Reply to the Critics of Islam Who Say Qur’an Mentions that Where ever you Find a Khaafir

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And we find that certain verses of the Quran are called out of context. And one of the most famous verse of the Quran in which the critic they try and say that the Quran says whenever you find a non Muslim you kill him. And one of the famous critics of India, as you know, Arun fury, he wrote a book called The world of fatwa. And he writes in his book and he quotes the Quran in surah Tauba. Chapter number nine, was number five. He says, The Quran says, Wherever you find a kafir into brackets into into brackets into wherever you find a cafe into back at him do you kill him?

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You wait for them in every stratagem of four. So imagine if one common Hindu, I know you need to read this.

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Quran says that wherever you find the Hindu Killam then immediately there will be a reaction he will start going against Islam.

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So the problem is that selected few people for their own ulterior motives because of their writing. And he wrote the book The World of fatwa, and he quotes the same verse which has been called Orientalist. Surah Tauba, chapter number nine, verse number five, giving reference. After verse number five, he jumps to verse number seven directly.

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Any intelligent person will know why, because verse number six, has the key the reply to the allegation.

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In context, if you read for a thought by chapter number nine, the first few verses speaks about a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Muslims of Makkah. This peace treaty was doodle actually broken by the mechanics of Makkah.

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So by the time Almighty God, which was number five, he says that in the battlefield, that wherever you find your enemy Kaffir means the unbeliever enemy. Wherever you find the enemy.

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You kill him in the battlefield, if anyone quotes out of context,

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it will sound absurd. Imagine a few decades earlier during the war between USA and Vietnam.

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And if the Army General of USA or the president of USA tells the American soldiers on the battlefield, that my soldiers don't get scared, wherever you find the Vietnamese kill him, it is to boost up the morale. But today if someone quotes that the president of America said that wherever you find that Vietnamese kill him, you will make him sound like a butcher. It's out of context.

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And but natural any army general to boost up the morale, he will give moral support the soldiers to similarly when Almighty God says in the Quran to the believers that when the enemies come to kill, you don't get to kill them. So what's harmony?

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And the next was verse number six is that if the unbelievers

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if they seek asylum,

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it does not say let them go. It says if they seek asylum, if they seek peace, as called them to a place of security, so that they know the word of Allah. The Quran does not say if the enemy wants peace, let them go. The Quran says X got them to a place of security today. The most generous Army General the maximum will tell the soldier that if the enemy wants to be let them go, which Army General will say that escort them to a place of security. But this is not Quran says.

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If you read in context, you come to know the real message of the Quran.