Sh. ‘s Advice To Sh. Navaid Aziz On Helping Others #Shorts

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no one laid down a path for me in terms of what I should be doing. I feel like I'm on my own now. You know, what advice do you have for me? So he, we sat down, it was like a late night conversation at like 11pm SubhanAllah. And he started speaking about his own experiences and started telling me what his life was like when he came back from Indiana, and the mistakes that he made that I could possibly avoid. And then at the end of it, he says, Look, in March, and whenever you hold, holding this life coaching certification program, why don't you come and attend? And at that time, I didn't know much about what life coaching was. This is March of two, though. Well, this probably like in

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February or January of 2009. And the certification was into that was in March. So he's like, okay, sure, tell me more. And he's like, you may not you may not find the clarity that you need, in terms of your own life, but at least you'll be able to help others after. And that line of you may not find clarity in your own life, but you'll be able to help others after that, like turn the light bulb off, and I'm like Allahu Akbar, with a noble purpose in life. That is that if you can live a life where you're able to help others, what more could you want?