Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ #105 – Are We Allowed to Purchase or Own a Guard Dog (or Guide Dog)

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of dog owners being discouraged and the need for them to be protected from predators. They emphasize the importance of hunting dogs for their loyal nature and the need for them to be protected from predators. The legal framework for purchasing and selling dogs is discussed, including the requirement for owners to have a dogs in their houses and not to use them as a hunting tool. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not giving money to anyone who is using a dog for a specific reason and the need for owners to have a dogs in their homes to avoid the risk of getting the dog protected.
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We have sister, unknown or unknown, asking that she would like to purchase a dog to protect their house because she said she lives in a large house somewhat isolated from other houses. And at times her husband travels for work, so she would feel safer having a dog on the property. So firstly, is this allowed? And secondly, she read a photo that even if she were to get a dog, she cannot purchase the dog with money because of a headache that you cannot purchase the dog with money. So how can she get this dog? And I'm going to add another question here as well. Sister Rena says that she has a special needs child. And the doctors have said that a trained dog would help this child. What is the

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ruling on that?

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out of seven,

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poverty in the region?

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No, he lay him first ellu Lake Erie?

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So the answer is that we're all familiar with that our Prophet sallallahu I said, I'm strongly discouraged owning a dog that is strongly discouraged. And the Hadith is Bukhari and Muslim that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever acquires a dog or whoever owns a dog that he doesn't need for his cultivation, or you know, for his

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sheep that basically shepherding, right, so basically, the dog is protecting the the the the sheep, or the dog is protecting the land or something that whoever does not have a dog of that nature, sorry, whoever acquires a dog, not for those reasons, then every single day, the amount of good deeds, like the level of a clear author, the amount of clear out some have said the characters like the mountain of water at some of the smaller or larger, but basically every single day, a large amount of good deeds will be diminished from the good deeds that he is doing. So basically, we are strongly discouraged. And this is the position of basically the vast majority. Now. Now, a lot of

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people obviously, this is not the Remember, this is the rapid q&a today. So I'm not going to go into a lot of detail. But a lot of people are confused. Dogs are so cute, I want to have dogs, etc, etc. But sometimes we do not understand the wisdom of a shadier ruling. And sometimes we do. And in this particular case, the max that can be said, is that maybe because the saliva of the dog is considered nudges, by the way, it's only the saliva of the dog that is nudges. This is the strongest position as for the body of the dog, the hair of the dog, this is not just but the saliva of the dog, whatever the dog licks, you cannot pray on that or wearing that the dog licks anything, you have to

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take that garment off and wash it, or wear another garment or whatever. And if the dog licks you, you have to wash yourself at that place before you pray obviously otherwise, before that time, it's not you don't have to immediately go and do that. So the point being that some people say that, why can't we have a dog and the response is Allah knows best really, we do not have a specific reason maybe it's because of the Adjust of the saliva. Allah knows best, whatever it might be, whatever the reason might be. The Quran has clearly allowed one category of dogs and that is the dogs of halt hunting. It is explicit in certain Merida that

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a larger says in the Koran, why lemina to alimony Malema Kamala local minima Alamo Kamala that the fakuma second article tourismo la la that the dogs that you have that you have trained to hunt, you may hunt with them as long as they you mentioned the name of Allah and then you may eat from what they have caught for you. So the Quran is explicit that hunting dogs are allowed, when you have hunting dogs, you will be around them you will be training them they will be jumping all over you they will love you as dogs do. And this is the Quran allows this Okay, so we have to be careful here that, you know, we have to be careful about not going to extremes when it comes to the issues of

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dogs. Dogs, by their nature are loyal and they're loving. And the fact that you're going to be training a hunting dog means it's more loyal to than to anybody else. And this is explicitly allowed in the Koran so a righteous man can have multiple dogs for hunting, it's not a matter of life and death, it's a matter of just pleasure hunting, you don't have to have hunting dog isn't just a matter of life and death. So the origin allows a dog for a reason. And the sooner allows it for other reasons. And that is for example, agricultural, you know protecting the agriculture you know, so making sure that it's it's any predators that are going to harm the the prey or harm the crops,

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you know, any animals that come and also the Shepherd Dog, right, so the person who has a lot of sheep, so the dogs basically help in gathering the sheep or whatnot. And once again, these dogs will be like all the dogs that we know in our times like the the loyalty of dogs the love that the dogs have, they're going to be jumping up and now they're going to be

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Looking at the master, this is the way that it goes, that's the way that you know, every single dog is under Sharia, and the sooner allows for that to happen and considers it to be permissible. Now, based on this, a number of minima have said that this means that any time there is not even a hajer, but there is some benefit, because, see, again, hunting dog is not something that is a matter of life and death. I mean, if you really needed to, you would go you know, shoot with a bow and arrow if you wanted to, and you don't have to be starving to go and get to a hunting dog, you can have a hunting dog for sports, you can have a hunting dog has just a passion like you just want to is not

