Karim Abuzaid – Sufism on The Scale #1

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The concept of Sufism is used to describe individuals who sacrificises their world for their own happiness and wants to avoid negative influence on the world. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding negative emotions and staying in a healthy environment. The segment also touches on the implementation of Islam's law and the dangerous practices of the Islam community, including false accusations and accusations of fraud. The end of the series B is mentioned, where the judge will determine who is the judge of a legal matter.
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Enough from the Lila Sacramento wall, want to stay in a wall want to stop for?

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One hour we let him in shortly and fusina woman say you are Melina

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man. Yeah, the Allahu philomel villa.

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One minute Lin Fela Hadean

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what a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika

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why shadow a nun Mohammedan Aveda who was older

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brothers and sisters in Islam I received multiple I would

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say almost 12

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brothers and sisters

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all over the world

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asking me to tackle the subject of Sufism.

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And inshallah after alone,

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wait, I decided that I would do that

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from an academic point of view

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and a disclaimer at the very beginning of the series, because this will not be a one

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you know, visitation or one live broadcast. Or you may have to do multiple. And that is why you're noticing Sufism in the scale. Sufism on the scale, part one, which is really introduction today.

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But a disclaimer that I'm not inciting any hate any resentment against anyone who

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practices or

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you know, defends or promotes this trending of Islam.

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I'm just trying to explain to Muslims, what Sufism is, and

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I will make sure that my presentation is fair and just in the sense of

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providing evidence and that is why we said on the scale, meaning on the scale of the Quran and Sunnah, on the scale of the Quran and Sunnah based on the understanding of the three generations Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prays

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according to them,

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but today, let me just introduce the subject by seeing when we speak about Sufism, in general,

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we could categorize them into three

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Sufism, pertaining to

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detaching yourself from the world

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belittling this life

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not being interested

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in this world, the concept of Zoo

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and zoo is that you give up and that is actually where the

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how the term Sufism

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initially emerged. And it was not a movie, it was breeze worthy. And if this is the concept,

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you know, giving up the world, this is a good concept. We're talking about Abu hurayrah Abu hurayrah, viola Han used to live in the masjid and he used to tie

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a belt around his waist to overcome hunger in order to spend the time in seeking knowledge.

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If we're gonna talk about the zoo from that perspective, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to sleep on

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on the ground. And we know that at one time he was asked

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Caesar and the emperor of Virginia they sleep on, on beds made made out of silk, and you're sleeping on a mat Yasuo Allah.

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This is Omar has an embassy in Junaid and

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Sofia Anna Sabri.

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Ibrahim will have been Lima, Lima, Michel De Lima Malik al Imam, Abu hanifa Imam I've met.

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So that particular approach of Sufism, and that's how actually the term Sufism emerged because they used to wear wool. And the word rule in Arabic means souf Sufi ism, that's how the term emerged.

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Of course, some of the people they say, you know, Sufism is, is a reflection of the purity of the knifes, there is no evidence for that, as a matter of fact, the correct view regarding the term Sufi ism, that it is not an Arabic word. It's actually a virgin word, Indian virgin words. It has nothing to do with Arabic. But this is the first category of Sufism, individuals who sacrifice this world for the hereafter. But let's be careful here, because

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what is meant by it here, as structured or a discipline, detachment from this world, the proper concept of zoo, which is what in the world, or the money or the wealth is in your hand, nothing in your heart. That's what I define God is, this is what God is that the world is in your hands, not in your heart. The money is in your hand, not in your heart. Meaning if it increases, you're not happy, you're not joyful. If it decreases if it goes away, you're not sad.

