Adnan Rashid – Debate with Zionist Speaker Corner Hyde Park

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the claims made by Joseph during a discussion on history and the lack of diversity among Muslims and Christian civilizations. They argue that the claim is not valid and that history shows that the Jewish people were protected by Muslim civilizations for over 1000 years. The speaker suggests that the claim is not a general one and that there are more options for those who want to tarnish the name of Islam.
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Why would you use, for example, ISIS, for example, ISIS as a representative example for Islam? Okay. Only two kinds of people do that to Muslims today, right? One who are completely ignorant of the history of Western civilization, two who hate Islam. By looking at the ethnic claims people make over the land of Palestine, Joseph was of the opinion that the Jewish people have a claim over the land of Palestine, because they've had an existence in this land for 1000s of years, which everyone accepts. Everyone agrees to that claim. That claim as far as it goes to,

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to highlight the point that the Jewish people had been there for a very long time. My contention was in response that that claim does not justify the current atrocities that are taking place on that land. Okay. The atrocities

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against against the Palestinians and the Jewish people. I agree. There are Jewish innocent victims of terrorism. And there are Palestinian victims of terrorism. There are children, women, men elderly dying on daily basis in Palestine being bombed. Beam being shortened, being completely decimated. Okay, I'm saying none of these claims that go back 1000s of years justify

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the current occupation, the current brutal occupation

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of the land of Palestine, it cannot be justified

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cuz he thinks I might have wished that be upon him, so I'm gonna let him which I did that said assalamu. Aleikum and he refuses.

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I'm gonna say wha la como Salam, thank you. Okay, thank made peace be upon you. I'll say it in the English language so that people don't misunderstand. Okay, I am saying

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no problem is still is still our brother. He's, he's a bit lost. He's our brother. He's a bit lost. But he's our brother. And our purpose, our purpose. Our purpose is to spread the love, spread education, spread beautiful ideas, so that we can live together in peace. So today we were talking about history. So in during this discussion, when we were talking about the claim of design is all over the land of Palestine. A lot of points were raised by Joseph by myself, we talked about history,

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the presence of the Jewish people in that land, and then the absence of for the Roman destruction of the city of being filmed, sorry,

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the destruction of the city of Jerusalem at the hands of Emperor Hadrian, Hadrian in 132. And renaming of the city all of that we discussed. Now we're coming to the point where I made a claim that the Jewish people were protected by Muslims and the Muslim civilization for over 1000 years. Right. And Joseph came back and he said, No, I don't agree with that, actually, that claim is problematic. And then I said, Now we are talking. Why because this is this is get a camera.

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I said that get a camera so that we can get this on camera, where a Jew and a Muslim can talk about the the treatment of the Jewish people at the hands of the Muslims throughout the history of Muslim civilization. This is a very, very interesting discussion which I want to get into.

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No, no, because me and Jordan were talking you can

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ask questions. So Joseph, why do you why do you actually disagree with that claim? My claim is that the Jewish Golden Age was when the Muslims protected the Jews for over 1000 years. A Muslim

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convert my, my responsible, yes, please. So one of the things that people that either Muslim apologists propagating Dawa, do, they will take a point in history. And they'll say it was great at this time. Therefore, throughout history, the Muslims were good to the Jews. And that's simply not true. There were Muslims that oppressed Muslims throughout history. So of course, there were Muslims that oppressed you throughout history. So I'll give you an example. In Morocco, you had a caliphate called the Almohads. And they said to the Jewish people that we're living there, and either you convert to Islam, which is against Islam, you're going to come into contest that it doesn't say

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that, but you do either convert to Islam, or we kill you. So Jews fled on mass from Morocco. And they went, they went to Egypt, they went to various places, usually under other Muslim caliphates that were more favorable to the Jews, and so

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As a foremost, there has never been just a consistent period throughout time for all Muslim caliphate empires, where the Jews had it good. The second aspect of that is, even when times were great for Jews and the Muslim caliphate, it was rarely ever it was right. It was right. That's what I'm trying to get through. It was relative. And they were still second class citizens, they still had a different tax system, they still weren't allowed to achieve certain positions within that Islamic society, they had greater freedoms and opportunities than in Christendom. But that's not necessarily a good thing. Because in Christendom, again, some Christian nations will go to the Jews,

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others were terrible to the Jews. And so it just depends on which point of history and which rulers you're talking. So categorically, you are wrong. If you said that Muslims will always go to the Jews, they weren't Second.

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Okay, so what can I say? Always? You said that the Jews, okay, what was your state? I said, the Muslim civilization, treated the Jews with utmost respect. And I just gave you examples. Okay, when I made a general claim, which is based upon the general history of the Muslim civilization. Now, if you show me exceptions to that general rule, I will acknowledge the exceptions, but the exceptions do not represent the general behavior of the Muslim civilization, which, which, which goes with goes across over 1000 years. So let's Okay, so let's, let's look at your examples you gave

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you, you raised some very interesting example. And this is why I believe someone as intelligent as you

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or better, because you are a well read Jewish

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gentleman, and I can see you are, I can see you are religiously observant, the mics are growing.

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You take that one, you take them.

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Okay, so, so the point I want to pick on is, what are more I don't in the Arabic language, or Almohads in the English, English language due to the Jewish people. Before I get to that example, my contention is why would you use for example, ISIS, for example, ISIS as a representative example, for Islam? Okay. Only two kinds of people do that to Muslims today write one who are completely ignorant of the history of Muslim civilization, two, who hate Islam, who completely hate Islam and want to deliberately tarnish the name of Islam and Muslims. There is no third option in my mind. So I will assume, the better. I'll assume, assume the best thing for you that you are ignorant about

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the history of Muslim civilization. I won't assume the latter for you, right. I don't think you are. Islam or Muslim hater. I don't think so. I hope you're not okay. I'm not a Muslim hater. I have used it right

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