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alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shopping or selling sad now Mohammed Ali he also married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam at Santa Monica Mercado Libre cattle Jazakallah Hey, thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 29 of our series the illicit women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the last lecture, we spoke about our mother's Zainab injection, and we spoke about life as the wife of the prophets of Salaam and how she passed away after him. And if we quickly go through our list, we have spoken now about a mother Khadija rhodiola and then we spoke about our mother so that our mother Ayesha, our mother, hafsa, our mother, Xena been hoceima, who

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died like Khadija passed away. Then we spoke about our mother Salama, and we spoke about our mother zeyneb indigenous, we spoke about seven. We spoke about seven of our mothers, the blizzard wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we got to know the personalities and how they became the wife of the prophet SAW them and how they interact with one another. And today inshallah we will speak about the marriage. Our prophet SAW Selim to our mother, Julia beetle Harris. We mentioned I think I said in the last episode, we'll speak about him happy baramulla daughter, Abu sufian. inshallah, we'll speak about her in coming weeks. Why this is a bit of confusion around her because

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the prophets of Salaam had married her, but only lived with her seven years later, there was a long distance relationship between the two of them that he was married to her, but they only actually lived together. Seven years later, we'll talk about how that happened, why that happened. So we'll mention her story when she actually returns and comes to love for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But today, we'll talk about our mother, Julia bint al Harris, Julia Benton Harris, and I shall have the law says about us our mother is about God. Yep. In the Hadith, that never was the a woman that brought more blessings or a greater blessing to her tribe and her people that are mother God. He was

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a woman that brought the most blessings of any woman to her, her tribe and her people. Why is this new come to know insha Allah situated here. She's the daughter of an Harris and Harris, even a BDR. And Harris even abmdr is her dad and her father Harris. He was the chief of the tribe called the bayou Masonic. So Julia is the daughter of Chief of a tribe and the tribe but almost Alec, they lived between Makkah and Medina living between Morocco and Medina in the desert. And during the war between Mecca and Medina, we know that there was war and there was hostility, and Harris joined Makkah, so he was on the size of maca. And he was he was supporting maca and LIFO he was an enemy of

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And initially he didn't get involved in the fighting. But the news came to the council and the Prophet peace upon him became a way that he scouts figured out that it had it was beginning to describe us building an army and he was planning on attacking Medina. So before the problem reacted before he did anything he wants to send a reconnaissance mission and the shows Hispaniola, the province was a lamp. He followed up recall the verbs that if you that if you want success in this dunya then you need to take steps to achieve it. Yes, we don't trust in Allah. But we don't simply say Allah provide. We tie our camel as the Hadith says, we need to take

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proactive measures to achieve that success. So the prophets of Salaam receives this news that he's enemy. they're beginning to arm an army. And so then he seems a Sahabi as a spy as a hobby, but he seems he's a hobby breeder. You go to blue Sonic, and you find out the situation and you report back to me Don't fight don't harm anyone. Just report back to me. I want to know that what's really happening. And it's important, of course, is also showing a listen, we don't just act on the rumor. We don't just act without proper information, we need to gather proper information. So the Sahabi bruh. You know, he goes like a spy like a double oh seven mission. He goes undercover. He dresses up

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or dresses down really doesn't show that he's a Muslim. And he goes to this type of banal, Masonic, and he goes to the chief and he says to the chief, I see you are getting ready to fight the battle. And the chief basically says yes, we're going to invade Medina, the Sahabi says, Can I join you? I also want to be part of this army. And the chief says yes, and then this is a hobby they will find out all the details about the bundle Masonic, and of course, he finds out that they are on the verge of attacking Medina. And of course when they attack Medina, they mean to kill the main they mean to take the women as slaves and take the children of slaves and destroy everything. This is the idea.

