The Most Beloved Place To Allah

Waleed Basyouni


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Speaker 1 describes a massage that is created by men and is based on a philosophy that brings people together. The massage is not just for everyone, but it is important to occupied individuals.

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These places are noon as you all know by now and massage it the most that Allah subhanaw taala said in his book fee boo in Edina long total fare our coffee has smooth. You said behold movie bill do we will saw on regional to leave him to buy your own on the green

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or economy sauna to eat is

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your home phone

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bill saw Lia jizya

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y z

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fugly long

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in these in this verse and sought to new

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which it comes after a loss of power to Allah mentioning his lights and the example of his light and mentioning the stars

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that this light a philosophy to add a truly appear in the hearts of the believers who occupied these places who occupied the massage and these massage is built not only by bricks and walls and no, it's built by men who will dedicate their lives and their time to occupy these places to be here will who do we will assign in the morning and in the night.

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This massage is built by the people by the people