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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The best of generations in the world, including the Sahaba's history and largest salary received by their mother, are discussed. The importance of giving and not giving, as well as the history of a woman named Omar, is also mentioned. The confusion surrounding Aisha's "will" and Missy's "will" is also discussed. A brief interaction with Jesus sends a message to Aisha, who refuses to speak for more than three days. The conversation touches on upcoming events and the importance of the Quraysh in the region. The group discusses forgiveness and the personality of the Sahaba.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Ali, he was happy he woman with a humble brag.

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A lot of us have a perception of the time of the Sahaba that they were absolutely 100% Perfect like Jana on Earth. And this is actually not the case the Sahaba were the best of generation. But the best does not mean they were angels. The Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu we speak nothing about their character. But if we have an illusion that the Sahaba never had issues between them, they never had arguments between them. The Sahaba never committed any sins amongst themselves, then how are we going to relate to the best of generations. If you study the books of history, any book, any book, you will realize the Sahaba are human but they're the best of human beings. Today's brief hot era,

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an anecdote reported in Bahati and all the books of Hadith all you got to do is read and you understand they were amazing human beings, but even in their mistakes and slip ups there's so much to benefit from beautiful anecdote emotional anecdote that took place after the death of the Prophet system around 30 years or so 20 years or so. That's Abdullah bin disobeyed was in Makkah and he had taken charge of Mecca. And he was the Khalifa at that time, the Abdullah Zubaydah had revolted against us either if you know your history and so he was now a separate if you like entity and his aunt Aisha Radi Allahu Ana kala because Abdullah Masood, who's his mother,

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a smart minty Abu Bakr. Asthma is the oldest sister of Isha, so Abdullah bin is obeyed his holla is Isha. Now, back then the Islamic State would give stipends to the senior Sahaba Okay, Abu Bakr Lawhon began this Omar then gave a salary based upon when you converted, there was a ranking based upon when you converted there was a stipend given to the senior Sahaba and the highest stipend was given to our mothers. The highest salary if you liked this the state once a year, it was a large amount of money, so gift that because of your services, right, this your gift, so the highest category was to Omaha minion.

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So I've loved them as Zubayr he's taken the Khilafah he's now sending the money to his aunt, Aisha Radi Allahu Allah. Hi, Aisha, Radi Allahu Ana. She is generous. And she gives and she gives and she gives and she doesn't keep the money to herself. So once I've done them the Zubair sent a large amount of money. And he hears now he's in Makkah, Aisha is a medical biller, and he hears that she has given all of that money to the full Quran.

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And he feels I'm giving it to her not so that you can give to the Quran. I'm giving it to her. It's her money. Why is she giving it to others? Why should I give to her? So he said in public she is going to stop giving this money this way or else I will stop the stipends

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you see what's happening now? If she doesn't control because I'm not giving to the full code I'm giving to her. Now by the way, it's not his right to say that once he has given a tie show the alarms his It's hers now she can do whatever she wants with it. Right now. news reaches out Isha in Medina. For the Allahu Allah. That Abdullah bin Zubair said Qatar waka. He said if you don't stop, I'm going to stop. I should have the Allahu Anhu said Did he really say like that? Did he really threaten to cut off my stipend? Wallah he as Allah is my witness Assam Billa this is your speaking, I shall never speak to him until

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I die or he dies. She gave a custom using Allah's name. So angry. My nephew they were very close by the way. Nobody was more beloved to Aisha after the process and then her nephew

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the living is obeyed she was called Omar Abdullah by that Abdullah almost a son her couldn't yeah Omar Abdullah her quote unquote nephew son hurt you know so nephew saying this about me? No way. I'm going to speak to him until one of us two dies. Okay. By the way, so much here, human psychology. Firstly, no Mima and spreading back what somebody said you don't do that. You don't do that? Yes, even Zubair said it was something he shouldn't have said. But it's also a mistake to carry that all the way back to Medina. And then tell our mother out why. Why be quiet. If you hear somebody speaking about somebody else, why are you going to the other person's Hey, you know what he said

