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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the topic of the Greatest or Grandest Name of Allah (Ism-Allah Al-Adham).  

There are a few authentic Hadith which mention the Greatest Names of Allah:

  • The Prophet ﷺ saw somebody make Dua and said “You have asked Allah with His Grand Name, this is the Name if asked using it, Allah will grant and Dua is answered.”  
  • A person made Dua and the Prophet ﷺ said “This man has invoked Allah’s Grand Name, when it is used, Allah responds and when Dua is made, Allah gives”
  • The Prophet ﷺ said: “The grand name with which when Dua is made,it is granted is found in 3 Surahs – Baqarah, Ale Imran and Taha”  
  • The Prophet ﷺ said the Grand Names were Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem and Hayyul Qayyum.  

It is beneficial to say all of the Names at once to ensure nothing is skipped by saying – “Al-Ahad, As-Samad, Al-Mannan, Al-Bari, Dhul Jalali Wal Ikram, Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum.


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Ma Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while early he was a big marine about tonight will be our final hotter about the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. Tonight is the 29th night and obviously, most likely it might be our final throw away. And even if there's throw away tomorrow then I will give another hot arrow, but this will be the conclusion. And obviously, before I get to my topic for today, obviously we have so many other names of Allah that we did not discussed, we tried to discuss quite a lot. And I think we have discussed at least 35 names because I mentioned quite a lot of them together. But obviously there

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are many, many more hundreds more that are in the Quran and Sunnah that we did not have time to do and perhaps add another series or future opportunity. Today's topic, I wanted to conclude by talking a little bit more detail about a concept that had very vaguely very briefly been referenced. And that is the smaller hit album, The grand name of allah subhana wa Tada. I had mentioned it just in passing, but I didn't dedicate time what exactly is the smaller hit album? Where do we get this concept from? What does it mean? What can you do for us? So realize, my dear brothers and sisters, that the concept of the grant the name of a law, or the grant this name of a law, or the greatest

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name of a law, it is something that occurs in the prophets, Hadith, it's not found in the Quran. And there are a number of a hadith that mentioned this concept of there being the Greatest Name of Allah, the grandest Name of Allah, the first Hadees will mention is reported in Timothy. And by the way, none of these ideas are in Bosnian Muslim, they're in the other books. And that doesn't mean it's not authentic. It means it's not to the highest level of authenticity. But these are all authentic. Heidi there hasn't there are good ideas. The first hedis reports that the profitsystem passed by somebody and he was making this drop, what was the Allahumma inni iluka? Well, I asked you

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the aneasha do Anika anta law because I am testifying that you are a law, La ilaha illa Allah had a Samad Allah delimited what am unit what am Yoku cufon ahead? This is how the man began the DA I asked you all our law because I'm a Muslim because I testify now Illa Allah and and because you are ahead and you are a Samad let me get it What am unit What am I so when the man said this the Prophet system and the man didn't know the processes behind him, the prophet system remarked to the Sahaba laqad or he said to him la casa de la tala bismil album you have asked the law with his grand name, what is the grand name unless he either Sue ellaby he or he will either do or be a job, this is the

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name that when a law is asked using it, he will give what you want and when do I is made then he will respond to the law. So we learned from this idea that there's something called a small light album and what is a small light album do that when you use it then that will be responded to okay and this idea is in Timothy another headin NSW medic reported that I was one day with the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and he was sitting down and there was a person praying similar instance person praying and in the Salah he made this drop along the in the Luca be unethical hamdulillah Illa Illa and Alma none but he was he was yeah he was a chrome yeah how you younger you

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all I asked you and you have all praise la isla Highland. You are Alma, Nan and Alma Nyan is a name that we briefly referenced, but we didn't give a whole hell up on it as my nan is the one who keeps on giving meaner and meaner is close to HIPAA. So we'll have and manana are very similar in meaning. And for our purposes, we'll just say have a similar concept. Alma Nyan he keeps on giving, giving and giving. So I asked you because you are as Mannan buddy as semi what you will have the Originator of the heavens and earth. Yeah. Do you want a chrome? Yeah, though. gelada Chrome. Oh, you who is full of honor. And you who is full of generosity? Yeah, the generosity with Chrome. Yeah, hi, you.

