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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the difference between the words "naive" and "light," and the need for a balance in conversations to achieve spirituality and ethics. They stress the importance of bringing back the "medicals and initiatives" to spirituality and morality, and stress the importance of faith and learning to make things look different. The speakers also touch on the benefits of being nude, including identifying good and evil benefits, processing perception, and benefiting from the mirror. They emphasize the need for a conversation about "medicals and initiatives" and balance conversations about "medicals and initiatives" with "medicals and initiatives."

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So the next one that we're going to cover here in shala is on page number 23. The bottom of page 23. It's a very beautiful, very interestingly, most people are familiar with the fact that there is a DA for entering the machine and there is a DA supplication for exiting the machine. But a lot of times folks don't realize that the Prophet of Allah Salafi sent him also used to offer a DA, he's to also pray when leaving his home, towards the masjid, when you would set out towards the masjid in the direction of the masjid. There was also two other prophets a lot he used to say at that time. It's a very powerful beautiful do I which kind of puts into perspective what the purpose what the

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motivation was the reason for going to the house of Allah subhanaw taala part of it part of it what it is, and he would say here at the bottom of page 23 Allahu majah alfi calbee Nura Warfield, Hasani Nora was alfi summary neuron was Alfie borsari neuron was Alma mean healthy new raw woman, Emami new raw, watch, I'm info clean, raw woman tacky, new raw Allahumma, our teeny neuron.

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So, to do the word analysis, now you can obviously hear the repetition of words and hear kind of the consistency in the supplication. So to go ahead and do the word analysis Allahumma, O Allah insha. Allah make

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it a more flowing English translation will be put in place. Oh Allah make place, put, fee and be fee means in inside of can be is my heart the word the word is. The word for heart in the Arabic language is one of the few words. But the most general word for the heart is a little bit in the Arabic language.

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And what's interesting about the word father is it comes from the root which means for something to flip or turn. In the lab, we saw it was in one pallab to return back home to head back home that comes from the same route. And the reason why the column is called that is because the heart constantly goes through change and the turn of different emotions and feelings and sentiments. It also some of the linguist also mentioned that this also represents the

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how easily the heart can be turned in suede at the same time. how fragile the human heart is, and how flexible and malleable and impressionable the human heart is. And there's a beautiful Hadith where the Prophet Alayhi Salam says that the hearts of the slaves are between the two fingers of our man between the two fingers of Allah. He turns him back and forth however he wills. So

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the word COVID refers to the heart, I'll be my heart. I love my job. I'll be all over the place inside of my heart put in my heart. New run. We talked about the word nude earlier, the word nude means a light more than a light, it's in illumination. It's a glow.

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It's a light that glows and illuminates that witches around it. So it's not like a laser light, you just shoot a light at one spot and just that one spot is brightened. Not even like a flashlight where it's still to a certain extent, it points light in a particular direction. The better example of a nude is like a flame like a fire like a lamp, a lantern that the source of light could be very small, but it spreads light. That is the effect of noon. That is the type of light that is called nude. So we're saying go a lot play put light inside of my heart and throughout the Quran. throughout the book of Allah, the example of faith and eemaan the parable the example the image that

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is given to faith and belief in eemaan and Allah is nude. And the absence of that faith in that emotion is called Luma Luma tune darkness layers and layers upon layers of darkness. Babu have folk about them.

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But Eman believe a connection with a law the realization of a law modified to law. It is called a nude throughout the book of Allah.

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And so we're saying to Allah, Oh Allah, put light in my heart illuminate brighten my heart.

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And what's powerful about the word nude is, look what else is called nude Allahu nudo semira.

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Allah Himself is called nude. Allah is the illumination. He is the enlightenment of the heavens and the earth. So it's very, very interesting. So the word nude, we're saying here, Oh Allah illuminate my heart, brighten my heart, put him on faith, belief, your recognition and the Enlightenment that is a consequence of recognizing you, Oh Allah, put that into my heart.

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Then think about the effect of having that light. Having that light that lamp that illuminated surroundings, what does that do? That makes everything around you clear, right? You can see things clearly.

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If you're walking in the dark, you don't know where you're going, you might run into something but we if you turn on a lamp, a light.

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Now you know exactly where you're going things make sense, you know where things are, you recognize things for what they are, you recognize things for what they are.

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Similarly, when that light is turned on in the heart, when that node is there in the heart,

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the EMA and the recognition of a law, then what ends up happening.