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This is what the Bible study wants to do. So he immediately returns to Medina, and he tells the prophets of Salaam, this is a situation and how that is about to attack us. So the Prophet peace be upon him decides he makes mature off, he discusses and this was again was his leadership style. He had a panel of senior members, what should we do and the decision is made. We should

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Immediately attack blue static First we will strike them first school, the pre emptive strike. And of course this is permissible in the Sharia. And we'll talk more inshallah about Jihad as we go along. But obviously to defend yourself, and to ensure that you know that you are protected. This is something that is permissible Allah subhanaw taala says that, that we should not fight with those who want peace, those who live peacefully with us, the non Muslims that live peacefully with us, we don't attack them, and we don't harm them. But if they attack us, or they plan to attack us, or they show hostility to us, then of course, it's only normal that we can defend ourselves. So the prophets

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of Salaam organizes an army very quickly. And he innovates the banjo, Masonic and they completely unprepared for this, and if they expected that they could be invaded. So it was I just it was the morning. And all of a sudden, the Bible study finds that the Muslims had surrounded them, and the tribe was completely surrounded and ambushed and attacked. And there wasn't really much fighting because the bombs falling, we're not in a position to attack, the chief ran away. Many of the men escaped, and only a few of them. There were some fighting. So 10 of the battle, Masaryk died during the battle, and one Muslim died accidentally he was injured and he was killed accidentally, and he

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passed away. So 10 of the men who study died, and one of the Muslims died. Amongst the men that had died, was the husband of Julia, the husband of Julia. So now the chief has run away. His daughter, Julia, her husband was one of the generals and he was one of the key soldiers. So obviously he fought and he died. And now she was without a husband. And some kind of law. How do we understand God, if you want to imagine our mother Julia, it will come to know that she was a woman that was extremely beautiful. She was in her early 20s. She was the daughter of the chief which made it happen. She's so she lived a very pampered cultured life, she was extremely soft spoken, and kind

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hearted loving, she's described as being sweet and warm, will come to know that there was never any kind of friction between her and the other wives. She was describing very sweet, very lady like an elegant, cute, if you will, almost almost the word that perhaps is best described is cute and sweet. This is how she's described by de la de la

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jolla, she now husband has just died. And her tribe completely has been overcome by the Muslims. And now per the laws of jihad. And this is a very controversial discussion which will address in our next topic, that in terms of the in terms of the rules of jihad, that when an army you know, we fight with a certain tribe, and in a legitimate a valid jihad. So before we fight jihad, the rules, if it's a valid jihad, we fight and we defeat the enemy, then what happens is we the people that remain behind the enemies, we can take them as prisoners of war, we can take them as prisoners of war, we'll discuss this issue in detail. And what happens is you take even the family members and

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not just the men, the family members, or the women, the children, they become prisoners of war you we keep them as prisoners of war, and the property as well. And a portion of this will go as charities to the prophets of Allah, now that all the enemies will gather together, the wealth was gathered, and they've taken now captive in terms of the rules of jihad. one fifth of this is extracted, and given in charity, the process takes one fifth, and he distributes this in charity. And he can take a portion of that for himself. And so he moves on, and the prophets of Salaam, his policy so how the rules of jihad and we'll talk about this in details of a sensitive issue, the

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prophets of Salaam has the right to take first for himself, whichever of the spoils of war he wants, he can take up the wealth he can take of the animals, he can even take off the slaves for himself. And he looked at the slaves and it was his policy. He never ever in his life took a slave for himself. So he never took a woman or a man or child as a slave. He didn't take anything for himself, he would take that one fifth of the of the spoils of war, and he distributed in charity, and he took a small fraction of the wealth for in terms of his own usage for him and his family. And that was it. So he saw God Yeah, he saw the the other slaves and he wasn't interested in any kind of law, he

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distributed the rest amongst the Sahaba. So I shall says that now the soldiers, each of them to crochet, and an owl mother Julia, she was one of the capitals. She was one of the prisoners. She became the property of a Sahabi called Savage. In any case, I refer your minds back. nabooti be the case. He's a very famous Wahhabi, the Hadith we mentioned it was his wife that one didn't want to marry him. His wife came and complained rasulillah I don't like that, but I want to divorce him. So the Prophet said to her, will you pay back the dowry? So she said, Yes, I'll give back his dowry. So the Prophet says the Vasa so she basically bought herself out the famous Hadith about a woman buying

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herself out called the hula, as we mentioned it to the Sahaba. It was his wife that boats herself out. So even in case he gets joy,

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and what does he do with joy as we might think so finally, what are they doing? abusing these women know what to do? What what what to do?