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Yes. And we did Hi uncle you. So the prophets Allah sent him said to the Sahaba naka de la tada Bismillah al beam. This man has invoked his mouth in the name that when it is used, Allah responds and when do I

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is made Allah gives. So this is the second Hadith, the third Hadith that abou mama reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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the grand Name of Allah. The name that when do I is made he responds to it is found in three sutras. So here the process of giving a hint. It's found in three sutras. Number one, he said Surah Al Baqarah. Number two, sort of a moron number three is Surah Taha, okay and this hadith is reported in Muslim Mr. Medina is authentic. So the process is saying is smaller. His album is found in three surah baqarah and Iran and Taha. Now, one of the narrators, the student of the Sahaba he said I read the sutras. So this is not the process of now this is now one of the sub narrators. He said that I read the sutras and the name that is common in all three is

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a heyoka Yun because dakara and Ron and Taha all have a high yield for you okay. But this is not from the process of make sure you understand this. The phrase that I read through and this is, this is from one of the tableau interpreter and one of the people in the chain, not from the processor, not even from the Sahabi Nadine from the Sahabi and in a fourth Hadith reported in Abu Dawood, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, is smaller than he had attained, I attained the grand Name of Allah is in these two ayat. And then he quoted what either hokum either one hidayatullah Romano Rahim and then he quoted Alif Lam Meem Allahu La Ilaha Illa Who are you? Are you IE Rahman

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and Rahim and how young are you? Okay, so these this Hadees seems to say that Rahman and Rahim and hi and Kumar is moonlight album. Now these are the four authentic it there's only four The others are not authentic. There are four authentic added that mentioned, the grand name of allah tell you very briefly time is limited. But this is a very important topic. So I need to go with very briefly, how do we understand these a hadith as you can expect, as always, there's always an extra there's always a difference of opinion. One scroop group of scholars actually had what I would call a radical reinterpretation. And they said that the Hadees doesn't imply that any one name is Mullah

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his album, they said that all the names of a law are album and is just a phrasing that the processor is saying, This man is saying the great name of the Grand name, not that there's any one particular name rather according to this interpretation. All of the names of a law are the greatest names. And the point is you're supposed to use some names when you make draft. So this is one interpretation and it exists and some great Rama have said it but the fact of the matter is, it doesn't it doesn't fully Korb corroborate with all of our evidences, because our Prophet system said his Milan album is in Bukhara and and Marana Taha, which means it should be something. If it was just any name of

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Allah, he would have said, the Quran is full of his moonlight album, but he didn't. So but that is there and you should know it. Of course, many of them are set. And this is a valid opinion that the Prophet system didn't tell us his Milan album, so we will never know. And only Allah knows. Now, that's a valid point. But that doesn't mean that we just sit back and do nothing. That's like the person who says we never know what Eddie flam meme means. So no point talking about it. No, we don't know what it means. But then there are opinions let's discuss let's see what could be a possible meaning. So it is true that only Allah knows for sure. But we should try to do our research. So then

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what then are the opinions for the great great name of allah Ibn hedgehog, the famous scholar of of Hadith, and the one of the greatest drama of the medieval times, he actually has a discussion in his famous book for 12 body pages and pages and it goes on to believe it or not 14 opinions, we don't have time to go into all of them. I'll mention some of them and then I'll conclude with what I think is the strongest one that he said that that of the opinions that are mentioned by the words to be forgotten and Hydra forgot, if you look at these ahaadeeth what are the names mentioned in these ahaadeeth actually in these ahaadeeth eight sorry 11 names are mentioned in all of these 411 names

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are mentioned number one a law number two Alcoa head and ahead a solid aluminum body or semi what you will lose your daddy will a chrome and hi Alka you are Rahman and Rahim in these for a Heidi these are the 11 names that are mentioned and all of these have been possible candidates but of these perhaps more emphasis has been given to four or five of them of them is Dolgellau. They will Ekrem some of the top your own Mujahid for example the student we've been abuzz, he said his mobile album is duly Gilardi will occur on and in fact he there's a hadith that might seem to suggest this that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lou Lou B yada generally will seek refuge in a law

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or seek protection by saying yeah there Jelani was a Chrome. So we

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seek protection by saying Yeah, the other Gelardi will Ekrem. So yeah, they're jealous. Oh, you who's full of honor full of gentle and a crumb who is generous unto others? By the way, pause here three days ago, we're talking about the complimentary names that the first one is allows perfection. The second one is perfection with the creation. And we mentioned high volume. And we mentioned without What else do we mention? Come on, guys. What else do we mentioned?

