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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning of Laila and Laila to Qatar, where "other" in Arabic is referred to as the "people of significance" meaning that Laila to Qatar is the greatness of Laila. The transcript also discusses the importance of the 24th night in the Easter timing, with the largest win probability being the 25th night, and the largest win probability being the 27th night. The transcript also discusses the use of " angel" in the Bible and the myths of Islam, and encourages their children to act as role models and reinforce their own.
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in Alhamdulillah no one has to no Horner still fiddle on oh the biller him and shoot all the unforeseen woman say Dr. Medina Mejia Hilda who Fela medulla wanna you'll learn how to follow her de ella. What a shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Shadi color or a shadow Anna Mohamed and either do what a sudo Yeah, you Hello, Xena Tapachula helper to call to Walter moto Illa one to mostly moan about their Muslims. We are all aware that we are

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In the final days of this blessed month of Ramadan, and we are aware that when we see the end and finish line this is when we put in our utmost effort, every person in a race every time the deadline is due, that is when Allah azza wa jal blesses us with a stronger courage and willpower, and we're racing towards the very end. And we are all aware that we are about to enter. In fact, we've already had one of the odd nights and we have the rest of the odd nights in front of us today. Insha Allah Who Tada as a reminder, and I know we've heard this many times, but always reminding is beneficial to us, especially at opportune times. Today, inshallah wanted to remind all of us have the blessings

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of Allah to the other, and in particular through the verses of the Quran that mentioned Laila to other realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala specifically mentions Leila to other in two different locations in the Quran, and an entire Surah has been revealed for later to other as for the first Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Anza now houfy laid it in mobile raka we have sent this book down in a blessed night, and this is the first reference today there's no cover. And then of course we have the entire Surah Surah Tolpuddle, Allah revealed an entire chapter of the Quran to remind us of the blessings of this one night there is an entire chapter that is dedicated to making us help us to

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appreciate this blessing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given us in an Zana who feel a little other of a certainty. We have sent it down and the it of course is a reference to the Quran because Allah subhana wa Taala is mentioning it with the dummy with the pronoun that we all understand a pronoun of majesty that this is what we have revealed on this very night Laila to will cover and this verse Leila two out of this phrase itself is mentioned three times in the Surah Takada Allah does not refer to it as a pronoun on that night to know the word Laylatul. Other is repeated to signify in Anza now V Laila to the other one that Rama Leila to other Laila to Kadri Hiram and fish out three

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times Allah azza wa jal specifically mentions the term Leila to cuddle even though generally speaking in the Arabic language when you have mentioned a proper noun, and then the next sentence is going to reference it. You mentioned it as a pronoun that night or the preceding night, but in this case, Allah specifies so that we understand how important it is. And Laila to a quarter of course, it is of the specialities that has been given to this OMA, there is an opinion that says previous owners had it but in fact, it seems that this is a speciality that Allah gifted to the Ummah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are a number of reports in our books of Tafseer. And even

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though the chains might be slightly weak, the concept is there and it's mentioned in our classical references that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shown the ages of mankind Imam Malik mentioned this in his motto, he was shown that the previous nations lived for many, many centuries. And he realized that his nation would not live for that timeframe. And he begged ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala that Oh Allah, my nation will not be given enough time to do good deeds, when the previous nations lived 1000 years when the previous owners live for many centuries, our nation is not of that timeframe. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked Allah that what is how is this going

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to work out that my nation has shorter timeframe. And so Allah subhana wa Tada gifted him lay little other than night of which one night of which is worth more than an entire lifetime of worship. And so every single night of this Ramadan, every single night of later two other every single year, we are given the opportunity to earn more than a lifetime of good deeds, because 83 years is not a lifetime of good deeds. Even if we live for 83 years. If you actually calculate how much of that time frame will be spent in a bad, it is literally less than 10% 15%. For those that are the most righteous, they will spend barely a few of those years less than a decade in actual worship. As for

