Does My Hajj Count If I Don’t Sacrifice An Animal

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Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is without a doubt an important aspect of our deen that must be fulfilled at some point in our life. A part of hajj is to sacrifice an animal. However, some may find it a bit difficult to sacrifice an animal. Does one’s Hajj count if they do not sacrifice an animal?

Shaykh Hasib Noor explains the answer.


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The speaker discusses three types of Hajj, which are not sacrificed animals, and which require sacrificing an animal. They explain that sacrificing an animal is an integral part of two types of Hajj, and that people may ask why they have to sacrific an animal, as they do not want to kill an intimate person. The speaker also mentions that people may not be able to do so easily and that fasting is only necessary during a time period.

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Does my head count if I do not slaughter a sacrificial animal?

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There are three types of Hajj two of them require for you to sacrifice an animal and one of them do not. If fraud, Pilon and temperature and a flood You do not have to sacrifice an animal and kill on an intimate tour, you do and inshallah to Allah, you can look up what are the differences between these three types of Hajj. So sacrificing an animal is an integral part of two types of Hajj and you might ask, Why are the three types of Hajj that is something that the Prophet slice Allah made as an ease for us and for those who only made a flood which is to just do Hajj and not an umbrella which is clear on Intimidator, Allah subhanaw taala made it an obligation on them to be able to sacrifice

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an animal but for those who are not able to do so a lot of parents have told them too fast and that fasting is three days while they're in the time period of Hajj and then seven days when they go back to their families completing 10 days of fasting