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Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah R Rahman Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen about because of the lateness, we'll have a short hottel inshallah. So we had mentioned that Allah has names typically occur in pairs. And before we finish our series I wanted to illustrate to interesting, if you like sub categories of the pairs of Allah's names, to interesting sub categories, the first of the sub categories, some names of a law, are actually almost opposite in meaning, and they always occur in pairs. And whenever this is the case, then we as well should try our best to always mention those names together. And of the most famous examples

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in the Quran is who won a World War One, world war hero, world Belton. So these are names of a law that always occurred together. And in fact, the perfection of meaning only comes when you combine both of them together. So one is the one who is pre eternal, who has no one before him, as our Profit System explained, and 1001 Oh, Felisa public cache. So our means, before there was anyone there was a law, so we translated as the first, but the first meaning from eternity. And here is, of course, the last, or the fancy word is sempiternal, or eternal in the future. So three, eternal and sempiternal, Allah is both he is an old one, and they are here. Now the two meanings only come

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together to come, excuse me, the two meanings combine to become perfect in it, meaning, a law is a word and,

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and the law has always mentioned these names together. And the same in the Hadith of the Prophet system, that he himself as one mentioned, that until a while, and in one had it entered our new Felisa complex he wanted

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cache. So whenever we mentioned a last name, and a one, we should always mention, as well as here, because these two names have almost the opposite meanings. But when you put them together, you get the perfection as well. The other combination in this ayah that went over what a hero, world war hero was about in these two names as well, they might seem to be exact opposite. But when you put them together, that's when perfection comes. So a VA here, in one sense means the one who is the highest, or the one who's the most clear, the one who's the most apparent. And about in means the one who is hidden. So Allah is avoided and abelton together, how is that the case? Well, because

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there is nothing more obvious than Allah. And that's why as a tangent here, that we as Muslims believe that you don't need complicated proofs for the existence of Allah. Allah as proof is self evident. It's logical, unless proof everything is screaming Allah's existence. You don't need complicated theorems and philosophical Maxim's and advanced formulas, it is self evident void. You look around and you see the creation and you realize there must be a creator. So avoid here he is apparently he is. Clearly His signs are everywhere. And then Barton, Allah works in ways you'll never understand. Allah works in ways you'll never know how your risk comes to you how something

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take this is abelton and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also explained that until VA hero, Felisa focac ha, you are Tovar here, no one is above you, no one is more powerful than you. No one can overcome you what until bounce in Felisa, dooner cache and you are the bouton nothing is hidden from you. So the boy here and the button are both names of Allah. And the perfection comes when we combine those two names together. And of the examples of this is a movie did one more eat, right? who already have a doll hakama your ego, right? Well, you will do your aid, I'll move the animal aid, the one who begins and then the one who continues whatever he began. So a lot began life a lot

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began the creation and moved it and then a lot more. He continues our life and our creation, one generation after another and moved it and I'll move in also, as more is and I'll move in,

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right where is zoom and Tasha to the lumen Tasha and more is Anil Moodle. These two names almost

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exact opposite in meaning. But the perfection comes when you do what you combine them together, and more is the one who gives honor to others, and Movil, the one who can strip that honor away whenever he chooses to do so. So these are one sub category of Allah's names. And they we said that in some sense, they're actually almost opposite in meaning. But when you combine them together, you get perfection and one other sub category, which is actually a very deep one, and we don't have time to go into it in a lot of detail, but I'll just mention it and inshallah, maybe not to this series and other series, we can go into more detail. Another sub category is those two names that are

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complimentary in a unique fashion, how so the first name demonstrates a loss perfection in and of himself. And the second name demonstrates a loss perfection with the creation. So the first name, a last perfection in and of himself, the second name, a loss, perfection, and how he deals with the creation. And once again, these two names almost always that occur in the Quran together, but sometimes they don't occur necessarily together. But the beauty comes when you combine these two names together. Now, the most obvious example is the most powerful example. And that is the example of ayatul kursi. And high volume and high volume and high allows perfection in himself as the one

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who is the perfect one who is characterized with life. No being has life the way that Allah has it. And that's why an idol kursi Allah says he doesn't become sleepy, he doesn't become tired. Nothing makes him tired. How high is the one who has perfect life? I'll call you. He is the one who provides life to everything else. He himself is a high, he doesn't need any one of us. I will tell you, we need him. I will tell you he sustains life to others. So I'll high perfection within Allah, I'll call you perfection with the creation and there are many other examples we only have time for one more and that is the example of choose a honey and then carry him right that Allah mentions Allah

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honey nl curry many times in the Quran together. We mentioned al Qaeda, and it's the one who gives and gives and gives who's generous by nature and honey. We translated as the rich but it's not the proper translation. ilani translates as the one who has no need from anyone. The one who doesn't need anything that's alleghany the true richness is to not be in poverty to someone else. I love Honey, I don't need anyone from anything. Allah azza wa jal is honey, he is self sufficient, and they'll carry him. He provides everyone else what they need. Right so Allah honey and egg curry once again, when you put them together, you get a perfection that each individually by itself does not do

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the first name a last perfection in his own that Honey, I don't need anything from anyone I am self sufficient. None of you can benefit a law none of you can harm a law you can do nothing to change our lives or just Allah is self sufficient. He doesn't need us a honey yet we need him, I'll carry him. Everything we have is from him he is and carry him. So alleghany and Al Karim again put together and there are many other examples as well, for example, that I had a summit and that's why certain classes one third of the Quran and maybe if we have time, we only have two three days left. We'll try to maybe add in some other haven't decided the final names. But anyway, the the hotter for

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today is very simple. And that is that within these sub categories of the duality of names, one sub category is the opposite names that complement one another and a one to one active. avoidable bouton, I'll move the one more as always, we'll move in another sub category, those two names that complement one another in that each meaning is complimentary. The first one allows perfection. The second one is perfection with the creation. The first one Allah is perfect in the in and of himself. The second one he is perfect in his dealings with the creation and we gave us examples of how you and lineal Kareem and also I had a summit and there are other examples as well in the second

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category and inshallah tada we will continue with another name of allah tomorrow was saramonic Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi delves upon the opposite and complementary pairs of the Names of Allah SWT. The Names of Allah occurs in pairs most of the time. Together, they embody the  Perfection of Allah.

The following are the opposites:

  • Al-Awwal (The Pre-Eternal), Al-Aakhir (The Last)
  • Ad-Dhahir (The Clear/Evident), Al-Batin (The Hidden/Concealed)
  • Al-Mubdi (The One who Begins), Al-Muweed (The One who Continues)
  • Al-Mueez (The One who gives Honor) , Al-Mudheel (The One who Removes Honor)
  • Al-Hayy (The One who is Perfect in Life), Al-Qayum (The One who gives Life)
  • Al-Ghani (The One who has no need of anyone), Al-Kareem (The One who provides for all) 
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