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the one who worships on Laila to other they will be credited with 83 years of constant worship 1000 months as if as they've been above set as if they are praying continuously for 83 years and fasting every single day, as if for those 83 years, they have become angels constantly worshipping Allah. And so worshiping Allah for a few nights of Laila took a few hours of labor to the other because it is only a few hours from after the sunset. And of course, primarily in the last third of the night is the great time of Baraka up until the dawn. If we worship Allah during those few hours, we will be credited with the constant worship of 1000 months and what to bless

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Suge Knight that is and when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions Leila to other the night of other what exactly does Kadar mean? Our scholars have given multiple interpretations all of them are equally valid. So the concept of other what is Laylatul Qadr first and foremost, the word other in Arabic with the first thing that comes to mind. It is greatness, it His Majesty, it his grand Dewar, it is a blue shirt and a person of significance. And so Laila to Qatar is a night of greatness. It is a night that in and of itself, it is the greatest night a night of shuttin a night of is, this is the first meeting that comes to mind in the term Khadir. And that's why in Surah de Haan in Anza, now

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houfy Laylat. In more Baraka, we have sent the Quran down on a night that is Mobarak. And Mubarak of course, means bless it. The second meaning of Kedah is the other also means to be tight to restrict. And so for example, Allah says woman who dear or lay his coho, who's ever his money is tight, he doesn't have money. So other also means to be constricted, and it is called Laila to powder because the angels are so numerous that there is no space in the heavens for them. And so it is called the night of packed the night of jam packed the night of no space because all of the angels come down and there is no space for them on this earth. So it is called the night of powder. The third meaning

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of color and of course the one that most of us understand as Laylat we'll cover is that cover here isn't as in the term Acaba will cover further here is as in the term predestination and of course this is also a valid meaning because on this night Allah says fee how you fro Hulu Amberlynn Hakeem that on this night every single decision it has undertaken every wise decision, it is announced and we learn from our tradition and our books of tafseer that on lay little other ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada announces to the angels in charge of the creation, what is going to happen for the upcoming year. Even the angels they have rosters and lists even the angels they have assignments and tasks and just

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like in any committee and any meeting in any corporation, the the the the assignments are given out what is due on this day and what must be done by this deadline. And so lay little other is the day the angels are given their assignments for the upcoming year. And therefore the angels are told in this year, so and so will be given a child so and so will die so and so we'll get an increase. And so just like when the exam results are announced and we are nervous, we're making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. So to Anita to other we should be nervous and in dua because we want the best for the for the upcoming year. The fourth meaning of Kadar, Laylatul, Qadr. All of these are valid,

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equally valid, the fourth meaning of Laylatul other, it goes back to the first one that when we said other is magnificence so the first opinion the night is the night of magnificence. The fourth opinion is the one who worships Allah becomes a person of significance. So the person becomes a person of other whoever worships on later to other becomes a person of significance and importance he rises up in Sion is in glory when he worships Allah on Laila to the other. And so the night is a night of reserve and the one who worships Allah on this night becomes a person of is and the fifth interpretation that our scholars of the past give for why it is called Laila to the other is because

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this is the the night the greatest book was revealed to the greatest OMA upon the greatest prophet. And so it is the blessed night where Allah azza wa jal sent down His Nord his shifa his MO, herba his zeal, and he sent it upon the one who is Rahmatullah Alameen. And he sent it to the nation that is quantum higher our own method only gently nurse and so the best reveal to the best for the best, no doubt the night that it is occurred is the night of the best. And so this is also why it is called later to cuddle. These are five of the interpretations of why it is called later to other and all of them equally apply. Even though of course, the one that most people understand is that it is

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the night that other is announced. And this is a valid meaning as well. And then Allah subhana wa Taala asks rhetorically one or other aka ma Laylatul other what will make you understand what is Laila to other what will make you realize or appreciate what his Laila to other? This is an Arabic technique, it's a term of but Allah that Allah azza wa jal is inciting our curiosity that what will make you understand nothing will make you understand it is beyond your comprehension. So whenever the term woman or the raka occurs in the Quran, it is an indication that what question is going to follow Allah subhana wa Tada is drawing attention to it that you will never understand. And as of

