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AI: Summary © The importance of staying at home to strengthen one's belief in Islam and encourage others to do so is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need to adjust oneself to the new norm of staying at home and to keep moving forward. discipline and faith are also emphasized, and the importance of showing faith and leadership is emphasized. The drive-thru program and donations are also discussed, along with a donation of $130,000 for a drive-thru and $1 million for a community drive. The importance of giving people a lot of money to help make it happen is emphasized, along with the importance of not touching the air during the event.
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hamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay in who want to stay up who want to stop hero when I was a villa him and surely unforeseen element sejahtera Marina Maja de la who Farah mo de la la la mejor para hodja who a shadow Allah Allah in the law of the hula Sheree Cara wa shadow Mohammed Abu hora sudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad while early he was supposed to be he was suddenly mi la Mata Sleeman kathira. All praise due to align His praise of blessings and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. It's already one week and Ramadan. One week and Ramadan. And it is already for

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weeks and for people even more weeks when it comes to stay home order. And things as we see the live is going faster and faster. And yes, I know it might be looked for like ever because staying at home and things slow. But if you realize we are moving and the live is keep moving. I was reflecting upon this today, remembering what Avi sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to Abdullayev in your house for the low end, when he saw him working on something at his house. And he said, Yeah, Abdullah in Amara zamindari. In Islam in that, he said, Yeah, the law it is faster than what you think it is faster than what you think you're putting a label label on the hub that Allah subhana wa tada said

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that he you put a label Laila on the hall, in a feeder indicator able to legally absorb that Allah subhanaw taala make the day and nights come one after another. And this is a reminder for those who think for those who

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thank you,

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that Allah subhana wa Tada, while making this live days and nights and the sun comes up and goes down something that visually You see, which it shows you that this life keep going and keep moving.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, also, and let the Giada Laila know how to heal fatter lemon arada

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Allah Cora, Cora, he is the one who made the days and nights, they replace one another. So you can reflect upon that concept. So my point today, that as we see that it is live is keep going, we have to understand that this is something we need to adjust ourselves to those who are so bored. And so, you know,

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frustrated because of the situation we are in, I want to say that this is soon we'll be behind your back on this whole entire dounia not only this incident, the whole entire dunya soon will be behind your back, soon will be over. Soon, you will you will you will move on from it this life and just keep moving. What is so important is to know if you can keep up with it or not. That's the thing that you have to ask yourself. Can I keep up with this dunya Can I keep moving as well, because if you just stop at one point, you will be just left behind. This month, the month of Ramadan, remind us of a very important concept that we needed today. And this epidemic that we're dealing with,

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which is strength. A strength is one of the most important outcome or lessons from Ramadan. Ramadan Sharapova, Ramadan build that strengthen the belief in the believer as an OB sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and mineral kawi higher in alignment and movement of bife. That's a strong believer is much more more beloved to Allah than a weak believer. Well, if you could in higher and there is goodness and both. Yes, it is the month of strength because it gives you the strength to abstain from them while I'm at a sober And mahalo not to have that patient to have the determination to avoid and to say no to what is haram. I am fasting. I'm not going to be engaged in such thing. Or

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I'm not going to do this because I'm fasting. That's a strength, the strength in your commitment to a bar. It's not an

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Easy to have hotmail or on an irregular basis and Ramadan it's not an easy to commit yourself to pray the five daily prayers on time and to have extra ibadah after words it's to pray the taraweeh with your family it's not an easy to fast and in such long hard days it's it's a commitment and it shows a strength that you were able to fulfill this obligation or move on it is a strength when it comes from Ohio to southern Alabama that's a strength that you commit yourself to do what is right and what is good

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it's a strength because Ramadan people donate people give people you know share the hair that Allah subhana wa tada have given them and I have a friend of mine was saying he was talking to a person during this epidemic who Mashallah giving from his wealth and donating

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a lot during these days so somebody told him Aren't you worried? like nobody knows what's the future looks like?

