Habib Bobat – The Scourge Of Drugs

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The negative impact of drugs on society, including healthy eating, caffeine consumption, and mental health, is highlighted. The importance of consuming healthy foods, such as lean protein, is emphasized. Drinkers cause harm to the body, causing mental health problems and relationships to "rockets my heart." It is crucial to actively work on addiction and prevent further negative consequences, including suicidal thoughts and insecure relationships. A focus on healthy relationships and helping people avoid mistakes is emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Well, Altima to the Moto Z. Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shopping MBA even more saline Masada yaku Mota bello Katara De Filippo Ariel magic mesial for recon and Hamid are although we know him in a shaytani r rajim. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Yeah, you have nurse for kurumi murfin. Otto the Highland for yoga.

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What are the 3002 lT shaytaan in the hula kumanovo movie in Nanaia Murakami, so he will fascia. So the

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honorable Allah,

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respected elders, brothers, mothers and sisters.

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Today in my talk, I'd like to speak about the scourge of drugs, and its crippling effect on society.

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And I'd like to start off by saying that we often think that it's not happening in my life. It's not happening in my home. It's not happening within my immediate circle. It's not happening within my social circle. And so we think and we believe that it's not real, we feel that there is no such things as drugs, is alcohol abuse, and substance abuse. We live in oblivion. And we think that is a very small percentage of people. That's actually caught up in this crisis.

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But if one looks closer, if one analyzes the situation in the community and the oma at large, you will realize it's a different picture altogether.

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Muslims who are drug lords,

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Muslims who are drug merchants, Muslims who are drug peddlers, and Muslims who are consumers

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at the end, so we find young and old, educated and uneducated, married and non married,

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the rich, the poor, the middle class, the males and the females are all attempts caught in the scourge of drugs.

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There is no discrimination. You find rich people hooked on to drugs, you find poor people hooked on to drugs, you find boys hooked on to drugs, and you find girls are so hooked on to drugs. You find the young also you find the elderly also, you find them in all colors. You find them in all shapes, you find them in all forms. People are hooked onto drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

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And let's try to understand this as a community at large. What is the loss of how Nutella says in the Quran? What is the address of Allah in the Quran in terms of this?

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I've selected one verse from the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have nurse who pulumi mapping out the hallen and pohiva.

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Allies addressing humanity, Allah is not addressing Muslims only. Allah is addressing human kind at large and ally same always humanity, eat that which is halaal number one, and number two, eat eat that and consume that which is pure and wholesome.

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Now if you closely analyze, why Allah subhanaw taala has exalted

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and emphasize on eating healthy

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and eating with that which is pure and wholesome.

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Because psychologists tell us and experts tell us that whatever you consume, whatever you intake into your body, has a profound impact on your system. has a profound impact on your psyche has a profound impact on your outlook to life.

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If you are consuming halaal if you are consuming pure and wholesome food and if you are taking intake deputy's halaal and pure it will have a positive impact on your psyche. It will have a positive impact on your system. A person will be spurred on to doing good, a person will be automatically

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active. It is a bother because of the good energy that he's receiving from the food that is consuming.

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That is why experts tell us

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That junk food is extremely detrimental to your health to your system and to your psyche. Because junk food does not service the system wholesomely you find a person will munch on to a burger chips and cooling. Half an hour later he's hungry again. And his system is asking for more. Why?

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Because it's not wholesome.

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And Allah is saying whatever you consume number one, let it be halaal number two, let it be wholesome.

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And a person who eats pure and halaal sustenance is Iboga is acts of worship is also accepted. He is to honor that he makes is also accepted the Hadith of the Rasul of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam states that the man is crying in front of a law with his hands extended to the skies. And his beseeching a law is imploring the light is asking him for and asking a law of his needs for an Ebola, but his drive is not accepted Why? Mocambo haraam? Mendez who haraam mama shabu haoran for under ustasha. Buddha.

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The Hadith says that this man is consuming Haram. He's drinking heroin. And he's wearing clothes which are which are coming into his possession to Heron. How is his brother? How is his worship going to be accepted in the court of law? So this verse highlights the importance of consuming debt which is how long and the importance of consuming debt which is wholesome.

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Now, imagine the opposite.

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Imagine consuming haraam imagine consuming liquor. Imagine consuming drugs and that which is not pure, that which is not wholesome. Imagine the effects of that on your system on your psyche and your outlook to life.

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You're a birder is not accepted.

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Number two, it impacts on your psyche. asked people who are hooked onto drugs, when they experience the so called high.

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They want to live on that high for the rest of their lives.

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When a person consumes drugs,

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he experiences this ecstasy. He feels he's on planet Mars, communicating with species other than humankind.

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He feels like he's swimming in the desert.

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He feels like he's swimming in the Mirage that he sees in front of him.