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Jana 30, says, Whenever as Allah says one of the raka he will tell you something about it. And whenever ALLAH says

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Well now you did ICA then that is going to be in the hereafter it is not in this world. So when Allah says warmer a derocker he will tell us something but whatever He tells us we are being told our minds will never fully understand why am I the raka what will truly make you understand you're never going to understand how bless it Laila to the other is my mother aka my little brother, Leila two Kadri Pyro min l Fisher hora de one night of other it is better than 1000 months, which is of course at 3.3 years as we know. And as Qatada said, that this one night of Laila to other it is equal to 1000 months 83 years of constant worship as if there was no related of other in those 83

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years. And so one night is equivalent to this constant amount of worship. And of course, the linkage of later to Qatar with Ramadan is something that our prophets of Allah who is setting himself did and the famous Hadith and Sunnah and Asahi on the night of Ramadan, the last night of Shabbat, he stood up and he gave him a lecture and he said, attack CompTIA room Mobarak a blessed month has come to you. And then he said, fee he laid it on how you don't mean l Fisher. That in it is one night it is better than 1000 months. And man, how Tomohiro have forgot how long whoever has been denied the night that the blessings of that one night, whoever doesn't take advantage of that one night. Indeed

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that person has been denied all blessings and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned this night as one of the three things that forgives all sins in the month of Ramadan in the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, Whoever fasts Ramadan with iman and wanting Allah's reward will have his sins forgiven. Number two, whoever prays every single night, a special prayer that I am with the tahajjud will have a sins forgiven. And number three, whoever prays on Laylatul Qadr. And so this one night will also guarantee our sins having been forgiven. And some of our scholars of the past they said that later, we'll call the hieromonk Alfie Shahar. They said, if Allah did not tell us In

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which month lay a little further was, and we thought it would be any one day of the whole night, this verse would have been enough of an encouragement that we pray tahajud every single night so that we get the opportunity that one of those nights is later to the other, how much more so when Allah has told us one of the 10 and then we are told especially more on the audit 10 How lazy can we be that we don't take advantage of something that Allah azza wa jal has specified so much, of course, as for the exact night of later to the other. This is something that many treatises have been written lots of interpretations of our classical odema Some of the scholars of the past that

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has an adversity, actually he said it could be any night of Ramadan and of course that is a minority position. Almost all of our scholars they said that it is one of the last 10 Nights based on the authentic hadith and after this Sahaba and Tabby rune and earliest callers different of who say the holy grail, the Allah one, he was of the opinion that later two other is most likely on the 21st night and he based this on a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I saw myself in a dream doing such the on later to other and it was muddy it was water was was pouring down and I will say it said that happened on the night of the 21st Abu Huraira the Allah one and

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also a bin Omar and also Abdullah bin and oh nice Abdullah live in a nice would swear that it is on the 23rd Night based on the exact same Hadith that the Prophet SAW. Some said I saw myself prostrating in water and mud and Abdullah bin and they said that happened on the 23rd night of Ramadan. The other famous Wahhabi Abu Bakar Ah, not Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr, he would say that the greatest candidate is the 25th night. But of course, as we are all aware that the majority of scholars they say that out of all of the odd nights, the 27th has the greatest probability or the greatest chance and this is based on the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said that mankind al tam is related to other whoever is searching for Laila to further let him search for it on the night of the 27th. There is no other Hadith that specifies a night other than this hadith, an authentic hadith the others are interpretations of the Sahaba, the 2123 29 we have a number of Sahaba that are reading in the signs and they think it is that night, as for from the words of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The only Hadith that mentions at night is this hadith in Sahih Muslim that says the night of the 27th and because of this, our popular culture, of course, has taken it and it is a point of validity that out of all of the candidates, the night of

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the 27th is indeed the most auspicious and the most likely, of course, later, scholars have tried to derive other mystical interpretations. For example, the word Laylatul Qadr consists of nine letters and it appears three times instead of two.