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happens in reality, you take these people as prisoners of war. And then you ransom them back to the family, you say, Look, I've got your, your son, your daughter, your mother You fought whatever it might be. They my prisoner, let's agree on a price. And we'll answer them and we'll set them free. So this is basically the reason behind the prisoners of war. So therby speaks to your area, and they agree on a certain amount, nine opia law and I'm a certain amount, nine nuclear. So a certain amount of money he agrees will be her and some that she will be given in ransom. And perhaps she didn't even tell him that she was the daughter, the chief's daughter, because obviously, if you are the

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daughter of the chief and the chief had run away, then her price would have been escalated even more. And this is the route in the Sharia that if you have taken a poor person as a prisoner of war, then you charge a low price. And if it's someone that's wealthy and can afford it, they are allowed to charge a higher price. So she basically agreed with having a certain amount, but she didn't personally have that money, plus it added on away so she doesn't have the money. So now she tells me go and I'll try and get the money. And he says no problem. Go ahead. So she's very intelligent. And she also heard about the prophets of Salaam, the kind of man he was, so she comes to speak to the

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prophets of Salaam. she knocks on the doors we could say, and I shall Caesar the first I should say, the first time I shall see her. So I shall cease in a very famous Hadith, he says, You Were Here was a woman that if you saw her, you immediately withdrawn to her sweetness. The Hadith says the sweetness meaning her beauty is her cuteness, and also the goodness in her, you were attracted by her goodness. So the minute I saw her, and I saw this goodness in her, I hated her immediately. And I did not want her to be in the presence of the Lamb. Because I knew once he got to know her, he would also notice that she was there was something special about her she had this internal goodness,

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a mother Julia was an early 20s. At this point in time, the prophets of Salaam was about 5558 years old. And so God comes to the Prophet says, a lamb tells I shall go and meet the Prophet Salaam, initially, I said, No. And why do you want to be Dean? What do you want to do here? But she insists, Oh, hello, she has to meet the professor lamp. So Julia says to the professor lamb, I'm the daughter of unharnessed. I'm the chief daughter. And you know that I have been taken prisoner by therapeutic device. And we agreed on this amount. Now I don't have that money. Can you help me to free me? Now? It's really interesting. Yes, technically, the prophets of Salaam is her dad's arch enemy, you know,

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her dad's main enemy. And in reality, the prophets of Salaam was the leader of the army that attacked the tribe, and she's now prisoner. But she went to him, she realized she knew in her interactions and seen him that he was a man of honor that he was an honest man. So she comes to him and says, Look, I'm asking you for HELP loan me the money, I'll pay you back. So I can pay therapists, I can be free. So the prophets of Salaam says to her, I have a better suggestion. So two options for you, Oh, God, you have two options. One, I lend you the money, you pay for a bit, and you can go free, no problem. or second option, I will propose to you marry me. And I will pay a fair

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bit and he will set you free. And that will be your dowry.

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And Julia accepts the proposal. Now one might ask Subhanallah Why would you wait here accept this proposal? Why would she accept it? Because she's not only thinking about herself. She's thinking about a whole tribe, that the whole tribe has been taken prisoner, that if she is married to the prophets of Salaam, then this puts her in a position to help her people. And so she accepts the marriage entity exactly the way she had anticipated because once the professor married her, and he pays that amount and set her free, it wasn't her dowry. After she went through her it was obviously a husband, I have to go through an in depth. She became the wife of the Prophet, salsa lamb. And

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when it was announced that Julia, the daughter of the chief is the wife of the prophet SAW Selim, the Sahaba thought to themselves, how can we keep the in laws of the Prophet Susan as captive? So Julius cousin is now someone else's captive. God is Auntie uncle, her nephew, her brother and sister. They are all prisoners of war. So the Sahaba thought how can we the in laws or the seller as capitals, so the Sahaba agreed without the province of some telling them, they all agreed that we will sit the balloon static, all of the people free that until every single member of Julius tribe was it free. The property wasn't given back but they will sit free while hamdulillah before the

