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Understanding a Hadith on Diseases Not Being Contagious

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In light of all of this news of Coronavirus, I saw a non Muslim website mentioning that Islam doesn't believe that diseases are transferable. And they quoted a hadith in Sahih Bukhari in this regard. So I am confused. Can you shed some light on this idea?

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It is because of this misunderstanding that so many scholars tell you don't read crazy websites. We're not trying to prevent knowledge. We're trying to give you authentic knowledge. So when somebody says don't listen to the arguments of others, it's not as if we're telling you to be deaf, dumb and blind. It's that sometimes you want to listen to something and you don't know truth from falsehood. So some sister has read or heard an article or something of a person wanting to ridicule Islam, and he's saying look at these people, they don't even believe diseases are transferred. And they he quoted a hadith in Bahati for this regard. So my point is, be careful what you listen to

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because it does have an influence on your psyche. The Hadith in question is indeed in Bahati and it is a famous Hadith Lajoie while I tell you Roger what a ham matter what our suffer we are Giovanni alpha Paulo jasola woman called al Kelly Matata Eva Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. The prophecies have negated four things and affirmed one thing that I do Ah, there is no such thing as I do. And I do what comes from the same root as I do as erotica, which means to attack or to assault, and I do a was the notion that a sick person will influence a healthy person. This is called ibwa. Okay, so the processing law I drew up the gray quickly lotto irata player is reading and omens bad luck, bad luck

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charm, if you see something, it means something negative, okay, in our culture of black cat crosses, okay, this is bad omens hammer is an omen involving a bird and death if they saw a particular bird they meant to imply death with a hammer, there's no such thing. What else suffer and suffered the month of suffer was considered to be a bad luck month in the Arabs, okay, it was a month where they would avoid travel in the month of suffer. So the problem is that there's no such thing as suffer being a bad month. Okay, so the other three are, I've explained. Now, what does it mean? So, in linguistically adwa can mean transferable disease, and therefore some of our early scholars did, in

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fact, derive this meaning from the Hadith, that they said, this means that an sick person shall never negatively influence a healthy person just because they're in the same vicinity, and great scholars, even a poverty or belanja, how would they all have the similar types of positions, they basically said, if a sick person sorry, if a healthy person falls sick, after being in the vicinity of the sick person, this was a complete quarter of a law, it has nothing to do with the first sick person, that's no transference of disease. So there have been that interpretation. However, this shows us and I have said this so many times that all of us are human beings, even our greater them,

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and they are products of their culture, like we are products of ours. And I have no doubt 400 years from now, 500 years from now, if my YouTubes and others are still there, people are going to say, Oh, look, this issue, he said is his culture, we can hear it. This is human nature. Nobody is separate from the world that they live into even our great dilemma. So they might say things that reflect their culture. The question for us, does it reflect the religion of Islam? Yes, some great Rama did say this, that there's no such thing as a sick person negatively influencing a healthy person because of transference of disease because they didn't know microbes, they didn't know

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viruses. So they said this is the derivation. However, that's not the only opinion. There are many opinions even in early Islam, that know what is being negated is not the physical transference of let's say, microbes or bio viruses or disease. What is being negated is a superstitious belief that the mere presence of a sick person will bring about the sickness of another, so you avoid a sick person out of a supernatural jalahalli understanding and they say the evidence that this hadith is for supernatural and not for natural is to number one, the Hadith itself, look at the other three things. Look at the other three things. All three of them are not natural things. These are

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paganism. These are weird ideas of omens and play and ham must suffer being a bad month. This isn't physical. And number two, we have a number of authentic hadith, in which the Prophet system clearly indicates that you

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You can have a physical transference from diseases of them is the prohibition of a healthy person entering a plague infested land. How did this in Bukhari and Muslim why would our Prophet system tell the healthy person don't walk into the infested plate? So authentic hadith Why? Because going there increases the possibility of catching the disease of them is the famous Hadith in Abu Dhabi, where our prophets are sometimes said that the

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lady with the marina Allah masahide, that animals that are sick, should not be taken for their water at the same time as animals that are healthy. This is a handy thing oh Buddha would say camels should have a separate time they go to get the water from healthy camels. Why is he saying this? Clearly, there is some causal relationship and of them is the heightened sensitivity Marja, that federal mirror image Lumi Ferrara come in. And as I said, flee from the leper, the way that you flee from a lion.

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Leprosy is gone in our times, we thank Allah for that it was one of the most frightening diseases known to man.

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Those of you who don't know what it is, it is a disease that merely being in touch or in proximity could transfer over to you and your skin has lesions and and maybe even you have to amputate. It's a very horrible disease. And our profit system is saying, if you see a leper, run away from him, like you would array from a lion don't go up and shake his hand. This is a Hadeeth Fira mirror image to me for all documented asset. So the point being that why would the President say Don't come close to the leper, because leprosy is one of the most contagious diseases known to man. And in those days, they would have colonies of lepers. And those days they'd have islands or separate regions where if

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you got affected, they would send you there. And that would be your life over there because it's non curable until recently and transferable easy. Why would he say this? Therefore, putting all of this together, it is very clear that the Hadith does not indicate that diseases are not transferred from sick to healthy people rather, what the prophet system is negating his supernatural paganistic paganistic superstitions that merely looking at or being in the presence of a sick will automatically cause you to be sick, he saying there's no such thing. But he did affirm that being in the presence of a sick person can potentially make you sick from natural methods, not from

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supernatural. So that is the summary. And this is something that many of our odema have derived. And this is the position of pretty much every scholar of our times. By the way, this also shows us a very deep point, it is allowed to rethink through what our previous Obama said, in light of modern science. A lot of people are skeptical, but we have great ruler man that said what they said about this hadith great hula scholars of Akita and Phil Contoso, often was great rula and yet still, they had positions that are simply untenable to deny that sick person can ever impact and if there's an impact as coincidence, a lot of other basically, right, that nothing that a sick person does is

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going to transfer the sickness over, even if physically they derive this from this headache. And that's what they knew. May Allah bless them. They we are building from their legacy, it doesn't mean we have to take everything from them. And that's one of the things I'm doing throughout all these q&a is to be respectfully critical, just like later generations should be of us as well.

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In Fei,

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