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Indeed whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there's no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhana wa tada and bear witness and testify that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet, and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says yeah, you hola Gina Manu taco la haka to hottie wallet mo tune in LA we're unto Muslim moon. Oh you who believe have Taqwa of Allah, the way that it is befitting that Allah have Taqwa of and do not die,

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except in a state of Islam. My dear brothers and sisters, we live in an age of spiritual crisis. We live in an age of materialism where our ROI and its needs are barely met, where a new generation of Muslims sometimes is even doubting its faith. And we have to remind ourselves, we have to remind ourselves not only of the truth of our religion, but also to be fed from the spirituality to make sure that the mind remains strong in our hearts. And today's chutzpah is about the single greatest mechanism to strengthen Eamon the single greatest factor to make us realize that our religion is true and that it is from Allah subhana wa tada and that is in the miracle of the Quran. Nothing

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increases our eemaan like reciting the Koran like listening to the Quran. Nothing fortifies our soul, like the book of Allah subhana wa Taala nothing answers the doubts of the naysayers, all of the doubts that people bring about religion, nothing answers them as effectively as effectively as the book of Allah subhana wa tada does. And this is something that is actually mentioned in the Quran and in the Sunnah, because it is the Sunnah of Allah, even Allah has sunders even Allah has customs. It is the Sunnah of a law that Allah blesses His prophets, with miracles that his people can understand, to know that the Prophet is speaking the truth. Look at the previous miracles, the

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prophet SAW that was sent to the nation of the mood. And what did the mood do? The mood was able to carve into mountains for mood build structures inside mountains to this day, we wonder how did they build those structures? And when the prophet SAW that came, what was the miracle given to sada Allah xojo gifted him the camel, what was the camel? You think you can create structures out of mountains, a lot can create life out of mountains. You think you are so high and mighty and powerful that you can carve a room into a mountain? Can you create a sheet Campbell from a mountain? Look at the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam. He was sent to Freetown and the people around they excelled in the dark

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arts in magic and said they excelled and said they managed to do feats of service that would Amaze The crowds. In front of all of Egypt. They did these quote unquote miracles which was nothing but magic. You hear me say Adam and Natasha, they made the people think that the staffs that they have were like snakes because they could wiggle they made the people see the wiggling and they said this is a great magic that you can fool 10,000 people then what did Allah subhana wa tada do? Allah didn't just pretend to wiggle some stuffs. Allah created life from those steps. Allah created life from those steps and in front of their eyes. It wasn't a miracle of an illusion. It was an actual

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miracle of creation that Allah created snakes from those steps. And that is why the magicians recognize this is not a feat of of the eye. This is not a joke. This is from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Prophet Isa Jesus. He came in a group of people, the Romans, they prided themselves on their medicine. They prided themselves that we can heal the cure. We have reached a level of medicinal expertise that no one before us has done and perhaps they were right for their time and frame. What did Allah send Isa with? Can you cure the leper? Can you heal the blind? Can you resurrect the dead

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By the permission of Allah, and they realize this is not magic. This is not medicine. This is from Allah subhana wa Tada. The point being, every nation

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to whom a prophet was sent, their miracle reflected their culture so that they best appreciate the miracle. Our navy seal, Allahu Allah He was sending was sent to the Arabs and who were the Arabs. What did they pride themselves in? They did not pride themselves in medicine. They were not experts of the Dark Arts in magic. They didn't carve things into structures, what was their source of pride, it was their eloquence. It was there but Allah, it was there lo ha, that's what they considered themselves to be the best debt. And every year after the Hajj, when all of the tribes of Arabia were gathered before Islam, the Arab tribes would send their best poets and their equivalent of the Nobel

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Prize, the equivalent of the Academy, the Oscars, the Emmys, who was given to not to actors to poets, they prize poets like they prize no one else. And the best poetry was honored by being hung on the cab. And for a few generations, at least one generation before the coming of the profits of the law, it would send them there were seven famous poems called and what I love most about the seven hanging poems or hanging ODEs, because they were tacked to the door of the Kaaba. So there are upstarts who can beat us in eloquence, then Allah azza wa jal sent the Koran upon a person who was not known for his poetry. He was not known for being a poet, he had no poetic experience. And that