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something that you have to be dying or a very dire situation. So if it is allowed for all of this, then many aroma and this is the majority position have allowed having dogs for any legitimate need. The famous chef Ricardo erotically, he says in the famous commentary, he has, that our shafr scholars, they said that it is allowed to acquire a dog for anybody who wishes to hunt, or anybody who wishes to guard vegetation, basically plantations and cultivation, or anybody, you know, who wishes to use as a shepherd dog. So these three, then he said, Our mother has deferred for any other reason, a fourth reason, for example, to guard the house, for example, right, and, you know, or for,

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you know, other types of purposes. And some scholars of our men have said, it is not allowed, because these three are mentioned explicitly, however, the majority said, and this is the correct opinion, that you make an apology about these three, and any hajer anything that is needed, that a dog can help you with, you may acquire a dog for that, and the shaft is called a holy bushel Vini as well, he says that, it is allowed to acquire a dog for anybody who will use it to hunt, or anybody that will have any type of

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protection, that is going to be for the cultivation or type of the animals. And it was then also allowed to train a puppy or a dog so that he can then be of benefit to the, to the master to the to the owner. So all of this is very clear. And therefore based on this, if you feel that a dog is going to be something that will give you because again, the dog is in many ways far better than an alarm, because it has a human it has a sense when a human is coming. And it's gonna bark and scare the person, you know, and it you know, and it has other benefits as well. And therefore, if you feel that a dog is something that will help you and definitely the other sister asked about a dog for a

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child of special needs, there is no question, you know, a seeing dog for a person who cannot see, or a person might have a type of, you know, issue maybe ADHD or whatever it having an animal will make that person calm or whatever it might be. There's no question that this is more important than a hobby of hunting through the dog. So there's no question that in such a circumstance, dogs would be allowed. And of course, a seeing dog or a dog that is for a special needs child will be inside the house. And therefore all that should be done is there should be one area of the house that is dedicated for the seller, and the dog should not be going over there. And before you pray, make sure

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that you're close in your hands or do not have any of the saliva other than that really you should try your best to not have it inside the house. For the protection dog but in case you need to and in case there is a hairdryer for this, make sure that there is an area that is definitely pure to pray in that and and you will be allowed to have that. Now the other question that she asked is that she said that she can't she came across a fatwa that even if the dog because she apparently should be reading the photos and understandably she came across one that said she cannot purchase the dog she must somehow acquire it or train it. And you have heard correctly there is such a fatwa. In fact,

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this is based on the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, which is what difficulty that the Prophet says. And I know her and seminal Kelby he forbade the price of a dog, okay? What does this mean? It means that he considered it to be he considered it to be something that should not happen, you should not give money for a dog. This is the interpretation of the majority, that you should not purchase a dog with money. And this is the standard position of a number of schools. This is the position of the the shaffir ease and the humble is the majority position within the school there are dissenting voices. And by the way, every time I give you a school, realize that you will always find

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within that school one or two or maybe more scholars that are disagreeing on giving you like the default or the main. So the shafr isn't the humble is by and large. They said that they took this literally and they said

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said, even if you need one of these dogs that are allowed, you need to either acquire it from a previous owner that no longer needs it and he cannot send it to you. Or you need to get an untrained dog as a puppy and train it yourself or have somebody come and pay and train it because you're allowed to pay the trainer. But according to these two schools, you cannot pay for the price of the dog itself. And they again base it on this idea that he forbade the price of the dog Now, the other two schools the Hanafi school, they said that the dog is basically an animal that you it's a beneficial animal in other circumstances like all other animals that can be bought and sold. Just

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because you cannot own you know, dog doesn't mean you cannot buy, buy and sell for legitimate reason. And the Maliki's as well. They said that any dog that can be acquired legally can be sold legally as seeing dog or a dog that's a protector dog or any dog that is now trained to do something that the shipyard allows, right? So whatever the shitty allows, it should be allowed to buy and sell it. That's the Maliki ruling here. And this does seem to be the strong ruling, especially in light of the Hadith and Sunnah necessity as well. There's an authentic hadith that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam nahan femoral Kelby illa calvus Laden, he forbade the purchase of a dog except for a

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hunting dog. So the exception is in the headlight itself that a hunting dog may be purchased and sold no problem. And therefore, to conclude this question, you may purchase a dog for any legitimate reason not just those two or three mentioned in the Hadith, any reason that is a reason that makes sense that is going to make your life easier for you. Seeing dogs anything of this nature, a protection dog, anything that will help you in your life and to make it easier, it is permissible to acquire such a dog and it is permissible to purchase such a dog with money as well. The only thing that we said you have to be careful about the issue of the nature of the of the saliva of the dog

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and Allah subhana wa tada knows best.

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