Murtaza Khan – Vices Series – Ep. 07 – Intoxicants

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The "will of the market" of Islam is based on the "will of the market" of the people, not a permanent "will." Drinking, writing, and even selling drugs are used in various ways, including alcohol, drugs, drugs, drugs, and drugs. The potential consequences of alcohol use, including negative mental health and harm to others, are discussed. The "will" of the market is a source of harm and is necessary for individuals to avoid it. The "will" of the market is a source of addiction and is common for individuals to practice drugs and alcohol inside their lives.
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After praising us for Canada and and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is quite sad that we have to remind ourselves,

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the Muslim or the Muslim individuals

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about such a topic or danger, or such a topic.

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Even though this will be the present days of E that we find days of celebration, days of the need to heal, and just be in praise of a loss of Canada Anna, for suddenly the era of deca one have nishad sorta w find the shortest sword and solder for an immense belief an immense practice that you find that dedicate yourself and your prayers and your sacrifice towards Allah Subhana Allah, however, we're going to find and it's quite shameful that we have to discuss such a topic. And a member of the prophets of slavery said that certain individuals will not be practicing their Deen making that be indefinitely the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah. And it's a sad reality that years have gone

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by, or years and piled up,

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that this behavior continues to increase. And we have to begin to return back to give a stern warning to remind ourselves, the Muslims, and likewise a wider society around us the danger of such practices that we find the appropriate adage that some 1400 or 40 years ago, prophesies have warned us and told us to stay away from certain practices for our own benefit. And sad is that we 1400 years later still failed to perceive to understand the warnings that he gave us. And before that warnings inside the Quran to stay away from such evil practices. For Rasul Allah, he doesn't call Nana bianconi Muskegon or mufa. Taryn and I had an incident

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in a book of speaking about drinks and food. The Pocket Edition forbade us from anything that intoxicates the mind or any form of narcotic substance, that clouds the mind clouds, the judgment, anything that tarnishes the mind blemishes, the mind, in toxic eats the mind, has all been prohibited by the profits of the law 4714 140 years ago that we find industry when a so called when verse individuals of the world around us

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who claim to be well advanced, well equipped and well disciplined inside their lives, you have failed to see the dangers of this destroying the society, and we ourselves destroying our own society with these evil practices. amongst us, we find that Islam is based upon email based upon faith, and based upon application. Because some of us just think that just to have the right amount is sufficient. That is a good start for all of us. But it's the application that we find that at times, we fail to apply inside our lives. Wherever you are, on a personal level, on a global level, we as a Muslim Ummah, we know so many things, we failed to apply them. It's not just sufficient to

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have the human, you have to have that human, apply that email inside our lives. And this was something that we're lacking. We know what is Hello, you know what is wrong, but his application at times is weakened or taken away from us. And the sad thing is that sometimes Muslims, they don't have the email, but they've applied certain things. And for some of us may sound very, very strange. They've actually made the Hollywood homerun, they themselves may come up alcohol, there may be heroin, at a certain stage inside their lives, read through historical data from 1920 to 1933. for 13 years, inside the United States of America, alcohol has been around for 13 years, the buying and

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selling the transportation of alcohol was wrong inside the United States of America. They don't have even, but they had the application to see the dangers 100 or so years ago, they recognize the dangers of alcohol of destroying the society. So they made the heroin for 13 years. But because they never had the key man, you find that they began to still drink or begin to have this urge to decide to return back to drinking. So the government has to legalize it once again. But according to our own statistical data, they concluded that the best 30 years of the life of human beings It was during that time was forbidden that people were staying away from alcoholic drinks. And this should

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be a lesson for our souls. That we claim to have the event that we learn

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terms of application, they sometimes follow application but they lacked the Eman And as you find even inside the study of the Quranic verses speak about, it will cover the headache of an issue that we find that a lot of first straight away main hammer to be heard on upon the people they will not stay away from it because it was an integral part of their life. It was a part and parcel of their life that they were known to drink and no one should take our faces but it's been documented they'll certain companions before. Before cameras made haram were no two is known to drink alcohol was part of their life part of the culture and would drink even was being companion until the final verses