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was the miracle. A person who could not even read and write a person who did not have the type of formal education of reading and literature and writing that one would expect from a poet. Yes, an honest person. Yes, an amazing person, but somebody who was not known to read and write lahmacun tatak lumen kubla him and Kitab in Walla Tohoku BIA? minick, either alertable multitone. Neither this isn't the Quran. Neither did you write a book before this, nor did you recite any poetry before the Quran came down. If you were able to recite poetry, maybe those who have doubt could have doubted the Quran. But you were not known for this. You will not known to be an author. You are not

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known to be a poet. And yet overnight, the Quranic miracle comes down. And this was the proof that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was the real prophet. And this is something that is demonstrated in the Quran itself. There are five verses in the Quran exactly five, that are called the verses of challenge is when they challenge mankind to produce something similar to the Koran. If you're in doubt as to the Quran, Allah is saying you're not sure if the Quran is from Allah, you're not sure if this is a divine message. Then Allah says, Bring a book similar to it. They couldn't do that. So then Allah lowered it bring 10 suitors actually sort of bring 10 suitors, they couldn't do it. Then

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Allah says bring something similar they couldn't do it. Then Allah subhana wa tada seal the challenge by the verse in Surah, Al Baqarah, which we all know we're in control theory, the man azana Allah aptina. If you are in doubt that this book is from Allah, if you're in doubt, then what should you do? let them bring surah Timothy, one surah like it? What do you do Shahada come and do the law. In this challenge. Allah is saying, I'm even allowing you to go ahead and cheat. Go ahead and get the help of anyone besides Allah. Go ahead and get all of mankind to bring three verses one surah like it, then Allah seal the challenge for elim to follow. Well then to follow if you cannot

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do it, and you shall never be able to do it. Then if you doubt the Koran, there is no alternative other than Jana, you have failed the challenge. You're allowed to cheat with anyone, bring all of the gin bring all of the ins and bring three verses similar to it. This is a simple challenge. And Allah seal the challenge because the challenge said, You shall never be able to do it. And this is called the verses of the head deep are the verses of the miraculous nature of the Quran. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it isn't Sahaba hottie maman Bian. There has never been a prophet, except that Allah has given him miracles because of which his people believed in him. There

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has never been a prophet, except that Allah has given him miracles because of which his people have believed in him. And then he says something that is a bit strange. He said what in

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and the only miracle that I have been given. Now pause here before I finished the Hadith, the Hadees

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translates as the only miracle I have been given. But technically, he had been given other miracles as well. I mean, after all, how many times did food become a lot in his presence? How many times did water come from his hands? How many times did things happen that the Sahaba realized that this is a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So then how can he say the only miracle I have been given the response? It is true, he was given many miracles and many books have been written about the miracles of the process of actually a moment they have the famous great scholar died 1000 years ago, he wrote a 16 volume book, no exaggeration, 16 volumes, entitled the miracles of the prophets of Allah, why'd

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you send him he has been given a lot of miracles. So that why is he saying sallallahu? I said, I'm the only miracle. Two things number one, all of these other miracles, yes, they happen without a doubt. But they were done primarily primarily for the Muslims to see, or as a result of a circumstance or situation not as a response to a challenge, not as a response, I want to see a miracle, show me You're a prophet. And secondly, the quantity and the quality of this miracle is so magnificent, that all of the other miracles are trivial compared to it. Yes, indeed, our Prophet says and made a small amount of food a lot. But so did many prophets before him. Yes, indeed, he was

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saved from the Quran multiple times, but so too many prophets were saved from their people and circumstance. So the miracle that is the mother of all miracles, the miracle that eclipses all other miracles, the miracle that is the definitive miracle of the rissalah mohammedia. The result of our prophets of the law, either he was setting them is the miracle of the Quran. That's why he has the right to say, and the only miracle I have been given everything else is trivial compared to this. The only miracle I have been given is the Koran. The only miracle is the Quran. And then he said, and that is why I am optimistic, that I shall have the largest oma on the Day of Judgment. What has

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the largest omega to the miracle of the Quran?