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He feels like he's flying in the sky without wings.

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That's the kind of high he experiences in his life when he's consuming drugs. Look at the impact on his psyche. This man when he returns from planet mass to planet earth, He is suicidal.

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As any person who's hooked on to drugs, what do they feel after that substance has diminished in his system. Once it's like a cool ring, when you open the bottle, when the gas is out, when the kick is gone, you feel suicidal,

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you don't feel comfortable. You have weird thoughts. And so what you are consuming into your system has a profound impact on what is happening in your life.

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And so we need to understand that drugs and it's good and it's crippling effect on society. How it is destroying our youth. You talk to that youngster. His mind is somewhere else is absent minded.

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He wants to feel high again and he will pay any price

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to feel high again. He will steal he will *. He will kill. He wouldn't loot he will hijack just to sustain and maintain his cravings and his habit.

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So when a lot make drugs, Haram, when Allah made alcohol Haram, it wasn't for the sake of making it Haram. Rather, it was out of compassion. It was out of mercy unto mankind. That alarm it drags around. It was unto me mercy unto mankind, that alarm

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alcova law, look at the case of society in which drugs are consumed, there is no security there.

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You don't feel safe in the community. Anytime my belongings can go, anytime my possessions could could be taken off me, that community is not safe. So when Allah makes a certain thing Haram in Sharia, it is out of mercy unto mankind, and not to make it difficult and to people.

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So number one, drugs, destroys your psyche, destroys your logic in your reasoning, say that

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God allowed us to say,

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I do not consume liquor, because it destroys the reasoning of men. And this is the one differentiating differentiating factor between the mankind and the animal kind of law has blessed us with intellect. But when a man consumed liquor, when a man consumes drugs, it destroys the reasoning and the intellect of a person.

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That's number one.

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Number two, it destroys your system inside

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your ask a drug addict, run for few minutes, he'll be huffing and puffing within two or three meters that he run, because he cannot control the system inside of him. It's finished, it's damaged,

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his lungs are unable to cope.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away is for that person whose immune system is intact.

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But for that man who is destroyed his immune system inside, not even 10 apples a day would help him because the system inside has been destroyed. It's rotting slowly. Today, we are young, our system can combat and fight the illnesses of outside.

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But as we age, and as we go deeper into drugs, and you go deeper onto alcohol, it's destroying our system inside, five years down the line, our system will be finished

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you will find a person he cannot run he cannot do

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tasks which other people can undertake because of the system destroyed inside.

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So it destroys the system inside.

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Number three.

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It destroys your relationships.

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Nobody is willing to employ a drug addict.

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No employer in his right mind will employ a person who is hooked on to drugs. I'm not talking about ex drug addicts with come out clean. I'm talking about people who are hooked onto trucks.

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Number. Secondly, in relationships, nobody will give you the son or the daughter if they know that you are hooked on two tracks. Which father in his right mind on which mother in her right mind will say here's my daughter or here's my son, it's okay you can continue with your addiction. Nobody will give you the total this son.

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Thirdly, you will not find friends in the broader circle who are not on to drugs they will associate with you because they also are scared of their reputation.

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Fourthly, your reputation is at stake. people line up at court to fight for the character in the name they say no character defamation. My name has been brought under disrepute. Have you seen people willingly by disgrace and humiliation? By getting involved into drugs? When a person is in drugs, when a person into his into alcohol, he is buying shame, humiliation and disrespect willingly. Where do you see that happening in the world.

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So your name is gone. Your reputation is tarnished. Nobody's willing to give you a job. Nobody's willing to give you a girl or a son for manage.

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And the worst of all, you feel suicidal.

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And it is so dangerous at that moment. You'll end up cutting yourself, you'll end up hurting yourself just to satisfy your craving.

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And it goes on in order to satisfy your craving. In order to maintain your craving. You need money.

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Today you got capital. Today you got money today you got income but to

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Moreover, you will not have that. So what will be your ultimate result? You're going to resort to stealing, you will start stealing from your own house.

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I've dealt with youngsters and parents and homes where the mothers and fathers are crying manana, I see 100 rents, 200 grands 300 rents going missing from my own house.

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It starts from your own house. Then, slowly, when there's no money inside the house, you start turning things in your in your possession, you start pulling items in your house. When that comes to an end, you start stealing from the neighbor's house, and the next house and the next house and you start stealing from your own community and loved ones. When that stops, you now go to the next level, you will kill you loot, you will rob you do anything to get money to satisfy your craving. To the extent our own girls are selling their dignity, or selling their bodies to maintain their own cravings.

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They'll sleep with a man to buy a drug to buy Apple to get hooked on to wherever they are. You'll see boys selling the dignity just to satisfy the cravings. It's a real world out there.

