Tawfique Chowdhury – How Surah Ad-Dhuha can change your life

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The heart is the most amazing surah in the Bible and the speaker discusses the complexities of feeling disconnected from a situation and the importance of not feeling bad. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to remember the past and make promises to achieve success. The segment also touches on the misguided way Allah gives people the option to say no to him and the importance of remembering past promises. The segment concludes with a promise to increase people's knowledge and love of Islam.
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The greatest way to feel good in your heart is to read the surah of the heart. Because it is the most amazing surah in the Quran, that tells you to be positive and to feel good about Allah azza wa jal Shall I tell you the meaning of the heart, in a way that perhaps you've not heard before

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Surah Taha was revealed at a time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not receive the revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala for six months. For six months, the prophet system did not receive any revelation from Allah gibreel didn't come down, he didn't see a dream.

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You know, there was a time when I used to see a lot of good dreams.

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And then these days when I'm busy with mercy mission, I'm so tired. My brain is so tired. I actually don't see dreams. Sometimes I don't feel like my soul or my body is actually making an impact on my heart and on my life. So I feel quite disconnected from Allah azza wa jal. Do you get that feeling sometimes guys, brothers sisters, yes. Sometimes you feel like it's not affecting me. It's like, Allah is not responding to me. He's not talking to me. I don't see good dreams anymore. I don't get the shiver down my spine anymore. I'm not feeling the pleasure anymore. What's going on? In the same way for six months, the profitsystem did not receive any revelation from jabril coming down all the

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way to a dream or nothing at all for six months. And so the prophet SAW Selim thought that Allah subhanho wa Taala hates him. He thought, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want him as an abbey anymore.

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So all these thoughts were coming in his mind.

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Isn't that right? When we start thinking the same? Some of us are thinking oh my god, Allah must hate me. Look at my life, Allah must really not want me. Look at the situations my circumstances. I must be a wretched, downtrodden human being. Allah doesn't care anything at all Allah mustn't even care about my dog. Sometimes these thoughts come to your mind. This is how the Prophet system was when this sutra was revealed. So what did Allah say? Allah said, What go

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by the sun, and the morning in its blazing glory. What the Ha? So first thing that you tell someone who's depressed, wake up, see the sunlight. It's not all Doomsday. It's not all doom and gloom. is a beautiful sun out there beautiful life was

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one lady either. And by the night as it envelops. The second problem with people who are depressed is the stay up the nights they go to sleep in the morning the sleep stay up at night. So everything is Do me and gloomy. They have a bad sleep wake pattern. well lately either such and the by the night as it gives comfort.

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Ma what the aka Rob bukoba Makana Allah does not hate you or Muhammad. Allah doesn't hate us. Allah doesn't hate you Mohammed nor has he forgotten you. In the same way. Your Abdullah Yamato Allah, Allah doesn't hate you. And Allah has not forgotten you, ma Cara buka mama Kala Wallen to Pharaoh la comunidad Ola. And indeed, the hereafter will be far better for you than this dunya what is coming is going to be far better for you than what situation you're in now. We'll have to hire una camino, Walla, Walla, Sofia, Utica, rabuka Fatah. And very soon, Allah will give you a massive reward and he will make you happy. Very soon all muslimeen Allah will give us jedna inshallah, and make us happy.

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Very soon Allah will give us a victory from all of this and make us happy. Very soon well, so for your ticker la puca. Allah has promised this and I'm sure it'll be very soon. Very soon we'll go to July shala very soon.

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Isn't this the most beautiful thing to say to a person who feels bad in his heart? Then Allah gives him reasons to believe this What does he say?

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He gives people reasoning to the you believe this. He says Allah Mujica tema de not find you an orphan and look after you ask yourself why don't you very sick sometimes. Once your little boy Allah looked after you when you little girl no one to care for you. And Allah looked after you. I love you GTA team and for our

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cabal and further. We find the misguided if we guide you.

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What we misguided brothers and sisters before we became practicing, I know I never used to pray myself. I never knew about my Deen didn't Allah find me misguided and guide me. In the same way once you misguided in Allah guide you

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didn't Allah subhanho wa Taala find you poor

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are in need of wealth and didn't Allah give you wealth? How many of us came to Australia? We never had any money. How many of us but Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala had mercy on us pity on us and He made us wealthy. How many of us Allah subhanho wa Taala looked after us, when by law families still are struggling back home.

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What was the camera Ilan favela. So Allah gives more and more reasoning, to Rasulullah Islam and to us, reminding us again and again, why you should believe everything else that Allah has said, his promises that will come true. So to the depressed person, this is the best way to reason by telling him about the past, and giving him reason to believe that Alas, promises will come true just like it did in the past.

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Then Allah gives the antidote to depression. Do you know what it is? The depressed person is more concerned about himself. But the best way to remove depression, and this feeling of being disconnected with Allah is to remember those people who are far far in more difficulty than you. For Amalia Thema for Allah Akbar. Allah continues and says, and so the orphan, do not be hard on him. Well, I must have forgotten her. And the one who asks you do not say no to him. So Allah tells us remember two types of people. The first is an orphan. The number two is a beggar. Remember the orphans they have no one to look after you have parents to look after you. You have family to look

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after you somewhere to go home. The orphans have nobody. What a messiah in the beggar. He has no food. He's asking you for food. He goes to sleep hungry every day. I'm not giving you food. How many of us has ever gone to sleep hungry? Subhana Allah. So Allah tells us the antidote, which is to look at people below us for Amelia Tina fala takamasa illa filata her and then the final way to remove this feeling of being disconnected from Allah Do you know what? What am venier matira pika for had this

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and the Blessings of your Lord enumerate, talk about the blessings of Allah Alhamdulillah for my eyes Alhamdulillah for my hands Alhamdulillah my mouth hamdulillah from my heart. If Allah didn't love us, why is he still keeping us alive? If Allah didn't like us, why is it giving us sustenance for every minute that we are alive? If Allah didn't love us, why are we here today? sharing this knowledge increasing in wisdom and love of Allah azza wa jal, my brothers, my sister in Islam next time you feel disconnected, read surah Doha and by Allah you will feel the same love that the prophets of Salaam received from Allah azza wa jal that Allah subhanaw taala will have a surety

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bless him and have a surety bless us insha Allah, very soon, very soon Allah has promised will come true. My brothers in Islam It is for this reason what's the Fianna 30 says that amazing statement? He said well Allah He I would not replace Allah with my parents to be the judge. On the day of judgment, I would rather have a law judge me rather than my parents on the Day of Judgment, because I know Allah azza wa jal loves me more than my parents.

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Yes Allah. If you believe Allah loves you more than your parents, Allah will love you more than your parents. If you believe Allah can forgive all your sins, Allah will forgive all your sins. If you believe I love and reward you and enter you to Jannah Allah will not betray your your your faith in him. Allah will inshallah, answer your door and enter you into gender Bismillah insha Allah to Allah

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