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powder. So nine times three is 27, or that the 27th word in pseudocode is Salem. So in Anza now if you count the 27 is Salem and all of these are interpretations that are not of the methodology that are sound this is not we should not rely on those interpretations, the Hadith in Sahih Muslim is enough for us that indeed, out of all of the nights, the 27th Night has the greatest probability nonetheless, we have to be very explicit here that we do not know for certain when data to other is and this is of the blessings that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given us also, some of the tabby rune and the early scholars, Imam Malik was of this position. And also I will say that but the famous

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Tabori that he was of this position as well, that Laila to other changes from year to year and that is an opinion and Allah azza wa jal knows best and we know for a fact that Allah azza wa jal intentionally obscured Laylatul Qadr regatta Ignace summit reported that once we were having raising our voices and argument took place in the masjid, and our voices started raising up and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came, and he came upon us while we were arguing, and then he said, I had come to tell you about Laila to other but because of this argument, this knowledge has been lifted up from me. And while Allah who hide this is in the Hadith, and perhaps it is better that you don't

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know when lay a little further is therefore seek it on the ninth and the seventh, and the fifth of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So the 29th the 27th 25th this is mentioned in the Hadith and Behati. So the Prophet says that um, once again, out of all of the odd nights, the latter of the odd nights has more probability, and then the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim as we said, the 27 has the greatest probability however, from this hadith we learn that Allah subhanho wa taala, intentionally lifted up from us the knowledge of later to other and we thank Allah for that because imagine, if we knew what night it was on, and on that night, or with Willa, we committed sins knowing it is that night, or on

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that night, some people were lazy or with a biller, at least ignorance is an excuse, Perhaps Allah will forgive. But imagine somebody knew that it is later to color and they did not worship Allah, what a sad state of affairs imagine as well if we knew later to other how many of us would actually worship on the other nights as well. And so indeed, in this obscurity, there is a test for those that want to pass the test, and Subhanallah how much easier can we get out of all of the nights of the year it is one month out of this one month, the last 10 out of this last 10 Especially the odd out of the odd, especially the latter part 2527 29 How lazy can a person be? And that's why our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever is deprived of Laila to color has been deprived of all good because honestly Subhanallah how sad is a dear brothers and sisters, we know for a fact that if a person said you will get a million dollars, if you did something every night for five nights, five hours, you would get a million dollars, every one amongst us, we will be doing that five hours routine for five nights for that million dollars Subhanallah at three years of constant worship, that is a double, triple, quadruple lifetime of actual deeds, meaning if you were to calculate it out, and we are being lazy on this law, how would our Coachella biller This is the time

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to tighten our belt This is the time to put up our sleeves and to really exert our utmost effort on this last night and Allah azza wa jal encourages us 10 00 am Allah Iike to war Roe v habit is near Rob Bay him in Cooley amor, that all of the angels come down including the angel Jibreel were roto fi hub, out Allah's commands, they come down and implementing Allah's commands be is nearer to him here means ALLAH has other is coming down. All of the rosters and the assignments are coming down. Men couldn't they have all affairs were being told to us who will live who will die who will be afflicted with cancer, who is going to happen this what's going to happen all of it is coming down

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men goodly number 10 Azul Mala Iike so all of this is happening, and especially out of all of the angels who is coming the angel Djiboutian himself the angel Jibreel, who no longer visits this earth, except on Leila to other the angel Jibreel, who spoke to every single prophet without exception, the angel Jibreel, who witnessed the creation of Adam who drowned fit owl who did what he did to the ormolu that angel is coming down to this earth, the mightiest of angels, the one whom Allah specifies in the Quran. Whoever it takes Djibouti as an enemy, he has taken me as an enemy. Allah mentions him by name, the angel Djiboutian who went the prophets of Allah who either he was

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selling them saw Him in His original form, Allah revealed in the Quran