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I don't you worry about any that your money and your business and stuff like that. Then he said something I want to leave you with it. For the for today. He said I expected him to tell me, I'm 15 Fuck it, you know, give from what Allah subhana wa Taala have giving you an alone will give you back, you know Manasa

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Manasa sada to me, man, you're solid oh not decrease your wealth. But he shocked me something else. He said, Yeah, habibie ultimune 15 cash shuhada la hoven la hemara homea noon.

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He said the one who gives visibility law is like the murderer. There is no they should not fear, they should not have fear or they know they will have grief. So they will not grieve and they will should not have a fear.

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Then he said I looked at the Koran and he found Allah subhanaw taala twice, when he talked in Surah Baqarah when he talks about a lady named Ahmad on those who spend their wealth feasterville in law, in secret and in public. And the end the loss of habitat. I said what law whorfin Allah humara homea has anyone that are not wise said that those people who spend their money, that there is no fear, they should not have fear, no grief, no grief. And it's amazing that, you know, when you think of that strength, that yes, I'm not going to be afraid of the outcome of my setup. Because I know a lot guaranteed that I will never grieve. I never regret what I am doing. It is a strength to be able to

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control your desire. It's a strength to be able to control your tongue, it's a strength to be able to control your sexual last, it's a strength to be able to control your anger. And all this was Ramadan, demonstrate it is a strength because of Ramadan, a true leadership appear. Where you know, you see that the people will follow you know, the DEC basically declaring the helado declaring the beginning of Ramadan and the end of Ramadan and making decision for for people and to teach people to make a decision and that in itself a skills that are required, you know, strength. And in these days, I bet you anything that many of you at homes have to make a lot of decision make a lot

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demonstrate a lot of good leadership to be able to keep the family together. Also, I want to say that in the month of Ramadan, there is a strength because it's unified the people they make a thought at one time they make a call at one time they pray, you know together. That's the strength even if we couldn't pray together and the mustard as usual, but we still pray at home together. And I hope that each and every one of you taking full advantage of that. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to help all of us to do what is correct what is good and to give us strength in our Eman in our Deen according to mostofa law

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Hobart. So my brothers and sisters, what we need more than anything else these days is to have that strong Eman and strong faith in Allah subhanaw taala and also a strength when it comes to our belief in our ability to face this challenge and how we'll be able to adjust to it and to deal with it. That's a very important

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quality that we need today, in order for us to keep moving, and to achieve success during this test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well this on a side, that it's so important for all of us to demonstrate a level of, you know, this self disciplined and control. You know, I know I said today to you guys, it will be my pleasure to have this mastered filled with people for Serato tomorrow and to open it up. But I can't take the risk of no pudding and exposing our there is no more no more. There is nothing more and more beloved to my heart, or there's nothing more beloved to my heart to see this nested felt except one thing to see you face safe

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to see a safest more beloved to my heart than seeing this mustard filled with people. And I know that the biggest challenges when we deal with something that you don't see right now, or we don't see it, you know, happening right in front of your face. But we act as a believer, we understand this concept very well. We understand the concept of, you know, believing something, we prepare for what is ahead of us.

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We know that as a believer that we need to prepare for what is ahead of us something we don't see, we don't touch.

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And many people, you do have a lot of question mark, about how this will go. I mean, even the people who are in the professions, they don't know what the future looks like.

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Those who do this for for a living, they didn't cannot predict what this are going to look like. But it's so important for us to keep that discipline of following the recommended rules by the experts in the health area. And that's why we did not announce that the minister will be open for public yet, you know, keep watching and consulting with experts in the field. If we, if we allow people to come in and out expect the people to demonstrate the highest level of discipline as well as under law. And this is something I've been saying to all communities that our community been doing a fantastic job and something somebody walked to the muster to pray and leave, they don't congregate

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to keep the mask on. And that's something required a good discipline and I'm proud of everyone who happened to come to the Muslim to pray their salah and leave quickly. Because I don't we don't want to reach to a level where the message completely closed in front of everybody.