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This has he shows us that the miracle of the Quran is so miraculous that all of the other miracles of all of the other prophets don't even come close to the miracle of the Quran. Why? Because what did he linked the miracle of the Quran to the number of the oma? He said because of the Quran, I'm optimistic that I shall have the largest oma, what does that indicate about the Koran that it is the most effective miracle that Allah has ever revealed to any profit bar none. No exceptions. The Quran is the miracle of miracles. The Quran is the greatest miracle that Allah has ever sent to any prophet. And that is why our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is saying, therefore I'm optimistic. I

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shall have the largest oma on piano. And you know what? That has already been proven. The Muslim oma is the largest oma. It has always been in terms of quantity. It is the largest oma in the history of mankind. No oma has been larger than the oma our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the other members, they might statistically be more, but as we know, theologically, they have strayed, they're not technically following the teachings of Jesus or Moses anymore. So in terms of those who are faithful to their Prophet, more than a billion Muslims of this generation, and all of the billions that have come add all of the billions that will continue to come, there is no question that merely

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in terms of quantity, the Muslim Ummah is the largest, and the profit systems prediction has fallen true. Now,

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our scholars have mentioned Why is the miracle of the Quran more powerful than all the other miracles? What makes I mean, after all, Isa Moosa Mossad, they all have their miracles, why is the miracle of the Quran more powerful, and our scholars have mentioned that this is actually because of two primary points that make this miracle different from the other miracles of the previous prophets. Two points that make this miracle different from the miracle of all of the previous prophets. Number one,

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the miracle

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and the message is one and the same. You see, go back 1000 years, 2000 years, 5000 years, every prophet comes and he has a book, he has a message, and then he has a miracle to prove the book and the message. Moosa had the staff he had the hand he did all of that he did. He's resurrected the dead here the complete cured the blind healed the leper sammut saw that he did what he did. So there's a miracle and there's a message and the two are disconnected from one another. The Miracle proves the message. The message comes after the miracle.

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How about the Quran?

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The message is the miracle and the

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Miracle is the message. The Quran does not need external validation to prove it. The Quran is intrinsically able to prove itself without needing any external miracle to prove the truth of the Quran, no previous book can claim this. So the proof and the boast the response and the challenge, the miracle and the message is combined in one and no previous scripture could claim that this is unique. Number two, and it is related to point number one. Number two, the Quran

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is removed from the constraints of time and place. If I asked you, do you believe that Moosa and his staff became a snake, every Muslim? He will say yes, if I asked you Do you believe that his answer was light? You will say yes. If I asked you, do you believe he said, resurrected Lazarus from the grave? You will say yes, I believe I asked you why do you believe what will you say? The Quran says? So? Did you see it? Did anybody you know see it? Did you physically witness this miracle? No, we simply have to believe what has happened before and we believe now the miracle of the Quran? Did you have to be in seventh century Arabia to witness that miracle? Or is it accessible to you here and

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now 4000 miles away 1400 years later, the Quran is timeless. The Quran has removed the constraints of time and place, any human being anywhere in the world, in any society, in any frame of time, in any place and location can witness the miracle directly. And what other miracle can claim this what other miracle, every other miracle, you need to have been an eyewitness or else you're simply believing other people which is fine, we believe the Quran we believe in other people, but the miracle of the Quran is independent of a particular time and place and hence our Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them has every right to say, I therefore am optimistic that I will have the

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largest oma because the Quran is not constrained by time in place. Any non Muslim wants to challenge the Quran here, here it is read it, listen to it, ponder over it and see if you can produce a chapter similar to it. The challenge is still operative. The Quran is still here amongst us that we can read and recite what other miracle can claim this. Therefore, there is no question that the origin is the ultimate miracle. And our scholars have written many treatises and many books about this, and in a few minutes our remaining in their first hold, but I wanted to illustrate what some of our scholars have said about how the origin is miraculous. We talked about two points that makes

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the miracle of the Quran different from other miracles fine understood. Now the question arises, what is so miraculous about the Quran, what makes the Quran unique, and our scholars mentioned a long list more than 15 points are mentioned. And even these 15 The fact of the matter is no list can comprehend no list can suffice. You can keep on going on and on and on. But for the purposes of this clip, but let me just mention very quickly, six or seven things that make the Koran miraculous The most obvious of them and the most self evident and the one that the Quran understood immediately was the language and the style, the rhetoric and the eloquence of the Koran. Nothing ever composed by

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men resembles the Quran, go look at the seven points then look at the server, go look at pre Islamic poetry go look at all types of what is called nothing and rhythm and rhyme of pre Islamic post Islam, the genre of the Quran, the style of the Quran, the eloquence of the Quran, is something that no human has even come close to. It truly is timeless. And that is why when the greatest poets have heard it, when the greatest poets of Arabia heard it, they didn't know what to do. They were mesmerized. It is mentioned in the Quran multiple instances of the surah. Allah azzawajal mentions are worried for example, even about what he did when he heard the Koran Abuja held the enemy of

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Islam at night he would go stand outside the house of the prophecies and to listen to the Quran being recited because it was mesmerizing. He didn't know how to interpret it. So many of the Quran even as they rejected the Quran, they didn't know how to explain it, because it was a typical, and this is something that every one of us recognizes and realizes Subhana Allah even if we don't speak Arabic, we appreciate the beauty of the Quran. So this is the obvious point. And our scholars have written many books and treatises going into detail about what is so unique about the language and style of the Koran. The second point that we'll mention, and this list is not exhaustive, there is

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much to be said. The second point will mention the preservation of the Quran and the prediction of the preservation. This is unique. It's one thing to be preserved. It's one thing Allah says in the book is going to be preserved in the camera. We're in the hula half moon. If you study the literature and the Holy Scripture of any other civilization, you will

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See, the Quran is in its own category, not the Gita of Hinduism, not the books of ancient Buddhism, not the Old Testament, not the New Testament. Nothing is even in the same category as puranic preservation. We have the earliest manuscripts of some of the earliest manuscripts of the Quran, the Koran was compiled and written down in the lifetime of the prophets of the licen of the in rudimentary form within a year after his death when all of the major Sahaba were alive, the first from Fatiha to NAS compilation was done. aboubaker has to do then in the time of it with Manuel de la jolla. It was standardized across the oma so that no two groups we differ about everything. We

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don't differ about the Quran. Our Muslim Omar has so many Steeler fans. There are no versions of the Quran, there is but one Koran around the globe. No other religion can claim this and the beauty Allah said so from the beginning, I'm going to preserve it Don't worry. The third point will mention is the predictions of the Quran. The Quran predicts things that's going to happen. For example, the famous incident of the Romans in the Persians What about the room fee? Well, whom in bad the holiday him c'est la buena fee but there is a need in a few years. Allah says right now the Romans have lost in a few years, the Romans will win over the Persians and this happened and the Quran speaks in the

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future tense. And it happened in the lifetime of the Sahaba and other predictions as well of the miracles of the Quran. The miraculous nature of the Quran is something that we rarely think about. And the Quran mentions it as being a miracle. And that is the stories of the Quran. The stories of the ancient prophets. You see the outer people's, the the corporation and all of the outer tribes. They were disconnected from Bani Israel. They have nothing to do with the children of his house. The stories of the Old Testament are not known in mucca Yusuf and this happened what's happening with even even know when the flood and Ibrahim This is not something that Arabs are concerned with Moosa

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and what happened with Musa is not something that people of MK are talking about. There are no Bibles in Arabic at the time, there is no library in Mecca. This knowledge is not just not known, it is unheard of. And in the middle of Arabia, a shepherd comes along without any formal education without the capability to read and write without having a library. And he begins narrating the tales that are known to all other civilizations. Imagine in a pre internet era when the world was cut off and whatnot, you found a tribe in Brazil cut off from all of society, and it knows the history is that what is going on in Rome and Persia. It knows everything that's happening in the world and

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telling you its stories. You will say how did this tribe get this information? And Allah mentions this in the Koran woman quintella day you will not dare your rasulillah you will not dare when they argued you were not there when Allah spoke to spoke to Moosa you were not there when zecharia and the angel came, Allah mentions in the Quran that these stories are a miracle. How did you know this makuta Allah Maha and tala Pomona public neither you know your people knew these stories before the revelation of the Quran. Number four of the miracles of the Quran I will go very quickly the theology in the middle of an idolatrous society. The Quran preaches a unique monotheism, a

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monotheism that is unheard of strict monotheism, belief in a lot of belief in the angels belief in Qatar. The theology is unique and it makes sense how can I Shepherd in the seventh century comfort with this perfect and that's why Allah says what would your deco bond lend for? hada? You did not know my Quinta de mal kita who was a man you did not know you're a surah Allah, what was the Kitab the Koran what was a man until we sent it down to you? Number six, the laws and the morality of the Quran. The Sharia of Islam, in a society where racism was rampant. Allah says all mankind we created you from one man and one and one woman and we made you different races and tribes so that you can

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get to know one another. Allah eliminated racism in a society that preferred men over women and allow women to be buried alive. The first revelations We then move to suey, let's be a thembinkosi law protecting females protecting those innocent lady girls that were killed in a society where lawlessness was rampant where there was no happen Boulton Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Koran laws about truth, about honesty about justice about virtue, and that's what Jaffa sodic said to the negus that only guess we were a society immersed in Jay Z, we will do every type of sin. Then Allah sent us a prophet with the revelation that taught us truth from falsehood. So the laws and the

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ethics of the Quran and will conclude because of time of the things that are miraculous about the Quran is the impact of the Quran has on those who listen to it simply by listening to the Quran. You know, in your instinct in your fitrah your gut of guts, your heart of hearts, you know that this is from Allah, and the beauty and I speak as somebody who did not know Arabic and once upon a time I for my whole entire life until I was 20. did not speak Arabic. I did not understand any Arabic. The beauty of

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us who are non Arabs and we don't understand the phrase of Arabic, even us when we hear the Quran, we know this is not the speech of a man. We know this is the speech of Allah the impact the emotions, the crying, the fear, the hope that a language we don't even understand has upon us. This cannot be holy Bashar. This is the column of Rob bilberry. Yeah. And that's the beauty and the miracle of the Quran. And Allah mentions this in the Quran way the semi romanza a lot of people when they hear what has been recited to the Prophet system, do you find them crying? This is upon non Muslims that are good. Allah says good non Muslims righteous non Muslims when they hear the Quran,

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you find them impacted. And you know, there are YouTube videos of famous people being put the Quran on earphone for the first time we see the impact some of them crying, some of the mesmerized they cannot understand what they have heard the impact of the on on the culture that is pure. It is a miracle from Allah. And the final point will mention and again, this is not an exhaustive list. The final point we'll mention which is a miracle that is palpable we can sense it, we can see it we can feel it is the miracle of the memorization of the Quran. And this is something that once again, we as Muslims undervalue, undervalue completely when somebody becomes a half of the monsters Oh,

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Mashallah, good boy. Move on? Do you not realize that a 10 year old child memorizing 600 pages in a language that he doesn't even understand is a walking talking living miracle? Can you memorize one page in a language you don't understand? If I were to give you if you don't speak Japanese? I gave you a page of Japanese could you memorize that page in 10 minutes? Five minutes 15 minutes? How about memorizing 600 pages in a language you don't even understand without a single mistake how to cup sukoon word for word letter for letter the whole fall or walking miracles that this is a Book from Allah subhana wa tada every half filled is an Im in a Attila he tada because no other book can

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be memorized like this bell who turn by turn fi pseudo the Latina o to a woman shows in the Koran. These are clear verses in the hearts of those who have no other book has been preserved in this manner. No other book can be memorized with such ease. No other book has that impact. No other book has within it the theology the morality, the laws of the Koran, and my dear brothers and sisters. Allah has praised himself because of the Quran to Baraka Latinas, lol for Karna Allah Abdi tabarrok to Allah who has sent the Koran down Alhamdulillah Hilaire De Anza, Allah, Allah Abdullah Kitab All Praise be to Allah who has sent the Koran down. Allah is worthy of being worshipped because of the

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Koran. This is the miracle of the Quran. May Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran, and may make us of those who is verses they understand and those who applies headed and held on throughout our lifespan. I asked Allah to forgive me you as well asked him He is the fool, man

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hamdu lillahi wa Haddad, I had a summit a lady lemmya did what a mule that what am ecologo for and I had to do. My dear brothers and sisters indeed the Quran is the miracle of miracles but it was not revealed to be put on a shelf It was not revealed to be written in decorative script and left there. It was not revealed to be put in a fancy cover only to be brought down when somebody has died and not used for the living. Dear Muslims make the Koran a regular part of your lives. Dear Muslims, listen to the Koran, memorize the Quran, read the Quran. Nothing increases your Eman like the Quran. Nothing cleanses your heart from the rest of the dunia like the Koran nothing gives you the European

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that Islam is from Allah that the prophet SAW some is true other than the Quran. The Quran is the most effective miracle that any prophet has ever been given and that's why Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran we should be thankful for the Quran. naka de mundo la vida meanie Allah has favored the believers by sending them a prophet who recites his verses to them, the sending of the Prophet the revelation of the book, Allah has favored the believers. Allah says in the Quran, that brother for the ayatollah where he forbids radical failure for my own, that rather from Allah Rama and His Signs You should be thankful for that rather than the dunya the series as even abovesaid

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Allah is referencing the coming of the Prophet system and the revelation of the Quran. Allah says Furby that deca failure for let them be happy that they have the Koran, let them be happy that Allah has sent them a profit. It is much better than all the money that they can combine. Let us

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Appreciate the Quran and how do we appreciate the Quran by listening to it, memorizing it, understanding it, reciting it by surrounding ourselves with it. Dear Muslims when you're driving in the car don't just listen to news all the time you forget the news by tomorrow, put on a few minutes of the Quran. Dear Muslims as you have breakfast every single day for your body, have some breakfast for your soul. Wake up 510 minutes earlier and just read two verses one paragraph half a page one page every day, let no day go by except that you feed your soul a little bit of the Quran so that insha Allah hota Allah the Quran will have the impact on you that it should have read the Quran

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before it is too late and it is read over you read the Koran before judgment day comes because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the Quran is either a hurdle for you or against you. It will either bear witness for you or against you. There is no middle ground. Either the Quran is your ally or it is not and we seek refuge from it being not our ally, Oklahoma in NIDA Aminu Allahu Allah

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illallah wa, ala foraged up whether they in an illa kobita wala Maria Illa Shia feta, whether I see it on Eliza SATA, Aloma fildena What if one interlinear una minima and voila, kuruvilla Hilda Linda Dena Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah, Islam and Muslim in Allah whom is Islam and Muslim in Allah whom is Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Aradhana orada Islam all Muslim in a suit and federal aid who've been upset which altered mirabito v khoja. Aziz revised the law in no law to how the American gambling better behaved NFC was an American kudos he was LSA become manjinder he will insert for card as employed in idema. In Nola warmer Ecuador he'll soluna Alan nebby Yeah, you Hello

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Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Aloma suddenly we're settling robotic well and I have the karasuma Mohammed Ali he was like the US Marine rebels a law in the law hotel under your mobile idly what you're signing with the Oba when her and in fact she will moon Carnival belly there it will come lander come to the Quran

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which Guru has come

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