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and we touched it came inside sort of Makita does we find that these stages obviously don't exist in today's world. But just to help us to understand what happened inside that society, have a lost count and a new understood the dangers and then they have to stay away from it. As they fight Tony Mateljan. The word business merchant in essence in the Arabic language goes back to the one who used to buy and sell amcon that was the meaning of the word business merchant terjun, who is known to sell alcohol to people people buy and sell. From the individual that we find. Adults we find that these stages of prohibiting alcohol that we find as indoctrinated inside the society, part and

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parcel of their lives. And they find the poet's they used to write such even lines of poetry, when me to even fight died and bury me next to a grapevine tree. So the juice of the grapes can enter into my grave and nourished by they nourish my body, keep me in a state of intoxication. to such a degree. Poetry in Arabic language is full of nothing but women of horses. And welcome. These are three main themes you study, I share a jelenia pre static historic poetry study, this one existed amongst us all that they spoke about, looking at how that began to speak to these individuals, to warn these individual individuals away. Remember, I mentioned three stages, but as they are four

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stages, because first you find that a lot of first gifts and ishara is short and happy and hidden message inside certain verses to highlight the danger of the use of the substance that we find inside sort of naked woman somewhere out in the field will I learn from the fruits

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from the fruits of the of the date palm tree? I like what I know from the Greek tree, that the hereunder means soccer and what you take from it from a form of drink and such as given to you or is can Hasina good provision is given from you There's nothing wrong about data on trees or dates, or that grapes of any of nothing wrong about it, you take a good substance to drink, which is given to you enough to get the identical media

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and hidden message with given insider insight there are signs for people who comprehend begin to understand that some of the realm of democracy, they mentioned that he understood this. He said this is Shadow Copy and he's pointing that there's something dangerous. There's something wrong with these sweet drinks. These drinks together part of my life is something that's not right about these drinks, that needs to be highlighted. In other words, that the significant the adventure kept on persisting asking for certain first asking for legislation to come to speak about this.

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If I'm the hammer, Uncle generally made from quite substances from data from grapes or barley or wheat is what is made from in genuine good things. But this is the nature of people that we find taking good things and finding the heroin out of them. Does you find the second stages alone have gotten in Hungary was amazing. Now they begin to pose this question of their Isha they want to ask them what is what is wrong? they asked you about karma and Mason about wine and gambling. Even our best mentions that the companions only asked some 11 or 12 questions. Study the Quran whenever I mentioned Yes, aluminium, aluminium,

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aluminium carbon in my head. Yes, I do an internal rule. They ask you about the soul. He asked about the menstrual cycle they asked about wine gambling, they asked you about the soul, the spirit. They asked you about any hint that they asked you about the prison? study these 1112 questions inside the

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questions of the companion for benefit the people benefit and the benefit of people around them wasn't just just questioning just for the sake of nitpicking things, but to learn to benefit themselves. They had this urge this desire within themselves that even the corruption around the table to purify themselves. They want to become good pure individuals. They asked you about the drink your way and the gambling. What does Allah say about this whole for him his money

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curvier woman, if you're a nurse, what is movement?

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say that there is there is some benefit. There's some benefit in it. And in gambling, but the sin device for app does that benefit what is the benefit of alcohol that we find a petty, Petty benefit? You find from the tax revenues, what they classify as sin tax. At the practical look at the language that they use is called syntax, wise tax, evil practice tax. The tax benefit they can raise billions is what they gain from the alcohol industry. However, on the opposite side, what is the harms? It costs this government, the National Health Service, more than 3.5 billion pounds. It costs this government to give alcohol abuse to alcohol problems, alcohol sicknesses that we find in America

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cost of $249 billion.

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This open statement talks about being a developed nation, that's going to civilize us civilize the Muslim Ummah, as they say, civilize your own home before you civilize other people. There have been approximately 86,000 deaths per year. The third biggest thing that kills American society is alcohol. The first the tobacco, the second being obesity. There's more people that died of alcohol abuse, more than the amount of American soldiers that fought a battle. And they want to fix the problems of the world. They're so busy, don't they want to fix our problems? Even inside this country that we find in the previous research that we conducted, some 7000 people die annually due

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to alcohol abuse. 2017 is going to something like 7695 odd people, an increase of 700 odd people in a few years. This is what the society is facing. At the moment. I didn't want to talk about the so called Global War on Terrorism. This is an even a metropolitan police have concluded this is the real problem. The real problem within a society is alcohol abuse. They're taking alcohol that we find and as we find it the third stage, you're letting them select the anthem Saqqara has

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Kowloon it's also Tunisia that we find Are you believe Don't come close to two alcoholic drinks or intoxication.

