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Yasir Qadhi
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The very first being who thought he knew better than a law was the police. When Allah told the police to do such that to other What did the police say? I'm not gonna do says that to him. I'm better than him. You created me from fire you created him from clay doesn't make sense to me. It's not logical and rational to me that I should prostrate to an inferior species. We have in our history, the very first case of somebody preferring his own intellect over the commandments of Allah subhana wa Taala. And we know what is the fate of this. And anybody who prefers his own intellect over the Koran has an element of the belief in him very, frankly, has an element of a belief in him

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that I think I know better than the Koran. Let me give you an example of Stockholm and myself. I come to Stockholm for the first time as I have come. I don't know who is anybody in the city. So I find a Muslim in the streets. I say Okay, can you tell me? Where is the chef of Stockholm? Where is the Mufti of Stockholm? Where is the greatest scholar of Stockholm? So this man will say, I know he'll take me by the hand. He'll take me to the Mufti. He'll say this is our Mufti. This is our greatest scholar. So I asked the scholar my question, the scholar gives a response and he says, This is what you need to do. Then my guide will tell me no, no, no, no. You cannot listen to the Mufti he

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is wrong. And because I lead you to the Mufti I must be more knowledgeable than the Mufti. So now you need to listen to me instead of the Mufti.

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What is all of this example? In this case, the Mufti is the Quran and Sunnah. And this guide is the human intellect. The guide that leads us to the Koran is our outcome. Once we are guided to the Quran, the role of the actor does not take supremacy over the role of the Mufti, the role of the Koran. You see the example here, right? And so even Samia says, if this were to happen to you, you would say to the guide, that you testified that he is the scholar of Stockholm. So now that you've testified, you have no right to disagree, because you have testified that this is the shell of the city. And the fact that you lead me to the sheriff does not make you the sheriff. Similarly, the

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article and the Quran,

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the article leads you to the Quran.

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Once you know the Quran to be true, you cannot use the occult to reject the Quran.

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The article tells you if this is the Quran, I must believe in it. If this is what Allah says, I must believe in I might not understand everything, but I must believe in it. And this is not only rational, it is also what Islam itself demands. The intellect is a faculty a sense that Allah has given us. It has its limits, and it has its realm of operating. If we use it within that realm, it's perfect. Like our eyes will use our eyes to see immediately around us in the broad daylight. It's great. If somebody tries to use his eyes to see in pitch black, what's going to happen, he'll make a fool out of himself. If somebody tries to use his eyes to see five miles away, it's not going to

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happen. So the African has also a role. It has a limited place. You use it within that place. And yes, you will go to the moon and come back Mashallah to Batticaloa. But if you try to extrapolate it beyond this place, and you start challenging the Quran, saying this doesn't make sense, this ayah is suffering or nonsensical, this ruling is backward and uncivilized. Now you have taken the apple and taking it beyond, you're like a person trying to see in a black room in a dark room, it's not going to happen. also realize that for the non Muslim The purpose of the intellect, is to be guided to Islam. And for the Muslim, the purpose of the intellect is to understand Islam to challenge Islam.

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In fact, the very first verse of the Quran is what sort of the baccara Allah Xena you mean when

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you simply believe in the unseen the Quran tells you many things that are beyond the realm of the intellect. The Quran can never contradict the intellect, but the Koran might astound, the intellect with what knowledge it has. The Quran will bring

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knowledge that an intellect can never have, for example, angels, Heaven and *, scientifically can we prove angels exist? No. So panela forget angels can we prove our own bodies have ruined inside of the tour? So, can science prove we have a rule? Well law you can invent any scientific apparatus, anything, and it will not be able to detect whether you have a soul or not. Yes, panela if we cannot even detect our souls, are we going to then use science to derive everything from around us? No. Science has a role, keep it in its role, don't take it beyond its role. And we conclude by stating that Allah subhanho wa Taala has gifted us and created our intellects amongst us. And he has also

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revealed our scripture, and the two of them are meant to be used in harmony. The two of them are meant to be used together as a cooperation. And when we use our intellect, to believe in the Quran, and to understand the Quran, then we are using it in complete harmony and will reach the pinnacle of our humanity. But if we attempt to derive a clash, to bring forth a contradiction, then we will lose out on our intellect and we will also lose out on believing in the Koran

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in a feed dounia Solomon

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Yeah, man,

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