can you imagine we make dua, that our dua is accepted Yarrabah accept my dua. Why? Because we are demonstrating to Allah that we understand and acknowledge that Allah is the Rob and

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even my dua that I want to be accepted. I make a dua that it is accepted Yarra, accept my dua. And by the way, that is what means means, okay, I mean, why do we say I mean, I mean, literally means it's the GBR I mean, oh Allah accept this dua, we say it as a reaffirmation of the same dua. So we ask Allah to accept our DUA and we seek refuge in Allah from not hearing our dua. Woman don't allow your smart and then to reiterate Allahumma in Ruby coming hula in our bar, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from all of these four things. This one phrase, it then says all of these do ours over again. And this is from the prophetic sunnah multiple times our provinces won't make a DUA, and then he

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would repeat the same dua two times three times. So for example, when one of the Sahaba came to him and said, Oh Allah, Oh, ya rasool Allah curse the tribe of DOS dos had rebelled. So he raised his hands, he said Allahumma de dos Allahumma de dos Allahumma de dos set of cursing, oh Allah guide the tribe of those. This is the tribe of Abu Hurayrah grog guide, the tribal he meant he repeated it three times and multiple incidents in this era, he would repeat the same to app and sometimes he would do what he did here, which is Oh Allah, I asked you 12340 Allah asked you all four of them. So he's again reiterating. So this is of the etiquettes of dua that sometimes not every single time,

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sometimes we affirm, and we you know, when we send a text message, we bold it, underline it, you know, make it an emphasis. This is in the Shediac it's helpful to emphasize to Allah we're supposed to emphasize to Allah Yeah, Rob I want this Yara give me this so the DUA is very simple and inshallah with this we conclude Let's memorize it. Allah Houma, India will become in

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really mill Yunfeng knowledge that is not beneficial. Number two women. Pearl Beenleigh Yasha called the doesn't have for sure. Number three women, Neff. Scylla Teshuvah from enough's that is never satisfied number four woman dua in LA you smart Allahumma in Ruby come in hula in our back shallow will continue tomorrow Zack will have it set up

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us one Luna Island

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swallow water he wants to label nema.

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In Medina, you know Allah wants

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to Nia dunya

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mother Molina well Lavina you Luna meanie now, Mina TV a while at MCC DESA boo

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