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Because this takes you away, disturbs you from celebrating the spirit of nicotine.

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So they sat down and they began to drink and they began to drink alcohol to one of them. He led them inside Muslim Salah he didn't know what he was reading. So from there, you find his warning came down that when you come to prayer, don't take any intoxicants. Don't take any drinks. Other narrations means that the serum if you can see that they began to get drunk. And one of the companions struck another companion his nose and lifted captured his nose, that you remember it for the rest of his life. This was the impact of alcohol that began to understand its harmed them. So they began to stay away from alcohol when it was a time of prayer, but he used to drink outside the

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time of prayer. But yet there was an element of guilt, consciousness within themselves something is not right. And if the aroma was persistent and saying this is not sufficient, verses have to come down to prohibit alcohol categorically it needs to be forbidden, it needs to be made how long till eventually find it such sutras.

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There is no verse inside the Koran that makes something Haram in this manner. You can study these as inserted into the fifth chapter verses 1991 and 92. Just to complete the verses you're living in number 1901 and so on. Well as the rich so many family shaped Barney but steady Buddha had nothing to do with a number you need to shape on when you

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feel hungry, what makes you when you should lay

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wildly low, I think what we're soon

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clear warnings, no other passive insight you find with our last product category, we made something to be forbidden. Last parliamentary studies, I think in great detail. Oh, you believe in number congroo? Well, Mason, Allah speaks about wine and gambling and sacrificing the stones and the throne of divine arrows.

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These are acts of ship and serve is to do with either statue that we bind. Why does a lot of couples drink alcohol? It talks about why there's a lot of coupling with the rest of these evil and what is the relationship, some of the realm of intervention that you find the impact of alcohol. The drunkenness of alcohol leads the person to an element of worshipping the owner.

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Worship things around using the senses that you find in certain durations that we find when men would come in math that lucky Allah. Get out with one person who's addicted to alcohol. One minute Allah dies Paula is addicted to alcohol will meet Allah Subhana Allah as if he was a worshipper of a statue of an idol. That's how we meet on

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a journey of him. Talk Ronnie, check Malik shake, a sham of Sham Mohammed Nasser Deen and in panorama, Ali Muhammad was addicted to alcohol

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and dies upon that will mean a loss of data as if that person is one worshipping statues on this earth is a machine with a loss of $100. So the warnings, person to dynasty definitely find the ayah speaks about the actual ship. of committed she does say some of the tracking things shifted only certain factors it as you mentioned many times a shower desires. If it overcomes you, there's also should be no, you can't control yourself. You can't abstain and to move down you can't abstain from certain things, it overrides you. So don't just blame a person who comes in and they come to stop chewing and bow down to it because of their ignorance or their practice around them. You're equally

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blameworthy as well to certain degree, that you know that something is wrong, you know something is forbidden, but the love your desires overcomes you that it overrides you and this becomes part of your life, life will be fine, that such words are used to cover that we find on word for

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word. So condition, all these various names have been mentioned. Inside indirectly or directly that we find one narration that if I

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said also nicolini you know, the prophet, he cared about his friends, he cared about his companions. He spoke back on various topics, raised issues, various problems, he addressed them, so I will double down he thinks that impact is it oh Sonny Holly once again study so many I had induration speak about Asante honey have we been so the Swahili my friend, my beloved friend, my comrade, my best individual? What advice do you give me? What do you say to

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a woman? No, no. We're above the condition of the condition Oh come upon some sort of emergent. It is a dog or even alcohol or intoxicant opens up every form of sin. It opens up for the individual via the taking of intoxicants that we find arranged to minimally shake on. Allah mentioned, this is a filthy handiwork of the devil categorically clearly. This is the handiwork of the devil. This is not the handiwork of other individuals. This is the essence of shape on playing inside the mind and the actual of human beings. For instance, the Buddha Allah

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Allah mentioned, and it's Jeanette, I should do me in a hurry. When the Quran is totally malleable. This is forbidden for you. This is haram for you to do there's something even more severe than that. Is it something more severe than in Saudi Arabic languages are the Quran yes there is for study who learned not to flee

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and he never stay totally away Don't come anywhere close. Any element anything to do with alcohol stay away from it totally did not come to flee from that you may become successful. Why? In America shape on in UK by normal at our company one may say what is shaping what to do with alcohol? With gambling What does it lead to and leads to animosity hatred. Once again the Metropolitan Police have concluded the most although the word police has completed most elements of *, murder, crime, offense is down to what alcohol abuse it's down to alcohol abuse. They even said that they will love to contain the hours restrict hours, restrict their licenses restrict the environment is not

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Muslims. These are non Muslims. They want to restrict codify alcohol, they want to restrict because they see the dangers the harm upon their own society. As we must live we live in a in a liberal world.

