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Can We Take Advantage of Christmas Sales _

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How about going to the bazaars on the day of their Aedes? Okay, how about going to their

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shopping malls and taking advantage of

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How about that? One?

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the name

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Mr. Mohammed was asked

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about going to the bizarre on the day of the Christian celebrations. And by the way, in all civilizations, the bazaars have extra on this days of celebration. This is human culture, correct. human culture. When you're in India, Diwali, the birth the bizarre idea that when you're in, you know, the Zoroastrian the places, knows when you're in these lands, you know, Thanksgiving, what is human nature, when you're in Pakistan, the days of eight by one, get three free in Pakistan every time you know, then you still bargain for the fourth one for you anyway. So the point being that it's human nature, where there is a holy day, there's going to be bazaars that are offering

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concessions, Mr. Mohammed was asked, Can we go to the bazaars of the Christians on their holy days? And he said, if he is going to the bazaar, and he doesn't go to the church, that is not a problem anymore. Muhammad was on the more stricter side of the Medina and this, but even He's like, what's the big deal? You're going to the bizarre, you're taking advantage of the shopping, you're not getting involved in the worship, you're not going to the church, on the holy day, and even shareholder Sam, even taymiyah, who generally speaking is one of the strictest rules when it comes to celebrations. And I have no problem with that opinion. But do realize there are other opinions as

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I'm going to mention. But even shareholders have even taymiyah he was asked about buying on the Holy Days of the Christians and whatnot. And he said that no problem you can purchase from them on their holy days. But he did add, you should not sell to them things that they're going to use for their festivals. So he's going to do something that's going to be under worshipping other than although you should not sell it to them. So that's with regards to taking advantage of sales and what had no problem

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in nothing.

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