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When you remember him, I'd ask what is the proper meaning of zoo? He said that you have 1000 dinar golden coins in your hand, nothing your heart, you're not buying for money here. You see, you're seeking the means you're working because we don't want to promote that principle of, of leaving the pro to the non Muslims what what is happening with the if we leave the world and the money and the wealth to non Muslims and no, Islam teaches the oma to create that to strike that balance approach to the spiritual side. And to the material side, if you leave wealth to the non Muslims, they will use it to stop Islam from progressing from advancing from spreading. In alladhina cafaro Yoon fue

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una am wialon Leah should do I'm Sevilla. Indeed those who disbelieve they use the most beloved thing to them which is wealth in order to hinder people from

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following the wave Allah subhanho wa Taala that yes, if Sufism if this is the concert,

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regardless of what the term is, listen, if you say that you like you're a Sufi in a way and you follow the Quran and the Sunnah, and you detach in your world, yourself from this world, and you understand the Quran and you say, no matter what is that and that is where that term is, okay. alginate was one of the scholars, like we said, ebrahimian have been, has been almost three, if you look at the Sahaba all of them, they detach themselves from this world, and this is something that we should do, and then came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come out of the magic i'm not mistaken.

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He asked him rasulillah they elect me to an act which if I do Allah subhana wa tada will love me. And if I do also that people will love me to

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the Prophet said to him, detach yourself from this world, Allah will love you and give up one thing what in the hands of people that people will love you. So this is a good concept, but provided that you don't neglect completely the world. Let's go to the second category here, which is the dangerous one and that is with that bit is those who introduced you see, Allah subhana wa Taala revealed enough curriculum, do and do not do to purify the neffs

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to be

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a moderate and just person, balanced person.

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Now, that's

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second category, they introduced their own curriculum, the dancing, the drumming,

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the hitting the of the blades, you know, the mallet, the religious innovations, and that's the part

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those people, they came up with innovations, their intention is to go up is to purify their net knifes is to Sufi themselves, we say no to that. We say no to that. And this is by the way, the majority of them,

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the majority of them, and that is with the concept of married and Morshed and they are married someone who is following of a certain shape and he is the motion he is the guy and he gives him a pledge, whatever he does no slam no your pledge your allegiance to Allah and His messenger. And you are not to introduce anything into the religion. The dancing hi hi Allah, hi, Allah hi and all that stuff. No brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Even sometimes, those individuals, they have a very good intention.

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Let's be fair,

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they are sincere.

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But sincerity has to be paired with knowledge.

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Sincerity has to be paid with knowledge. During the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam connect the Hadith and Sunnah Malika of the Allahu anhu. But gradually, my Muslim, three individuals came to the house of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam asking about the manner of his worship. Listen, one of them said I will pray to Hagrid every single night.

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The other one said I will fast every single day. The third one, no wife, no children.

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They want to become closer to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam did not like that he got on the bottom of it. And he said I have heard what those three individuals have said and this is not my way.

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I breathe 100 at night and I sleep at night. I marry women I have family it's fascinating.

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We a

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Be careful with this because

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couldn't be datum dolla.

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Imagine. Kula Have you seen agenda a strong form of Gemma every every

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bit die? Every innovation regardless of what it is, is a miss guidance. waku love Allah letting you know and this sooner or later will lead you to help

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with or permanently or temporarily about knows best based on your thought aid, whether it's still impacted or not. That's not my subject here. But I will share with you a very famous author corrigible, Eman adeyemi

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of the law of numbers. So your loved one was living in Vancouver and Abu Musab al Sharia, Abu Salah sorry, entered into an Australian *

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and I've also actually saw something in the masjid.

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He said, it looks good to me.

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You know, and that's the feeling that you get when you see these Sufi practices, the innovative Sufi practices that Allah Allah invented, you know, and and and, and mobileread and all that stuff. I mean, it looks good to me, but something in my heart I feel funny about it, it doesn't feel right there's something about it that doesn't click

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and Musashi or Bo Mohan who knowing that there is more knowledgeable person in town than him he immediately said you know what, I'm not gonna do anything about it. Yes, it looks good. But you know, I feel funny about this so that is not right. So let me go to the Abdullah Abdullah in the muscle.

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So he went and he waited for him so there'll be a line until he came out. And we musalla Sharia law and immediately address that blindness or that he said to him, yeah, about the llama.

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I saw this and Mara Ilaha I only saw something good. So I'm delighted to have Dr. Manuel asked me musella Sharia law and what did you see? He said I saw people sitting in the masjid in circle, and circles.

