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hamdulillah washoku Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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one of the greatest gifts of a lot of bullet says the gift of life

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and at the soul great gift that a lot of bullet says mean agilely felica Catalina Island any Salam ala and whom and katella and fcmb via enough sin and the such that we decreed on to the children of Israel that whoever should take a life without a life, as in whoever should kill senselessly I will facade in fill out or spread mischief on Earth. For a number Patel and NASA Jamia the sin is the same as killing humanity in its entirety and the punishment of taking a single life one minute to look Minamata Amidon for jazza whoa Johanna Maha didn't see her and whoever takes a single life a single believing life intentionally. For Joseph Whoo hoo jahannam his punishment is the fire. Well,

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they both Allahu LA and the Wrath of Allah upon him while Anna in his curse was

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one of Him and for Him is an immense punishment.

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And the size, the taking of a single life, the hobbies and the salary high end states that a lady got upset with her cat

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with a cat, and locked the cat in a room and didn't feed it and didn't give it then give it anything to drink. So that cat died. So for a cat,

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she entered the fire

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like Allah gave her jahannam for taking the life of a cat.

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So that's the punishment and the consequences of taking a life

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and the consequences of cherishing or nourishing, honoring or maintaining life by Allah subhana wa Omen,

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and whoever gives life honors life maintains life protects to booth set up nourishes the toad cherishes life, soccer and NASA Jamia? It is as though you have given life to humanity in its entirety. And brother Gilan mentioned and the Hadith is again in in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a person saw a dog thirsting now dogs are great animals in Islamic culture like they're not things we hold them in high regard. dog collars, you know, so he says he saw a dog thirsting and out and he got into the well took his shoes out put water in it brought the tap for the dog the dog drank from it. There was two cents on the account of the dog of

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my gave him genda

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and they say we don't cherish life.