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Now I understand that Allah is actually making a statement to the contrary, the opposite of everything I just said. He's saying La Casa la cara in Santa Fe XL Nidoqueen we no doubt created the human being in the most upright fashion. The queen from karma, karma actually mean something standing firm and something tall, something that is upright. Allah azza wa jal is actually furthering the argument of one of Zumba, the knifes and how evenly it was balanced out. And now he's describing how balanced it is from another word Kia DEVAR meaning you can stand up right and not lean this way and not lean that way. Allah put tendencies inside the human being Allah put the

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emotions Allah put intellect and be balanced between those both of those things. Allah azza wa jal put our needs and our family's needs to be balanced both of those things, Allah put responsibility to yourself and responsibility to society, we're able to balance both of those things. There are so many forces inside of us that are opposing, and we find balance between all of them. And that is the remarkable creation of Allah before he told us for Allah Maha Fujimura. How at UCLA, two opposite forces and he balanced between them. And now he's reiterating that reality by saying, I have created the human beings in the most upright the most beautiful upright fashion, like there, it's not just

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balance is balanced, that's demonstrated by us any Taquile not just the Halacha in Santa Clarita agreement, we created the human being and uprightness, nope, in the most up in the most beautiful of uprightness, and how warmer it actually has the region it and the idea is that he demonstrates that balance as his ages go on at certain at every age, Allah gave you a certain kind of balance, even physically some Allama argued about this, even though it's it's clearly a spiritual message. That just the fact that we stand upright, the image of, you know, a familiar Shem okay, but Allah was he, he had a medium she's a woman and also rotten mustard team, you know, can somebody walks on their

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face or drags their body on the ground? Could they be more guided than someone who walks upright, meaning human beings were even physically given uprightness, just like you know, imbalances or scales or justice, there's always a standing scale, human beings, by their physical creation are a model of justice of standing upright of being a scale. That's actually what we're supposed to represent, even in the way physically that we were created. So And notice also what Allah did with our physical bodies. The two parts of our body that are most protected by the hardest bones are the heart and the mind. Right there, this is the thickest bones here. And the most secure location here.

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The two things that make you upright are the most protected Subhanallah the you know, like an ostrich, its skull is not very well protected. It has the brain the size of like an m&m Anyway, but even then it's not protected the way the human skull is protected. And the way that our heart is a birds heart is not protected the way our heart Our heart is protected, you know. And so, this is part of the accent of bream, not just physically but also spiritually of the human being now,

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what is the relationship between this and those old souls locations? And what Allah is saying is those amazing messengers, those remarkable human beings that are forever recorded in history, that isa Allah is Salam, that Ibrahim alayhi salam, that Musa alayhis salam and this Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam these figures are even if you want to include new Hyundai, Sam, if you go by that interpretation, these figures are going to forever be proof of the fact that human beings can reach amazing heights that human beings are balanced. These were not super natural human beings. They were also just human beings and Mr. Bashara Miss LUCAM. I'm just a human being like yourselves,

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and they will forever be an example of what human beings are capable of in terms of goodness. Allah is saying now, yes, humanity is pretty disappointing. It's pretty disappointing. But that doesn't mean they're not capable. They're not capable of doing amazing things. And the fact that they're capable has already been proven in these lands. The story of these lands tells you what greatness was amazing, you know, the Queen, humanity is capable of especially modeled in those messengers are they he was Salatu was Salam.

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So now

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even though we've been made capable of that, just like if you got hired for a job and you're qualified to do the job, that doesn't mean you're going to do a good job. You know, you have to have the right intention, motivation heart mind to put in focus to do a good job. Just talent is not enough. Just because you're strong enough to lift something doesn't mean you actually lift something Allah then describes the tragedy and the tragedy is so Maura dinner who is philosophically there then we allowed him to be rich deteriorated, or that is actually for something to change from its original state or from the state that it is to something lesser to something and it's not to go back

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to an original state rather you will do can actually also mean I'll read that off to you is actually for

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you've Hobbit you've you've handled a web development of see the other normal way and now it's not well flicker of a saddle haha

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As for how the two goon fit to Fula the Quran says women come on Euro do Illa as the little rumor that among you are those who are reduced back to the oldest, you know, other than the normal and another Euro do is used, meaning your capabilities that you were given start deteriorating. Allah says you are made strong, you were made balanced, you were made upright, and then we allowed you to fall down and fall apart. That makes it sound like Allah did it. Because he says that other than our who we made him, we made him deteriorate. We meet him rhythm retrack that mean that means it's not our fault. But then that's when you have to understand the rest of the cya. Hey guys, you just

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