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Al-Maidah 51-66 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 58

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And then an example of how they make fun of the dean has mentioned.

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And what is that? That what he then a datum in a Sunnah when your call to prayer? How?

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Through the event and the karma? What do they do it the Hulu, who's one whether even they take it as a mockery and a play?

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What is the mean by this? Who's one and mehriban?

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Who's one means that they begin laughing at it immediately? Why?

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In order to insult us Allah?

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If somebody's saying something, and you just start laughing, what does it show?

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That what they're saying doesn't make sense at all?

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So if somebody's saying something, and you begin laughing at their speech, what's the objective? What's the purpose? to ridicule what they're saying?

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So who's one, they immediately start laughing in order to insult the other?

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And secondly, Larry, but they crack jokes, or they imitate the other, or they say things that are very derogatory. Why?

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In order to insult the other,

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then it will be unknown Pokemon directly known that is because there are people who do not have Apple doesn't mean they're insane, literally,

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that they don't have reason they have mental disabilities. Is that what the meaning is?

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What does it mean by this icon over here?

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You see, there are two types of Apple,

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the first type of arcanist, aka itraq. And what does that mean? perception that you know, okay, this is an apple, you know, this is an orange, you know, this is right, this is wrong. Basically, I call it rock is what people have, and what makes them look and left, meaning what makes them responsible for the actions that they commit

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after Iraq, and the second is, rectitude,

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right mindedness.

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Because it's possible that a person has a lot of knowledge. A person is very knowledgeable.

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But when it comes to dealing with people,

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when it comes to social skills, when it comes to using that knowledge,

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there is zero. Do you understand? So I call it log is perception.

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And a conversion is rectitude.

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So vaniqa be unknown, common diaclone, which elicited a lack

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of coverage.

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This is what they lack?

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Because it's possible that they may be more educated, more intelligent than the Muslims.

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However, if they make fun of the seller, what does it mean?

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They don't have the right mind. They lack gratitude. So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we learn about the clarification that how difficult it is for the enemies of Islam to bear the Sunnah to tolerate the center to tolerate the other.

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That just the sound of the event. What does it do?

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They have to make fun of the other end, they have to make fun of the center. What does it show the enmity that they have and how they cannot tolerate the solder at all.

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So if you come across someone who cannot tolerate your Salah

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that he's not sincerity,

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whether he is your teacher, or your boss, your employer, or anybody.

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If they cannot tolerate your Salah. What does it mean? They're not sincere to you? They are not sincere to the deen

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because there are some people who allow you to pray no matter where you are. Even if you're in their house. They're like, Okay, fine. Go ahead. Pray. take time out for Salah. take time out for your religion. You're going to pray pray for me as well, even if they're not Muslim.

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But there are other people who when you pray, they say, Why are you taking time out of your work?

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I'm trying to make money over here.

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And you're going practicing your religion practicing your faith. I need you to work here not pray here.

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What does it show that person is your enemy.

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So if someone cannot tolerate the solid, that is a sign that they're not sincere to you. They don't like your religion.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah about the obligation of making the needed for the solidity obligation and making the call for Salah.

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Why? Because over hearing has been said what he then added to meaning there's something so well known.

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There's something more aloof there's something well known amongst the Muslims. What does it show that for every Sunday, the event has to be pronounced. Thirdly, we learned that since calling the other end is an obligation, what does it show? That it is an act of worship.

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Making the event itself is also what an act of worship.

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And it's an act of worship through which the one who made

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The other end draws closer to Allah subhanaw taala which is why we see that Allah subhanaw taala will honor and reward them in the way that he will not reward other people on the Day of Judgment.

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How that will add, then he will be tall, his neck will be very high. Why? Because a person who was tall is easily distinguishable.

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So on the Day of Judgment, and then all those people who used to give the event they'll be told with their next high,

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showing that a las panatela is going to honor them, he is going to reward them on the day of judgment and there's a hadith that is recorded in say Muslim.

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And some scholars have also said that giving the man is actually more of one it is more superior than leading the Salah.

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Giving the event is more superior than Amana then leading the Salah. Why?

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Because there are more Hadees that inform us about the reward for giving the other than compared to reward for leading the prayer.

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Now person may ask what the profits on a lot of a sudden he chose MLM for himself. Why?

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Because he was the leader. And it was his duty to lead the seller.

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As we learned earlier, that even the fear prayer,

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what did we learn that I had that when you are amongst them, and you have to establish the prayer for the meaning when you have to lead the prayer.

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So the prophets are a lot of them it was his obligation to lead the Salah.

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But we learned that giving the event is something that is very virtuous. In our Deen.

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There's a hadith in which he narrated

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that if people only knew what was in the call to prayer, and the first row

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winning if they knew their award of making the other than giving the other and standing in the first role.

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And could find no other way to get it, then drawing lots for it, they will draw lots for it.

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Meaning if people realize the reward for these two good deeds, then they would fight over it. And they will draw a lot to make sure that they get their chance to be in the first draw to give the other end.

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So what does it show the virtue, the excellence of giving the other.

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We also learn from a hadith that is recorded in a necessity, that the more than the one who gives the event, he will have their award equivalent to their award of the one who praise Allah upon hearing it as to the one who gives the event. Every single person who prays as a result of hearing that other than that, then we'll get the reward for that person as well.

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We also learn from a Hadith, I was very thankful that he inherited, that he said that I see that you love sheep and the desert. You see some people, they would take their flocks to the desert in order to do let them graze.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this to someone that I see that you love sheep and the desert, when you are among your sheep, or in the desert, give the call to prayer, meaning even if you're alone,

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because when a shepherd goes, he's alone with the animals. So even then give the call to prayer and raise your voice when doing it. Why? Because no gene or man or anything within range, hears the voice of the mo and then without bearing witness for him on the Day of Judgment.

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Every single thing on which those sound waves hit,

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that thing will bear witness on the Day of Judgment for them.

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I remember once we've gone somewhere, and basically was by a mountain and there was a lot of land sliding over there. So everywhere you saw, you would see huge rocks.

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Somebody was giving me a gun over there. And I was like amazing.

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Every single rock 1000s and millions of rocks, on the day of judgment will bear witness for this person that he gave us and over here.

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So encourage your children, encourage your men, encourage your husbands, encourage your fathers, your sons. And when you go to such a place, people are going to pray together anyway. Even if you're alone, what did the Prophet said about Islam said give me and then because of the source of huge reward in the day of judgment

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and encourage young boys from a very young age they should learn how to give the other

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and we should encourage them.

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You never know when you go to such places. I allow it if anybody ever gave a dine over there, why shouldn't you be the one to give the analogy over there and make all of those stories

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trees and rocks and mountains of witness for you on the Day of Judgment.

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So encourage your men that they should give the event, especially when they go to such places. Because you might wonder, oh my god, what if somebody is listening to me good if they're listening to you? Good, it's a witness for you on the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, a woman does not give theater. If you encourage your husband or your son or your brother, the good deeds that they do, you will get the reward for it. My wife and husband.

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So we also learn from this idea that, since then, is an act of rebar that it must be respected and honored. Because what's the problem over here?

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that these people, they are mocking at the other? They are making fun of the other. So then is an act of worship.

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And just as any other act of worship should be respected, similarly, advance should also be respected?

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And how are we supposed to respect the other by observing the proper etiquette when the other end is being given?

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So what's the proper etiquette?

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That when the event is being called when the then is being given? What should we do? As listeners

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that first of all, we should listen, silently, and respectfully.

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Because those people who laugh and joke around and continue with their idle talk when the event is going on, they're not really giving the heck of the event, they're not really respecting the other.

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So first of all, what is our obligation, that when the event is being given when the event is giving the event, should we continue with our speech and keep talking and joking and laughing,

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and keep watching the TV, and listening to what we're listening to, you know,

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stop what you're doing. Stop what you're saying, Listen to the event, give respect to it.

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But remember that some people think that when the man has been given you should cover your head, in case a woman, there's no evidence for that.

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You should cover your head otherwise as well, not just when the iodine has been given.

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However, we see that if a person is talking about something that is important from before, and if he intends to complete the sentence, then that is permissible.

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I mean, it's not like if the iodine is being given. That said, you cannot talk talking is how long it is forbidden, it's not forbidden.

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It is definitely something that is better if you don't talk. However, if you're talking about something from before, and you need to complete your speech, then you may do so how, in a very low voice, so as to not disturb the other people who are trying to listen to the event and respond to the other.

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We learned that a hustle and bustle he said, there is no harm in laughing while the event or the economy is being given. And what he meant by laughing was that for something else that you were already engaged in from before,

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and we also learn about other time you're in who talked during the other. But what does that show that if it was something necessary that was going on from before, then they continued and they wouldn't really initiate something new from before. Because remember, when you're in a Muslim society, then you're not just hearing one other

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one and then begins, and then the last and then it ends after half an hour. So it doesn't mean for those half an hour, 40 minutes, you're not going to talk.

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What's the proper etiquette that the closest are then to you?

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The one that you're going to respond to make sure that you listen to it silently, respectfully, and don't talk unnecessarily. Remember this Don't talk unnecessarily.

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Secondly, we learned that of the proper etiquette of listening to the advantages that a person should respond to them.

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He should respond to them what I mean how,

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by repeating the same kalimat

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or whatever in the hotel room, he reported

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that the profits are allowed to set him said, when the admin says Allahu Allahu Akbar,

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then one of you should make this response Allahu Allah, but basically say the same thing.

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When the other one says, I shall do a law in the law, then you should respond. I shall do a law in the law. When he says I shall do no more hamato Sula, you say the same thing. But when he says hey Allah salah and halal fella, then what should your response be? Now hold on, ah, quwata illa Allah.

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And then the same, whatever he says, You say the same thing. And at the end of the Hadith, the prophet sort of all the sudden said that a person who says this response from the heart, then he will enter Paradise, he will enter

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it, it's a big opportunity.

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A big opportunity.

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When you are at a Masjid when you are at a place and when the event is going on.

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Why spend that time talking to other people? Why not use that time to answer the and then respond to the then with the heart, so that inshallah that becomes an opportunity for us to get entry antigen.

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So avail these opportunities.

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Then the third thing that a person must do upon hearing the other end is that after the event a person should attend Salat and Salaam upon the Prophet sallallahu, some

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of the live and

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he reports to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying that when you hear them or have them, repeat what he says,

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and then invoke a blessing on me, meaning, send the Select and surname upon me, for everyone who invokes a blessing on me will receive 10 blessings from Allah.

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What will you receive 10 blessings from Allah. But the prophets Allah Allah Allah mentioned in particular, that sin so that's insulin blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam upon hearing the other.

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Fourthly, after listening to the event, and after sending the Surat and cinnamon from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what should we do? recite the most noon

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and I'm emphasizing Miss noon dawn.

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Because there are many other versions out there. However, we should adhere to the Quran and Sunnah we should adhere to the words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us.

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Jabir ibn Abdullah, he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever says after hearing the Allahumma behead, he dealt with it was fanatical email at Mohammed and it was sila de Waal, Sabrina Weber assume a common mood and in the new actor, photo,

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whoever says these words, my intercession will be available to him on the Day of Judgment.

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And this has mentioned him and

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another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is that ilim have

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the virtue of sonet the high rank of Salah, the fact that we should respect Salah why, because there is a need that there is a call that is made before performing the Salah.

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For any other good deed, this is not done that a call is made or then is made but first whenever a call is made, what does it show the importance of Salah.

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We also learn from this ayah that a person who makes fun of the Sunnah or the event or anything to do with the Sunnah he does not have

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because you see, Sunnah is not just a good deed.

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But it is a good deed that is mandatory. It is fun. And it's not just felt once in a lifetime, or once a day. But Allah subhanaw taala has made it obligatory upon us five times a day. And those five times are also fixed. What does that show? how Allah subhanaw taala loves this Allah, how much he loves it, that he has made it mandatory upon us every single day, five times a day, fixed times. That shows the love that our last penalty has for this act for this good deed. So someone who has alcohol, he cannot make fun of Santa, because Santa is so beloved to Allah.

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Similarly, the prophet sort of artisan and what he say about Santa, that jury look forward to is

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that the coolness of my eyes the comfort is where in the center so someone who has occurred with intellect Can you make fun of Santa when he knows that Salah is not just beloved to Allah, but it is also so beloved to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam

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and even when you look at the film itself, what does it have that bead? You're saying Allah, what

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does v sub panels panel of DNR limbs that cannot be learned?

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Then there's so much praise of a more supplemental data, we're seeking forgiveness you're exalting and loss penalty, and in the Salah, you're reciting the Quran.

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So, Sunnah is a combination of so many good deeds. How can someone who has alcohol make fun of Salah

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It doesn't suit a person who has intellect to make fun of Salah.

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And if you look at it when a person performs a study when he recited the Fatiha and he says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen, Allah subhanaw taala responds, Hemi the name of the my slave has praised me. And for every verse of sort of factor as a servant says one verse allows a penalty response.

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How can someone who has make fun of Salah so this shows that a person who is awkward, it does not suit him to make fun of salad or to make fun of anything that has to do with

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that specific recitation of these verses.