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And we get to speak of we live in a very liberal world we live the opposite. We know something is haram but yet we we like to spend it inside society. We like to fried inside society. We like to enjoy it inside a society and think this is some form of development is so cool development work backwards. They recognize the dangers. They want to clamp down on the dangers. They want a better wholesome society for the subjects around them. Like what we find that this disorder cost the government 7.3 billion pounds a year. Alcohol abuse disorder, crime violence, that's what it costs us tax.

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Pay is inside the society 7.3 billion pounds goes towards controlling this way Sudoku and Michaela, you and Sarah. So most of what happens.

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Drinking alcohol takes you away from the decree of Allah. The greatest decree of Allah is Asana is the prayer person is addicted to intoxicants, loses focus of time place, mind, faculties, does it remember Allah Subhana Allah has been such a Muslim. Allah has made a promise to whoever drinks intoxicants, that will make him drink from Teen Habad. To team huddle, explains this adage, legend, the man, the past, the blood, the sweat, that coming out of the evil substances, the people of jahannam will be the drink of the people who used to drink intoxicants inside this dunya another Hadith in Sahih, Muslim the fine he will drink alcohol or drink wine in this world and died when

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he's addicted, will not have anything and does not repent will not have the drink of the hereafter given to the individual is a general Golden Rule upon living upon this earth. Anything alum makes her amin is dunya you will get it way inside.

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You take it in this dunya you lose it inside the inside the Akasha Robin pora a woman she has words that we can relate to shut up, dream, but I drink which is what

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I drink which is which is pure. Does it take away the mind a good drink for people to drink inside of you find for rivers, rivers, it's agenda that we find a lot categorically mentioned, rivers of wine that initially been delicious taste for the people who drink it. But this will given to him. People who abstain inside this dunya people on the stage of everything that Allah tells us to stay away from inside this dunya will give it inside, it will be given to those individuals. But whoever rushes to take it inside this dunya even though it's impure is not the right substance that doctors will make wrong inside the afra to give it to that individual, some narrations they mentioned in a

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sort of a moment aside that we find a movement of karma laiya agenda, even as a discussion

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of the authenticity of these ideas. But then the meaning of the essence is something that should travel us mineral karma, land origin a person who's addicted to intoxicants will never ever enter Paradise, harsh words for a person to begin to think that if I'm addicted to the substance of dying the state that I've made gender harm upon my own self in carrying out these evil practices, likewise, but some of us may think that I don't drink alcohol.

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But I facilitated

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learning it has been such a must define 10 types of individual gives us some some wisdom as Africans afford pray to I don't drink a god. But I sent it I serve it. I pour it I sit on a table I work in that environment. I transported a traveling across the grapes. No. How did you say it's a Muslim? All of them are cursed. So that's why when you ask yourself, why am I not happy in my life? Why is no Baraka inside my well? Why is it Oh goodness inside my life? The answer is quite simple. The answer is quite simple. There must be something that we're doing inside a life that's changing. that's changing something we just had on that taking away the burqa from our life. So that's what

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someone says they think I don't drink but I just facilitated is equally curse, life quality by some people they think a hammer is only alcohol. That's what some average Muslim, they think that whenever the God speaks about a hammer is speaking about only alcohol, whether it be wine, beer, whatever it may be, that's what it means. That's a misunderstanding of the Quran. There's a misunderstanding of the Arabic language. It's a misunderstanding because Allah isn't just alcohol, alpha,

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alpha but upon altomare whoever clouds the mind. Whatever clouds the mind is classified as an intoxicant. In today's language, what is common inside our society, the taking of drugs, smoking, God, shisha, and until you find but as we add some medicine in America at the moment, their own forms of drugs, intoxicants, they cloud the mind anything that clouds the mind according to the likes of Canada and is classified as carbon not just alcohol and some people that they think Can you try to try to think they deceive in a shadow of a loss of Canada either they think you speak specifically about this learn anything now

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according to how long have you been such a Muslim? Once again people in the I don't take such large substances it is an intoxicated me. The Sherry acid whatever intoxicated inside large amounts, is forbidden in small amounts.

