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This weeks guest explains the real religious threat, that the people, and main stream media are not talking about. Instead what we see happening is a smoke screen being used, “ISLAM, SHARIA, MUSLIMS” the boogie man is coming” creating this media hype and false fear, while diverting people from the real threat, and using Islam, Muslims and Sharia as the scapegoat. The good news is that smart, intelligent, sincere people are catching on to this game.

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Simple question. Does the Bible have authority over the constitution?

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He said, that's a simple question. No question. It's just

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a simply worded question. How's that?

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I think probably what you have to do is asked a very specific question about a specific passage of the Bible and a specific portion of the Constitution. I don't think you can answer that question other than out of very specific context. Carson clarified his comments yesterday saying in an interview, quote, Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that's inconsistent with our principles, we have to stop listening to these people who tell us that we cannot talk about God, we cannot talk about our faith, every coin, our pocket, every bill in our wallet says In God We Trust, but we're not supposed to talk

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about it. What in the world is that? In medicine? We call it schizophrenia, a form of craziness. So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution? No, I don't I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that. He said, that's a simple question. He said, that's a simple question, you know, recently is a big controversy. You see,

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Ben Carson, he made a statements about really derogatory towards Islam and Muslims. And we did a show, actually. And we asked him to comment

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about the Christian Sharia. Right. And now when he was actually asked a simple question, Does the Bible have authority over the constitution regarding the Bible and the Constitution? It seemed like a difficult question for him to answer what what would you say on this? bigotry is one thing that Ben Carson has been guilty of another's hypocrisy. In this instance, he was asked a simple question. It was, in fact, a simple question very simply. And he said, this is not such a simple question. That's because he's a hypocrite. That's because he believes his religion, can should may Trump the constitution when he deems fit, and many who support him believe like him, and then they turn around

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and accuse Muslims and Islam of being a threat to the Constitution with Sharia. That's, in fact, not at all true. First of all, Muslims in this country are 2 million people, according to some polls. 67 million, according to others, were talking with his group of people 50 to 60 million, you know, evangelicals, right wing Christians, etc. who believe in the Bible trumping the Constitution. Now, when you look at the Muslim community, that's not the direction we're going. We're not interested in Sharia, pipping the Constitution, should we have something that can be practiced, without in any way conflicting with the Constitution in personal affairs, and that's the direction we've taken. That's

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the extent of it, there's no interest, there's no movement, there's no money being pumped in there. There are no candidates being run in order to do otherwise at the federal level, at the state level, at any government level, like what his community is doing. Secondly, when you talk about that group of people, you're talking about billions of dollars are being raised. It's not just that they're 50 to 60 million people, but billions of dollars in political power money. And then they're running candidates that Mike Huckabee, they have this guy, they have others, they have a tea party. Have you heard of the humble hookah party? I haven't, you know, the Tea Party is the one that's out there.

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Yeah. Muslims aren't putting together, you know, a massive movement to put the Koran above the Constitution, the way that group of people are doing with the Bible, to fit the Constitution. So is a hypocrite in that in that sense. And oftentimes, you see these Sharia scare as being nothing more than mirrors and smoke screens to sort of deflect attention and point at someone else this is projection and say their religion is going to threaten our Constitution, whereas that's exactly what the evangelical right wing Christian movements in this country and their candidates, and there are super PACs and their websites and their blogs and their TV stations on cable, am radio etc. are

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essentially out to do and that is the religious threat to this constitution that many people are not talking about.