The World of Jinn #8

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The transcript describes a fraudulent activity involving a woman who was hiding in a softland and burned into a rock by a group of children. The woman was later found to be hiding in the dirt and led by a man who used to practice black magic. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the signs and surrounding oneself in order to protect oneself.

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Why my brothers and sisters?

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Stay with Eliza. Nothing can harm me.

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Here's the data set the time of the intercourse.

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Allah has given us a bang was in the best shape and Amara Sakina

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it's written, if you know it and hamdulillah by the time of intimate intimacy, Allah homogenic shaitan Allah protect us from the Shaitaan and protect whatever you bless us with from the shaitan. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam says whosoever says this before his intimacy with his spouse, no shaytan can harm him nor hot nor harm, whatever may bless them with

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black magic, my brothers and sister or Sal said black magic is a contract between witchcraft and Genie. That's what black magic is. Black Magic is nothing but a contract. You write a contract between the genie between a witchcraft and a genie.

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Here's some an example of a contract. And you said

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some mumbo jumbo

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something that maybe you cannot pretty much understands nor read.

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And you go to these witchcraft or sometimes who claim or it's only we don't we only do it but I will tell you how you would know a real somebody who can do it okay, I would plan sooner from somebody who is a witchcraft an academic a liar.

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They give you this

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you know, with a buddy

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these amulets, claiming that they've got only the words of allies that are selling them.

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Rather you find some words that are unknown.

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It was said that this contract is the contract between Copperfield entry Genie

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this contract that you see here, this guy Copperfield has a contract. Of course, all these genies like this other David guy, and they all have contracts with genies.

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They've been some of them have actually reprinted these which crafters is Blackman people who perform, you know, black magic, they've, you know, some of them have handled left.

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You know, repented, and then they tell about their past they tell about you know, things that they used to do. One woman

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Subhana Allah listen to this, my brothers and sisters.

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It was this story was even mentioned in the news. on tv live.

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Her son was telling the story, her son,

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he's the mother used to practice black magic.

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I saw when I was in Toronto, this guy came into us

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who needed some milk. And we had to clean his home. And every time and he was from South Asia, every time he has, he was he used to bring us bags of these amulets,

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bands of these.

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These as they call them,

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inside their pillow, inside their beds, in the backyard, in the front yard and everywhere. And they used to go and give money to these people who claim that they are doing this anyways, if they can do it, they can only do it to themselves. They can even help themselves. They're tricking you and fooling you, you're giving them money.

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Go take this and put it under your pillow or UK then you'd be fine.

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Why lie lie? Nothing. It's all in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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So the boy was saying my mother used to do was used to practice witchcraft in and when she died, we could not bury her. We went to bury her and we will no, dig it on the ground. Some hammer became like a rock we couldn't dig. So we changed corners. I know where to dig. And again, we couldn't dig why because the Panama the soil was so soft, but once we started digging, it turned into like a rock.

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So they just left her and put you know, some hammer rock on top of her and they left and all of a sudden there was fire. He was standing in the news, fire. When they asked the kids on the news this interviewer asked is the kid you know in this channel, he says Okay, so what was your mother doing? You know the contract that she had with the jinn.

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Because for the gene to serve you, they have to make you perform something Coca Cola some call for action. She is to you the name on the

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to pee. That's what the naked means.

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This is the kind of contract she had between her and

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it's, that's why in Islam in the Sharia, what's the punishment of the Sahara?

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The punishment of the one who practices black magic, killing, not even the Toba not killing, they can perform Toba and being and being killed as well. Mmm Abu hanifa says even with the repentance, you they should get killed, they will get killed.

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So, you know, be careful of these spells and amulets and charms that you You know, sometimes you see these people giving you and this balance of you know, like again, mumbo jumbo thing. And again, how about those amulets that have it let's say for anindo that happen in them the majority of the scholar opinion that even those you should not be carrying with you. Somebody is carrying this you know, task for and he's carrying it with him. And he's not meant to be carried he's meant to be studied and to be cited and implemented.

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So this is the view ever been a best route for a

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bunch of scholars from the library or from the, from the Sahaba they are of the opinion that these amulets who have that have for adding them I'm not talking about

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that has these you know, again, mumbo jumbo, those are with the is met with the consensus, those of holla but those that have just put in them, you should stay away from because some holiday right and I've seen them and we had to burn them

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with the blood of a woman having her

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Others they write with maybe, okay, it's written with saffron, Saffron, Saffron, what would you write about and with saffron, give it to me I can carry it was supposed to do to me?

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memorize the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet to them the outcome, the outcome of the morning the outcome of the Sabbath, he should carry with you in your heart. But the Quran carrying the plan thinking it will protect you, and does not protect, it is a local protect, and does not protect.

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If you read it, and understand it, and, and, and and act upon what you read, you'd be protected to protect you.

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Can we maybe just yeah, so that they can see this for the sister to see the contract of this black magic thing? You know, just give him a little preview. Starting back.

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All right.

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So black magic is a contract between witchcraft and

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what are some of the signs of black magic? All right, black magic sign examples. Let's give you some examples of black magic. You know, how would you know if somebody has been hit by some black magic?

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Husband and wife suddenly not liking each other all of a sudden, a husband that wouldn't like his wife or she wouldn't like him. She's happy. She's so happy to you know, she's waiting for her husband to come home. As soon as he comes home.

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Her heart feels sort of like this linked or her or his heart feels this linked or whatnot. So they all of a sudden they start not liking each other. They smell bad. You know, some you know you stay with your wife. You just took a shower and he smells so good. You put but somehow unless she smells you bad or you smell her bad.

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This is a sign of some black magic that somebody has put a spell on that person.

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been possessed some of the signs because that doesn't mean if somebody has black magic has been possessed. And it is maybe there's a spell but not necessarily being possessed by by a genie. Okay? will possess sign somebody