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about you? You're gonna cause problems and Moroccan and that's why it is not allowed in our religion, even to spread the truth about Heba. Riba is a sin Knowmia is also a sin to separate sins, right? If somebody says something bad about it

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third party, you should not go to the third point and say, hey, you know what that guy said about why? Why be quiet? It's not your business, leave it between them and Allah azza wa jal. Nonetheless, this happened. So Aisha says, Wallahi Allah was awesome. I will never speak to him until I die, or he dies. This came back to him now. Okay. And now he became worried. My collar on Monday, meaning, you should know the Allahu anha. So he sent one message, silence another message, silent message after message, and she's living up to her custom. I'm not going to even respond back. Nothing. He began shafa with other people, can you go and speak to Aisha they tried. She refused. I'm not going

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to speak to him. Okay. Now, years have gone by. We don't know how many books don't mention. But looking at the historical Jonnie, my estimate would be my estimate would be at least seven years minimum have gone by there's an estimate. It's not in the books but just says long term is seven years have gone by and nephew and Aunt have not seen each other, or even spoken via message or letter to each other. Nothing because of that custom Subhanallah by the way, how can I should've made this custom

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scholars differ maybe she didn't know the Hadith that beyond three days or maybe she had an interpretation that for some reason, Yanni, whatever we really don't know. Because generally speaking generally, if anybody other than I show the alarm sheet is, you know, the most knowledgeable lady of our entire ummah. Right? Even hijo says, fuck her to hide the Roma. She is the fakir. She is the scholar of the female scholar with entire OMA, how did she reach this issue? You had the only people have their interpretations. But for all of us here, whatever her interpretation, none of us should ever make a custom to not speak to somebody for more than three days. Okay, that's

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our ruling. Whatever I was willing, what maybe she knew some of the winning, we don't talk about that. Allah knows why. In any case, she said, I'm going to live up to my custom. Now, Abdullah bin is obeyed, is getting very worried. Why am I going to do and he hatched a plan.

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And he approached two of the senior members of the kurush, who were also students of our mother, Artesia, they're in Medina, he sent them a message. And he said, I'm asking you for the sake of Allah to help me he's begging them. He is now worried he's the rewards mentioned he became, you know, very worried. What am I going to do if I should speak to intimal IDI, how am I going to meet Allah what I need to mend this, whatever happened? I need to mend it. So he sends a message to and misheard him democra and Abdurrahman, even in a sweat, there are both from the elite of the Quraysh. They are respected people, and they are both of those who would regularly sit in the gathering of

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eyeshadow, the Allahu anha Aisha had a gathering. How did you have a gathering? She had a gathering in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she would speak from behind the curtain and she would give what we will call a Halaqaat. Yeah, and she would give her in knowledge, a hadith. And so select Group very select, you had to be fairly select to get to that audience, right? Our mother our Isha has a curtain the hijab, right? Aruna Mira hijab, nobody enters behind the hijab. She's speaking and teaching them from behind this hijab. I'll miss her and Abdurrahman were of those students, okay, that can come to this gathering, and Aisha knows them and they are

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respected and they are both Sahaba miners, meaning they were children when the process was live now they are adults, you know, for 40 or 50 years have gone we're talking about 50 Hegira 30 years of constant data processing. Ignorance Zubair begs them and even they are bulking This is sure you know what's happened. You know, she's not speaking we've tried. He says, By Allah, you know that she is my hunter. I have to have relationship hit my heart. I'm gonna meet Allah with what I beg you by Allah facilita Rahim helped me He is literally begging the to. So the plan is hatched. What is the plan? Just get me in to the room. And let me speak to her one on one. That's the plan. So they

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agree. Even as Zubaydah travels all the way to Medina, he is the Khalifa. He is in charge of the affairs of the OMA in his world, right. But this is more important to him than the affairs of the Ummah, his own personal relationship with his aunt, his Hala Isha, he travels all the way to Medina. And after Miss McCollum and other members when they meet up, and the two of them with him, go to the door of Arusha, and they say ya Oh Ma, that's how they would address her. Yeah. Oh, Ma, May we come in?