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It's happening. We need to wake up. We need to broaden our horizons, we need to understand the scourge of drugs in it and it's reality. How many marriages have been destroyed because of alcohol and drugs?

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What relationship do you enjoy with your wife? What relationship do you enjoy as a father with your daughter and your son? What relationship do you enjoy with your family members, there is no relationship, there is no satisfaction. Our homes have been destroyed because of drugs.

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And we need to we need to actively work against the scourge of drugs and what's happening to society.

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In these last few minutes, I want to speak about solutions.

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Number one,

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if it is happening under your eye, and under your roof, you cannot condone it. You know, you find many parents Malala you know we set this we are satisfied our son's cravings, our daughter's cravings, within the confines of our own home. We don't want our child to take this out of the house. So there are parents who are buying the drugs for the children. There are parents who are buying the alcohol for the children, thinking that we'll keep it within our own circle and will contain it within our own circle. It's not It must not go out.

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Remember, today you can afford the addiction. But tomorrow and you don't have money to buy the things that they are craving for.

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They will be the first people to turn against you. They will be the first people to harm you. No matter how many years no matter how many months, no matter how many Luda calendars that you support them for the addiction, they are going to turn on you because they needed to survive.

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And so don't think is a community and don't think as a parent as a guardian. I will contain it within my own home. that's a that's a fallacy.

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That's a dream. That's not the reality. I tell you, it will get worse than that.

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So number one, do not condone the habit in your home.

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Number two, do not deny the problem. acknowledge that this crisis in your son's life, acknowledge that there is crisis in your daughter's life. acknowledge that this crisis in your partner's life, acknowledged the problem.

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Number three, get professional help. There are many support groups out there and hundreds. There are many counselors out there. There are many ex drug addicts who have overcome this problem and who can help you out today. And they can help you overcome and outgrow this problem also.

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Number four, as a community we have a role to play.

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And that starts from our homes. As parents, we need to have healthy relationships with our children.

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We see where there's drugs involved. There's a break in communication between parents and children.

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There isn't there isn't a healthy relationship.

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Have between the guardian and the child. My father hates me. My mother despises me, my mother has discarded me, my father has thrown me out of the house, my father doesn't want to engage me. And so the son is hooked on to drugs.

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Children who come from broken homes are very vulnerable, are very susceptible. And they are on the verge of getting hooked on to drugs and alcohol because of not finding a stable home. And that is why I say to parents, help your children have a healthy relationship with your children, have a good relationship with your daughters have a good relationship with your sons, and have that healthy relationship for this will help you protect your children from drugs and alcohol.

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But if you don't ever held your relationship in your home, I'm afraid that they are vulnerable, they are susceptible, and they could be caught.

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Number five, in terms of solutions, people who are hooked on to drugs, it is extremely important for them to change the environment and to change the company that you are socializing with. Because essentially, your company and your environment has a profound impact on your life. If you are hooked on to the wrong person, if you are socializing, mixing with the wrong friends, they are only going to take you further and further into drugs and alcohol and womanizing, and then the list goes on. But if you have good fear, good friends, and good company, they will help you outgrow the problem that you find yourself in.

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Lastly, brothers and sisters,

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people who were previously addicted to drugs and alcohol,

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it is ours. It is our responsibility as a society, to embrace them, to give them space in our circle, to accommodate them in our streets, to welcome them in our families. And we cannot isolate them. If a person has given up his paid practices, if a person has given up his in practices and his bad habits, we don't have the license. We don't have the liberty to taunt them or to bring them down in public. He calls it you know pulling

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in almost nothing.

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It is our job to bring people closer to Allah. It is our job to give hope to people. If a person was addicted to drugs, and he has made Toba from his previous life, and he has come up clean, it is our responsibility to help him it is our responsibility to give him hope. It is our responsibility to bring him closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala we do not have we do not have the license to judge such people in life. If a law has accepted Him, who are we to judge? If Allah has given him space in his Masjid? Who are we to judge? We should never don't, we should never ridicule we should never scorn we should never bring down anybody who is trying to change his life. Rather we should be instruments

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of help and support for them. Let us try and support them. And that has given them encouragement to do better and to become better individuals in life. khulumani are the mahatva own wahaca in atoma boon. Everybody makes mistakes. his mistake is different to your mistake. He also sends you also send it doesn't mean that he's sending differently to you that he is rejected from the mercy of law. He is also the servant of a law. She is also the slave of a law. Give her the respect and dignity and bring her closer to a law. Bring her closer to a law. Hate the sin. Not the sinner. Hate the action, not the person. In this way. You will able to win people over and get them out of the

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addiction. May Allah preserve our youngsters. I mean brother See, I mean May Allah preserve our homes. May Allah preserve us from all these problems that we've spoken about today. And Allah subhanaw taala assist us and make us come a clean mama Nina Indian para

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