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Alhamdulillah hirable alameen wa Kiba to limit dokin

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illa Allah Varley mean what shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah hula hula shriek Allah, wa shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani My beloved brothers and sisters, I commenced by congratulating you upon this beautiful day of read, which is also a Friday. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us this great opportunity and I remind yourselves and myself, that this read is all about the sacrifice and the submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, when Allah instructed him to do something, he did it without questioning, that pleased Allah so much that Allah gave us a day where we can remember that sacrifice and also consider it a very happy occasion. This would mean that every time Allah has instructed us to do something, we should be doing that without questioning Allah or am I gonna mean you Allah Amina?

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either come along or also No, I'm on a akuna homolka Otto min Emery him. It is not befitting for a true believer, male or female, that when Allah or his messenger May peace be upon him have declared or instructed something that they feel they have a choice in that regard. Which means the true believers always know that when Allah has instructed you or the messenger has instructed you something you will adopt it and immediately do as you're told without questioning. That is a true believer. This was done by the prophet Abraham Ibrahim alayhis salaam May peace be on him. And for that reason, Allah loved him so much. What death is done long Ebola Hema folly Allah, Allah has

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indeed taken and considered Ibrahim, a very close friend of his Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us closeness to him and consider us to friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When Allah in Hamdulillah, Mina, my brothers, my sisters, what we need to realize is, this is all about the sacrifice and submission, not just of Ebrahim Allah is Salam of every one of us. Are you prepared to sacrifice for the sake of Allah? If the answer is yes, then you indeed deserve this day of sacrifice. This day of rejoice of the sacrifice, you have reason to rejoice because you have sacrificed many of us cannot sacrifice our sleep for the sake of Allah to fulfill salado fudger please do better. You can do

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better. My brothers and sisters, you will be questioned about your prayers. The Hadith says one of the first things that a worshiper will be asked about on the day that he leaves this world is the prayer. If that is okay, everything else will be okay. And if that is not okay, everything else will not be okay. So that's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my brothers and sisters, let's sacrifice for the sake of Allah. Let's take a look at the instructions that Allah has given us. He has told us what to do and what not to do. from among the things he has told us. He says, Don't ever associate partners with me. So make it your business to think about everything you do.

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Have I associated partners with Allah? The answer should be no. If you don't know ask those with knowledge. First, no, let victory in

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Tula moon ask those with knowledge. If you don't know. They will guide you they will tell you Subhan Allah.

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So my brothers and sisters, the worst thing one could do is Associate partners with Allah. Allah tells you don't do that. Learn to sacrifice solely and only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And any act of worship we render should be for the sake of Allah. That would primarily be the main act of worship that would make us deserve paradise when we worshipped Allah alone in Allah holla veero a new Shaka be viable young filma una de la Karimi Asha. Allah says if a person dies and they have associated partners

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With a law and they have not sought forgiveness from that, then Allah says, Allah will never forgive the Association of partnership with him. But he will forgive any other sins that have been committed. Whatever he wishes, if a person dies, and has not yet repented, Subhana Allah, so if you repent from schilke, you will be forgiven. But if you haven't repented, then Allah says, I don't want to forgive that sin. I don't mind forgiving anything else that you haven't sought forgiveness from. But this one, no, that is a stern warning from Allah. It's something we need to be conscious of my brothers and sisters.

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I want to draw your attention to things that are happening in our midst nowadays, that people take for granted. And they don't realize that they need to do better in order to display their obedience to Allah. I start off by saying everything you do your actions, whatever you do, your words, your movements, all of that. Ask yourself, when I meet with Allah, I'm going to be shown this action. Will I be proud of it? Whatever you've done, when you meet with Allah, he's going to show you everything.

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While all the al Qaeda kita boo, boo Jamie

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Murphy waiuku

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waiuku Luna, ye Latina Maddie Hi Dan kita vena cava de Mousavi. dinuba do soggiornato cabbie Alton Illa song.

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On the day when the book is spread. When the book is placed, the book of deeds your deeds is placed, you find the criminals almajiri mean, the criminals what will they be saying? What is up with this book, it has not left a single small deed or a big deed except that it is in the book countered it's there. Allah says Be careful, you are writing your book write it well. Subhana Allah, a lot of seeking of forgiveness or repentance would be very beneficial for you. But whatever you do, or say, always ask yourself before you say or do those things. Will I be proud of this act on the day of judgment? Brothers and sisters, I wish to highlight the problem of the age.

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The use of social media, the way we're using social media at times, we tend to forget I have a law to answer to I have a day of judgment that I'm going to go to all these deeds are going to be shown to me whatever I've said whatever I act, we find people Subhana Allah who are otherwise really good becoming forgetful of this it's shape bonds way wanna say any who in Russia? No, and I've gone on. Indeed it is shaytan none has made me forget this except shape. And that's why I forgot it. So we say the same people are good, but shaytan makes us forget that everything we do on our phones on social media, whatever the app may be, we are going to be answerable to Allah. This is the day of

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sacrifice, sacrifice the bad words, the evil songs people ask about, what's the ruling on music? It would be embarrassing to say anything besides stay away simply because if you take the music out of the equation, and only have the lyrics, the lyrics have the worst swear words that religious people are now lip synching and mimicking and those swear words swearing your own mother and thinking that it's okay, when Allah shows you those words because you mimic to them, or you set them Will you be okay. And we're still arguing about whether music is okay or not the music industry? Let's face it, my brothers and sisters, the words that are used are so embarrassing. You don't have to be a Muslim,

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to recognize that these words are becoming more and more immoral such that they are becoming embarrassing for anyone who has an iota of faith in Allah. Anyone who has an iota of concern of the meeting with Allah, anyone who believes in the sacrifice of Allah, it would become a total embarrassment. But like I said, it's not only the believers, even the disbelievers, those who don't believe or those of other faiths, the Jews, the Christians and others. They're all crying foul at the moment saying what is going on with these dirty bad words? It's becoming worse and people are pushing the levels of morality to degrees that they consider Okay, yet it is the height of

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immorality, swearing your own mother just by saying Subhan Allah, May Allah forgive us, and I'm going to give you a real life example.

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people bought

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In a house Subhan Allah I heard a young man, a good Muslim lip sync to a song Stanfield LA. I probably would have had to wash my ears after that. Just because he was bought in a house are also Billa. What on earth? Did he swear his mother for? La hawla wala quwata illa Billah La ilaha illAllah. Where are we heading, today's the day of sacrifice, cut that out. Ibrahim alayhis salam cut something else for the sake of Allah, He put a knife to it. Put a knife to these bad habits. You don't need to swear your mother. You don't need to use the F word, the B word, the P word, the D word, the Zed word, the x word. Whatever those bad words are and they becoming more and more you do

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not need to participate in that you're a believer, Allah is going to show you your phone. He's going to show you what you've done. What you've said, you draw the deleted. Brothers and sisters today is the day of deleting, please go to your social media and delete all those videos or messages or any form of communication actions, whatever it may be. That would be embarrassing in front of Allah, when Allah shows you those deeds and says, Why did you do this? Can you answer to this or that? We told you to stay away from immorality, from vulgar words from behavior that's unacceptable. Please, my brothers and sisters, I invite you to sacrifice not your son like the Prophet Abraham, it may

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peace be upon him was instructed, but your own bad deeds, it's not too late. You still have your phones.

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Please take a moment to pick up the phone right now. And to delete everything that you would be embarrassed with on the Day of Judgment. Imagine the prophet SAW Selim going through your phone or Allah subhanho wa Taala, taking record of you in your presence. And we don't want ourselves to be given our books on the wrong side. My brothers and sisters? Do you really consider this a day of need? Do you really consider the 10th of the Kj a day of need?

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Do you really believe in the story of the Prophet Ibrahim and the sacrifice of his son is my in May peace be upon them? Do you really believe that this is a day that we should be rejoicing because of the sacrifice and submission of those great men and women SubhanAllah.

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If that is the case, it's about time. We submitted and we sacrificed and I say the problem of the age is people are still arguing about music. And they're saying it's okay not realizing that even if you were to remove the music from the equation and only look at how filthy and dirty the lyrics have become, it does not require a believer to admit that. May Allah forgive us. So this is why I say Wouldn't you like your book to be filled with recitation of the Quran, the listening of the various reciters knowing the names of people, the amount of effort that people have put to mimic others on tik tok and on Instagram and various other apps, the amount of effort they put there. If they were

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to put one 10th of that effort in the Quran, I promise you they probably would become very, very close friends of Allah. I promise you they would master the Quran. I promise you Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Quran. In Allah Allah Allah will be higher than kitabi acquirement while bar will be a hurry. Allah has raised through the Quran, certain people and certain people have been dropped by the same Koran. The reason is, the Quran gives you reminders, but you don't take heed Subhana Allah when I have been told how much effort people make to try and learn a move, how to shake their waist or their bosoms, or whatever else it may be in front of a camera to look such that

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people can like what they've done. It was disliked by Allah.

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No matter how many millions of people might have liked a silly thing that you did if it was immoral, and filled with low values that was disliked by Allah, you've actually lost. It was not a game. I'd rather have no one Follow me. I'd rather have zero likes, I'd rather turn off or delete my apps if I if I cannot control myself then to earn the dislike of Allah. Life is so short lived people are dying every single day. More so during this time of Coronavirus. We need to be careful my brothers and sisters, these are the days we need to ask ourselves, what am I going to sacrifice for Allah? Come on, put a knife to your bad habits become more conscious of what you're doing? Why do we have

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to behave in a silly way? Imagine like I said the effort people make to learn a dance in order to shake their bodies in front of a screen and what do they say?

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mimicking words of someone that the dirtiest and filthiest of words. And the challenges of today are such that people just have to challenge you to remove your pants and it's gone you do it because of Han Allah, or Oh the bin. Now you just want to live up to a challenge that was made to you by someone who's not even considered a moral person who has any values, who stands for anything who doesn't even believe in the Hereafter, and Allah has challenged you to fulfill your five Salah you will never do that. Why? Because the people will not see it, who's gonna like all of that stuff. I hope that's not the case. I hope what I've just said, is not the case. I hope we take a lot up on

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the challenge of five salad a day. I hope we take a lot up on the challenge of dressing appropriately. I hope we take a lot up on the challenge of saying good words. I hope we take a lot up on the challenge of developing your character and conduct helping the elderly being the best to your wife or your husband, your spouse, your children, your family members, your parents, your uncle's your aunts, your in laws, your nephews, your nieces, I hope you take up the challenge of Allah about the will corba your relatives, I hope you take up the challenge of Allah about solving your problems and your disputes. I hope you take up the challenge of Allah about communicating with

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people in a good way making them feel good. I hope you take up the challenge of Allah about smiling, these are the true challenges. I hope you take up the challenge of Allah about fulfilling the duties you have unto him. Subhana Allah, we've become people who need reminder upon reminder, I remember when I was young reading the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and as he

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blew into his flute, or as he played his music, everyone followed, the little children followed completely, it started off the first time with the rodents following the second time, all the children followed totally blindly, until he took them to their destruction will lie he my brothers and sisters, if I learned a lesson from that, when I was a kid, it was all about how a day will come when shadeland will also blow that flute and he will also play that music and what will we do? We will follow like rodents, we will follow like rats.

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Are we not doing that? Somehow? Nah. We just following anything and everything without thinking whether it is moral, whether it is okay. Whether it is something I'm going to be proud of in front of the messenger peace be upon him, claiming to be the follower of Allah and His messenger. And what do we do? Would I be proud about that on the day of judgment? Is it going to help me in the hereafter? The short life is very short.

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Come on my brothers. Come on my sisters, the reminder is for me, and then for all of you.

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I want to remind myself and yourselves to be more responsible when it comes to social media. I do believe it is a platform through which you can earn a lot of good deeds, Mashallah, you can do a lot of good. But let's be disciplined. This read is definitely all about the sacrifice. Are we going to sacrifice for the sake of Allah? Let's improve on our dress code, men and women both, not just one. Let's improve on everything. Subhana Allah, let's improve on the way we speak. Cut out the swear words for the sake of Allah.

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There are two challenges that you might find one is the challenge of Allah. And the other is the challenge of those who are calling you to go away from Allah. Which one do you want? Are you going to follow a challenge that's going to distance you from Allah yet people might cheer you on? Or are you going to follow a challenge that you know and Allah knows brought you closer to Allah? Even if people don't know? I want to bring up the 100 challenge? Are you going to take up the 100 challenge to get up pre dawn pre scheduled and read some pray some prayer, get up and pray to Allah at a time when Allah is calling out according to the Hadith he says at that time helped mentor even for a to

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ballet, anyone seeking forgiveness, that I can forgive them, anyone asking me for anything that I can give them? That's the challenge of the 100 I challenge you and Allah has another challenge. May Allah grant us is my brothers and my sisters. The five daily prayers challenge. Are we ready to take that

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the dress code challenge you ready to dress in the way you know will please Allah, even if the world thinks what you're doing is silly or is wrong or backward. You're doing it for Allah. On these challenges supposed to be the challenges we take up. I challenge you to read a portion of the Quran every day Subhan Allah Quran challenge Mashallah tabarrok Allah, develop your character, your conduct your connection with Allah, and make sure you don't ever utter a bad word. control your temper. That's a challenge. Don't ever get

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angry, control your temper challenge some hand a lot. People can try and work you up and you don't?

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What about the challenge of staying away from bad words? I've already said that but here goes. The no swear. No vulgar challenge.

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We're not saying don't have fun. You have fun but have clean fun. My brothers, my sisters, have fun by all means, but within limits of goodness, within limits of morality. You don't have to sin in order to please yourself, not at all, because that is short lived and voila, he It comes with a lot of baggage later on. You lose contentment, you have heart aches, heartbreaks Why? Because you transgressed against Allah and you went against him wholesale, and you kept on following trends of people who couldn't even care less. They swear their mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, and every other word is all about vulgarity and so on immorality, everything is about sex. And that's

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what it's actually degenerated to. Hyper sexualized, every movement is only to flout what you have Subhanallah Is that what it's all about? No, my brothers, my sisters, we're believers. We're more noble than that. May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah grant us ease. May Allah open our doors, we want the Quran really, to be a means of our entry into gender, or an hodja to laka o alayka. The Quran is going to be a witness for you, or against you. What do you want?

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May Allah make it easy for us? Like I said, sometimes they are religious people, people who are good, Mashallah people who are reasonable, they come from very good families. But if you see how silly that behavior is, they have forgotten that it's not all about pleasing people. That's what social media has done to us. It's made us make, or it's made us want to please people more than we want to please Allah, if that is the case. And I hope it's not in the case of us. But if it is the case, then we're, we're losing the plot. What will happen the time will come when people won't bother what Allah said, it will mean nothing. Why call yourself a believer, Why call yourself a

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Muslim? These are the days of reminders, we remind each other the prophets or sanlam, on the day of Africa and the day of the days of Hajj, the farewell the farewell sermon, he spoke and he spoke about many important factors. And he told us keep reminding, perhaps the one who is distant might get the reminder from one of you who is here conveyed the message. Let's spread it far and wide. What is the message? Learn to be responsible my brothers and sisters, I pray that Allah grant us goodness and ease. Please enjoy your EAD. Allah has given you a day to rejoice to rejoice the sacrifice and submission of the Prophet Ibrahim, true rejoicing will only happen when you are also

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prepared to sacrifice and submit when it comes to certain things that you know you're involved in, that you're not supposed to be involved in certain things you're no you're not doing that you're supposed to be doing and inshallah in that way, we will definitely taste the new sweetness of these days of read that we've never tasted before. Just by simply improving the way you dress. What you do on this day, don't transgress against Allah. Remember, you're going to go back to Allah, take a good book with a lot of good things, fill your book with so much of goodness, that when you get to Allah, and you see your book, you're so proud and smiling, Mashallah, we get so sad when we fail an exam in

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this world, whether it be university or high school, we become so sad and depressed when we fail, trust me, the true depression and sadness and regret will be if we were to fail the exam. When we see the results in the hereafter for the Hereafter, we would actually be at the ultimate loss. If we don't want that. Here is the reminder to myself, firstly, to change my ways to improve my ways, and to become a better person. And to be much more responsible when it comes to social media. When it comes to the use of our phones, what we watch what we do, be it the applications or just the messages, our communications and so on. I end by telling you, let's put a knife to our bad habits.

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The pornography you've been hooked on the immorality you've been hooked on. It's time to sacrifice it for the sake of Allah. For the sake of your hereafter, that adultery, cut it out

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the intoxicants, cut them out all of that the displeases a lot.

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Cut it out. And you see how your life will change within a few days. If you're serious about it.

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That's my challenge. I promise you, you will have the most beautifully content life. Don't ever try to please people in the displeasure of Allah and don't ever

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Subhan Allah do the wrong thing knowingly and stay on it even after someone's reminded you, no matter how harsh that reminder sounded, it was meant to get to your ears. Allah will ask you, didn't we send someone to come and remind you? And you know what the answer will be? Yes. And the gatekeepers of hell will say, when it's too late, that's not going to be me, and it's not going to be you because we're going to take heed barakallahu Fie, comm May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of you.

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And may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us the true benefit of what is in the Quran and the Sunnah. And may Allah make us from those really, who take heed, have a blessed blessing eat and this Friday, remember, it is a double beauty. One is that of the read and the other is that of Juma and the Friday aku Kohli hada wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina. Vina Mohammed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.