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Last week because I have nine minutes left, really?

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I made that up.

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That's fine. The third and last Ray centrosome. He said to him, an Allah sent us to remove people to liberate people, from the suffocating nature of this world, the tightness of this world, to the vastness of the hereafter. No, no, he didn't say that. He said the vastness of this world and the hereafter. So Islam came to liberate people in this world and in the next from the tightness of this world.

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That means two things. Islam came and told us that this world was created by and large for you.

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And part of that is a test, test of gratitude, a test of respecting boundaries and all of that, but at the end of the day in Islam, the halal is wider, more vast than the Haram rice. You guys know this. It's Halal in terms of dunya this worldly, the worldly matters it's halal until proven haram so like what's the ruling on Orange Juice answer? Pineapple juice, avocado smoothie.

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Everything is had except for what like intoxicant blood filth, right. And so, everything is for us unless otherwise stated. And when otherwise stated, it is because that is not wholesome for you, it will restrict you, it is not good for you, it will harm you. So the vastness of this world means in terms of quantity, and also means in terms of quality.

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The second part and the more important part of the vastness of this world is that Islam guided us to the most vast the widest resource in this world, which is what

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connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala Islam came and told us that if you overly depend on this world to please you, it will break you.

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Islam told us that the more you look outward at this material world, the wider your eyes open, the tighter your chest becomes.

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And the true vastness the true horizons are by looking inward, not outward, finding Allah azza wa jal and a relationship with him. That's why I beloved, and a lot of Rahim Allah who was very wealthy by the way.

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He used to say, Mr. Aquino and the dunya these poor people who are obsessed with this world, they walked out of this world they exited it without tasting the most delicious thing in it. They said what is that? He said Malika Tula getting to know Allah, getting acquainted with him, so kinda without being content with Him above all.

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And it was said that it has an adversity Rahim Allah used to say that if the kings and the princes knew what we experience, meaning of the sweetness of faith, they would chase us for it with their swords. You know why he's saying that because the kings and princes have what they have everything money can buy. But this is the one thing that money can't buy. May Allah grant us and do it. So the vastness of this world in terms of the halal and the good being for us, and also teaching us that the greatest of this world is getting to know Allah and longing to meet him. subhanho wa taala. And then he said, The next the vessels of this world and the next.

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And the next world is not to be compared with this world. How many of you have ever

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seen a scene?

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In a movie?

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That you said, Oh, my God, how did they even think of that? You were just blown away by the creativity. Raise your hand.

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Creative Directors, by the way, have some of the highest IQs in the world. Look it up because I didn't.

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This I heard but it's pretty obvious. These people have a very unique imagination. None of that will exist in Jana, because it dawns upon the imagination of a really creative human being whereas Allah azza wa jal promised us that in Jannah, is what no eye has ever seen. With no ear has ever heard. What is more vast, it's not limited by human creativity not limited by the most impressive human imaginations, no AI has ever seen. no ear has ever heard never dawned upon the imagination of a human being. And that's Jana, but vaster than Jana. The only thing invested in Jana is not getting to know Allah, not just longing for him, but getting to be with Allah and getting to see him. May

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Allah azza wa jal grant us and view a moment to see him. One of the early Muslims who used to say, after lifelong toiling in the service of Allah, if Allah makes my reward, one glance at him and then says to me die, I'll be

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it's worth

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and I'll end with this because I have five minutes left I'll take three

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there's q&a After this inshallah you're fine.

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Even Hajra him a whole lot was the

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is the greatest, most popular commentator wrote the most famous commentary on our most famous collection of a hadith of Sunni Muslims Sahih Bukhari right. He wrote, fettered by the explanation of cycle Bukhari, even Hajer was a judge in Egypt.

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And judges, in many parts of the Islamic world at the heights of you know, Islamic governance, were paid very highly

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and dressed very nicely.

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Why not because they were so materialistic, but it was to deflect and discourage people from trying to bribe them, like relaxed voice, I got more than you just like, don't even try it.

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So even harder Rahimullah one day was dressed in very fancy clothing, he was writing a luxurious cheerio, a horse carriage.

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And so as he was riding through the streets of Egypt, a man who was Jewish, who was obviously a hard labor, just close the narration, images were stained and seem to have a very difficult labor or various life.

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And so the man stopped, didn't hazard in the street. And he said to him, doesn't your Prophet claim that the dunya this world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the disbeliever?

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He said, Yes, he does. He said, Well look at you and look at me.

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Of course, yeah, like you're trying to stump the wrong guy. He's like to comment on the book of Hadith. About You know, Allah, and seven had just said to him something very beautiful. I wish to close with it. He said to him, what awaits me in the hereafter? If I make it? May Allah Allah all of us to make if I make it? I'm in prison right now.

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And what awaits you if you continue to reject faith? You're in paradise right now.

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He said to me, is that what your Prophet man is it certainly that's what he meant.

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He said to him that I testified and and is worthy of worship of Allah and I accept that Muhammad is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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And that is why the Quran came to tell us to say what are bene attina for dunya Hassan, I grant this the good of this world of Phil Ephrata, Hassan and the good of the next world working as ever, not and protect us from the torment of the Fire.

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And so Islam came to liberate us from being enslaved to the creation, whether it's others or ourselves, and all the debacle that ensues from there, and from the injustice of the imperfect systems that will always be imperfect if they're not divinely filtered to the justice of Islam and from the limitations the suffocating nature of this world to the vastness of this world in the next chronic lung conviction. stuff. Exactly.