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And in the middle of the circle, there is a head there is a sheath and in front of him. There are

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pebbles, and the sheep in front of them pebbles and the shade will say to the circle set the whole matter meaning scenes from Panama hundreds of times. And that circle would say what? So Panama. So Panama, so Panama, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illa. That's how every

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swab the lab name, so they left them. He placed a mask on his face because he was known. And he entered that machine.

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And he stood on the top of one of the circles. Look with Abdullah who never saw it said, Man, I saw her like cattle kumea Amata Mohammed,

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how hasty you are nation of Mohammed followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how hasty you are to being Yun destroyed, who are asuma here he is the Messenger of Allah Menagerie. shulam tabla his growth is still there, meaning that the time between his death and now is not there, the things that he left behind us were any a tool and took some. And that utensil, what he used to eat and drink

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are not broken yet. And you are doing this is that how the Prophet taught us how to make the speed, how to make the remember how to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala, look at this, look at this land, whether you are eyeland, mill, mill at your rasulillah whether you are on a mill owner way, which is better than the way you flew to LA, that's why you're doing this, or that your whole bag of alella, you're opening a gate of misguidance for this.

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Imagine this, this is the reaction of one of the companions to a practice like this, that a lot of people will see it as a mitzvah, you know that mitzvah, we know that ruling. As long as you don't believe that it's, you know, you could use it, you know, as long as you don't believe in it, that you could do this via without it. And that that's me is accepted without it. You know, but just that. Here's what I'm looking for in this

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is what I'm looking for. And

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one of the narrators of this hadith he said by a law, I saw the majority of those people fighting in the Battle of Nara when we did however Rage Against Saudi Arabia, your lover or your loved one, a loved one.

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You see, when you when you open a gate to beta,

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it's not going to stop there is not going to stop there. You need to understand this. Maybe the person who initiated it had a good intention, but is going to keep building building building building into something else. Something else imagine those people they ended up fighting it or the along with the campaign of Hawaii in a battle called the number one fighting the cousin of Rasulullah, the student of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or even a Vitaly below the line someone who was brought up by masala sauce Allah taught by Rasulullah sallallahu ariosa Why? Because who levy the atleta even if you look at it like it's a good thing, it's a good intention. I don't

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want to prolong this I want to finish here but the third category, which is really the most dangerous of them all the people who believe in incarnation ignore Ravi Khaled A tilde miss any ebru said they ignore thought and inshallah I will talk a little bit more about those. But those are the early, very early group, and they are close to heresy to disbelieve them to Islam. And this is unfortunately the most devious of Sufism. And normally in my speeches I did you know I almost used the term extreme Sophie's and I refer to group two and group one, but the moderate ones, you know, who follow the Quran and Sunnah to purify their knifes those are okay, again brothers and sisters in

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Islam. This is an introduction to the Series B if Nila hit Allah or you will in sha Allah if Allah wills

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bring about every belief, every ritual they have and presented in the scale or on the scale of Quran and Sunnah. And let the Quran and Sunnah because listen, whether you agree or not, there are people who are full and there are people who are against I understand that there are people who, who are not going to like this and

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They are going to probably resent me for saying this. May Allah guide us all the time but I mean, and I want to tell you, I love you all for the sake of Allah regardless of how you feel towards me. But if there is people who are full and people who are against who should be the judge,

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the internet is up to them fishy info do who in a law you are sued. When you dispute over a matter, then you should take this matter to the court. And that's what I'm going to do a practice that is promoted by Sufism, group two and group three, we said group one, we're okay with it. We have nothing to do with that. They are with us. We are with them. They are with us. There is nothing wrong with that. But group two and group three, category two and category three. That is where we're gonna bring about their beliefs, the rituals and presented to the Quran and Sunnah. And let the Quran and Sunnah be the judge de como lo hayleigh interface, it's something which upsets any of you

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I love you all for the sake of Allah and whatever I said right is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and whenever I sit around is for myself and shaitan and I asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Three Types of Sufi Groups

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