Mufti Menk – Paradise is Created for You!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Easter, starting with the idea that Easter is a sign that everyone is on the same page and that everyone is on the same path. They also mention that Easter is a sign that everyone is on the same path, and that everyone is on the same path. The speaker emphasizes that forgiveness is a key step in achieving the desired outcome.
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Allah comforts us in Surah Allah Imran by telling us who are the people who will earn paradise. In the previous episode we spoke about the race towards paradise. In this episode, we want to actually highlight the comfort that Allah gives those who have a crisis within them, of whether or not Alice forgiven them. Because they've committed adultery. They fornicated they've committed major sin. they've committed immorality, they've wronged themselves. Allah says,

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If you seek the forgiveness of Allah and you've changed your ways and habits, then paradise was actually created for people like you Subhana Allah, did you hear that? Allah says, you may have committed adultery, you may have committed fornication, you may have so many other sins, intoxicants, drugs, gambling, whatever else the list is endless of these major sins. And you know what Allah says, it's not the end, if you sought forgiveness and changed your ways. Those are the two conditions you need. seek forgiveness and change your ways. Then we want you to know that paradise was actually created for people like you, La Ilaha Illa, Allah brings me to tears just to

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think of this, my brothers and sisters. Listen to this beautiful verse 135 of surah, Allah Amman, when levena either Fallujah insha, Allah mo fusa home, the Cavalia have a stove are only don't obey Him. While many of you will know the law, those who have engaged in immorality, talking of adultery, fornication, immorality, whatever, *, *, whatever else, it may have been. Allah subhanho wa Taala says those who have engaged in immorality, or they have wronged themselves by major sin in one way or another, if they remember Allah, and seek forgiveness of their sins or from their sins, and they know who is there to forgive the sins besides Allah, and they do not continue

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in their bad ways after knowing and after having sought the forgiveness, their lives changed. So two things happen.

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After the sin, forgiveness was sought, and they didn't go back to those bad ways their lives changed completely.

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