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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into explicit detail regarding the names Al-Fattah and Khairul-Fatihin which are one of the many Names of Allah SWT.

This name occurs once in the Qur’an – Al Fattah. Fataha means opening and it also means a victory and also means judgement.

The following meanings are implied from this particular Name:

  • All doors of Allah’s Mercy are opened.
  • Allah is the best Judge.
  • Whoever places the trust in Allah, He will make a way out for them from ways he didn’t expect.
  • Al Fattah is used in times of difficulty and troubles.

Our Tawakkul and Yaqeen can reach infinite heights when he hear and invoke this Name of Allah.


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smilla rahmanir rahim All praise is due to a law that man and Dora him and they have lost peace and salutations be upon the one that has been sent a rock metal in the mean and upon all those who follow them until your Medina as to what follows today inshallah tada we are still continuing discussing all those names and attributes. And the name that I will do today is a last name alfetta and also how you will factor in a last name and Fatah and how you will factor in and of course both of these have similar meanings. And the name al Fatah actually only occurs once in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal mentions as soon as Sabah Julio Juma Albanian Arabic una familia de Albanian, I will

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help will who will Fatah who learn him that say to them, that Allah will bring us together, and then he will yesstyle Bane and Bill Huck, he will open up to us with truth. Now the meaning of Yes, that will help over here means, as we will talk about to judge with truth, for Indeed Allah is in fact, an alum. And in another verse, Allah azza wa jal says he that he is how you will factor in or the best of those who performed the work better. So what exactly is fatter? Well, all of you who know Arabic, you know that fetta means to open for the hubbub to open the door, and we call the instrument that we use to open the door, we call it miftah. The key that opens the door is miftah,

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and miftah, and Fatah. Of course, all of these occur very commonly in the Koran and soon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah has given me the miftah, of speech of eloquence, Allah has given me the myth of Baraka. And in one Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah placed them a fattier of the treasures of the heavens and earth, and he offered them to me, and I turned them down. So the maratea is the keys to the treasures. And Fattah therefore, means number one, an opening, that's one meaning, but number two, it also means a victory. Because when you are stuck, you're closed. When you are surrounded by an enemy, you're trapped. So what is the victory of

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victory is that opening is given. So one of the primary meanings of Fatah in the classical Arabic is victory. And we know this from the Quran itself in Surah, Al Fatah, the beginning of Sunita Fatah is what in Fatah Hammurabi. Now we have given you the clear victory. So the Fatah over here also means victory. A third meaning of Fatah is judgment. A third meaning of Fatah is judgment. Because when you don't have the decree, you're stuck. When the judgment comes, when the decree comes, this is an opening. So Fatah also means to judge to decree. And this is why the Day of Judgment is called yo molfetta The day of Fatah. And here fetta means decree and judgment, because on that day, all

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judgments will occur. And so Allah is alpha, and he is the best authority in that one to Hyrule fattiness, Allah says, You are the best of those who perform better. Now when we say decree we have to be very careful here because Allah decree is of two types. This is a little bit advanced theology, but it's interesting as well. A lot of other and fatter is of two types of laws decree is of two types. The first decree is a religious decree, Allah has decreed that he should be worshipped alone. That's a decree. The second decree is a natural or akoni decree that Allah has legislated. Allah has decreed so and so will live for 70 years. The two decrees are not the same, because the

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first decree is the Lord's will. But Allah azza wa jal chooses some people to follow that will and some don't follow it. When Allah decrees none shall be worshipped other than him. Do some people worship other than a law? Yes, that is Allah's decree, but it is what we call the shutter a decree, there is another decree the county or the natural decree, and the natural decree is effective in his creation, a lot decrease so and so as a Muslim, he's going to be a Muslim. Although decrease so and so has 70 years he has 70 years. The two decrees are different types of decrees. And a law is Fatah because both decrees belong to him. So he has the Sheree decree and the sugary decree. He decides

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what is halal, what is how long he decides who's going to heaven who's going to hell, and he has the county decree and the county decree. He decides our life. Our

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schedules what we have what we don't have. This is the county decree and Allah is Al Fatah. Both of these decrees go back to him. So of the meanings of Fatah, therefore, are the one who opens up the doors of his decree on us. So the Fatah, the one who opens up the doors of his decree on us, as Allah says, My yester hula, hula nasem in Ramadan pheromone secara wherever Allah opens up of the decrees of Rama, so the Fatah opens the doors of Rama, no one can stop Allah Rama from reaching one are you sick for a human body and whatever Allah shuts off, because the one who opens can also close, the one who opens can also close one human sick fellow morcilla human body, if the doors are

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closed, no one can release what is behind the doors. So the

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controls those doors, and a lot chooses what to give his creation. And when Allah opens the door, nothing can come between you and what is behind that door. And when Allah shuts the door, then no matter what you do, you will never be able to reach what is behind the door. So look at how many doors has a lot open for us. Allah has opened the door of mercy. Allah has opened the door of reason. Allah has opened the door of money, Allah has opened the door of peace and tranquility. Allah has opened the door a family Allah has opened the door of a society that we live in. All of these are doors that the Fatah has open and given us and that is why Allah says we're in the Houma,

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fattier labor law and Mr. Allahu Allah has the keys of all that is hidden. He chooses to give and he chooses to keep and no one knows other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Fatah is the one who gives you what you want by giving you the keys and opening the doors. The Fatah decrees how you will get it when you will get it and what procedure you will get it in the fata is the one who chooses which door to open at what time and how much to give of those malfatti type of those keys that unlock the treasures. This is the Fatah and that is why Allah azza wa jal is named as Fatah is used at every time of difficulty. At every time when we feel we're surrounded, at every time when we're

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hearts are trembling, when we don't know how to get out of that situation, that Fatah will open the door for us. And that's why Allah says whoever truly puts his trust and you're clean and Allah, Allah will make a way out for him even from places he did not expect. Now we also have to point out the flip side, that sometimes Allah opens the door, and we think it might be mercy but it is not mercy that we think it might be benefit but it is a test. It is a fitna, so the Fatah can also open doors that are tests. And Allah mentions this in the Quran. With regards to one civilization that was destroyed, Allah says fellow man, asuma, Zuki Ruby, he Fatah, henna, la him, a Baba Cooley Shay.

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When they turned away from worshipping Allah, we opened up the doors of everything for Titan Alibaba, meaning what? They got money, and wealth, and power and status. And they felt deceived that Allah loves us. And they became who they became arrogant in these blessings. Then Allah says, Now, we took them all of a sudden, this is like around. This is like the, the hammer the cartoons, these are the people, a lot is attached to them, but not the way we want. Allah opens up the doors, but as a test and as a punishment. So not everything that Allah opens will be of immediate benefit. It could also be a trial, it could also be a test. So alfetta the when it comes to Allah number, what

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does it mean? Number one, that all doors are opened up the doors of good and the doors of the opposite of good. Number two that Allah is the judge. So alfetta is the best judge. And one of the names of the Day of Judgment is Yeoman fatter? And Allah says that, that polyoma is such a lion founded in a cafe Mr. noon on the day of fatter on the Day of Judgment, the people who didn't believe their Eman will be of no use on that day. So the human factor is the day of judgment. Number three, the Fatah is the one whom you call at times of distress, and he shall open the door for you to get you out of your distress in

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a movie now we have opened up for you the manifest victory what a hora Habana Nostromo law he will fit on Cody where Bashir is meaning. Another blessing Allah says that you love I will give you victory and Fatah that is very close. And that is something that we can give back.

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tidings to the believers. And number four, that Allah opens up difficulties that Allah makes the constricted, vast that Allah subhanho wa Taala helps you when you don't know where else to turn. And there is a famous narration and Bahati very long story of a Sahabi, who was stuck in a very difficult predicament. And if he continued, it's a long story, but he was going to be punished for something that he didn't do. And he made dua to Allah. And he said, Allah who must Allah, Allah open up for me the doors of your mercy, and because of his da, Allah revealed verses in Surah, and knew that we were psyched to this day in his case, that cleared him from the charge that made him free

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and innocent, otherwise long story but he was going to be punished for something then Allah azza wa jal revealed laws specifically for this case, and because he used the name Fatah, and he invoked Allah, Allah revealed Koran that we recite to this day. So this is a name that we can use to come closer to Allah when we need Allah Rama. Allah is mercy. And of course this is why when we enter the masjid, what is the DA we say when we enter the masjid? allama li awaba ametek This is where Allah is Rama is manifest. So before we enter the masjid, that's the door that we are commanded to make our law open up for me the doors of your mercy and we have so many instances in the Quran time is

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limited. But the beautiful story of Noah having his Salaam for 950 years his own rejected him his own mocked him his people ridiculed him his people tried to kill him and finally he raised his hands up to Allah and he made to Allah that if the manual bainham fat handed Oh Allah open up the victory between me and them, give me a fetter over them. And so that one do. What did Allah do? Fattah henna Ababa sama edema. Allah opened up the doors of the heavens and water came the likes of which humanity has never seen and Allah opened up the doors of the earth and water gushed up the likes of which humanity has never seen and the great flood that flood which is believed in by every single

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civilization, and every remnant of humanity has some myth and some theory and some story of a great flood, that flood that occurred occurred because no headache is Salam invoke the Fatah and he said, Oh, Allah open up the doors against my enemy. And so alfetta responded to drop in a manner that humanity has never seen before and after, and Schreiber's well robina vainio been home for 10 when a genie woman made a man and woman into I've made the same do I and others as well. So the bottom line, the name of Allah, Al Fatah, should cause our yaqeen our time to work cool in a law to reach unlimited heights. Allah is the one who can help when nobody else can help. Allah is the one who can

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grant when nobody else can grant a law has the keys mfat de la that nobody has there is no impossibility for Allah alpha that can make a way out for us. So the name of Allah Al Fatah is the name we can use for every troublesome situation for every worrisome problem, Allah azza wa jal can make the impossible possible and he can make every difficulty easy and that is why we conclude with this draw one of the daughters of the Prophet says that it was Allahumma la sala in damage alto San Juan Taylor she has an assailant Oh Allah The nothing is easy, except whatever you make easy and you can make any difficulty easy. Oh Allah make my difficulty and my trouble easy. This is the Fatah The

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one who can make every difficulty easy. May Allah subhana wa Jalla ease our difficulties and make us and make us safe from our pains and suffering and open up us for the doors of mercy and His Rama and inshallah we'll continue the day after tomorrow with Santa Monica malapa to La Habra castle.