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No, no, no, the two that are complementary in the other way. Ronnie and Kareem we mentioned right? And I had a solid we mentioned this is another one the other gelar Allah is Allah Allah, Allah crom. To his servants, he is practicing a Quran he himself is a gelato and with his servants he practices a Chrome. So this is one of the interpretations his mobile album is Yeah, the general chrome number one are mentioned seven or eight. Number two are Rob is the grand name of allah or Rob,

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Rob, and Rob is the most common name that is used into us. Number three R Rahman r Rahim Romana, and this is a very strong candidate and it actually also occurs in Bukhara la Miranda Taha Rahmani Raheem.

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Number four, we mentioned number four is that the name of Allah, Allah is just malachite album, the name of Allah is Mullah his album, and this is in fact, a very popular opinion perhaps the second most popular opinion in my mind No, we remember shabby Imam Abu hanifa abou Jaffa how we grade Rama, they said the Grandis Name of Allah is the name Allah itself. There's number four, number five, even taymiyah said that the grand Name of Allah is a hay and hay by itself. And number six, his student ignore him and many of them are perhaps the majority of them. They said it is a hail, the combination, and Hi, Alka young, and number whatever in number seven, whatever on that. One opinion

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is that there is no one, it's Milan album, but rather it depends on what you're asking. So choosing the right name of a law for your circumstance is a smaller hit album. So it's not one particular name, but rather it is the appropriate name given what you're asking for and the context and the circumstance of what you're saying right now. Between all of these opinions, Allah knows best. The strongest position is a hail coup and a law. These are the two opinions that have the strongest now you want to get out of this enough. What you can do is to memorize all of these names in one and that's the best thing we can do. Right? So we say Aloha, my name is Luca the annek until I had a

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summit a very limited what am Yulin Yama? None. Yeah, but the SMRT will? Yeah, they'll generally with a chrome Yeah, how you Yeah. If you say this phrase, and if you want, I can repeat it after this. Hello could come up to me if you say this phrase, then you have done all of these names that are mentioned in the Hadith. But one final point, and then we're done. Brothers and sisters is smola. His album is not some type of parrot magic formula, that you just say it and that's it. It happens by unanimous consensus of all of the aroma. It's more like an album will only be effective when it comes from the cult. When it comes from the depths of a man, when you understand who is and

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who is a human. When you understand the meaning of Allah or a robe, or Ar Rahman AR Rahim, that when it's genuinely coming from the depths of your heart and a man and you understand that there is no being who is other than a law. And Allah is the perfection of ayaats and we need a law for everything that he gives me everything. You raise your hands up and you say from your heart. Yeah, how you yaka Yoon, Allahu Murat, Donna. Yah ha Dr. Samad yum. And Nan

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de Waal a chrome when it comes from the world with a man with a loss with her sure with your cane and tawakkol Then and only then will that grand Name of Allah be effective as for opening up a book and not even knowing what you're saying? And you simply parrot Yeah, but dear and yamana, and it's coming from the tongue and not from the art, then no way that this is a name that will be of any value or use, because it's not coming from the UN and Allah azza wa jal once our sincerity and not our actions are out to our outer actions. So we conclude our entire series of Allah's names and attributes for this month of Ramadan. And with the caveat that some analysts so much has been left,

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but time is limited. We conclude by reminding ourselves that this is an ocean that needs to be explored by all of us, and I have just dipped into it. I've shown you

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The ocean exists, but the reality is all of us should be exploring more. All of us should be trying to uncover and ponder and think about these names and attributes. Next time I read the Quran and you read the Quran, we should pay extra emphasis to what names Allah is using, we should try to understand the meanings of those names. And then we should incorporate those names into our lives. We should use them in our daily routine a lot is Jimmy then loves Jamal. Allah is our foo and loves our food, we need to start practicing Jamal, practicing our food practicing molfetta we need to start embodying those divine attributes for the level that we're expected to do. So realizing that

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we're always going to fall short and never ever be able to reach the perfection. And then we have a last names of a forum called fall under a man to overlook those imperfections a lot as they were just names and attributes or attributes of outmost beauty and majesty and perfection and our job is to ponder over them. That is why Allah created us. One of the reasons why Allah created us is so that we know who he is what he that decoholic Allah created so that we know who he is, and then we worship Him. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, yada Gennadi will Ekrem Yeah, Kareem uyama. Nan, yeah, buddy, as Mr. T will out, yeah, how you yada yada, yada, yada him, we asked you a lot

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from the depths of our heart that you open up this door for your names and attributes that You grant us a love for your names and attributes that will lead to a love of you and a love of your worship. We asked you all love that you allow each and every name and attribute to seep into our hearts and to be manifested in our actions. And eventually All praise is due to Allah subhana wa tada alone for Allah hamdulillah Allah was our hero COVID Hakeem when Adam, which is akmola who later on was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh