A response to the public call of assassination by ISIS

Yasir Qadhi


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Episode Notes

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi shared a platform with dignitaries at one of the imminent conventions where he was questioned about the recent death threats made against him and whether it affects his commentary on Islamic viewpoints or does it embolden him in his criticism of the ISIS. 

He ponders on how elated he is that his points that are being raised against ISIS is bringing about such a difference and irritating them no end such that they feel the need to eliminate him.

Listen intently to this video and stare into the face of undying confidence, Iman and Taqwa.


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We're speaking about racial inequality. Let's take it to something lighthearted. ISIS.

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You gotta drive ISIS. It's a Muslim conference. ISIS has to come at least once in a while. How can we escape ISIS and we're talking about ISIS. So I have to, of course bring in Shaykh. yasir Ali,

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who has engaged in this debate with many people right now on mainstream media the past year is isole. Islamic, what is ISIS and as a result of his public statements, your public statements against ISIS, you have the dubious distinction and honor of having a color photo and spread in Babak, which is ISIS publication by the way. Unfortunately, the photo is accompanied by an open call to assassinate you.

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We make levity of a terrifying situation for the sake of catharsis just for the sake of release. But this is serious. There's only two American Muslim scholars whom ISIS has called out for public assassination. You're one of them, specifically as an individual. How does this affect you? And number two, does it chill your commentary? Or does it make you more emboldened in your criticism

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy he woman with a hammer bad.

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The call of ISIS to assassinate another Muslim is not surprising coming from this organization, we didn't expect anything better from them, they have done nothing except wreak havoc and terror for our faith and our religion. And if we wanted to create an enemy to disfigure us and smear us, we could not have created an entity more damaging than ISIS. So the fact of the matter is, it didn't surprise anybody. And if anything, I actually thanked Allah subhana wa Tada, that, clearly what I'm saying is getting to them somehow, clearly, the points that we're raising, and the points that we're using to refute them is irritating them to the level of them wanting to simply eliminate me. And I

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really think that this was a sign and a blessing for those because believe it or not, brothers and sisters, and I know this is terrifying to some of us. But at hamdulillah. We know 99% of the oma over here has nothing to do with ISIS. But there is that 1% or point 1% however much it is, there are those those disenfranchised young men and women who actually think that ISIS is doing something good. We all know they exist. We all know, they're a very small, miniscule percentage, but they're out there. And that's why we have young men and women, you know, every few months or weeks, we hear about one person leaving our country and going there for that segment for them to hear that these

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are the tactics of ISIS. I mean, you know, if you want to refute me, let's have it. Go ahead. Let's have a discussion. Let's have a dialogue, release your points or release mine. But when you're resorting to threats of assassination, and you think that this is going to get your points across? Well, I think I don't even need to refute that. They've refuted themselves in their call to assassinate a critic, if you're so grounded in the Quran and Sunnah. If you're so pious and holy, then Bismillah quote me the texts, quote me what you have. But if you're so silenced by criticism, that the only alternative you have is to threaten with violence and assassination. Well, then, I

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think, as I said, that is the greatest refutation of your own argument. As for me, personally, to be To be honest, I mean, I think it affects my family more than it affects me. I, I believe Eliza will protect that hamdulillah I'm fully confident. And the fact of the matter is that you know, I was asked this question on Fox News, actually a number of other entities. Aren't you worried about going to the mosque about attending conventions that were even asked you about, for example, conventions like ours? Here it is now, aren't you worried? And I said, so. The safest place I ever am in is amongst Muslims.

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The safest place I've ever feel this amongst Muslims. And I've gotten I'll finish with this point. I've gotten death threats from two segments of humanity death threats, I'm not exaggerating death threats literally threats to kill from two segments of humanity. The first of them was not ISIS. The first segment that threatened to eliminate me from the face of this earth One of them was really funny I got a letter in my college cut and paste you know the the cartoons they cut and paste them literally I kid you not I have it in my office still. It's literally cut and pasted from newspapers letter, you know, word for word, like they say. Let me introduce you to two friends of mine, Smith

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and Wesson. Maybe some of you won't get the joke in Chicago. I don't know. But I just found that so Granny Smith and Wesson cigar. Smith and Wesson isn't one of the names of famous guns. My point being the first segment that threatened me was not radical Islam. It was the far right.

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It was the far right of our own.

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Country here. And the first time the FBI came to inform me that, you know, there are threats out there. It wasn't my fellow Muslims. It was my fellow Americans. And I said this on CNN and Fox News didn't let me say that point. But I said this on CNN, and on other news agencies that you know, don't just concentrate on the radicals over there. There are radicals over here as well. And the fact of the matter is me living where I'm living.

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The fact of the matter is me leaving where I'm living, I'm more worried about radicals from the far right, than I am amongst radicals from within my own community. I can handle you guys. If you're not radical. You're my brothers and sisters hummed it up. But I can't say the same for everybody else out there. So the bottom line, I think that this this narrative that all Muslims are terrorists or whatnot, it cannot stand from the far right when ISIS is clearly threatening. clerics and religious but it must unsteadily right, because all of us on this table we've all been recipients if you're in the public space, talking about Muslim issues, Muslim issues. For long enough everyone gets a death

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threat or two. Oftentimes the death threats we get myself included far right. And far right. Mashallah. Some Muslims. Those are the two that we always get, but to be called out specifically, by ISIS, in dobrich. In a public call for assassination, because look, when ISIS does this propaganda, it inspires, as you know, radicals in the west to commit acts, those who are people are unhinged. We see it in Sydney, we saw it in France, we start in Tunisia. I mean, how does this really like? Do you sit there and say, oh, humble, Allah take care of me. I'm gonna go to sleep. I mean, this must unsettle you.

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I didn't aim to become a target of assassination for ISIS. It's not a goal. It's not something I want. I never wanted. Of course, I don't want it. But I felt it my duty to speak out and refute to criticize to show the shallowness the specious spaciousness of their arguments, I felt did my duty to defend the reality of my faith. And

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one thing led to another, and I didn't choose this position for me, but it's here right now. And I have two options. Either I become a coward and i and i and i basically shut up and hide and put my head in the in the sand like an ostrich and run away. Or I stand up and defend my faith and my religion and my book and my Prophet and the image of my faith. And I'm sorry, it's a no brainer. It's a no brainer. I didn't want this position. I don't like it. But what am I going to do now? I Bismillah tawakkol Allah and inshallah Allah May Allah azza wa jal protect, that's all I can. That's all I can do. And do a prayer for your father's family as well.