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to Robby

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In Cobra, he saw of the miracles of the most amazing miracles of Allah he saw the mere seeing of Gibreel Allah praise the prophets of Allah why do you send him that he was granted that seeing this is the angel that is coming down to this earth and he never comes down except on this night and that is why it is authentically narrated that a number of Sahaba including Annette symptomatic a number of top your own a night and Ebola YouTube and others many of them they would wear their finest garments unless of nomadic had a special clothes that he would own the wear on the odd nights and the high would take a hostile every single time between Maghrib and Isha before he stood for

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tahajjud another great scholar of Kufa, he had 1000 dinars cloth for the most expensive and he would keep it in a special box only wore it on the nights of later to other when someone asked one of these great scholars Why are you dressing up like this? Why are you putting your best perfume on? He said Subhanallah Gibreel is coming down? Shouldn't I be prepared to meet and greet him? This dignitary this VIP is coming shouldn't I be in my finest when Djibouti comes down? So on this night of later to Qatar, we actually are anticipating this is the night that Jubilee is coming. This is the night that all of the angels around and the angels they love to see dignified clothing the

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angels love perfume. Allah azza wa jal tells us Hello Xena Takamine, Nicola masjid, were your best garments when you come to the massages. So when we stand in salata, tahajjud we should also dress up for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa to Allah so Allah azza wa jal then says Salah Moon he even though technically if you say he is Salam, it would make more sense but Salam when he that again this is a bit advanced, but why is the move to that place before the cupboard here is that to emphasize that this night is nothing but piece, that piece all of it piece this whole night is Salaam. And some of our scholars say there are no Shayateen later to Qatar, even those that are Koreans and whatnot,

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they get away because there's too many angels here. So there's nothing but peace Solomon here had Mattila and Fajr until the coming of the dawn, there will be nothing but peace. So until from fajr from McGrew up until Fudger, it is as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us small timeframe, only a few hours until the moplah and Fajr that's all that you have. So we should really strive our best to do our utmost May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who take advantage of this blessed night. May Allah azza wa jal bless me and you wish and through the Quran, and May He make us of those who it's versus they understand and who implement is halal and haram throughout our lifespan.

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I ask Allah's forgiveness, you as well ask Him for He is the for the Rahman.

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Alhamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit Ulladulla mula, mula Wollombi Akula hookah phone ahead we're about to do our books of Tafseer. And also some narrations of Hadith they mentioned some of the signs of leaders will cover moderate temperature sunrises. Without the race. Some say that the sun is slightly brighter. Some say that the night is brighter. Some say that there's no wind blowing. And the opinion of some of the hurricanes some of those that have done research is that all of these signs, firstly, the majority that were not authentically ascribed to the Profit System, and secondly, most likely these signs even if they are authentic, they apply some of yours and not

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others. And that is because circumstances change and not every single year will the sunrise without razor whatnot. And in fact, this is something that most likely it goes back to some of the tab your own and whatnot. But in any case, it is never reported that the Sahaba and Tabby rune actually monitored those nights in other words, you don't look at the temperature and decide later to the other you don't observe the the atmospheric pressure and then decide later to Kedah know you exert your utmost these signs. They are factors that perhaps we can take some benefit from after the night is over. But during the night, don't worry about the atmospheric pressure during the night. Don't

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worry about what it is you need to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. As for all of these signs, again, this is a bit of a more complicated issue. But nonetheless, the point is that we need to exert ourselves the utmost in these last odd nights of this night of Ramadan, and Isha herself narrates that when the last 10 nights of Ramadan came the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would tighten his waist belt he would tighten his belt and he would spend the entire night in worship and he would wake his whole family up and another Hadith Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would exert himself in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, more than at any

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

other time of the year. These are the 10 nights this is also the night

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Allah gives a custom on welfare God What are ya the national that well fettered by the 10 Bless it nights. These are the 10 nights that we are here. So what should we do dear Muslims a number of things obviously number one on this list is extra prayer standing in extra salah. This is the number one thing that should be done. This is what our Prophet salallahu it was set them did for as long as we can. And as I have said in other lectures, the quantity of records is not important it is the quality that is far more important. Don't do not become obsessed with the quantity of numbers look more to the quality. How is your brochure how long as your Tilawat What are you doing in your search