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bunny Masonic leaves, they basically before they park or they leave the Muslims, her father and Harris ran away, who escaped need anyway, he got these courage back and he he thought to himself, I can't allow my daughter to be the slave of Muhammad. He basically heard that his daughter was now under the custody of the of the prophets of Salaam. He obviously thought this man has taken my daughter. I need to go back

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And Gita. So he got 100 camels together to buy her freedom. And he goes to the prophets of Salaam and just before he reaches the prophets of Solomon hide it looks and he sees two camels, which are really smart camels, camels that he really liked. So he lived two camels hidden in the desert, and he took 98 to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so how this comes down to the Salah miniseries of Mohammed I have come to know what happened to my duty god yeah, years 98 camels be a reasonable man sell her back to our buyer and set her free so the prophets of Salaam basically said he looks at your idea. And he did the same thing he said to the kids parents remember he said to say the same

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thing that you add here is not here by force. Any sister Oh God, yeah. If you would like to leave you obviously my wife I will give you tala

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tala, I give you the dollar up to you, meaning you can in the marriage, it's up to you. If you want to divorce thick, you know, any soil Howdy. I don't want your camels even though give me 98 camels. God, you can go free. Why? Why would the Prophet Salaam sitter and later go just like that, because in his mind, because Allah wanted to wait, he has time to be set free. And he wanted also from her from this marriage, we get married, your tribe becomes allies with me. They were about to fight us now. We don't fight anymore. The marriage has succeeded. So you may go free of charge without any without any problems. Her father had it is very happy. And he basically says situada Come, let's go.

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Don't embarrass me. Let's go. And Jodie says to her father, I don't want to divorce. I want to remain with him. He's my husband. I want to stay here. So she maybe only spent a few weeks with the Prophet asylum as his wife, and she felt genuinely in love with him. And she says to her father, I want to stay with him. I don't want to leave. And Heidi says you're humiliating me. You're embarrassing me what's wrong with you? And she says, No, I don't want to go so hard. It is upset but there's nothing you can do. So he leaves and as he's about as he's walking away, the prophets of Salaam sister will Harris and Harris come here. You came to basically buy her for 98 camels. What

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about the other two camels that you had eaten in the desert? What about those two camels? So now Harris realizes that the prophets of Salaam is genuine that he said really and Abby obviously didn't believe it was a prophet. Now he realizes this really is a prophet and immediately inherited. Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah salam, I the witness none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, and that you are the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he embraced Islam. When he's tired he is that the chief Sheriff has become a Muslim. All of them embrace Islam. Also, every single one of them becomes Muslim to follow the leader. And the prophets of Salaam says, Now

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I'll hide if you are still in charge of your tribe. You are my enemy. I mean, yesterday yesterday I had wanted to kill the Prophet Salaam. Now he's a Muslim. So he says you are stolen the tribal leader but he was phallic. And the prophecies of orders as a harbor, all of the wealth you took all the bamboo static returning to them, sort of almost Alec went home, all of them freed all of them with the property, and all of them had embraced Islam. So if we look at the wisdom in this marriage, that initially the province fella had no issue with a man whose phallic, they wanted to harm the Muslims. And they were an enemy to Islam. Instead of fighting them, what happened from one marriage

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and enemy to Islam, all of them embraced Islam, they received the property, and now they are an ally, they are on the side of the Muslims against the kurush. So one marriage had achieved all of the system marriage between here and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And that's why I says about, I've never met a woman that brought more blessing to her people enjoy to hear that she actually saved her entire tribe, not only from being slaves, not only being capitalist in the dunya, but she actually saved them from jahannam because they embraced Islam. Now, of course, this is a very awkward issue. prisoners of war will talk about this in detail in our next episode, the prisoners of

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war. What the Sharia says how should we treat them? Why is this even allowed Islam will talk even later on about slavery who take women as slaves. What does this mean? You find in the Quran, the Quran says that you can be intimate with your wives, and with the women that you hold in your right hand. What does this mean? We'll talk about that inshallah. In weeks to come, and we'll talk more about our mother Julia, what was it like for her being a wife of the prophet SAW Selim? What do we know about her? And what happened to her after the death of Salaam for any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] Allah hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh