Finding Peace #11 – Peace through Salah

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Imagine if you're living in a beautiful house and all of a sudden you were told that there is a main pillar within the house that is about to collapse. It has been damaged and require repair. Will you live within the house peacefully? The most important pillar in our lives is solar, your daily prayers. If it is strong, your Islam is strong. And if you're weak, the entire house of Islam the Eman itself could collapse. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said or Salah Imad the deen man apama half of apama Deen woman had a matter for called Hara Medina that Salah is the main pillar the backbone of this religion whoever had established it had established the entire religion and whoever

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had demolish it had demolished the entire Deen which be is that when you pray consistently, and when you stand before Allah subhanaw taala you pray with full faith that Allah subhanaw taala had given you the system to cleanse you and to bring about peace and tranquility into your life. tranquility is one of the main conditions for establishing lasala the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day saw a man in the masjid praying on a haste and so Pamela after he finished the prophet SAW Selim told him in the hub was only for in neck island to solidly go and pray for you to not pray. The man prayed yet again. The prophets Allah wa sallam repeated the same thing. Go and pray for you did not pray.

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The man prayed again for a second time or the third time and the prophet SAW Selim told him the same thing. Then the prophet SAW Selim taught him how to pray. And he taught him one of the main pillars of the prayers one of the main conditions for the prayers to be accepted and to be performed properly established a comet indien a comet a solar is tranquility is Paola loving. The prophet SAW Selim stress this point to an extent that he interrupted the man three times telling him that he did not pray imagine with me another thing, another scenario. Imagine if you have traveled in the future and all your past actions were presented before you and you were given the chance to go back in time

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and correct that which you have done wrong with that not be something really all of us would want to happen. Definitely. But this is not the case on the Day of Judgment. Once you're there, you will not be given the opportunity to go back and correct what you have done. Subhan Allah when Allah subhanaw taala told us and operand yo ma yaksha one cell can weigh you down, it'll seletti fellay or sloty on way down ala sudo. De for they are starting on on that day, Allah subhanaw taala will bring about the reality. The day of judgment will uncover the truth that many people have rejected back in the days then people will be invited to prostrate sujood fellay or sloty own but they will not be able

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to do so. So Pamela Ravi, some people of course, those who were praying regularly, those who took prayers seriously, they will happily prostrate, but those people who did not during the lifetime they will not be able to do so. And Allah subhanaw taala continue in this verse that on that they their eyes sites will be so humble and they will be so exhausted Allah subhanaw taala in the same verse say that they were they used to be invited to pray five times a day why they were able to when they were healthy when they had the ability to do so but they didn't so my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam change your perspective of all Salah. We were created body and soul and so upon

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law, our soul, deep inside yearning for connection with Allah Subhana Allah and slowly it comes from the Arabic word Silla means connection, our soul yearns that connection almost Phantasm or an inner insana, Holy kahaluu. Our human beings were created anxious by nature, we're anxious, we're worried and then he said that when evil touches us we are impatient. When something bad happened in our lives, we are impatient. We can take it and when goodness approaches when Allah Subhana Allah blesses us with goodness, we we withhold that goodness we wanted it only for ourselves in law mousseline except those who pray, except the those who maintain the prayer so if you want peace, if

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you don't want anxiety, prayer is the solution. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those people who pray, appreciate the prayers and establish

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is the connection through the prayers with Allah subhanaw taala so that on the day of judgment when we are commanded to prostrate we wouldn't find it difficult in sha Allah and in an in a ceremony Kumar