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There's no distinction. There's no distinction these people what they have known as binge drinking, it's a serious problem. One in 10 of hospital beds inside this country are taken up by people who carry the alcohol abuse. Their own doctors are debating at the moment whether we should treat these individuals or not. Do they deserve treatment for bringing this upon their own selves of binge drinking, drinking excessive alcohol? Why should we treat these individuals a cost the taxpayer costs the government, it costs time, they don't deserve this treatment is a big debate taking place about these people, the impact of alcohol inside the lives that we find, as we as Muslims, we begin

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to understand the dangers of these intoxicants to stay away from them, we find the inside the society, they try to give this practice that the deviation one's mind and soul is why the taking of alcohol substances on toxic guns to sober the mind to relax the mind to give a good feeling for them to return back to their life.

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Read such studies alcohol and the body within by non Muslim specialists about the dangers of alcohol and alcohol. numbs the brain dumps the brain. It has no medicinal purposes that it relaxes yourself. It damages your mind. Awesome. And even after I mentioned that uncommon, is what robs the mind robs and steals from your brain, something which is stolen from you never returns back once again to his Norman concept. That's the danger of karma. That that's why he studied people who've been taking intoxicants for many years of their life, study the character study their behavior, study, the language study, the entire study of what you see about them, is robbed away from them. Everything is

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taken away from them, like their family.

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Some of them have begin to make a critical study about this narration, he had his son who was speaking in the hotel, he gave a sermon, he gave her an advice, or maybe even a metaphor just to help us to understand as connected by

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images. Once a pious individual there was an image of a woman

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who wanted to put this individual to try just like we find the society around us because this is what their mind is that you Muslim, do you don't drink, you don't do these things. But let us try to make a conducive environment. Let's make an environment whereby you only enjoy an orange juice, or you just sit with us how many people come inside that environment. And then we get addicted to alcohol and begin to drink alcohol. So as you make it just to sit on a table to be inside their social gatherings haram for Muslim to do. That's what they want to do. They want to spread why they want everyone to enjoy the heroin with them that everyone is the same. We're not the same physical

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movement, the natural disposition of Geneva is that very far away, far away from such substances such evil that we find on law, you still would have been to a place

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say those things which are impure good things that never the same open Eva, never asked me once against that sort of made that I'd never say what believer sees right through it, and knows the dangers, stays away from the substances. So this woman she tempted, she said as herself, to go and call this individual. I want to make a testimony of my face because you're he's like a priest, a worshipper, a scholar who lives individually on taking my testimony to him. As he calls it independent income. Every time he enters into the private, she begins to lock the doors behind him television, he's trapped with only this woman and a term and a mug of alcohol. She says to him, I

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will not release you, until you do either one of these three things are inferior is even actually with me. Or you can this boy, you drink his mug of alcohol. So what does he do? What he perceives to be the lesser of the evils he drinks the alcohol person never drank alcohol inside their life. drinks the mother of alcohol gets drunk, committed even actually winner and kills the boy

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carries only even actually because of what

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the mother own sin is alcohol is intoxicants that opened up. Don't be surprised. We have a serious problem inside our society. As I began, we don't be surprised because we are Muslims. We try to hide things. We have a serious drug problem inside our society. We have a serious drug problem inside our society, of heroin of cocaine, trafficking of drugs, drug warfare, we Muslims upon Muslims that we find killing and slaying one another. harming one another Muslims upon Muslims that we find is a serious problem. Some of us may think No, these things don't exist inside of society. They do Unfortunately, he is upon by he's become a fan. And as I began the days of he, people get the *

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out together. To celebrate, they eat with these intoxicants. With this heroin. We can at least warn one individual each one of one one Indian stay away from

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That'd be a good beginning to warn our youth around us because it's become pandemic. everywhere we look, you've been involved inside the assumptions that were involved inside Iran. They think nothing of it. And we live in our own bubble world. We live in our own world that we've been everything around the world is an Islamic Society. There are out of 1000, maybe one day practice that in 999, I'm going to be

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involved in for whitish bathrooms around things. And I would not be extreme to say that every single young individual, every single young individual, in general returns back to the dean has tasted that even lifestyle in the last 10 to 15 years. When he was growing up, he was very, very rare, very rare for a person that this would be a part of their lifestyle, their culture, to take drugs to drink alcohol, to commit adultery to fallen in pain. It was very rare. 1520 years maybe the left of our preaching inside our society, not understanding and danger that we began what is email? Email isn't just textbook to read the issue what email is, that's not what email is email needs to go and apply

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that email to revise people's email to awaken them. We find these changes say that people who practice their team who are addicted to drugs, what do you practicing? You haven't purified yourself. There may be a few individuals who have exceptions to the rule. But we find it common you'll see it. You'll see people coming out of the center, walking towards Salah, walking around the streets, going to shisha lounges, taking sheets around around the whole environment I'm talking about makes a Muslim start to make an excuse. It's a business. What decent business is done with Muslim rocks, drugs, alcohol, women, wine, every type of thing surrounded and you can this is a

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business. A Muslim doesn't run such type of businesses inside their life. A Muslim who sins remember this inside a Muslim who commit sins? Yeah Sheila disobeys Allah. disobey Allah we're in secret disobeys alone secret you find for God mentioned a person is sitting in a gathering, you're taking something which is haraam. What should you say to your brother? What do we become we encourage our own blood brothers to take drugs to take alcohol to traffic, it can live that life. That's what type of mysteries have no shame. Your own blood brother is a form of a movement, that you've become an allegiance together. Using the words that I mentioned the streets that no one messes about with us.

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You see what will happen to inside and you'll see what happened inside the crate, you're worried about no one mess about with you imagine the angel inside the grain wouldn't mess about with you. When they mess about inside the grave. One strike, that every living thing, every element every creature has to hear it will drop down dead, one strike inside the cover. And we worry that we think about the people around us the street credit that no one should touch me, no one should take our substances nobody should woken up to no one should come in and so no one should mess about with us. These are the cliches that our Muslim youth are living in. How can we intermediary people, these so

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called New even placed kinds of weapons and a table in front of humans to say what to us that if you speak will shoot you as well. Look how shallow Muslim become even to say to stomach clerics, that you come in the way of our lifestyle, we will shoot up the so called Muslims, so called Muslim who threaten other emails threatened and like you get in the way we will shoot and kill you to protect our honor. What honor what dignity What are you protecting inside your life? How do you think it's going to last long read the statistic of the amount of young youth their lives have been taken among Muslim young individuals 60 7080 lives have been taken. And those who think they're super smart

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individuals who think they're super smart animals trafficking drugs, study the results of these individuals. 1920 2530 years play Sanders said that that's the end of their life, everything stripped away from them, stripped away from them. And we like to say things are life. We like to glorify these other youth that glorify this life, that this is the life that we want to live. This is not a life that a Muslim wants to live. Muslims live a life of obedience. Goodness, encouraging other individuals come to goodness, a person since keeps it to themselves stays away from it pays to keep me away from it. Does you find what I

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mean? If you've been strong ahaadeeth Some have gone to the view person who drinks alcohol. And that time of drinking alcohol is not a believer. That's one view that exists in the real minutes he's going to discuss each other in a later state is about a week inside their belief, but some of them have literally taken that belief. Whoever drinks alcohol was drinking alcohol is not classified as a believer. Likewise, you know hobbies that we find avoid common because hammer Fabiana face Eman and addiction cannot exist.

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Together inside the heart and the mind of the individual, one will overcome the other. As you strengthen your email mailing, avoid this, learn your email and study your email and place yourself in a good environment make Toby jealous of how they will make you come away from him. Or if you don't do that, you find you will overcome you cannot coexist inside the heart and the mind of the believer. And as we've mentioned, a stern warning president gets addicted to his intoxicants. And so I find myself the rest of you, that God is blessed the days of hesitant to exert effort to remind the people around us the space to move around, and build up towards how to build up places to eat,

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to stay away from the moon cut off, stay away from these for a while and stay away from even things, even practices, which is destroying our society, which is destroying us, destroying our identity, likewise, not destroying them as well. They've concluded they know that we're the ones that still don't seem to recognize the dangers of these things. Not just the sense of shape belies patterns in one element. No doubt. We fail to target the average since around us inside a society of plucking up people away from it. Now last 100 years for the topic, the ability to stay away from these sins and these vices now gone. I mean, I'm on my bucket.

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