00:30:38--> 00:31:20

there's also the two hours during this night the two hours in Salah two hours before Salah do as in search the two hours at all time of this night also reciting the Quran also doing dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada generic zikr also the DUA that issue specifically asked the prophets as of what do I should we make Allahumma indica alpha one to April alpha for Anna, this is one of the most important to us to make on this night. Also to encourage our families we're all in the COVID locked down. And it is a obviously our schedules, especially our children's, they're all different and messed up. Nonetheless, we need to act as role models and gently encourage all of our children to try their

00:31:20--> 00:31:58

best to exert extra during these last 10 nights. And also as I said, do not forget the logistical preparations as well which is that you are fully rested so that you can have a good night so that you also take a closer look at some of the tab your own did also where your finest garments, perfume yourself because you are now in the presence of a law in the presence of the angels of Allah and the presence of God. So psychologically even prepare yourself and realize your Muslims that Subhanallah is just a few nights and if we exerted ourselves on every one of these nights insha Allah Who to Allah, we are guaranteed to get Laila to other How can we be lazy in these last night, this is

00:31:58--> 00:32:35

really when Wolfie Vatika fell yet and after sitting with an alpha soon in this regard, let those who want to win the race let them exert to win the race. And so dear Muslims, this is the time of riba that this is the time of worship. And of course, I have to also remind myself and all of you that along with our personal worships, we also should try to do good unto others try to give charity to the aura to the Moroccan those of you that give zakat and Ramadan, this is the ultimate time to give Zeca on these Final Nights and also give to the support to the poor they uttama and also to our projects here, the massages our Masjid here, all of the massages, give to the projects, whatever

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good intentions, whatever good causes there are, this is the time to give an especially to Muslims in light of the COVID lockdown. Lots of people are suffering financially, if Allah azza wa jal has blessed you that you are in relative peace and security than give extra and also if you can give zakat of next year even now, because now people are really in need. You're allowed to give this account early from the earlier years. This is something that our profit system explicitly allowed. Now is the time on these nights May Allah subhana wa Tada Myka so those who worship Allah and whose worship is accepted on these nights Allahumma inni Dynafit aminu Allahu Allah. I don't know if you

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had to meet them but in love Africa, wala Herman Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa Kadota wala Marie Oban Illa Shia feta when I see it on India yourself Allama fildena What is one in Alina? Saba, Pune will Iman Walters Cubanelles Illa Lilina Robina in ACARA Ufa Rahim Robin as a cobalamin in the contest simulator I name which of I am hola Anna in enter to wobble Rahim rebels Allah in the law how to

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behave enough say within the maloca the Akoto say was said let me come to you Hello millennium and Ginny. He wouldn't say for all as reported in Idema in the law how America USA Luna other Nebby Yeah, you Hello Dina Amman or Solu Allah He was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa salim were Burdick and Abdi Kurosu to come Mohammed in early he was a big marine rebels Allah and Allah to Allah Mota will live with your sandwich I didn't CORBA while young manufacture it will Moon carry well wealthy you're able to Allah come to the Quran or the Quran Allah Allah LD may come wash Kuru who uses Allah. What are the crew Allahu Allah Akbar Wa Optimus sada

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Hi Jana Sona

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when you sought after

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still along comes

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Alhamdulillah hailed on Bill. Me in Aruna, Nura him

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Malyon Kia Woombye doing e kinda Bucha doing what he can

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and then I'll say it all on them or stealthing sling at all other than anything I'm telling him Holly's in Melbourne alone beyond ie him one morning

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What goes well lately either surge was dark out on bull Kawana on one, Raju Kameena una. What are some of your own clique out on bootcamp fans? Oh ball LM e g de que tiene

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wha wha wha jejak elbow

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ahead well