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Some scholars said that the souls of the dead can meet the soul of the living one, okay? And after the person die his souls can be, somehow meet the soul of the living one when you go to sleep your soul depart from your body. And as a last resort to Zuma, verse 42, allow it often ambush Hina mot how one Latina mountain with female Nami her famous utility, Allah Allah hell mode we also see you saw will be held during sleep, something will be sent back sometimes it will not. So, with these basically souls can meet your soul work and sleep.

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Somehow they communicate with each other. So yes, you can do that. And remember to be able to hear Mahalo to otter and mentioned that and he mentioned the TWA Rahim Allah mentioned that the souls of the dead when they die in the soul of the living with the sleep, they might meet each other talk to each other. Men don't pay him or him a whole lot have supported this idea with a lengthy argument in his book of Ruth and made so many evidence and stories and abroad like point to support his view and thus. And the point here, I want to cite that even if you see the dead in your dreams, and seeing the dead and the dreams are dead relatives and dreams, it makes sure that you notice a dream it

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doesn't need to be you can be wrong. You know, I meet someone in reality and sometimes get confused about what he says or not clear. So what about while you are dream you are sleeping or in the world of souls completely different story. So don't take everything for granted not because he said something, it means literally that what he said, because it could be a symbolic thing. Okay, so that's something to keep in consideration. Also, it could be false dreams could be not the actual persons that you saw in the dream. It could be an example that Angel have given to you an image of somebody, you might see someone from your authors, but the point is not the person. The point is the

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name of that person's, for example, His name NASA soloff want to give you victory so it's not about the person himself. So dreams are very tricky. That's why we don't make any decision in reality based on dream dreams for you to enjoy to asleep. But when you wake up, you deal with realities with your facts. Okay? Sometimes the dreams can be also worrying or encouraging for you to make the art or soda for some one.

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And there's many stories like this. So I want you to take your this concept journey with a grain of salt and don't be too excited. Especially, you'd be aware of any type of legislation or act of worship you've been asked to do by a dead person. We only take our Deen from Iran and from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam May Allah bless us all.

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