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Also, I would like to say so the mustards officially not open for public yet. inshallah to Allah will keep monitoring for the next week or two and see how things will go. But good thing is we still can keep in touch we still doing a lot of program online, we still having some program to provide even meeting like this weekend inshallah tada we will have a drive thru on Saturday or people can have a thought and a drive through please come and you know, pass by I guess not join, join us and pass by it will be a great to see last week last week we had about 90 people came and we would love to 90 cars or So who would love to see more people to come in shallow data between 545 and 7pm.

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Another thing I want to say our mustard depends solely on

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donations and our donations mainly are in

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our mainly our in our during the month of Ramadan.

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So if this is the case, and we don't have a congregations or a number of people coming at means it is also everybody understand the importance of the support the supporting the master.

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You know, I am I'm hoping that by next week, inshallah Tada. We will mark the mark of $130,000 an hour donation $130,000. And hopefully, we can double that by the end of the month for the law for the numbers of our community. For those I'm calling upon those who are the backbone of this semester. Those who have been supporting this mustard for a long time. It is a time again to call upon you but today an even more desperate situation

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to make your commitment to support the most. Don't underestimate any amount. You will have the link for it for this

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For to donate to the message directly underneath this hot button if you're watching online, for those who are here, they will do that also on Drive Thru will give you all provide as well a drive through donations. So while you're driving by, you can also swipe your card if you want to allow people to commented that or to fill up the form.

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I never fundraise in about during the Hulk by itself. I don't think it's invalidated the Hulk bald or decreased the edge of the hallway. But also that's one of the form of strength that we give when it is hard.

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Great level of giving in a time of ease with a lot of money required a lot of strength. I learned this when I was in high school.

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I was watching a group of people stealing knowledge to calculate the Zakat of a man I will never forget that I was very young. And his record was 41 million.

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And I still remember when they told him years ago that is 41 million. He said, Are you guys crazy? You think I'll just drop the 41 million.

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They said yeah, that's 2.5%

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gonna give 41 million

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gold he calculated

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is nobody calculated this is

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it and I tell you, it is hard. And the more rich you are, the harder it is.

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You know, you have $2,000 to give it is definitely here $1 million

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to give it out, no matter how much money you have. Because this money, people work hard. If not work hard to make it, they work hard to keep it. So the pitch over the knifes is attached to it

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today, and this situation is to call upon you to demonstrate what's really its mandate in the time when it is so hard to give

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fiduciary it's just so hard to give. But he committed to it. final point, just

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we have a lot of experts here in medical field. But just for the record, it doesn't really work much if you put the mask after you enter the facility. area, we appreciate it. But the whole point is not to enter the facility. Without having the mask you put it before you walk in. You might say yes, but I'm not next to anyone. Yes, but guess what? There. If you carry the virus you breathe that remain on the air. And yet nobody can determine how long the virus can keep in the air. There is a bunch of studies with a different 20 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, four hours, less 10 minutes. There's a lot of variety of studies that have been, you know, driving a lame person like me crazy when everybody

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claimed that there are experts and giving you a different number which it shows you how much we don't know. So that's why it is important to keep that mask is to protect others actually more than protecting you. And that's something I know it's hard for somebody with glasses like me, somebody has a heavy breathing by nature. But unfortunately, it looks like we're going to be living with a mask for a year. So you better get too used to it. And as we used in Ramadan, too many new things. One of the things we got to train ourselves to use to the mask. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us, our family, protect our community, protect our country protect our the world. From the

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evilness of this disease. I lost my toddler to bless us and to bless what he gave us to bless our health to bless our wealth to bless our family. May Allah Subhana Allah to

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forgive our parents and our children and our spouses. May Allah grant us success in this dunya and after alohomora not enough I know I couldn't miss it and our yamawaki mean lahoma Minister Luca houda to Power Africa. Valentina, Valentina, Valentina. Allahumma da da da da

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da da. Cunha Allahumma barik. ala homea de la creme de la creme de cada him aromatica public Enzo automatica footlocker naka de Mr. De La Jolla crop of Nina behera can harami COVID public comments Ewok La ilaha illa Anta suparna in economical Bonnie mean? masala Allahumma salli ala nabina, Muhammad okumura, Satya