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Everything else makes sense. You see things for what they are, but you can't see things in the darkness. So this is a very profound statement or Allah put nude in my heart. And it's not a coincidence that the Prophet of Allah Salah is me saying this when going to the masjid.

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When going to the masjid. See, there's a lot of discussion today in our community about the role of the masjid

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and the need of the masjid, the situation of the masjid, there's a huge discussion, and a very deep discussion, it's something we do need to be discussing.

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But there is one thing that we need to remember in the course of this conversation that we're having about the masjid

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do standing here in front of you, I have to admit, I cannot lie about the fact because I have the same experience growing up were the masjid that was that a lot of the massages that I went to as a child

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did not have the ideal did not provide the ideal experience. It did not provide a very very nourishing experience. And that's problematic and that needs to be addressed and needs to be fixed. No doubt about it. We got a lot of work to do. We have tons of work to do. We have to get back on track. The the model for the machines and machines will never we will always be the scholars have said that for all for the oma today. everything that we're doing all the activism, all the work, all the education, all the projects, all the initiatives is to bring the oma back to the place that it was back to the level of spirituality and ethics and morality that I was on the day the profits a

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lot in some department from this world. That's the goal.

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The goal for every institution and community is to emulate to become a model to become a replica of Al Madina, munawwara al Machida never win.

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That's just the truth and the reality. So we have a lot of work that needs to be done.

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But to balance in conversations is very, very important.

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We got a lot of work to do. We can't get by with status quo anymore. You know why? because too many people

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are falling through the cracks. They're not even cracks anymore. It's the Grand Canyon.

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And 99% of the woman is falling through that Grand Canyon

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that is right outside the door of every single machine in every single community. And we just can't afford that. So we have to work towards improving our situation. But the balance of the conversation is we as individuals as a bad law,

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email law, as slaves of Allah.

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believer believers, Muslims worshippers, we still have to understand and realize that at the end of the day, the masjid I'm not talking about any one particular Muslim but I'm talking about the institution that is called the masjid.

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The Masjid a Masjid, we have to understand its significance. When the Prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam said, I'll massage boo boo to La Jolla and

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that the massages are the houses of Allah on the face of this earth.

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I always give this example it's real basic example.

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Might even insult somebody's intelligence. So basic, simple Elementary, but it's something to think about.

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If I say

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a moron is

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My best friend,

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my best friend in the whole world in the whole wide world, just me and him BFFs we're super tight, my best friend.

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And then after Salah or whatever in the evening for dinner, you know, we're supposed to go to brother and Ron's house for dinner.

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So a couple of the other guys, they jumped in the car with me. So let's go. Let's go to him Ron's house for dinner. I'm like, do you know where Amazon lives?

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They're like, yeah, I think I can give you some basic directions as to kind of get you in the area. If you're kind of you don't remember the name of the street? As you know, I don't know where he lives. What do you mean, you don't know where he lives? You've never been there before. And I've never been to him Ron's house.

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Would you be skeptical or not? If I said, I'm in Ron's best friend, his best best friend. That's not a real word. But that's how tight we are.

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I'm his best best, very best friend. I've never even been inside of his house. I've never seen the inside of his house. Nothing.

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It raises some doubt, doesn't it? There's some skepticism there. How can you be so tight with somebody and never even sat in their house or, you know, visited their home before? That's impossible.

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That shows the fact that you're not as close as you think you are.

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And we have to think about the same fact when we talk about Allah subhanaw taala there's a reason why that title is given to the masjid the house of Allah, the house of God.

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That it is the masjid.

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And so if we claim a relationship with Allah, we claim to have that connection with Allah. But we don't go to the masjid. We don't have a relationship with any machine. We don't have any type of frequenting to the house of Allah. Then how legitimate is our claim to have a relationship with Allah is something we really have to think about.

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So no enlightenment, illumination of the heart

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that nude in the heart.

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There's a reason why the prophets a lot ism is asking for that on the way to the machine, because that's where you go to get it.

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He's making a list to say before we go grocery shopping, you got to list what I need to buy. This is his list. He's making this to our on his way to the mosquito alarm. This is what I need.

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This is what I need at the mercy This is why I'm going to the masjid This is what I hope to achieve and receive at the masjid at the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala so very important to remember this.

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Okay, so real quick.

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is blocking a person's car.

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In Isuzu rodeo.

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Why why somebody laughing alright. It's not nice all I've had the person with a rodeo okay.

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This ain't my first rodeo. All right, so if somebody has an Isuzu rodeo, don't worry, we won't judge you just go move your car inshallah.

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So as I was saying, that the mother saw the light of the heart, the nude of the heart, it illuminates the heart. That's a man that's representative of faith. And to get him on to build a man to be solid. Once a man, a machine is part of the equation. I'm not saying it's the end all be all. There were plenty of men out of your own and hypocrites at the time of the prophets, a lot of them who would come and stand five times a day and pray with the believers. It's not it's not just like that's it come to the masjid incident emaan done for I don't have to worry about anything else.

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Nor is it that type of a judgment that just because somebody might not come to the masjid as much as you know, maybe they should be that we just completely discount their email. Like obviously that person is not a believer, he doesn't come to the masjid. That's not our role. That's not our place, we worry about ourselves. But I have to understand for me, that part of the equation of my eemaan is the house of Allah and having a relationship without a law and presenting myself before a law in the house of Allah.

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And again, as a side note, just because this is such a focal point, such a huge topic of discussion about the masjid today. Like I said, a lot of work needs to be done and we need to keep working. And we need to keep pushing and keep bringing about change for the better.

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But at the same time, unless and until we do get there. This is something I learned from my dad

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is something I learned from my dad. We learn things from your role models from your parents from your elders, lot of wisdom.

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I could talk for days and days and days but there's some wisdom that you learn from people that are older or more experienced wiser than you.

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And one of the things I learned from my dad

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was at the end of the day, no matter what's going on all types of fitna the community I was growing up in my dad was one of the founders and there's all this crazy wild fitna going on, all this crazy stuff going on. But he's still go. He's fudger he's a sharp Muslim, he'd still go and eat, pray.

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And even told me why.

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He said, because I go there for Allah, this is a law's house. And nobody owns this place. They might act that like they do, they might think that they do. But that's their problem. This is the house of Allah, I come here by my head down, put my face on the ground in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala spread my hands before a London I walk out my mom business.

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So I can't get cut off from the machine. I can't let somebody else get in between me and a lot and Ella's house

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misses an important part of that equation. So the nude in the heart representative of faith.

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Why connected to the masjid because that's one of the places that helps to brighten

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and adds to the illumination of the heart, the house of Allah.

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Number three,

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the benefit of that light being turned on inside of the heart that emaan that node. Just like when you turn the lamp on inside of a dark room, you can see things for what they are. You can recognize things you can identify things, though life will begin to will start to make sense when that light that nude is turned on this side of the heart than the world we see the world for what it is, we see the world for what it is, we're able to identify good benefit from harm and evil.

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We gained that ability and number four, lastly, and finally about the new. Remember we talked about the reason why that word nude is used because the light spreads it emanates it glows

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to the point where it forget about even inside of that room from outside of the room from under the door through the curtains you can tell that a light is on inside.

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It's like pouring out it's oozing out that light. When that light turns on inside of the heart. It will ooze out of the person

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through a person's speech and actions and behavior and conduct a clock manners, character disposition, it'll just ooze out

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you know you're in the presence of a believer you benefit from their presence from the way they walk and talk.

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And so very important lesson here so I love my job feed kalbi neuron or love Please inside of my heart that illuminating force in light of human

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well feeling Sani neuron

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and in my tongue, place new meaning now from that heart fuel the tongue so that word comes from the tongue is also illuminated

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it's beneficial light eemaan is what comes from my tongue not darkness, not hatred, not bad words not bad language not animosity and hatred towards people but enlightenment benefit nude comes from my tongue which is the cemetery neuron

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and place in my ears and it didn't use the word ooni which literally means that the the physical ear it said summary my ability to hear my listening plays in my listening in what I listened to what I hear put nude in that

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because not so much a physical ear that is the focus but the what we take in what we are processing through this one channel that Allah has provided to the heart

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that place new insight of what I hear and what I listen to what I absorb from around me

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which is the boss or the neuron

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and place in my sight again it didn't say I need it means I buzzer is your vision.

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Your vision like what you see not only what you see but bussan is deeper than that. That's why basilar comes from this route. It's not only what you see but how you process what you see. You're not just what you're physically looking at, but your perception and understanding of what you're looking at

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that don't not or love what I look at put nude in it, but more importantly how I process what I'm looking at what I perceive of what I'm seeing put nude in that as well.

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What do I mean healthy Nura.

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Put from behind me nude. And what's very interesting. That's right there translation I guess it was kind of awkward from behind me. That sounds awkward. We don't talk like that in English. But the reason

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I'm doing that to illustrate that there is something extra here that needs to be taken note of. Normally, you could have expressed this idea as which is a healthy neuron, put node behind me

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put light in illumination behind me but men, men healthy means from right behind me.

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Like, in case me in nude, from right behind me put nude

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so that my back, it's pressed up against me. No. Like I'm covered from behind me in nude. Just like we go out to the cold and we put out a jacket and we put on a cloak.

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And we feel warm and protected.

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So we're like, give me a cloak. Give me a jacket, give me a coat of nude. To protect me to shield me from the darkness that is out there in the dunia woman, woman amiami neuron. Again, you could have just said I'm ami neuron, which I'm ami neuron, put nude in front of me. That's not what it says though. It says put light and illumination from right in front of me. Then you're wearing that coat or jacket. But instead of just cloaking over your shoulders, you put your arms inside of it and you button it down all the way down the front. Now you're completely covered and encased now you're fully protected. And that's what it's saying from right in front of me from right behind me from

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right in front of me. Sandwich me between nude in case me in new cover me with new cloak me with nude. With illumination, which I've been focusing on, put from right on top of me light and illumination and nude woman daddy neuron and from right underneath my feet, place nude and illumination, a complete bubble of protection, and encasement in nude and illumination.

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And then he finally entered to iron the supplication with a love Martini neuron Allahumma ottieni neuron, Allah Just give me lighten illumination.

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Meaning any leaves that open in every single thing and that from every angle, in every aspect in every facet of my life and being grants me new light illumination.

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beautiful, powerful supplication.

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And the first part of it.

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Very important to note the sequence. This is very precise prophetic wisdom. There's a sequence here, he starts with the heart, then he speaks of the tongue.

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And then what we listen to. And then he talks about perception.

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how we perceive things, this is telling us there's a process working on the heart, then learning to control the tongue, then being careful about what we're taking in, and then perception starts to change, then things look different, then things make sense, start to make sense the correct way.

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And when that happens, when we start to perceive things differently, then everything around us will be illuminated.

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Everything around us will be illuminated.

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You know, and Subhanallah You know, sometimes you see different things.

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Somebody can walk into somebody can meet someone,

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two people can meet a person or two people can come to the masjid or two people can attend a class or two people can attend the gathering

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and have completely different takeaway points. One person is saying, Oh very, he was very nice. The machine was very nice and serene and calm. The class was very beneficial. Or, you know, this gathering was very nice. There was a lot of brotherhood or a lot of sisterhood. The other person is saying like I didn't like the way that guy was doing this. You know, at that machine. I always noticed that during the class, why was this? Oh, in that gathering, I don't like those people. Same gathering, same person, same modulus, same class, same machine, two different people with completely two different, just what they took away from that.

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And that starts all the way on the inside and extends all the way to the outside.

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how we perceive things how we receive things is a reflection of our own heart. That's what the prophets on Sunset meant when he said no miracle movement as a Muslim woman actual Muslim.

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The believer the Muslim is the mirror of another Muslim.

00:24:35--> 00:24:40

Does that mean most of these types of a hadith we interpret them towards the other person?

00:24:43--> 00:24:48

like Oh, so you know, you can tell them what is wrong with them. Why is it always about somebody else? Why is it never about me?

00:24:50--> 00:24:54

When I look in the mirror, what do I see? I see me

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

so if I look in the mirror and there's a huge stain on my shirt Sure.

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Should I break the mirror?

00:25:03--> 00:25:03

Yes or no?

00:25:04--> 00:25:17

Everybody here's got like broken mirrors at home. All right? When I look in the mirror and I see a huge stain on my shirt, what should I break the mirror? No, it's nothing wrong with the mirror the mirror, just simply reflecting back what is there.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

The problem is with me, not the mirror.

00:25:21--> 00:25:38

So the scholars actually explained in the context of that idea when I come face to face with another believer, and maybe I deal with some ugliness of rudeness and bad behavior, that is simply just a reflection of me. I'm just seeing my bad o'clock being reflected back at me. Very interesting.

00:25:39--> 00:25:46

And so when there is no one on the inside, there will be noon on the outside. And everything around us will be beneficial.

00:25:49--> 00:26:08

Everything around us will be beneficial, we will be able to benefit and know the good things, not obsessed and get stuck over the bad of things. And that is a reflection of the heart and that's what is being said about this new alumni out in a new era. Allah grant renewed so this is to drive the profits a lot. He's I mean going towards the machine