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Here? She recognizes the voices. She says yes. They say, could Luna all of us, she thought it's only those two. She thought it's only those two. This is how they're

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permission is okay. This is toady as * in the shed. Yeah, but don't use it too much. Okay.

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All of us come in, and I should say is all of you she didn't know that there's three she thought there's two. So even as Zubayr comes in years have gone by, they have not met. Now admis word and Abdul Rahman are not allowed to go behind the hijab. But Abdullah Abu Zubaydah is one of the few people in the world who can go behind the hijab, we understand why he is the nephew, okay? His son, by the way, or Ottawa, even is aware is the main narrator of Hadith from Asia, or whatever it is. Okay, so his younger brother noticed his younger brother is the main narrative headed are those so Abdullah news Zubayr comes in and immediately jumps behind the curtain I should start Who is this

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and then obviously recognizes it is it is her nephew, and he begins crying and begging and hugging her and the two of them on the outside of the curtain. Both began crying and saying yeah, Oh, mama, forgive him. Yeah. Oh, mama, forgive him for the sake of Allah. He is your nephew. Yeah, oh, Ma, he made a mistake. They're both begging and she he's begging and the entire room is crying. Now they're saying all four of them are sobbing tears, because she hasn't seen her nephew that she raised as a child. She hasn't seen it for so long. And they're all he's begging forgiveness. And she is saying but I gave a custom. I gave a custom with Allah azza wa jal, or some with Allah is a big thing. I

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cannot break it. And of course, she's allowed to break it as you're aware, but she felt our profit. By the way. 50 point our profit system said, If any one of you makes a sum, to do worldly issue, and then he sees something that is better than that custom. Go ahead and break the custom give the Kasara free or slave fast three days, give the cathedra and then do what is better or shady as easy. Or this call cofounder to Yameen are shady as easy if you gave a custom in this regard, by the way, that's the halaal custom generally speaking for us, we should never make a custom that we're not going to speak to somebody for more than three days. That's technically for us not about Aisha how

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to reach the hot she saying I gave a custom to Allah and Ibanez obeyed is begging her break the custom give the FARA you know of the slave, you know, and forgive me until finally the three of them convince her that we should have solar and reconcile. And so she agrees to this. And Abdullah Abu Zubaydah sent 10 slaves for her to free, she freed all she has to free only one slave, she freed all 10 He sent another 10 she freed all 10 Another 1040 slaves she freed, that is a fortune that's like the equivalent of hundreds of millions 40 slave ships, not 10s of billions 40 slaves out of the cathedra that she had to do, and they had reconciliation after this. And this story shows us

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Subhanallah so many things, but of the interesting things that shows us is that you know it's human nature, that one word, especially from a relative, especially from a close relative, it hurts much more than from a stranger. One word from a close relative it pierces your heart, such that if a stranger said it to us, whatever What a crazy guy but have nothing to do with him. But I relative says it. Even our mother Hi Isha said wala, he has some Billa I will never speak to him. And seven years or however many years went by and she lived up to that custom until finally had been a Zubaydah understood, you know what I need to do something drastic all the way traveling. And this

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shows you the importance of solar right, similar to Rahim, and the importance of solar that if a mistake has been made, he realized I shouldn't have been that harsh. I shouldn't have said this. If a mistake has been made, you have to own up, apologize, and then work diligently to make sure that solar has achieved in this beautiful anecdote. Lots of you just see the humanity of everybody involved. Right. You see how great they were despite these things back and forth. Still it's human nature. You see even the best of people, even a Zubaydah and Azure the Elana being irritated at one another because that's the way humanity is, will lie. Every one of us has issues with our brother,

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our siblings, our aunt, our wife, but we have to overcome it like the two of them did. So my philosophy is very simple. In studying the humanity of the Sahaba we find a role model in them. We find so many stories we can relate to, and that's why they were the best of the OMA not because they were angels without anything, but because we learn from their own slip ups or minor issues, whatever it might be, and we understand why Allah azza wa jal said about the Allahu Anhu what we'll do on May Allah subhanaw taala resurrect us with the Sahaba and with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was said on Monday when I was able to catch up

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